Japanese girls are ugly Part 11

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The bowleg seems to be normal until 18 months. The [teiuka] Japanese is [maji] and baby figure [dayona].

The face is strapping and the body doesn't have the sense of being alive.

[Yonaa] . that is actually Japan if it is thought the super-poverty country of Southeast Asia. A Japanese woman is really seedy.

I do not feel the point of living when living in what.. Japan. The woman is too ugly and it doesn't become a nature to which it ejaculates though living thing [tteno] exists to leave the gene basically.

..unchastity spoiled.. ..passing.. [kao] bluntly ugly multi Ine who did. The figure is also unsightly.

The short legs bowleg walking is Masque de Fer of sexy strange expressionless degree 0. [iyo] ..ugliness.. the [ashi] in a Japanese woman and the world

The woman in Japan is [yona] that is doing a peaceful chaenomeles speciosa too much. Because it is spoilt in Japan today where there is not a war and either the heinous crime is few and it [charachara]s and it has grown upIt doesn't know scary of a man or a lot of that women who are are thought one time of ..becoming it.. [maji] scary [buchikire] and to be hit by one time man if it doesn't understand until dying when there is a sense of security like not doing of anything no matter how a man is held in derision if she doesn't think. condition [koki] [onna] that takes a man the thought [name] [tayouna] attitude therefore, I want to shout by the power of the light as it is not possible to laugh at a foolish woman of the [charachara]ed gal nature removing on the week of Maruichi kick and putting.
When DNA mixes, it is lost, and Asian [tteno] that becomes small and becomes [busaiku] is existence below the crossbreed. eyes [**] [midorichame] and the blond cut it about the AsianCaucasian is blood. There are a lot of numbers, and breeding like the cockroach is Asian like the [kusebaka]. The value of one yen sleeps, too. Below excrement only that wastes resource

When the world is a village of 100 people
There is an Africa person of 14 Europeans of 57 21 Asians in 8 South and North American.
It is ..northeast Asia [dakedakedona] [nichi] China and South Korea.. [rundaro] ugliness especially Oh dear even if an Asian person says ..there are ten hundred millions or more... There is no ..fertility.. many children of [sugoindayona] and ugliness ..might the guy...

Moreover, the woman of Japan, China and South Korea is a brand lover in abnormality. Is both of not seeing surroundings made for the procession roughly plain ..becoming it.. ugliness unsightly a putting desperate ball or the pity?

For the Japanese, even the actress is a compliment and [kaoshou]. It fires it in rapid succession ..it is (heart)... This.. face small size specially shows worthy. However, [kaoshou] when going to Caucasian powers in the foreign country. It is and doesn't have the compliment. It is because the small size is natural. Such a thing is not boasted of because the balance of the face or the size of the head and the ratio of the body is good and natural. However, even if it is unpleasant, it is understood that such a small head is scarce existence when returning to Japan. All backs are low, and the leg is short and fat. And, a huge head has gotten on on a narrow shoulder. The face is absolutely and relatively big. Become frenzied by them to the believer of face small dice [**] reluctant. It grows up like being immature the jaw because the one is not so bitten because I want to reduce its face. However, the a row of teeth is the creak without finishing installing on a small jaw because the sizes of teeth do not change. Fat collects a lot around the face because it doesn't use the muscle of the jaw, and the neck is lost, too. To be small the face ..buying small face packing [nanzo], and buying a skin toner effective ..tightening the face.... and to do the seen make-up when [de] and such , small face ..missing.. magazine are seen, taking it buys and useless , ..the cosmetics.. is wasted. And, such women are to envy the same sex that looks small, to envy, and to hold the man and woman that the strapping of my face is given to the shelf for the same family dislike and the face is strapping in derision. I think it is fairly unhealthy when such Japan is seen. This is because the god created only a Japanese woman in such a way. I protest against the god who did an irrational creation as one Japanese man.

