Japanese girls are ugly Part 36

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Ugly Japanese female representative

If she ..loan of where.. ..Caucasian element.. doesn't enter, a Japanese woman who passes to the world is ? ..useless.. though the Miss Universe is also so. It is an Europe and America obviously style as for the style and even if features are Japanese ・・・ The pure day book really even if a features Japanese target is said to it doesn't go in the top.

It feels dizzy with Japanese woman's group [miru] in foreign countries. Only the prostitute puts on sandals of the heel doesn't put on to the foot of the hair and short legs of dirty [basabasa], and is it an inside of the thigh and is it "[Gyaha] is [hahaha] ?" junior high school student of the chocolate chocolate ..walking..?Is Cod and" can it able to be said that it will think and university student's group?。In astonishment. When it was seen to be guided to the lowest seat by the stoop like the gorilla while ..restaurant.. ..kvelling.. doing in a line, here was shameful.

Japanese woman's face is coming to want to turn one's eyes away dirty. Especially ..reading [kadowakiatsu] [tsukasadocho] "Child's social power" (Iwanami new book).. ..the face of the adult female in Japan.., it wanted to turn one's eyes away, the decrease in social power as man whom the author said turned out one of the causes of becoming becoming, and certain turned out when the expression fouled remarkably for these several years, and it went into [mi] ..blowing.. field in the person garbage.

The high school girl in Japan is the worst. It sees it at least so. It will give birth to a baby in the future of either of such women. Only the child depressed because of depressed woman, woman who goes mad, and evil spirit woman's inside of the bodies, child who go mad, and the evil spirit child are born, and it doesn't grow up. Evil spirit's chain. I do not want to go to the jug for the garbage woman though murderous intent is remembered when height and loose socks of that brown hair and the short skirt are seen. Is does it increase in the skirt and the above all of a face black, [pokkuri] shoes, a brown hair, loose socks, and short height, and the filthy term?(evil spirit word)It scattered by vomiting [wo] for a severe television and a real society of the evil poison ..even this.. and it massaged it ..coming... Do not do until dying from the resignation of the high school, and the occurrence to sleep when Japan that is lowest in the world and the worst does the high school girl anyway every day every day. The height of the skirt is an evil spirit of [ru] ..long high school girl.. ..Idi.. high school girl. Another doesn't understand even a basic reason named the relation sleep food [nda] (refusal). Because it is an evil spirit. The woman frequently uses words and phrases "All". Who on earth is "All"?They are ten colors every ten people, and 100 externals every 100 people. Neither the same man nor two people or more can do considerably. It is possible to do among men separate as for the child. The one to die is not the same.
(Excluding the heart. )Life is the same and not same either. Do not roll other women and do not crowd. "Ugliness", "Beautiful woman" it, and "[Kawaii]" Grade-schooler's level. It is only an enemy in a narrow country in Japan. The evil spirit who was covered of man's skin is [ujauja]. True aim of [soitsura]?Money?Obstruct it the other. Scatter the evil poison. Japanese woman who doesn't know woman word. Woman in Japan that cannot talk about woman word

It is Japanese man >>>>>>>> Japanese woman that takes an active part in the honest world. For instance, Ichiro, Matsui, Nakata, and Ken Watanabe. However, the woman is not found. easilyA Japanese woman's being doing ..Caucasian who comes to Japan.. only squeaks. Movie, sports, and computer. First of all, a Japanese woman must take an active part in such a field. The talk is from it.

Japanese woman's looks and ability are the lowest levels. First of all, looks are the reasons such as the face the bowleg, short legs, the evil style, deca, and [kimoi]. And, the ability is cruel. As for the reason, the woman is accounting for the victim of the false promise of marriage for about 80 percent. It is foolish the woman's being cheated easily in a word. Existence without such value is not popular. It feels it strongly in the United States and Britain.
Honesty ..sorrow.. [i] is ww among which it is not popular. It sleeps because a Japanese woman is not a Japanese Asian woman = woman who is not popular though an Asian woman is popular www.
If a Japanese woman does it, it becomes like the pathology inspection sample even if it puts it on a physical beauty system magazine of Europe and America like the maxim as it is if they are made to bring, to dress the bikini, and to make up hurried beautiful woman [nanowo] in the woman of Southeast Asian people who is walking suitably in the town though it is not amusing.

