Japanese girls are ugly part 1

w ..sleep... say to Koch ..putting.. thisThis is CM that flows in a dignified
manner by the television though it is likely not to believe excluding the
Japanese. ..terrible.. [iyonaa;] though it becomes accustomed to ugliness ・・・
A Japanese generosity :.

Expression like [ossan]
Any bodies?

The most in the world current state of ..ugliness.. [itteiu] ..Japanese.. :.
Because ugly one is convenient, it becomes it so. Convenient time was had at
least to now by ugly one in the past even if not so and have existed.

Doesn't seem at the glacial epoch ・・・ [Nikukao], short legs, and androblastoma [mabuta] were advantageous. However, might not have the point where be advantageous ugliness when think increasing besides such a cold-proof by the east Asian though be said that weed out be the ugly one. For instance, it is not aimed.

Because it is not only a cold-proof, ugly one on a figure side purely thinks ..
convenience.. [iitteno] to be certain.

[Inda] and [toomou] ..ugliness.. . in the whole society because it is convenient
when seeing. one with a not happy individual IThe competition of ..fool..
promotion is sure to become trivial when becoming happy crowding the beautiful
woman because it works hard because Japanese diligence is not filled.

I think that I cannot concentrate by distracted even in studying for exam when
there is a woman. However, the woman exists as a living thing because she
cannot live if not tentatively leaving offspring. Though it is ugly instead.

I think that I seem to be foolish to study, become, and go for persuasion when
there is sideways a woman like Sharapova. However, it is possible to keep studying
because it is trivial even if there is sideways a Japanese woman and smilingbroadly

In conclusion, I think Japanese man's level of happiness to be a lowest level also in the
world. I think times ..living for 80 years.. how many to be happy can spend the life with the
woman like [sharapoa] even if it has no money or longevity becomes 50 years because I become
the elite of the Japan style. The greater part of men can go through one's life with the
beautiful woman because he is natural as it is [sharapoa] when it is Caucasian moreover.

It is because the woman is ugly and a Japanese man can be declared to be addicted to
one's work. The Japanese becomes it work > private though races other than the
Japanese are private > work. It is then because it is likely to do only by seeking the
title of work and the income in the numerical value because of after all private not
happy when saying why. Because the woman is ugly when it says why private isn't happy.
The wife is ugly even if marrying. The daughter who is born is also ugly. All women
who are doing the pick-up are ugly. Even if the television is turned on, only ugliness :.

The happy private life is absolutely impossible this.

To say that man's richness will be measured, a special index is great and it
keeps imperfect ..figure item.. [naitte].

Poverty collapses not only the material one but also "Pride" and because it is healed beautifully touching and a mental side of worth is large,

Which do a modest life companion and child choose the companion and the child
ugly if it is a beautiful woman, and you though he or she can do a little luxury?

It might be a thing that most Japanese do not understand Kokoro is fulfilled.

When the figure cannot be included, such an index doesn't become
reference when the richness of life is measured rough though it might
be the important the money side remains and between the area of the
house or commuting hours. If the figure enters, Japan might be the
lowest in the world.

Isn't neither it [maji] isn't a Japanese man nor lowest group [nan]
the level of happiness in the world?..there is no woman in Japan

As for the fair hair, it is ugly. The ugly one is a crime.

It is already an end.

The Japanese understands.
It is written the Japanese in the face.
It walks sneaking about, and [aisoubuu] in leaves seen in foreign
countries ..being sure to look alike Japanese w rising-sun flag...
the aunt who wore the absurd hat group

...[kakowaruku] feelings.. ? ..bad.. ..[aruiten]... drag the leg when
walking dancesIt stops it, and it walks dragging yucky and [maji]
[tesa] of that. It is zombi ..seeing.. wwwwww.

Poor is awareness [tenakattandaro] ? of the [surenakattara] posture of
[omairako] of ..doing.. , because. It is ? what ugly walking I usual am
doing ..not knowing... It is ? I am doing the method of what dirty meal ..no
understanding... The person that the sense of beauty is low because it is
this is ・・・・ (´__`) [pu].

Girl of Vietnamese immigrant who saw in ParisIt was fashionable, and
styles regretted and were more beautiful than women in Japan
fashionable. the child of a lovely overseas Chinese the style for a
long time easilyJapanese woman's tourist ・・・ ..strike.. [-].

Originally though Japan is a lifestyle to which posture never worsens.
The tea ceremony or archery is understood well when seeing. It is
such educational [suranaindayonee;] Mon in which it was angry to me
for the rule to be put in the back when posture is bad when I am a
grade-schooler now.

It doesn't limit to Japan and there are a lot of foolish women. However, the woman becomes beautiful by the thing that a man praises the woman. Only a man can beautifully educate the woman. A man confronts the woman and the hoot is unnecessary. Violence is also unnecessary. A man must show the woman the beautiful one always. Hear it. And, make the lady do the woman. Consider the beauty of Japan.

Loftiness with confidence humbles oneself and the looking down
addition and subtraction is good receiving in Japan. It is received
with an arrogant dumping as domineering that it is the former. I
think that it is because of a peculiar culture to Japan as for there
are a lot of fellows who have poor posture.