After all, even if the foot is long or the nose is high, the Japanese is Japanese. The one Japanese from whom the Asian who saw from the foreigner sees Well, and [maa;] [ikemen] and usual in a naked family in Amazon is dropping money no matter it goes to prejudice multi [ka] being likely.. foreign countries when it might be a former enemy country if there is discrimination and what it is said by rolling up and the foreigner back with a smile. The foreigner is worth with the thing of the foreign country the Japanese learns unskilled [suruto] general foreigner [warimo] and a foreign culture as for music that doesn't know the Japanese culture and the actor, it is worth for the foreigner not to come to Japan too much oppositely, and to learn a foreign culture by the Japanese. [De] and a foreign culture are mimicked and it makes it to the thing, and it enjoys, it is finished to become it, and the part from the Asian skeleton where the gene is detailed be quite different though it earns. a Japanese ..Japanese.. Asian even if it marries the foreigner, it is finished to become a foreigner or removes the nationality of the foreign countryMentally it drags and it remarries to [razu] [hakujintsuma], and it revenges therefore ..it is hardly.. as putting in the spectacle society of the child etc. , it looks, it tries to return, and not to worry deserting [assari] Japanese wife there by the other party who has a grudge even if marrying internationally a Japanese woman who lives happily the soaked inside and outside [doppuri] person it is. another country and another race's so much cultures Caucasian
Only clothes : the game against the reality change of no change of anything of this. Several decades..figure..preference..Asia..part..make-up..copy..good at..have..give birth..for a long time..Europe and America..culture..lifestyle..thing..bury.
In me, the woman in Japan is absorbed certainly [teruyona] in the fashion the overseas sightseeing spot region live of a lot of Japanese visits. Oh dear, and it was, and the fashionable liked sleep was feeling in the station the other day in ..lamplight of the floral print.. dresses of lamplights if it saw putting on the jacket ..the short and yellow.. that much except the quality. a green half boot the woman who had seenMakeup was beautifully done like the expert. It might be a person of the occupation of such a relation possibly.
However, the neck thrust out from the shoulder to previous with a jerk, the stoop and the mandible had gone out to the head (This might be an inheritance), too and, frankly speaking, the hominid style. Do not it take care with the body and posture the person that it takes care with the fashion even there becomes basic why, and it was a mystery.
When it was asked a local friend (woman) who was together, "What is it thought of that fashion?", it was said, "Because neither the face nor the style were emphasized if it was me, do not do though seeing with the magazine was good". Because it is a student, child of the sober attire in usualness.

Because Japanese woman's fashion ends entering from the sign in the sign, isn't it so?It might be what ..the idea as not passing.. in the dress though thinks to go well when this is Japanese clothes.
Will the leading part of the dress that has developed in the body subject be a body to the last?Externals become person in question's figures as a result like the ding-dong band because the one not encountering it cares about such a thing though it is all useless and it thinks only in the [shini] ..it is.. mode. I think that this is a fault of the fashion.
However, though it is thought that it is a start of the tragedy that the Japanese not given to the figure took the dress. The doing way is too difficult.
Another it is big and a fatal fault figure principle.
"I want to become kilos how many" and "I want to become centimeters how many" Such [ta] ..turning over.. ..saying.. . of [sure] [gamono] [sugo].
The woman who thinks can read as considerable many kilo how many centimeters how many more important though the line is beautifully understood in case of "Became kilos how many" and "Became centimeters how many" when it was a shape-up though the line fouled though it might be what.
A Japanese woman cannot help thinking the group with very slow esthetic sense. A man is practically the same, a cultural, historical compulsion power is lost, and it becomes existence that only a commercial principle of the Japanese syllabary not sold gives dressing though it might be what that [datosureba] someone should teach the way. I think externals with a sad current state more than ugly.