A Japanese woman sees ribaldry a sloppy way to laugh or poor posture. As for eyes thin, separately it is good, and the nose may be low. I think that it is the Orient beauty. However, does the bucktooth :?As for the one to be cured, I want you to cure it. The image changes only because it has dirty teeth somehow because there is whitening of teeth also in Japan. The Europe and America people man in the living in Japan thinks teeth of a young Japanese girl are or are thought by it is [doregake] [yogo] and the abuse remark that you should work hard though might be shock they if it surely hears of it. Be dirty, and because it is ribaldry

A Japanese woman becomes funds in Asian 1 [busaiku]. Beach Boys in Indonesia is a good example. Money is plucked because it flatters it well though a Japanese woman that eyes are thin and the face is strapping is held in derision in the bottom of one's hearts and the coconuts are taken.

To our regret, even if she corrects her teeth, a Japanese woman doesn't become lines of beautiful teeth like Caucasian. Because the front tooth curves to mongoloid teeth like the shovel when saying why. Therefore, even if the a row of teeth is made straight, teeth see the creak the front tooth with ruggedness [shiteruno].

Because a Japanese woman is a gross feeding, it is necessary to correct meal. Enough with the meal only of the rice not refined and pickled radish 3 cutting

Does it only have to be given only solid fodder for feeling like the dog food and not solve it?To a Japanese woman

TV program [uzai] . like Asian large set recently that is oftenIsn't the Japanese escape sub-[shioou] [shitakattan] though it is selfish that it exchanges by the Asian, international exchange feelings are tasted, and Asia other than w Japan exchange [njane]?It exchanges with Caucasian and the furnace is w.
There is no one as unsightly as the Asian's international exchange. A Japanese student who went to study to the United States was an American and it massaged it from other party [sarenai] like English [shabe] [tteru] in the Japanese.

Low brain Japanese woman who passes and Japanese woman who doesn't have motivation and perseveranceIt is so also in the world of study. There are woman's few nobelists after Madame Curie goes out for about 100 years ago. The ratio is overwhelmingly a man though it is a little. It is almost rare that the woman student can do machinings more than schoolboys, and can calculate physics though I am teaching engineering. Is the woman such why stupid?Sports are not good, and it is useless to study. Why can the man and woman cooperation etc. be achieved?I was in the engineering work in the enterprise to moving to the university. There was a woman, too. However, most women were not useful, and troublemakers. It wants to return as soon as the night comes, dirty work is unpleasant, and the complaint comes from the guest soon because physical labor doesn't take the responsibility if going to the unpleasantness and the guest. It is not only that. An urgent business happens in the office that takes charge of the technology.
It is necessary to face the rescue soon, and when the train of JR is derailed, technical experts in the office of JR should mobilize at once if becoming a power failure and maintain the high-voltage line. Then, the woman runs away , saying that "The child is generating heat" and "I do not want to do such a thing". A usually excellent because of useless in an essential place woman cannot also favor it.

Are measures in Japanese woman's hair though it does?The hemp field stinks, and it becomes and the gray hair stands out when it is black hair. It becomes like the hairpiece when dyeing it to the black. It becomes brown like paints without a transparent feeling when making it to the brown hair and it becomes [basabasa]. It extends, and when it is short because it is a bristle, it is seen the head deca, and the hair end becomes tattered if it dyes it even if it is long.

There is no bristle like a Japanese woman in Southeast Asia. They are feeling that the hair is light.

The hair of the grade-schooler even of the Japanese is thin and delicate. However, the Caucasian woman is keeping that feeling until about 30 years old.

Too dirty Japanese woman

Some time ago, such an article was in Weekly Asahi.
<A young woman who doesn't change the undergarment increases rapidly > A lot of young people in his/her teens today do not have the concept of shamefulness as it is dirty. As for this, this of not the dimension of education of the school but parents' homes might be completely neglected though it disciplines.

Because the shame of travel means the lack throwing away on ground, an overseas Japanese woman is terribly unsightly. The Caucasian man is caught and the souvenir picture does to walk usually in the town. Caucasian is [indazo] ..no stuffed animal of the amusement park it.. w.

The arm is a baby. a Japanese womanIt is covered with the fat of [buyobuyo], and length is also short and the wrist integrates with the hand. Shaken woman [irukedoareyameta]. sideways expand the arm when walkingBecause a short arm is emphasized though the person in question might think like career woman

In what will a foolish side of the woman who tries to go to the foreign country in the airport be such lustful?Whenever going, it thinks.

