Japanese girls are ugly Part 25

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[Rori] and system housemaid Japanese woman

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It is possible to make up, to take the shape, and to roll up [koite] desperately by the [busa] woman in Japan though seem to make up from make-up [mendo] by the foreigner only at the time of the party. ┐(´∀`)┌

When all [busa] women all over Japan are [suppin] because the woman in [tteka] Japan is taking the shape by 90 percent or more, this country shall not be ruin.
It is seen, and it is laughed after all because contents are empty a Japanese woman is light in foreign countries though it is so that possession is plain.

It is common all [hakujin;otoko] to associate with a Japanese woman and a said thing.
Though a Japanese woman includes the omission woman while it becomes the nature in the number of stars in the [tteiu] myth among which it is popular in Europe and America

They are not , actually wisdoms of use [sareterudakette] in the gambler of the Japanese woman aim.

might. or only want not to try to learnOnly pride : ahead one person.
However, the coward woman who can do only passive is out of the question such as objects to associate without contents like a Japanese woman because the man with actually straight other side chooses the woman by contents.

It only uses it so that [ru-za-] do not take notice may satisfy one's lust from the Caucasian woman.
It is a well-known fact in [muka] long ages. drink ..so..All my friend's Caucasians also know.
And, despise terribly in the mind, and the woman in Japan.
It is shameful as the compatriot. ..[ni].. ..hit.. ..[]..。。
Isn't there [yabai] [tami] family more than the Japan [kuso] woman [suppin]?
Stripes box super-short [ishi] eyes that are not the eyebrows open.
It is solid feeling 0.
It seems that the dimension of "[Suppin] is [yabai] even in Caucasian" [yabasa] is different ・・・ The flatfish face and [musabochichi] in single, and is it stumpy, and what [i] is ..seedy Japanese woman who sees only the deformity.. [n] if it compares it with Caucasian?
..foreigner.. [sareteruttenoha] ..holding in derision... there are a lot of saying [terudakejan] and a meat toilet of the fact
Being possible to use it also : even though a Japanese woman treats the meat toilet.
Can favorite Caucasian's meat toilet able to obtain as a free prostitute than a Philipino woman who takes money and, therefore, use it by you?
The nature that became it from the woman where below : contents far from becoming it below an old Japanese woman.

If the right (preferential treatment) more than the necessity is given, it becomes arrogant.
An old woman was firmly defended me, inclined the ear to man's (husband) story at time, advised, and a noble person. Mother is strong [deshita].
80 percent almost is mother, and the woman can see a lot of responsibility conversions after the crime at the same time ..saying.. the crime that the child is maltreated, and killed when the woman strengthened now.
It becomes seem natural the salvation by faith.
There is not an independence [nojino] character either.
The responsibility is not taken though only the right is requested.
Did the woman really become strong really?It is a true doubt.

The character is face [nideru].
The number of women with vulgar face having increased agrees. And, do not laugh at the goblin.
There are a lot of rudeness and egocentric.
No existence that is not the truth main points if the function of pregnancy doesn't attach.

When she has confidence that every man takes notice, the woman begins to stop primly.
Even [manko] is used.
There is groundless confidence because it swallows the information society it and writing in the television and the magazine on trust soon.
Without running away to the one "Woman"
There seems to be a character to become arrogant easily if manners of not taking notice only by [manko] are not made.
Oh dear, though a man is also considerably responsible.
To a man the sign of doing these days as the country is straight.
The woman is the one that [**] withers in ..strength.. [imono].
Either is which.
Forcing might be mistaken.
Even if ⇒ person strong now is kicked down, the cool hebetude the self-inside true calculation press is a person who endurance, and firmly has the will, and not defeated at the desire that is not bounds. Person who can voluntarily receive responsibility. Nice to the person is strength.
The number of men who kill his child increased because of weakening opposite and fragilely.
However, the weakness might not be strongly admitted as for a wish that it wants to show it strongly alone.
It is desperate without room. It often barks in a weaker dog. It is punk kid's the state as it is.
Of course, it is possible to say also to a man.