Is the reason for the figure valuing principle that there is a limit as not going out no matter how a beautiful line does if it says oppositely?
There is the line when stretching out one's arm by long one even if one the arm is taken and is variously variation. When it is short, it often becomes ill-balanced only by first shorting. The shown [jitsu] ..length.. one to some degree ..it is.. ..exceed it... a natural, beautiful curve
Therefore, a Japanese woman of a low height especially sticks to the numerical value of weight and the size. Because it doesn't apply the difference with others easily because the change cannot be greatly put out too much.
And, room where a commercial principle enters it is born there ・・・ -.
The bad one is that the input that "Naturally" is changed is also terrible in addition. The chest can be small, it be too big, and reduce the face. Though the balance is changed to some degree by strengthening fat, the muscle, and other parts though it is essentially difficult ‥

Even if I also speak this with foreigner's friend, it has said to the person related to production.
Then, I thought it was terrible and silly because it was said," "Because of knack it to which choosing the person on from the level thought to be 'I can become as it was this, too' by Japan for a moment though the talent or the actor and the actress were the one which the person who had the pretty face, the talent, and individuality became gave birth to popularity in the foreign country.
Japan..variously..good..country..girl..somehow..put out..man and woman..young..hold..lovely..professional..level..such..level..do..unpleasant..think.
A different Japanese woman has been taken home every evening though Europe and America people's man was shared with the room by the sightseeing spot in a certain country in old times. It did not limit to the Europe and America people and the woman in Japan was made to hear the story like lightness also in Asia though it turned round various countries afterwards. The reputation of opening the groin soon it is not popular but unlike Chinese and the woman in Southeast Asia and giving money of the woman in Japan is only high.

It doesn't feel like is going out → in front of the shoulder. ..stoop that feels like being cheated putting on → of the neck none camisole etc. why.. though → do small animals and do the little girl in the thought bowleg → inside of the thigh and soft fair velvety skin → this believed likes, exists, and it seems to become hairy then ..the excitement of ..hairiness.. → and becomeing thin.. when it is lovely when it is lovely ..not feeling like → it or the oblique tooth believed to be "One with a small height is lovely".. Arm short → do child who believes that this is next sloping shoulders → of two easily and believed short legs → runs because there is no other way when it is lovely ..thinning... Therefore, because I want to drop its muscle, the bowleg and [hirashiri] think Massey of flat [deko] → of which it doesn't think in addition with deterioration bucktooth → fault as for going out.
A Japanese woman must not look like for me and an ugly fact must not look like for so, and the [unzari] to the spectacle in the town in Japan bad. If I can do, it is beautiful and wants my town though there might be a person yearning very because it is because the city's setting is bad, too. However, because the signboard, the utility pole, and the guardrail are arranged in [detarame], everything is broken. Because it is not my house, it is not possible to mend for myself. Do not it improve if it takes care a little with all high a little more possession of the sense of beauty?[Tteiukotokana]

Vague standard exists while somewhat changing [biminiku] by the one that people of the counterplan touch it at that time in all ages. Standard that crosses the race and the border in modern days by the development of media of this is infiltrating now. A Japanese woman was left by the average.
I can be likely to be defended somewhat by strongly putting out the ethnicity with the consciousness made [hakkiri] in that. Nothing but already nothing but ‥ now

Elderly person's figure and feature of posture
The trunk thickens though the arm and the leg become thin. It is the one by the slack of the stomach because the tension of the abdominal wall muscle decreased more than fat depends calmly that the trunk thickens.
The back bends and the body becomes a bending forward feeling. This weakens the muscle of the waist and the back, and happens because of the transformation of the vertebra. When inclining forward progresses, it tries to set up the spine with ..inclination.. [suru] of the entire pelvis in the back. In this case, ..acting.. to keep [i] posture, the articulatio genus is wound.

Isn't it exactly a feature of the posture of a Japanese woman with bad posture (The age is young)?

Japanese bowleg [tteno] is famous all over the world ・・・ I will not hit on that it is famous by ..terrible.. [ina] O leg excluding Japan in the country.
Tokyo, especially Shibuya is foreign tourist's watching place now. It goes to Shibuya by the same sense as going to "Bamboo shoots family" seeing before several decades, children who are shopping usually are done in costume play, and it sees as much as Teruko. This ・・・ It knew from a Japanese explanation of the person who was guiding an overseas tourist.