The fellow who talks about Japanese is jarring with the high pitched
sound. The dish is miserable the figure, and smells, and is excrement
scenery, an animated cartoon the culture, and : … Caucasian in
favorite Japan is [bikatachi] [i] or [na].

The Asian must not be admitting excrement of interest in Asia though
Asia can understand excrement [tteno] from seeing in the standard of
Europe and America. Only the fellow from whom a Caucasian element was
emphasized : the entertainer and the animated cartoon character of
It is [itteko] and ..good-looking.. [ninaru] in case of strangeness
and the Europe and America language when it ..JPOP.. rolls up the
loan word use, and the print of T-shirt is Japanese. Even Asia other
than Japan thoroughly : this phenomenon.

An Oriental element is strong and the figure that went out is ..
ugliness.. [ittesareterunda]. As for the character maybe, it is . ..
the same... An oriental [wota] character is disliked, and the fellow
of an Europe and America sociable character is popular. By chance, is
the Europe and America people a race who specialized in the character

Even the Japanese : to it in the setting in the animated cartoon.
When the figure is often observed, only the character of the
appearance like the Europe and America people :. Even the colors of
the hair and eyes are the blacks. Hero's with the captain wing eyes
are Caucasians. For Sailor Moon, only Caucasian is [daro].

In conclusion, I think that it settles down the difference of the level of the
character selection experienced in the past of a difference westerner and oriental's
figures. The living thing with a comparatively rich living condition adjusts to the
character selection and evolves.
(Because it is possible to live comparatively safely because decorating the bird lives
in the air. )Because first surviving because the Asian lived in the cold district is
top priority, and the character selection was a deferment, beauty is still little.
There was overwhelmingly a difference at the evolution level, and, after all, this
earth was swallowed to a Western esthetic sense with beauty Asian because the
character selection of the West was obviously more advanced though "Asian beauty" that
was not the West standard existed and there was a possibility of getting it, too.

And, the cause with an ugly Asian is not only a character selection. Natural
cold ground adjustment of another element. The one with the character such as
short arm short legs plainly in the cold ground adjustment survived though it
was necessary to have installed at least in beauty at the black and the
Southeast Asian people level if there was no character selection alone. No
these two synergy effects probably.

It is discussion [satetekitakotodaga] in the past anxious by another one. Environment..character..selection..Japan..society..generation..pile up..ugly..become..mechanism..theory.

Does this have neither the character nor relativity that clears away unpalatable of
Japanese food and the vanity of the Japanese culture?It is ..lenten fare.. welcome
and seems to relate to the figure like a disliked culture and a Japanese insect, etc.
today as it is extreme to put out feelings to the table.

70 percent of the Japanese is a planting rice figure. [Hizagagotsui] .
It is dirty. Even if such [nde] a foot is put out, it is embarrassed
[tte] feeling. You should not put it out.

It is ..style.. ..badness.. the [indana], there is no expression as
paulownia [] in ..Japanese woman.. Asian, and it at immediately
before the marsh of the pond how to talk like the pond marshBecause
it is not necessary already to love clothes about [demotte] loving
queer brand

The style is the lowest of a Japanese woman.

W in the world now in the sea weed ..famous.. ..doing... double
[aipuchi] of Japan

What is [aibuchi]?
Is it a translation that is folded to two putting up the adhesive to
the eyelid and pretends to a double eyelid?Such [kotoyatteru] a
womanMight not the defect full loading other parts of the body. It is
stopped to enumerate the defect of the full loading concretely
because it is troublesome.

Might be sure to be in one the cause of looking be ugly be a Japanese
woman. Difference of character selection, economic discrepancy, cold
ground adjustment, global warming afterwards, and Japanese self-
torment cultures etc.

It brought together and the blog was read. There seems to be not a deep-
seated grudge from the site and either I think that it settles down.
However, the way of life of the author who burns to such a blog making?
Lifestyle?w is feeling pitiful ..what... I think would rather
concentration on the more polish of me and catch of the beautiful woman
time is spent on such a thing. Though the stress might be emanated by
the blog because it cannot be done ・・・

Acquaintance's Thai said so. 「If she sees the back figure, a Japanese
woman understands at once. The foot is elephant's foot. 」

>It began to notice the ugliness of Japanese [babaa] recently. Up to
>it does too and the woman shall not be one's twenties.
It is exaggeration.
It is a very limit line to which even one's teens can be permitted.

A Japanese woman should ..unpalatable.. make an effort to see, "Straight". As
for this "Straight", it means "Able-bodied person". The state as it is and the
fashion that comes off completely it and fell are absorbed and it is strange in

70 percent of a Japanese woman personally thinks that the deformity and 60
percent of a Japanese man are the deformities. In all the frame, the face, the
syntheses. Individual that survives struggle for existence strictness
[shikattara] and doesn't disregard it.

Is the Japanese weak the bone, weak or the both of muscular power that supports
the bone or the joint bends anyway in a curious fashion. Woman's inside of the
thigh bowleg typically if it says at the present age though farmer's grandmother
bends by the lifestyle by 90 degrees the waist and is worth ・・・ Isn't that near
arthrosis deformans?Though it is young ・・・ It seems to become a walking difficulty
when becoming aged.