The Caucasian man said.
「The woman in Japan is terrible foundation thick coating. Do you want to show it to white because of yellow?」
It seems not to see it ..white... It wants to show to white and it seems to see it.

Though the [onnatte] woman officially does ..looking..
Woman's real intention is hostility mind hated [mottete] in the same sex more than a man.
Especially, person being given by me.
It is not ..a shadow alone... because it is not possible to criticize clearly officially however
The woman doesn't truly say the real intention face to face mutually.
The woman moves maliciously because it is disliked that I seem to be bad.
It is always finally insulation of the collusion ..[de] and the woman... Especially, in the man relation.
The woman who notes the same sex face to face is a man of character, and the man who gives the same sex knowledge is a man of character. [Dato] is trowed.

An old woman was dignified. True, noble existence.
There was endurance against which the wick was strong and not daunted at all rather than not approaching easily, and it assumed the responsibility of splendidly bringing up the child by all means.
However, it is such an ungraceful state why.
The Japan destruction plan of the foreign country shall not be advanced with [chakuchaku].
It is ..degeneration.. [chirutoha] even in a free bitch from noble existence.

Travel abroad..for instance..television..news..caster..beautiful woman..beautiful woman..thick..sultry..favorite..become..say..fellow..provide.
The problem is a woman who is the self-destruction aiming at the face that a so usual Japanese thinks of.
Man..consider..become..face..aim..very much..eerie..become..notice.

It did not know the thing doubted the desire in case of not being, it believed soon, and it stopped and ..person.. a lot, and it was the lowest in the world that it that had gone well up to now was ..effective.. [shite] crime because it was still Japanese and a role the Murakoso association safe was large like Japan. the race with a good reasonableness
However, when the number of foreigners increases, a Japanese character transmits desperation even if it survives, and when a Japanese woman is seen,

I think that it is a problem to have lowered beautiful woman and attractive man's standards to fashion [douno], [iuyorimo], and the whole when becoming a story because of the mass communication.
I think because that of me as for there is a lot of men who think that the entertainer level goes.

Oh dear, it is not only in Japan that drops money by the strategy friendly.
Therefore, the level falls when curving seem to being able to become it = even for myself friendly for the woman.
If it is this, it is possible to become it. Money will try to be spent if it thinks.
Capitalism is because of sales valuing though not thought it is satisfactory when seeing from a man
The woman is lifted and money is seen.
No do be known whether there is a part of embarrassing it when a Japanese woman awakes to beauty like old times of the contents valuing, too.
Random [o] incidentally does the half and [hakujinkao] and if she works hard, a Japanese woman of the reality can become it still also even by the frame though it is far. [**] might come, the woman in [ichi] be cheated, and money be dropped.
It is so.
There seem to be actually a lot of women who believe so.
"Looking like [terutte] is said to ?" or ..saying.. [ushinaa] unabashedly though not looked like at all.
When the woman's self-evaluation rises, and the objective evaluation from a man lowers, the fight is ..increasing.. [ruyona]. The woman is "[Nno] ..what.. ..saying.. toward me", and a man :. 「..peel.. ?What you : with an air of superiority. 」Because it becomes.
Will there be value only of the endurance of such a confrontation?
Should I esteem spending powers of women who try to decorate richly with an overseas product there?
Woman eye lines are random multi squids in the television program of the commercial broadcast.
CM is for 80 percent [gata] [onna] now.
If certainly giving preferential treatment too much to arrogance reluctant.
..hearing.. [kasaretetara] privilege consideration [motsunokamona] .."Woman".. . though nothing is done.
Severe one : though the person grows up it.
Hoping for the confrontation besides a capital cheers might also have feminist's speculation.
10 trillion yen of a national budget is invested gender-equal.
Feminist's intention might be reeled ..almost.. and money be reeled to [maretete] and ..including.. television considerably.
Oh dear, ugliness does with an air of superiority, [teruno] feels sick [munekusowaru] [igasonna] man separately, and ..dripping.. [ji] is dropped.