I think that it was often certainly said ahead as a Japanese woman is cleaning beauty. However, it is not said really recently. It observes it when there was a change since making that the fashion is mysterious to casual has been done. I want to think only that the one that doesn't suit a Japanese woman becomes popular now. I think that there is something only of the change of the fashion and saying, "Beauty". If you do not accelerate the bowleg mentioned here or the stoop.
When is mean level even understood?

The spectacle that an elderly woman of 50 [garami] crowded the wagon was seen though it did not know what sale it was the other day. It was stocky as everyone arranged it by five head and bodies in the first half 150 centimeters, and as for the head, it was huge, and not the source and man but Ewoks or a small goblin seemed to crowd the catch whether there were about ten people.
Someone thinks that the style has humanized a little as for the Japanese of this though someone wrote. When it is in its teens and in its twenties, all first halfs five head and bodies are squids.

The American (It is thought very much that it is a normal person. person who had come here on business for a certain period of time) : the other day. 「Everyone might be round and Japanese's Japanese who comes out in the animated cartoon though all are thin and small why be big. It laughs. 」It solved and anything was not able to be answered back by being said. I wanted to say something ・・・.
Acquaintance's Chinese woman's style is good apart from the face. The line that hips put from the back on the foot slimming is very beautiful. Only lower half of the body Futoshi [ri] : a Japanese woman compared with it. I thought that there was indeed an owner of the style of a continental class and the world class though a Chinese woman might be [pinkiri]. A Japanese woman because of no [jenfuri] education there yet everywhere is good, and by the way, there is ゙ ..seeming ゙ woman it who lost.., and the character is very good.

The figure originally :. Though figures are more important than facesWhen only Japan selects the figure in other countries being able to disregard a height, a style, a figure, and a right and left balance, it is wax that only people first dropped by the initial screening are in the spectacle society what. Neither the actor nor the actress are comedians. Is it a Japanese peculiarity so much that requests from the figure by valuing individuality ‥?

As for the beautiful woman, it is rare and the style goodness is rarer in the Japanese. Therefore, it is finished that all members all members give it up. Everyone pours the [bakka] energy into the face because it can cheat the face by the make-up.

Even Tokyo : in 80 percent [gataha] bowleg. It is neither only [gunya]
nor ..[hinma].. [ttano].

The woman who doesn't notice even there are too a lot of bowlegs and she is a
bowleg is majority [daro].

Therefore, there is so a deformed woman of bowleg + [hizajou] skirt.

When the face strapping, and the eye small size if there is plainly
no profile come in succession by three points, it is strongest
soldier [kimo] and [narundayona].

Notice..majority..woman.Therefore, I am pleased for small hips to
mean [usushiri] of seedy [nadake].

A Japanese woman is misunderstanding her flat hips like [ossan] with small
hips upward [ni] it though it is charm [ttenoha] small dice of small hips.

The Japanese is "It is not" [karana] . in ..fat in the upper part of
hips.. [sogio] and [saretayou]. The feeling ..upward.. ..fuming..
comes to be seen, and doesn't go out the pelvis flatly even if there
is a lot of fats. It doesn't go out all the more if fat is risked.

I think that the meat of Japanese woman's cheek is also the same. It
is ..[te].. gloomy why even if becomeing thin as [bote] []. It is :
to the junior high school student by there is putting.

557 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/04/10 (Monday) A Japanese woman at 1
0:23:09 is a big mistake though seem to be thought by her that it can
be constricted if the size of the waist is thin. Being possible to
constrict three-dimensional cannot be done if there is neatly under a
bust, and is no thickness having broad hips. The purpose of having
tightened the waist is to accentuate the hip to the end, and the talk
doesn't start from the beginning in [musaboshiri].

558 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/04/10 (Monday) 10:53:46
The quality of the style actually is first of all ..length of the
foot.. [attejanaika] though thought like that ..it... As externals,
even if the hip when running short is splendid, [sun] from the ground
is ..worsening.. [rudaro] by all means. When it assumes if the hip
was three-dimensional, and the foot is short if the foot is not a
bowleg but a beautiful even line, do not you see it in all respects
with [dote]?

I wonder whether it is a compromise as a Japanese woman that aims at
flat small hips therefore. Though it cannot be gotten affirmatively a
good feature and to misunderstand it.

