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It is such feeling, and it exists in a Japanese woman foreign countries.

Her chest at which Caucasian woman aims

Difference between dramatic Japanese woman and Caucasian woman

Average Japanese woman

If it is not Japanese, the Asian is also beautiful.

Costume play confrontation Japanese female VS Caucasian woman

Japanese group that is often appearance in foreign countries

Japanese traveler from whom any country stands out

Children in lovely Japan

Prime Minister Ukraine VS Japanese certain female lawmaker

Caucasian's beauty is absolute.
The culture is unrelated.

34 The name: none (temporary)2006/06/01 (Thursday) slim Is the Japanese at 00:56:51 does thoroughly acquire the power at that time to becoming the candor by Nobunaga and one holding [ikioi] [ikkoushuu] in the religion to have helped?It is because [wo] is suppressed and said person [iruna].

I think that the Japanese is terribly strong of "It should be a long ages" [tteno] that
sticks to in religion though it is candid. It is dynamic .."It should be a long ages"
[tteno].. [naga] and [arutte] point that differs from the religion. The maximum decision
element of It should be a long ages of ..[utteno].. "..looking for the complexion of the
circumference at an individual level.. though it of course is divided by the situation".
Because of this ..throwing easily.. fashion Japanese

You confused [uruse] [-]. It is thought that I am Caucasian = god.

Caucasian = god
Black = primitive men
Asian = mud doll

Though it is mortifying
Caucasian's beautiful woman >>>>>>> black's Asian beautiful woman of wall >>>>> of
beautiful woman >>>>> who can never exceed it feels it. When the cover of the female
magazine is compared, it understands very well. Especially, the leaf row is bad, and
when [poka---n] and the cover opened ([afo] respect) are seen, the mouth is [gakkari]
ed. Am I who doesn't understand feelings of a woman today who says that it is good

"Only face. " ..real in most cases.. though there is an of course ..Japanese woman.. beautiful woman in beingThe under from [de] neck is [nadesu] ..full loading of thrusting [dokoro].. ..saying.. ..[wazumo]... It is evaluated to say the beautiful woman including the style today. I think that it is a face after it provides long hands and feet with the head of the length of a small face. All women who are called a true beautiful woman even by a Japanese woman are more or less following this condition. Is this extremely scarce and about one person in 1000 people and the unpleasantness 10000 people in a Japanese woman perhaps?

It pretends that there are goods and Japan Women's University of ..
becoming it.. [nichi] only because of putting parentheses :. The
goodness of goods that overflow from the inside and go out cannot
truly be made from the deception.

A Japanese woman is too strange in [yona] www [maji] that the
pinktoes is more modest.

The foreigner woman condescends superficially apart from the real
intention even if it talks to suddenly. A Japanese woman only frowns

It is massage [na] like the dump site of ugliness though might be good-
looking any [tteno] of going abroad to study if it sees from the fellow
who doesn't know though thinks understanding if actually going.

As for ratio [tteno] to the breadth of width of the ratio to the width of faces of the width of
eyes or the length of the arm, the ratio of the length of the leg or the head's shoulders,
[aruteido] "This is correct" is provided by feeling though it is thought that it understands if the
fellow has studied painting. And, the Japanese is far apart from the ratio in the race in the world.
Which be will this because the standard of beauty is Caucasian, and it evolve by the character
selection as becoming the ratio or?

It is a a row of teeth. Because it is possible to cure it from the molar firmly now,
the prominent forehead inclines and [teruyatsunaoruzo].

When the body is too long and the leg is too short, the dog and the
cat think that it feels it of the sense of incompatibility. It is
strange, and when the insect is too leggy, it is ..questions and
answers.. useless and it is yucky like the green caterpillar.
Therefore, I think that a Japanese woman is ugly at the living thing

The god beautifully made up Caucasian. [Teiuka] Caucasian is ..beauty..
the [iyona] in all living things.

However, will it become such ugly if it does very?

The height of Japanese [tteno] in Edo period is lower than that of
the Japanese in the Muromachi age though it is a famous story. Is
this an example of dare the ugly evolution and saying?Short = style ..
badness.. [ittekotodashi]

A Japanese man is pitiful that works hard for a deformed mongoloid.

It laughs at the woman and a man in the country is laughed at in the
bargain. A Japanese woman is disgracing a Japanese man.

The dirtiest easiness in the world, the richest, Japanese woman

It runs away to Japan without taking notice, the groin opens in [ru-za-] to which the resourcefullness made one happy woman is not competent, and because it is [n], a woman [daro] Japanese woman of the lowest rank to the pinktoes surely.

...imposing.. you see it will ..voice.. become aged [dokuonna] from
the woman in the future. It is ..nothing.. [inonina] . from the woman
in Europe and America in unusual.

When she is a playboy type, a Japanese woman is desire [terukarana] . without permission as for Caucasian. ..becoming it.. . only though it is possible to become strong [ru-za-] because it is a slave woman of the defeated country. There are a lot of being obedience like wrestler's [kotooushuu] in the Caucasian man, and is [fukkaketeruko] from the Caucasian woman a lot.