Most of the woman who goes to foreign countries is shame of Japan. That mouth is greatly opened in the foreign country. 「It is and gets it. [Gyahaha]. 」I am cool when thinking when saying.
The radish rudder travels abroad by the party who is doing the agriculture work and goes to study abroad before several decades because of becoming of the Airlines ticket recently cheapness and becoming appreciation of the yen. Serf..exposed..mean..behave..Europe and America..do..Europe and America..people..dislike.

The Europe and America people says or thinks that man all over the world shows disgust. The developing country people「That what farmer. What?That Japanese people. The Japanese is [pugera] and is us very ..weirdy [waranee;na] (... 」
..desire.. [wareterudaro]
The woman in Japan passes, and gets a low brain cheated soon. The woman in Japan is held in derision because it is incapable and is a light tray. There is yet no successful person of the woman in Japan at all. Because the ability is not equal even if it is equal the chance. The rip-off victim is more abundant at all for Japan the woman.

It is ..becoming it.. . in encounter [nichi] elementary school then because of guys to whom the athletic meet of the North Korea type practiced. It cuts loose to the limit when this disappears because it can come to be controlled by compulsorily an unpleasant thing's being done and being shouted. Because it is done in foreign countriesThe procession is the pattern [daro] of Japanese woman's Louis Vuitton headquarters exactly. If it is an elementary school, it is being shouted by the teacher.

Incidently, there was a guy who had died as it was hit by the teacher when the drier leaked in the school excursion of the high school in old times. Does the Japanese woman's traveling abroad only have not to be managed by such feeling?It only has to make it to beating to death immediately when doing to be amusing ..walking...

Do not exist when growing up to some degree though become be a good brake that doesn't come off easily so it the control … Might not come off very easily because be spoilt be a Japanese woman be these days the brake.
Asian [tteno] is shouted and the individual cuts loose to the limit if it doesn't do too so though it is angry and there a lot worth. I think that I differ from the Europe and America people who can be doing the self control. The usage of intelligence is different though Asian's intelligence separately is not ..low.. [ittewake].

It is held in derision too much because of a Japanese woman and all over the world.

Surely, the straight ball might be not able to fight by "Beauty". (T_T)
The woman in Japan matches it to Europe and America woman's beauty though is the beauty of Asia. Foreigner make-up not suited. Brand arms. The appearance is, that it is ugly, the style is plainly bad with the face, and the back is low like". a deteriorated foreigner "Only the Europe and America female model : Japanese woman's fashion magazine. The Europe and America woman has the complex too much. It is AsianBeauty of black hair with a beautiful sleep wwwww South Korea woman who was Chinese's Zhang [tsui;i-] to perform graceful Japanese woman in Japan by movie SAYURI. (^_^)
When Europe and America people woman and black woman's styles are frankly seen, a Japanese woman is being completely defeated because of the style. Do not despise a Japanese woman with the [ki] figure about the Penelope crossing.

The neoteny ..[teka] Asian.. becomes, and helping of the individual with others becomes to the extent that it is advanced to change [derukarajanee;] to the infant willingly and only the morality of surrounding man becomes a justice rather than an artificial, absolute ..be made.. teaching of the monotheism of importance of Europe and America ..becoming it.. therefore. Therefore, I begin to go mad, too, if a surrounding foolish woman has gone mad in foreign countries.
Japanese woman's foolishness must not have the fellow who is making it up after the beard grows either.

Does not a Japanese woman notice back figure importance?Man..ahead..stare..become empty..provide..walk..ahead..walk..person..back figure..considerably..stare.Because it is not noticed, a short arm is not noticed.

There is a word said, "It is ugly" for a Japanese woman. Very ..figure, face, and [manko] , which.. still ..beautiful.. very the Japanese pink spirit that serves and will how or more about that of the pinktoes that the reason for is that it is now in the husband in the [tsumuru] ..eye.. compensation to ugliness? it that is the foreigner before who likes Japanese womanThe man's turning into the woman completely in about which it did not think it was this year of me became, and natural and the misunderstood foolishness became and even the mind in addition to rapid increase ugliness [i] figure became ugly. With this, not taking notice from a Japanese man has impossibility either. Fact and woman's non-[**ritsu] zooms. It turns one's eyes away from this fact, and as for [femi], it deceives and 30 single by passed woman becomes desperate actually , saying that "Woman's recent sense of values becomes various, and there are a lot of people who do not value a marriage alone either" etc.