559 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/04/10 (Monday) 11:10:58
Yes, externals worsen when the length of the foot is insufficient.
Because it looks ..balance.. good can the balance the more the hip in
back figures with the volumes most comes to a rough center. (Japanese
clothes is assumed to be exclusion. )

[Sun] of the foot when a Japanese woman is usual seems to be insufficient, to
adhere further below seeming that the hip hangs flatly downwards, and ..drinking..
[ni] to be heavy worried. It shall not be a strategy that aims at flat small
hips said that a sense of existence of the hip is unlimitedly adjusted to 0 and
the position cheated. However, the symbol of seeming the scarce woman even for
free as a big evil will be lost. (It is assumed that a Japanese woman wants to
be a woman. )。

Flatness and hanging downwards are softened by strengthening the muscle, and do it
sweep and aren't it and beautifully more better strengthening than they? the thigh
it is possible to walk extend the length of the foot raising the position on
externals and clogsI think that I add strengthening stomach muscles to suppress it
so that the abdomen should not go out [poko] [tto] on that. It wants to thin the
waist by the food restriction, and, because, I think that I subtract everything in
the above-mentioned three points.

563: none (temporary) slim: 2006/04/10 (Monday) There is no thing as
nonsense as the thing matched to another seed disregarding the
national characteristic at 11:21:10. Because it is this, only the
Caucasian follow or mimicry is said to the Japanese. The fellow that
the mother country cannot be proud might want it is possible to go out.
It is not mentally Japanese any longer racial you though the Japanese
cannot be gotten to know.

should? by think what the Caucasian party thinks in an anyway mental
partThough the fellow who cannot have the boast as the race in most
countries seems to be despised

568: None (temporary) slim: 2006/04/10 (Monday) 11:24:50
It is not a place where the spirit theory of the boast as the race is done
because here is a beauty board.

Isn't a current state of a Japanese woman who takes the action to
which an unsightly appearance is exposed, and the little bit is jeered
by the brand madness and another putting on the dress not suited when
associating alone the one to ruin the boast as the race?

I think it to be a blindly ardent to the thing of the match to
another seed disregarding the national characteristic. a Japanese

Old times are . of [nattekiterukarana] in uselessness recently if it
is not familiar existence though it is existence of the yearning on
the cloud and it is [oke] when the actress says. If it is not good
[gurai], it doesn't become business usually as can project us to
[yousuru] for a moment. A commercial principle in a plain race shall
not be a sample decreased far from fostering the sense of beauty.

It is useless even if it aims though it is an opposite idea and I want to
tell it not to aim. Business to take advantage of the delusion and the
mistake was a ringleader, and is it put on it and did not the situation
not doubted before one is aware produce a situation unsightly like this?

What we cannot help compromising by changing the name is convinced
that the ideal:Flat [musaboshiri]"Small hips"A free becomeing thin"
Slender"Even the chest that is not a wonderful size : if there is a
size in the cup. "Fore buttocks"

Whether make an effort compared with the woman of another country, a Japanese woman
is not so at all. It starts becoming it, and the woman in Europe and America
beautifully works out at the gym by the woman who doesn't have as much as one brand
thing every day and is worth even the plastic operation of South Korea. Therefore,
let's dare to say. The effort is insufficient for a Japanese woman.

"[Iketeru]" finishes licking beauty when thinking the said sign to be
securable only with a trendy hair style and a rough brand thing. Do not
chase the sign and bring up the sense of beauty voluntarily. No matter
what the sense of beauty of becoming a wick when beauty is chased does
because it is low-level, it becomes irrelevant. It is a Japanese woman.

591: none (temporary) slim: 2006/04/10 (Monday) If the country and
the enterprise thoroughly boycott [busa] and ugliness at 11:59:58, it
is sure to be weeded out. Such a thing actually occurs spontaneously.
I think that I become Massey in [node] and about 100 years.

593: None (temporary) slim: 2006/04/10 (Monday) 12:01:09
It is half correct and the half ..interval.. differs. It misses,
[chiyahoya] is done, and Japanese "It is lovely" accelerates the
change to the infant more and more as it is the current sense of
beauty though it is correct that the selection is important.