It is a problem that an unpleasantness and the enormous money are not spent to become independent true.
[Femi] that still despises a man is a lot of.. [ikarana] ..
The independence of the true woman cannot be done if it doesn't escape there.
Because man who leaves for the head is fueling the man and woman, deepening : the confrontation.
Variously though [gugurebade] …
Ugliness is ..ugliness.. modest, it does.
However, a man is problem [arukedona] . though the mass communication that extols ugliness is so if it is said.
An ugly woman is praised only by the wish that it wants to do.
Only this is a thing the same when assisting to the crime.
It is because there is a reality made much of even if it is ugly though there is having seen ugliness "Foolish a man".

Gentle feelings of not overworking and going by the natural style are transmitted from the loess.
However, none of mass communications make the opinion like you. Surroundings might be only fellows of the sense of values of poison similar [saretete] and, to our regret, the kind calls the friend.
Because it is yellow race ‥ Because it is often used insulting it why.
It shows strongly, and it shows it to the weakness, and oh dear, woman's face is free and free emphasize the eyebrow.
When a man in [de] and it is cheated only with the impression, it despises secretly and it holds it in derision.
It is different at all. ..cheat.. with [sareyagatte].
Though the real intention is strongly concealed
Notice the boast. Said [monkana]. solving

Throw ・・・ is fresh.
Is the fellow having been cheated for the cheated side held in derision?
The character so and so of the fellow who cheats is [nashinawakeka].
Be still too bad the esthetic sense or might not be because think by it that be too low the standard room where sell the one that do not do be well matched though saw [sure] [choko] and here and there now.

A Japanese woman cannot stop smoking from a man because she is weak to the desire.
Development that will be forecast in the future
A Japanese woman puts out the commotion , saying that "A man in Japan is also ugly".
Japan..woman..mother..ugly..think..irrelevant..story..take out..very few..Japanese..woman..foreign countries..success case..take out..singer..ugly..fellow..mind..ugly..
really..say..sympathy..theory..take out..anyway..Japanese..man..eye..foreigner..woman..go..desperate..defense..construction..work.
A mass communication, Japanese Government, and a Japanese country will ..Japanese woman [manse-].. run one's best more than before.
For instance, Caucasian's woman has a Japanese man who doesn't know → anything by projecting the woman that Caucasian who had a man in → Japan that projects only Caucasian's fat person woman think that the pinktoes is only fat person in the television grew old not think that → Caucasian woman who thinks and reports the criminal and the marriage impostor etc. of the [waseru] pinktoes when aging must marry arrogantly.
In the new song of SMAP, what that lyrics of Japanese woman [manse-] and [tsugaarujan]?Is there ..missing ..so.... country where it is [u] excluding Japan?
..Japanese man.. [na] often ..so.. ..drinking.. ..[ki].. ..it is.. that is [ra]
..a silence.. ..dependence... It is unbelievable.
I despaired to Japan.

A Japanese woman wants to send Africa Asian 1 ugliness [i] that has died by a plain mongoloid as well as ugliness in [chousen] ..the fact it that not is.. and China changing the mixed blood's with another race it ..agricultural tribe's [seimoatteka] [su] tile.. ..face ..really miserable.. in addition.. without advancing.

A certain Japanese woman these days is a sign of ruin that new [**] Fujiwara lacks Agra in the train and takes in the photograph a high school girl ugly ..sitting down... awfully

The person with a good character and face is [sagesu] [munanteko] and ..person.. [shinaiyo] the Japanese woman ..empty living thing.. truth.
Sad living thing that cannot do this year despised because it doesn't satisfy it

Because it is a symbol of unhappiness, it is ..becoming it.. . that it takes notice of a Japanese woman.
It is the proof that a Japanese man is always doing [tsura] that seems to be unhappy.