The phrase of a Japanese woman in her thirties today is written.
*Labor and time or the digit make-up flows by the sweat, too and the sediment disaster.
*The wrinkle inside settling down ahead of a foundation in middle and advanced age.
*Heavy make-up comparatively that makes additive to come
*If the make-up and clothes are taken off, it is more than the age.
*It is a pushy middle-aged woman, and if the make-up is taken, the alien.
*The wife of [suppin] and the full monty is scared.
*Wife from make-up whom ornamental apron suits
*Seem it to overwork, and the word to be [home]ing ..departure.. ..".. strong.

Is it this that the sexless couple has increased?

Hamasaki, the woman who sells in the product rice field, [yuukorin], and Japan shall not be only ugliness. Ito [bisa] is a plastic operation. It undergoes plastic operation, and it makes it up, and is it rolling up and is it Allais?

It makes in the divorce and it is made to the reason, and when ..erection.. [ukarana] [nichi] Japan Women's University cuts off requesting sex if they are probably women in the country other than a Japanese woman, compensation money is not paid and the sleep placenta because it doesn't disregard it collecting [mo].
Let's tell the young person the truth with [sure] here during summer vacation. If the sense of beauty is awoken too late before it becomes it, [rukarana] ..can the evasion of the life like garbage...

The sexual desire is inadvertently forward when it is young inadvertently. Neither the sober judgement nor the aspect are popular among beauty for the woman. If the young person puts it to use even a little before it falls into an irreparable situation, it is a desire.

When going to study to the United States, Japanese woman international student's group is [soitsuradake] [chou] loud voice and a bluster rolling up in the cafeteria lunch [kuttetan] though the Yamanote line game start and [gatta] w surroundings eat quietly. Moreover, the American student is paid to attention and rolling up of surroundings because it laughs at the desk when laughing because it beats. It was said by "Because you managed to be Japanese, it was white" or the serious look though I sat with the American. A brain at the grade-schooler level and a Japanese woman of manners want you not to go to study abroad.

The name is ..beauty.. [indayonaa] .. the foreigner womanOnly the name is heard and being possible the fall Inn love to do [rutte] feeling. I think that do the proportion of the beauty of woman's name and the beauty of the language. Japanese woman's name is dirty the sound and sound like the tool of the labour for farming.

There is a woman that the level is occasionally in astonishment low when it is a language study international student. The face is low and, anyway, as for dependence of ugliness, the education level is low. It has met the woman who cannot say a day of the week in English. The party who doesn't put it : to the university of deviation value 30 probably recently though this mixes and [temo] is not mysterious because it goes to study abroad.

A Japanese woman is ..→ prostitute change [tteno].. royal road of → of → of high school drop out → going abroad to study leaving school before graduation illegal residence. Go to Los Angeles and New York. There will be a green caterpillar Japanese woman do not take notice anywhere all over the world with [goman].

Can a Japanese woman be doing such a good living though she is such why incapable?Originally..such..face..intelligence..man..jungle..interior..do..suitable..Japan Women's University..intelligence..Southeast Asia..beautiful woman..advanced country..life..suitable.

Column of comment on animation of last audition of representation from Japan of Miss Universe 2006「oOooooOOOoo alittle eye candy」
"Sex Bombs? ? Where?? Can u point 2 me which one? o_o "" "i don't think the's that good looking. " and "Are those majorities ugly?" and "I do not think that their figures are good" "Most of them are ugly, but their minimalist approach is more or less their saving grace." It is written. In "A Japanese woman is beautiful", the lie of the mass communication shall not be ,in a word, a thing in CM in complete, too. Will do it do to the wife of Japan Women's University of ..such base.. [nichi] and what value will you exist?

A Japanese woman is a low brain that boasts to the world. Make-ups of them who are called mamba as far as that goes. Because mending because of collapse unpleasant ....trouble.. [itte].. says, even using an oily felt-tipped marker for the eye line :. It doesn't get skin cancer in "Tanning machine" between gals. It is [nattete], [madi], and the child who believes is [rutte] to the [tte] rumor ..it is... 。。
「The probability that the person who is using it gets skin cancer than the person who doesn't use the tanning machine is positively high.
As for ・・・, it says or I look that machine only like the skin cancer manufacturing machine. 」It is to begin with [ttemashita] ♪ in [tte] and the performance.