Changing to the infant is convenient as business. It is convenient
that the fashion is changed fast in the convenience of the enterprise
as business.

It is height of a Japanese blond rate that [ttamazu] she finally was
surprised at midnight. the program to which the Canadian woman (beautiful
woman) turns round Akihabara in BS yesterdayIt was questioned by the
cameraman and it was answered, 'Fashion of the fashion?'Even the
atmosphere that was not able to be called fear was felt from the
expression back by me. When a Japanese woman who walks in Akihabara makes
the Caucasian woman who the face down so as not to match her to eyes and
is walking ahead, adult [shikunaru] in suddenness. The 'The necktie, the
suit, the blond, and the kids fashion are fashion Rina's oaks' cameraman's
question is answered so.

What do you think of Japan (Tokyo) where the interview of the international
student (British a man) who came to Japan afterwards starts?
『The Japanese is too worry about surrounding eyes. The blond is not
suited at all. Strange shape is all had. Are there a lot of uncles of the
suit and the necktie why?As for the Japanese, is it expressionless?Is it
thought usually about anything difficult?There is a lot of concretes and
the spectacle is dirty. It doesn't seem to be Asia. 』

I dislike woman in Japan and when the remark cracks, a foolish point
where the topic is mistaken to change or to hold the fellow who says
in derision and for me to have stood dominant at once is disliked
inconveniently in me. Doing my figure often because of the head of
the extent it, and the corresponding shape cannot be done.

It is Nice or the thing that the Japanese becomes topless somewhere
is prohibited. I hear that the reason is that it influences tourist

It eats anything ..increasing without permission.. even if there is
an Asian feeling relieved like the cockroach ..[dayona]...

Only because the Japanese doesn't notice, the east Asian is confusedly held in derision from Caucasian. The woman is accepted though the west Asian becomes the object of discrimination. The race discriminated all over the world is Chinese. The Asian distinguishes only by the Indian and Chinese and is not put up to [ittsuuka] ..Japanese.. ..thinness.. Caucasian a sense of existence. It is considerably few though is in there is Caucasian who distinguishes the Japanese and Chinese, too absolutely as the number. Existence that Asian is trivial for most Caucasians. However, life above us cannot be only permitted to be done.

Foolish remark food. The Japanese also often has what receives "China man" or "Jack" or cruel discrimination all over the world. When oriental's ugly figure is seen, everyone becomes yucky. Only some intellectual elites : oriental's those who understand.

It is different though "A man can be deceived by making it up to some extent" in
this board ..[atoittokuto].. often is said. A man thinks, only "Isn't it shameful
to the introduction to other fellows still if it is possible to deceive like this?"
In short, if it is up to the level, it is [rutte] of can the deception thing. It
is arrogance that thinks that a man can be deceived.

When [hon] and Caucasian are got used to seeing, you should have killed out deformed Gros pigs in China, Korea, and Japan ..the number of hydrogen bombs departure.. shooting it into the Far Eastern zone region once, and ugly yellow race exterminates the earth beautifully to do for the human race earth the agreement (short and deformity of the low degree and the umbrella and the foot of ugliness and the umbrella and the nose of the face) with the pig by splendor the Japanese.

Only the Japanese : the careless one to the shape of the a row of
teeth and the mandible in the advanced country. The fellow who
corrected it as parents worry when he or she is a child should
express gratitude to parents.

Because dancing here massaged it ..a variety of writing..The watching of a girl
who in one's twenties and in her thirties was done from one's teens in the town
(Tokyo certain place) of the train today. Truth [mugo] is . in a very nature ..it
not is.. always though seen again. the originalIt is a bowleg ..regrettably..,
and the knee bends and it has understood from worth though it is in there are ten
average girls, too it would be better to have poor posture very much. Do not
parents admonish posture or the walking??
When those palms embark upon motherhood, it is orz.... more and more.
The woman in Japan must not become those all over the world who are laughed if
you go as it is. ..the desire..