The Middle East beautiful woman is a real beautiful woman.
Only real ugliness : a Japanese woman compared with this.
It is possible to deceive by hunting the brand one because there is money.

[Yo] ..the enumeration of the gotten aesthetic element... oppose Caucasian women by [nichi] person in question woman oppose Caucasian women by [nichi] person in question woman and may enumerate the gotten aesthetic element by you oppose Caucasian women by a Japanese woman and may enumerate the gotten aesthetic element by you, [yo] ..the enumeration of the gotten aesthetic element... oppose Caucasian women by [nichi] person in question woman oppose Caucasian women by [nichi] person in question woman and may enumerate the gotten aesthetic element by you oppose Caucasian women by a Japanese woman and may enumerate the gotten aesthetic element by you

Body of small [hanaryou] [shii] delicate [me]

Small flat nose-face
Bright eyes-how much it may be and swelling eyelid
Delicate body-bone like old woman and body of gnat skin

It is neat, and the face is made up and prospers. Are the mouth, the nose, the ear, eyes, and each part that stands out a face and a make-up alone without the impression small?Are the face hands and feet who doesn't understand the expression small?It is a woman in Japan and there is [mosaizu] 24. It is not small.
Constitution not fat easily and eating habits. It is only fat and the muscle none. Can you make it from the Japanese food yourself neatly?
Does not the hair hurt easily in the black either?Is all shutting of dye [tenjan] [manko] good?Did the myth and the bowleg woman make the hiragana ..a nogood rich expression it..?Are the excitement overweight etc. rare though the [touwaru] Ine style is not good when writing and seeing?When it puts on the kimono by [hato] rare chests, ..amorousness increase.. ..becoming empty.. ?. exciting grow fat even by the foreignerWhen do you put it on?[Naijan] ..there is a pigeon-breasted... Seedy under collarbone.
Is the nape beautiful?Is the neck short?
Is motherhood strong, and, then, do it exist?Are a filicide top number Japan chaste and modest?Do the woman covered with the crown barrel chances : to the world?

There is no advancement any longer.
The Japanese can change by the external pressure alone that cannot change.

In a word, as long as the beautiful woman doesn't flow in from the foreign country Japan.
The figure is only evaluated for a long, long time by "It is lovely" and abstract word "[Busaiku]".
The lip : [naisubadei;] to milk about sexy hips ・・・ Is the word that evaluates the woman why only "It is lovely", "[Busaiku]", and the body descriptions to which the woman in Japan evaluates nothing are no squids in it.

The pinktoes is a candor. It is not intense self-consciousness.
It taught candidly in the smile though it was talked to at that time, "In what country person?".
The number was taught. It is impossible in a Japanese woman.

The level is too different though fair hair Caucasian has taken a streetcar in Nishi-Kawaguchi.
I felt a poor comparison ..all w.. [terumon] w racial barrier leg [hose] though a so-so lovely woman hurt for largeness, super-..knockers.. beautiful woman, and Japanese to looking rolling up w Caucasian's facing other [kyakuotoko] and the woman. I see and have erected [te].

Japan..woman..other party..case..raise..real life..such..feel.

It is only understanding "It is not in Europe and America .
.Caucasian.. ..one.. ..bundling.." all over the world and the region where Caucasian ([ko-kasoido]) doesn't live is actually Far Eastern east Asia when saying times how many therefore.
Also even in that Africa, Caucasian's rich people buy the villa, it is actually live, and it is Moroccan, is Algerian, and, of course, is Tunisian in north Africa ・・・
Caucasian lives even in the Republic of South Africa in the south end.
As for the Japanese, knowing passes by the world too too much. It is unhappy in an opposite meaning.