Doing is [ze] only two ..bringing.. [tte] people of the Caucasian woman to the origin of a
certain [ru-za-]. the this resourcefullness W that does the pick-up[Ru-za-]「It is Tommy ..
[bo] and [bobo] servant.. ..taking... ..,.. my best regards [ruru] Lucie depend」
It is [naruzekitto] to such feeling.

23.5% of 16-year-old girl in Japan is infected with chlamydia. The badness in
the world.

The boy of one year spends the high school life that one person in
five classmate girls has not already been forgotten chlamydia is
infected, and filled with hope brightly in the running total school.

And, it seems that it is also good to examine word "Jefferson high
school love structural chart" with Google.

This year's man new adults are 770,000 people, and female new adults
are 730,000 people.
The interruption number is 330,000. Please think that there are one
person [mizuko] when five children are seen.
In 40 person class, there is a child who was not able to become a
friend by about ten people.

Chlamydia positivity rate
The chlamydia positivity rate of a general woman in Japan is about 5%.
The student is from a masseuse to the positive rate in 2nd place
according to this moreover after the high rank and the hostess though
the Tokyo prevention medicine society is reporting on data that
examines the chlamydia positivity rate according to the occupation.


Positive rates that are higher than sex industry starting work girls

When the pathogen was thrown out thanks to liberalization and the diversific
ation of the character recently, it was the horizontal and came to transmit
STD in short course. The distinction of a special division and the ordinary
family is lost, and the difference of the morbidity rate has contracted in
a moment. It is not exactly a chain reaction of the nuclear explosion. It
is said that the chlamydia positivity rate of the single pregnancy girl is
higher than the sex industry starting work girl of this age. Moreover, it
is said that 6.5% is infected in the first half in one's twenties even for
a married pregnant woman. STD has gotten not sick but an epidemic though it
said many times. Making STD a no symptom is the second problem. The
representative is chlamydia, and the woman is positively dominant. When the
morbidity rate is about twice, and gonorrhea compared with the man, men are
about four times in the opposite. However, ..woman.. ..symptom.. [deruno]
is only 20% in case of chlamydia slightly. In a word, when the infected
person of a no symptom is included, the real number is about five times the
diagnosed number. Naturally, the infected person of a no symptom doesn't
treat. Because of extension to liberalization and diversification of
character in a clear-cut way because it massaged it ..diving.. though not tr
eatedGenitals herpes only that no this, recent gonorrhea, AIDS, and
syphilis : STD of a no symptom.

If it imagines and there is no Japanese woman ・・・ There is no hell in
one's feets of easy [nakotosa] [boku] but there is only sky in
overhead if it becomes the nature. When it imagines and all people
are alive for the pinktoes ・・・
・・・ It doesn't kill and there is ..death.. groundlessly even a
religion so much difficultly, too. When it imagines and all people
are living life in peace ・・・
・・・ You do not really have the necessity of a greedy Japanese
syllabary and the starvation that can be done and either all
Caucasians are ..brother and sister.. [sa]. When it imagines and all
people are dividing the world each other


(Because it was a masterpiece more too than the manager, adopted it. )

Onna honesty criticism of [tokudaitera] [yuu**]

Deformed living thing that doesn't think about anything excluding
indiscriminate imitation of [nihonjin;onna] (model in 2006) Caucasian

[Nihonjin;onna] today turns into the chassis completely put on the line of the fashion. A new technology etc. of [ni] like an epoch-making correction undergarment and 3 are given to the talent who ..accessories.. runs after ..the decision.., information, and it, and they are combined and one [nihonjin;onna] is completed in the schedule cosmetics decided beforehand and fashionably of the decision. It is not endured to see odd and ill-balanced though it tentatively completes no matter what it combines because the chassis is a helpless fundamentally defective product by the derailment gene while it rounds in the line. The development superintendence of the [nihonjionna] manufacturing factory only has to manage the deformed mass production line silently along marketing as it is nothing but an instruction such as advertising agencies and broadcasting stations, and there is no room where it enters it like the ideal etc. said a completed product making such Onna there ardently only to no consciousness of the deformity by yourself covered with defects. It is not shameful, and laughter doesn't have must the birth no matter how it struggles by ending [nihonjin;onna] even if it exports from such a place to foreign countries. The monkey that dyed it to brown and the fair hair overflows in the town. [Nihonjin;onna] is a cockroach group that is sure to try to have the address misunderstanding it with the foreigner woman having seen from the back. Or, getting on on the plate keeps only hardening, drying up as no one reaches it, and turning round the inside of a store about the horseshit that rots in every respect though can compare [nihonjin;onna] to the sushi of conveyor-belt sushi.

Because the man is so discriminated, the country that thinks it is miserable doesn't think that it is. All : because of the present marriage system and the women's rights expansion movement that is the worst, dark myth. Man's right is violated and only an unjustified obligation not to understand the meaning like the pension division is pressed unjustly fast. A man will not have as long as this all-time worst [onnatouto] [otoko**] society is not broken down tomorrow.