It is Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and is Shibuya, and it stalks in the
vicinity and it is a high school girl of the uniform appearance to
the taken [kebai] make-up. ..going putting up the flower to the head
to where..

The impression to which I did the whole town watching ・・・ Is the bowleg junior high school student chiefly?The seen feeling . Many are ..25(.. few in the [okan] generation from the child and 30 or more in the fellow like probably young sleep [chan] ..reaching..).

It tends to overlook relatively the leg of other generations straight because only the generation who bathes in man's glance is roughly seen. The feeling from which the gal system tends to be made an image of a Japanese woman is incontrovertible.

The content of writing here becomes reference very much as parents
who have the daughter who ..[doki] [ttoshimasu].. attains puberty
though it is a housewife though it is power and there is writing. I
do not think that I am in posture or a walking or a wrong point.

Especially, because the model of the CanCan system occasionally puts the pose by
the bowleg, it is anxious. Do you think looking to loveliness?)(though it is
prohibition in Paris Collection model classIt is the cough [yo] that the bowleg
spreads to a young woman more.

The god is unfair. A Japanese system is already unpleasant. A duck-butt, [**
kao], poor breadth of one's shoulders, and long-bodied short legs and the
hair are the lacquer blacks and a subfusc fat skin dachshund that doesn't
suit the primary color is far [kawaii]. It is a life end. Already

Ugly Japanese and an ugly South Korean, and ugly Chinese and three
large deformities in the worldSouth Korea etc. admit by the people
and are [terumonona] .. Therefore, though it might be a plastic
operation large country. Is the Japanese [bimyo]?Consciousness doesn'
t suffice because there are a lot of [busaiko] of the line.

It shall not be an ultimate fool in front of ..loveliness.. [ittesao]. It is w in the
sense when touching it to fall from the patient with Down's syndrome and the building,
for the face to collapse, for the foot to bend when seeing from 'It is lovely' [ttesa] ,
Caucasian in the Japanese or to receive the Japanese ..looking like... the sick person
with a heavy symptom

The person in question of [nichi] ..not good.. is no matter what even has already been said or
what he or she does, and figure Japanese who doesn't come through all eternity really ugliness
might be in figure to the ultimateness by yourself ugliness the noticed day and it be in the
site manager etc. ..bring it together.. including me the person who understands in the Japanese
only the small portion. How do you think thinks when Caucasian sees the entertainer in Japan?
When knowing, it is 'It is poor this Japanese' and 'Entertainer'
'In such a frightening countenance with what ・・・ It is this ugly style
and it is an entertainer. ''..Caucasian's blood's mixing.. !'

『It is too ugly. The Japanese is crazy. Why is this ugly oriental popular though it
understands with Caucasian if it is double in Japan?』

It doesn't finish so ..no answer...
' 'Because of still even this better'Even oriental's style ugly like this with the ugly
mug is still straight like this. '

The Japanese doesn't have consciousness in an ugly figure. 。。。
[Karasa] . closing by island nation compared with country of region of continental
continuation somewhere else without methodThere is not [jikani] chance to touch in a
wonderful overseas model either. When it is lovely, most hucksters who think are
[daro] even in a walking young woman. do by shape like the apeThis country. It
means it certain happy.

The willingness to work is reduced when the woman is ugly, and I think that
global competitiveness decreases.

[Haa;] ‥ To carry out more than now because it slaves if an ugly
Japanese woman is a Caucasian fair hair woman ‥

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About us
welcome to "Japanese-Girls-are-Ugly website" . this is the place for ppl with passion for the UGLY TRUTH about Japanese Girls.

Top in Japanese
I need your help !!

Thanks for visiting my site!

even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

however, It has a rough going to translate my site into English, French, and Spanish becouse of my low language ability.

Could you introduce my site to English or French media?

Please help me! I need your help!


I am a person who manage this site which is very famous and popular in Japan "Japanese girls are ugly ". (6 years history!)

But I can not publish my site in Japan by reason of "Anti-Japan" and "Offend public order and morals" though I want to be my site being made a book.

Could you help me that puts out my opinion
to the world?

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