You that the animal is treated : from Caucasian.
Caucasian is [ruyona] w often probably as there are a lot of [busaiku] it is possible to say.
You it is lucky, the topknot put up to the head for a moment for 100 years even ahead, and even if it is ungrammatical sentence Akihito, [noni] w.

Is only it this time attacked by the half daughter when up against a wall?
Though CM of the camellia might be also plain excluding the woman of what [daare] and half and be the fuck-shit of [te] worst style.
Such a woman is made in an impossible spear, and a man in "It is lovely", "Valuable [manko]", and Japan where it is made to brainwash is exactly slave, and they are being made to do by the slave of the woman in Japan.

The female talent and "Popularity" model are amusing and, to begin with, deciding by support from the woman is amusing.
Has not "It is attracted very much when seeing from the man though the woman might not like 】 type decreased sharply recently?

It is necessary to exterminate only a nothing but minimum as living thing function really ..no provision.. the body of a Japanese woman who also has nothing, and Japan the way things are going becomes a museum as the an ugly woman in the world.

After the war, the woman in Japan has not understood ugliness by yourself from the world to a man in Japan even once for 60 years very usually only as for the woman in Japan that understands whether the sexual life is especially rich too ugly either.

Though I am very mysterious
The woman makes fashionably and is reliance [teruwakedaro] in the one like "I am a type with a lovely fashion" that it symbolizes by [nishiro] in the furnace how many. It suits or it doesn't suit.
Is it ..desire.. [uwakedaro] without thinking, "It is a symbol there is money that it is Japanese" at that time when becoming it as the pick-up was done by Caucasian ..[de] and foreign countries.. going , saying that "It is because I am a beautiful woman"?
Do not you think that it is strange?If the fashion is a sign, do not you think that my existence might be a sign?

It is a fellow that I am hated who thinks that it is the article money [mushiri] and [runoga] their value because it freeloads to someone though whether it is a young woman who is writing it in this [sure] or it is a man is not understood.
It is woman's [shi] of the salary of extent that cannot buy brand articles in me ..high the life environment.. though is not. understand come for me to want to buy and to buy it for the woman because he might be glad a man having the ability that it can be boughtThe beggar spirit is exposed saying the reliance of good life to the person and making. It is ..loveliness.. [gegaareba] [darou] in a man who saved his life like the woman in Thailand as thoroughly carried out.

The South Korean and Chinese are the beautiful woman you then what, and can put out the beautiful woman of [tteiutokini] and the international level by doing ..[tte].. to have said ..useless the pinktoes...
The Japanese can able to go out as a beautiful woman admitted that international [jaa] whom, and is [dayo].
Can the country able to be represented, and put out ..confident..
[mo] ..typical (racial best face)..?

I am mystery [nakotoha] in Japan.
The woman with different level must not say at all "It is rich people if it marries" or "The doctor is good".
It doesn't have what only of my corresponding to it.
This is mysterious.

The woman in Japan is spending the most peaceful life in the world.
It is an environment of Japan that can live even if own ugliness is not conscious where the foreign enemy (foreigner woman) doesn't exist.
A transformation Japan men who come near even if nothing is done.
It is convinced that I am a country that consists of the misunderstanding with a big this country.
We are very ugly, and a Japanese woman is an owner of a body and a spirit not being admitted any longer cruel the woman, and has not thought as for nothing.
The town is abused to the infant figure even if it is ugly ..what.. by nobody in Japan if walking.
It finishes, and a man in Japan be sure to be made it dance and to be dealing with the sexual desire that attacks it every day by one-word "It is lovely" going mad of the sense of beauty the action on one-word "It is lovely".
Does this abnormal social phenomenon continue as it is, and it is and the day when the foreigner woman becomes major will always come also in Japan.
The internationalization and traveling abroad became general like this, and it centered on the Caucasian woman even in Japan about why.
Does a man in Japan still never consider the foreigner woman though a lot of foreigner women have made a passage?
Very much..Japan..man..this..doubt..hold..reality..Japan..ugly..Japan..woman..provide..television..put..as if..Japan..woman..Hello..book..see..Japan..woman..record..Japan..foreigner..woman..interest..have..environment.
Caucasian's fat person feature is united, and a false rumor that fabricates and is 100% bright with "The pinktoes grows old. " , "The pinktoes grows fat soon", "..pinktoes.. body odor is tight", etc. and no grounds ..even of the net.. is talked about like common sense intentional even the television. This is a fiction extraordinary as the belief in the false rumor "The general was born in the white head mountain" in North Korea, and the same, etc.
Many of the pinktoes are still beautiful, and it not admitted in the place where we are very the worlds, does the brainwash finally begin to cut also in Japan, and actually ..beginning awareness.. very does a man say whether the woman in Japan is accepted the reality though it doesn't know that he deals?