Listen well because I speak the truth now. The body of a young woman becomes a commodity as
a reality regardless of the race. There are considerably black prostitutes also in Britain
and Italy. Even as for Caucasian's man, "Buy it" is not ..black's woman.. unusual. It is not
unnatural at all that the toilet is [chiyahoya]ed first because it is done by free. The misun
derstanding is [nahadashikumo] [**] Satoru [shiteiru] toilet in the painful one , saying
that "It is popular" as for it. Individuality is another problem the much more because it
was not loved like the kind of ..doing.. [nin] etc.However, it is only used because the
groin is opened. It might be natural to use the latter quickly when it is a tariff system
lavatory and a free public lavatory. Moreover, it is also unrelated to mention a man and to
attempt the extenuation of the toilet. The nationality and the race are unrelated to
prostitution. However, even if the woman who willingly becomes a toilet searches for all
parts of the world, it is seen only by Japan. Therefore, thoroughly it is necessary to be
impeached, and it is necessary to impeach an unpleasant straw mat to the Japanese meat
toilet. This is true.

Because the figure is ugliness at the cockroach level in the Japanese in the
wayBe to conscious of it. Especially, the woman must not be [musaboshiri] bowleg
short legs [kuku] as for everyone and this fellow, dressed up gaily because it is
a Doraemon of none system, and not misunderstand it. The woman in Japan on mental
hygiene only comes into sight and is harm. The woman indicates the more beautiful
one, and is not a mongoloid of [pperi] face of the infant system old woman system
like a Japanese woman or exposed.

I think that the style of the woman in Japan is the ugliest in the world. It
is better that Chinese Singapore is several steps. ..difference.. [uyo] ratio
the ratio : though there is the of course ugly one. Is it a good match to the
South Korea woman?However, there is no one that goes out to the right of a
Japanese woman in the short legs bowleg.

The tying style is cruel though it is in Yokohama now if it renews.
Especially, high school girl. It ties and only a figure guy like an
old woman who reads :. A Japanese man who can do the desire is truth
[ni] of ..terrible.. [iyo] in women like such a taking the shape

...dislike.. having of the woman in Japan is ..mixed-race marriage.. terrific.
Please defend the wife firmly. Sarcasm is not said in the table. It says by
the shadow. There are a lot of women in Japan that feels it as the case fell
when it marries a man in Japan. The backbiting from a Japanese woman was
terrible though I also had been associating with the foreigner woman in the
school days. And, it worried considerably ..her...

The woman in Japan is despised because of all over the world though a man in
Japan praises all over the world and is praised. Inborn, inferior kind Japanese
woman [] is poor.

Why is only a Japanese woman ..style.. bad though it is [fu] ..turning over.. [omogi] of one
[sugo]?It becomes thin, and Ghali Ghali's [te] and foot are fat, short the knee under, bend,
and are [te] bowlegs. There were a lot of children of the style of average Europe and
America beautiful feet all. ..Singapore.. girl also in China and ThailandThe calf is thin.
The Japanese is fat. The reality distinction attaches by the foot.

It comes to want to curse this [sure] birth of me only in seeing to the Japanese. It is
not likely to have been laughed at be deformed Jap in the locale though traveled abroad
and did many times. After it had been seen with a certain overseas hotel by black's
three girl class in the vicinity of [mecha] staring, it burst out laughing. orz

Three blacks might be ..style.. good, it ..[pikapika].. dress up, and the country one be laughed at dice suitable [shitetashi] because [te] and we were the family trips parents or all. It was [**] for a long time while traveling after that. Orz, the height of the tallest father is about 160 centimeters. About 150 centimeters of www me. Hobbits. Moreover, the stomach was always emptied considerably poorly at about [watashishou] meal small [mosungoi]. Even the school : by affecting the sound of my stomach in the classroom many times, extending, and the person in a distant seat frightened. I do not think meal to have become taller because I was not able to be allowed to eat well. It has a grudge against parents in that. It is considerably affluent now. The height cannot be bought with money though it only has to undergo plastic operation on plainness.

A Japanese woman is helpless excrement. Because an egocentric sense of beauty has been continued, having.. beauty cannot be originally considered. With this, it is incontrovertible that it is the most aesthetic late in Asia race. The woman who doesn't do the productive task so much doesn't think that it is worth living unlike a man. [Yare] human rights or advance into society or their insistences are too the one that it is not borne to hear it though it only has to become even a character slave because the level is a low living thing, and it is amazed.

It is the last compensation to support the sense of beauty correctly
that an ugly Japanese woman can do. It is at least ameliorable. the
appearance moreover like our pigsBe conscious of dirty living things
we, and serve to a man with heartfelt sincerity in the future.

Why is the face of a Japanese woman such strapping?Face [shiyagatte]
like box lunch box.

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even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

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