There was a girl who stooped naturally because it was held in
derision and had come to have poor posture when it was tall. A man of
[kawaikattanoni] and the circumference : as he is Kyoko or more
Hasegawa like ..height.. [ito] [okokoro] [chiwaru] [i] only because
of the duck-butt.

In seriousness seeing in the town
It is a woman that thinks of [yabai] [nato] who is making it so that the mouth may be opened half and come. That is [yabai], and a down of [majini] straight line like the stripe slack. I think that it doesn't see so much in a man (Do you only think?). Mouth breathing?Muscular relaxation?It turns for a moment on the diagonal and [te]. At least, the mouth shuts.

Because the sense of beauty has been distorted to an ugly womanOnly
the sexual desire and the envy mind spring even if the beautiful
woman on the pond side is seen. And, the sense of beauty has been
distorted to the majority of a Japanese woman.

If the social life is usually done, a deformed woman is isolation
[subekikamona] . need not take the contact with a deformed woman.

It is said by the foreign country of [wanaitteyoku], and the ugliness of a Japanese
face ..Japanese.. is : by being ..it might be.. ..making my opinion.. ..the
upbringing of the culture though thought it is actually so.., too.

When the place is said as it is even if it is said to have thought if there are a lot of
beautiful women ("Beautiful [dane] [-]. ") as it is the desire ("..planted.. [-] plainness. ")
if there are a lot of plainness ..the peel of harmony.., it is . ..offensive... Natural..feel..

Receptivity [nuyone].

How a plain woman feels it is ugly, and : the ugly one though doesn't understand
though thinks the idea as might the particular ugliness to be no "Beating". I want you ..
person who sees it.. to increase personally straight in the woman in Japan. (In
irrelevant others to me. )It is not wanting the woman in Japan to become beautiful
after all as a Japanese.

For instance, be will it talked about about the ramen with [sure] that
talks about the ramen and what bad?Be will it talked about about
[busaiko] Japanese woman's thing with [busaiko] Japanese woman's [sure]
and what bad?

>I think that talking about the ugly one as ugliness is good. It is
>the truth. Even if a useless thing is racially said, having the
>frame somehow : though it is good that things of the fashion, the
>hairstyle, and posture, etc. are said. How do you do when [gotoi]
>thoroughly cracks to me?
Because the same thing is said to it and because it is Japanese, cod also has
pertinent section (The part that doesn't correspond either : in lustfulness). Even I
also have the pain. [Kototokahasa] , I with frame cannot cure it. There are a lot of
women to whom such consciousness however does the action that must not be, and Bang
Bang enters the story of the frame whether "It is ugly" in its pulling out this
still about why because it is not expressible. It is necessary. Does it also have
the fashion and excrement without the aspect that means how to cover the hotel
industry of man who was born with the problem in the frame and such a difficult
point that cannot be cured?

There is a problem of the society, too. The low degree of the sense of beauty ..
it.. ..the combination.. ..[satteruno].., and is does it make little of
beauty and trend of the age that values the effect of the function too much?
Though it thinks making little of beauty also for turning the complex inside
out to exist for orz of not our having beauty. It is assumed it is beautiful
forming it, and for instance, the appearance to extend posture starts however
distorting "[Eraso-]" and the talk and beating it. It is an unpleasant trend
of the age.

The majority of Japanese women are unbecoming though it doesn't say all.
It felt it more and more so when returning home from Europe. She thinks
Japanese woman's thing to be be not anxious but no only unbecoming party
though she of me is Caucasian. Though it is personally unrelated.

When I am a beautiful woman even if it is a society not called [me] is ugliness after it is born of the fellow who thinks going out [ryaii] face to face, it and this are fellows who seriously and think. ugliness and the effect ugliness of which it is not conscious

Because ugliness only has to live in ugliness in modesty ..improving of .."
You are ugly".. saying of parents of the small size too from among when
mesne of the world...

It is posture [yokushitetara] as the ping in old times as for the
line of the backbone. It was said by the person in the office, "What
is made great". It seems to round the back, the half-hearted one to
be good, and [uke] to be good. Though I am an introvert character not

He or she is Japanese and the owner with inviting eyes is
considerable rheas.
It ..seeing [ruchi].. maliciously has eyes by 90 percent or more.

It is fear of thereat popular ..there.. if the Japanese is too plain and it undergoes
plastic operation only on eyes. The woman with eyes like a blue dragon in the morning is
[gachi] and [irukaranaa]. [Taraaanarundaro] ..doing... 。(´・ω・`)[Kawaisosu]

The mouth doesn't close because it is a bucktooth. A man works
ardently because the woman is ugly. Because a man is ugly, the woman
doesn't have something that makes only money an aim. Isn't it sad?
genital [surunotte] andThe falling birthrate's advancing is natural.
It is already useless though catching its eye [ranakattakarama]
Caucasian , such [monka], man, and the woman burnt in old times. End

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I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

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those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

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