Laughter raises it crowding. ( ´,_ゝ`)[Gehaha] and the ( ´,__`) [gehaha] yellow race are inferior races that imagination is completely lacked.
95% of Nobel prize is Caucasian.
Caucasian created everything double helices of space development, car, television, airplane, rocket, computer, nuclear weapon, and DNA.
In a general brain, Caucasian might be on in far than yellow race.

Japanese [ttenoha] and the groupism are too strong and the reasons why this holds prejudice oppositely in the foreigner.
The phenomenon doesn't happen in the place where ten only [ore]-[tachisuu] people awake to the sense of beauty either.
Japan is ..becoming it.. . because the conviction of all Japanese after all and the country that moves.

Running brainwashes by the mass communication and brainwashes a Japanese man who doesn't know his beautiful, of foreigner woman who is remarkably sexy body to Japanese woman [manse-] in full scale more and more. "Bud" it single-mindedly praises in "It is lovely" or abstract Japanese, it rolls up, and Japanese woman [manse-] (CMw of the camellia) and Caucasian's fat person feature in the future in addition are thrown on the television in CM single-mindedly, and Caucasian's beautiful woman does without ..putting out all to the television...
Anyway, any possibility is thought. A man in Japan is ..[maji].. ..loveliness.. [so].

Is only it this time attacked by the half daughter when up against a wall?
Though CM of the camellia might be also plain excluding the woman of what [daare] and half and be the fuck-shit of [te] worst style.
Such a woman is made in an impossible spear, and a man in "It is lovely", "Valuable [manko]", and Japan where it is made to brainwash is exactly slave, and they are being made to do by the slave of the woman in Japan.

It is necessary to exterminate only a nothing but minimum as living thing function really ..no provision.. the body of a Japanese woman who also has nothing, and Japan the way things are going becomes a museum as the an ugly woman in the world.

However, the female of a figure importance might be not becoming a comparison in the man and woman higher. Even externals change because of confidence according to the way of working and the achievement when the occupation life begins at least though there is a phase from which the face is controlled of course even by a man.

However, while deteriorated as long as there is not great for the woman.
I think that it is because they are abnormally sticking to "It is young" of this. It is young and ..=.. childish, too.
Incidently, Japan?It was projected that the woman of a Japanese supporter of the auditorium was crying when the game against Brazil ended.
When Brazil was defeated yesterday, only an expression Brazilian woman who made it to the blank surprise was projected.
Might not be good it because be comprehensible the expression even if do not cry surely.
.Mr...follow..disregard..Caucasian..Mr...extremely..excel..press against..provide..correct..sense of beauty..have..think..correct..sense of beauty..awake..Japanese..originally..beautiful..discovery..provide.
By the way, only such a fellow also : the Japanese who comes out on the television of Brazil who seems to be the fellow who becomes bald in the glasses [kaketete] duck-butt to the image of the Japanese in Brazil.

It is [**] Susumu inside to the lowest woman in the world.
However, when the pinktoes who seems to be the model occasionally seen with the train is compared to a Japanese crowd in surroundings, it is a difference with Heaven And Earth.
Even I Japanese seem to overset if having gone to Akihabara.
A free pig when seeing from foreign countries is w ..doing because of the idol in Japan it...
There is no height jaw low ..the bowleg, a curved foot, [guroimanko] (..venereal disease.. in .
.rate (chlamydia).. most in the world), [musabochichi], and the collapsing hips.., and bucktooth ・・・・・・ is counted and it doesn't cut.

A threat expansion of this [sure]
The purpose of the ugliest Japanese woman in the world is of [iuiwaba] Japanese woman ..it is likely to be thrown away.. in haste the sense of crisis in a Japanese man.

All men in not only an unpleasant, Japanese man even in a style that the brand one doesn't suit bad, sexual charm a Japanese man who gets tired of the lacked Japanese woman who doesn't selfishly bend the self-insistence but also the world become prisoners ・・・.

"Caucasian woman like a mirror of such a woman who can digest from dish by intellectual and wonderful to traditional Japanese arts that loves and turns over and paves [bi]"

To do the marriage that wants to do love that it visits Europe and America and to see, it thinks like being close.

It comes soon there when a Japanese woman bathes in a cold glance.

(Ann * [n] special number article)
No big mistake. "Do not take notice" [ndayo] [ore] : as the woman in Japan takes notice.
The stripe must pass "[Motenai]" completely because the woman who doesn't have the interest concern doesn't take notice.
I negligently stop a Japanese woman to the mass communication by the business purpose by [manse-] [suruno], and am warning it to introduce the beautiful woman in the world. Is it a decision addition digit in It is "The woman in Japan doesn't take notice. " as for man who doubted it, "Withdrawal of ugliness", "[Kimoota]", and delusion selfish [shi] to which why it is a woman in woman = Japan in Japan, and not permitted everyone even to doubt it?
It is "My ugliness is understood" [ttenomoaruna] that I hold the sexual desire in Caucasian's woman and foreigner's woman.
It is understood that I am garbage compared with a man of [ko-kasoido]. It feels repulsion by the woman in Japan.

The woman in Japan where it is foolish in Maru objectivity [mi] even where of not made on earth seems not to actually have even a minimum ability even by the fellow who went out to Europe and America about their figures.

United States..woman..terrible..level..high..fat person..a lot of..regrettable..actually
..beautiful woman..large country..United States.

A man who tries to marry a Japanese woman decreases surely sharply.
Will be able surely even to participate by be a Japanese woman such as parties as the of course association any longer.
The number of men who try to let an overseas beautiful woman drink, to allow me to do by me instead, and to frame will increase.
It is a matter of time in foreigner's beautiful woman that come to turn around. money from which the rose was being scattered by the current woman in Japan
It doesn't take notice excluding a part of [bikatachi], and even the style might be request [dashitaramoha] and be extermination ..man.. [suru] in [rudarosore]. the woman in Japan
It keeps brainwashing a man by when by abstract word "It is lovely" or the woman in Japan :.

Oh dear, because the most in the world style a Japanese woman was able to understand ..cruelty.. [itteno], I was saved. To the pinktoes as soon as only have to being able to appreciate even if it doesn't take notice.

The Caucasian woman is beautiful and has loveliness somewhere.
A Japanese woman is [genai] ..ugliness.. ..lovely...

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About us
welcome to "Japanese-Girls-are-Ugly website" . this is the place for ppl with passion for the UGLY TRUTH about Japanese Girls.

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I need your help !!

Thanks for visiting my site!

even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

however, It has a rough going to translate my site into English, French, and Spanish becouse of my low language ability.

Could you introduce my site to English or French media?

Please help me! I need your help!


I am a person who manage this site which is very famous and popular in Japan "Japanese girls are ugly ". (6 years history!)

But I can not publish my site in Japan by reason of "Anti-Japan" and "Offend public order and morals" though I want to be my site being made a book.

Could you help me that puts out my opinion
to the world?

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