Japanese woman whose smell is stronger than nattohttp://mimiguro.
In the program though stinky was measured with a perfume sensorHer armpit
began to beat the figure of 910. By the way, natto seems to be 546. It is
the worst in remark [eanna] [jo] work to be inserted. the portable type
made of new cosmos electric machine perfume sensor[Deshitane]

Of course, the room is also dirty. this gal ..making dirty..As if, it was industrial waste disposal [bami]. [Sokoirajuude] and the hair of the room dropped, and here that ..television.. had already been seen seemed to become yucky it ・・・・・・ cockroach's remains etc. left half-eaten of dirty loose socks and [tesshu] and the rotted box lunchHowever, it is anxious by one. This gal ..making dirty.. might not be [unkotoka], and does and be sleep in my room. It worries about going in the lavatory whether in case of the trouble and my room when even here is lazy.

A Japanese woman is called yellow Jap. It is cheated by the foreigner
and it is removed, it exists in the swindle, it is made to the
overmedication by money, and ..killing.. [saretariyokushiterumonna].
Low [nounippon;onna]

Even if she is not a gal, a Japanese woman is dirty. "Retreat it is the bath it is not possible to drink" or "It puts on the same how many days the undergarment" is said woman multi [i] ..filling.. [i] recently even if it is not a gal (Though it is not indeed up to there will). "It is amusing" or "[Mendokusai]" it is Not having entered during an unnecessary → day has it in the bath because it doesn't return to the house, and does not the paralyzed → bath does come to think, and, then, have the becoming it → sense the third and a little long on the second?Though I am yucky if I do not enter every day ・・・


・Because the hair style collapses, the hair is not shampooed for one month. ・
It doesn't step into a bath for one week because the time that is with the
boyfriend is regrettable even a little. ・Moreover, it will give the final
coating without washing off the make-up at all because making it up is
troublesome the next day. There seem to be fellows. I hear that it is up to
a pubescence of the college woman moreover from the high school girl. In
addition, when becoming a strong soldier・Teeth have not been brushed for six
years. ・The palea ..corrugated cardboard.. is waited for because returning
to the house is troublesome and one week is spent. ・It doesn't step into a
bath longer than half a year. ・The undergarment is thrown away when putting
on to the limit, and rotting. ・[Fuke] of the scalp has already hardened like
the bedrock.

Seeming A high school girl these days is dirty ・・・ A filthy high school girl : recently. It
seems to proliferate. It is an unpleasant story that the head rots only in hearing of seeming
troublesome keeping sweep for days how many without washing loose socks (Washing is
troublesome), and foot's taking to [boroboro] (Recently, the medicine for the athlete's foot
seems to sell to the other party of the high school girl) and the bath due to athlete's foot,
too and deceiving the smell with the perfume for the time being. The high school girl who went
out to "Dane who solves it" is completely helpless and ..kudzu vine that breaks the sense of
beauty and is rolled up.. [ren] because it does the nail polish to the fingernail of the foot
the skin of digitus pedis is [boroboro] by not enduring seeing nevertheless. And, it is a
complete embarrassment thing at all because it is cool. At present, it is thought perhaps that
it is only some high school girls in the city, and want probably to believe the change when it
grows up and. [Oe]. I do not collect with ..stinking.. [mochi] additionally when coming though
loose socks, the tanned face, and the fair hair are hated. Such a woman should erase it soon.
A man of lesser panda's man and the grade-schooler murder might have to be released and to be
shot at the town as "[Gyarubasuta-zu] ..making dirty..". The gal of ..putting..) ・・・ It is ..
uncleanliness.. ..(.. [rukamona] of can use considerably though it is a word hit on
momentarily now.

Average of schoolgirl in Japan
Is it a face?
Plain deformity
Curved plump legs of ..worth.. [do]
It is hairy and [manko] of the uncleanliness to transcendence. It
will only become a taking the shape thing more and more in 50 years
ago and the steady future of anything.

The gal who doesn't take the bath for three days or more seems to go
up to 70 percent of the whole. Pressure..paint..makeup..do..foolish..
fellow..hardly..make dirty..gal..correct.It doesn't enter even on the
tenth when becoming [hidoi] fellow. Naturally, the undergarment is
not substituted. The make-up is given the final coating without
washing one's face. It is cool even if said that perfume like the dog
will do. When the head is lacked, . in the fingernail in jet-black.
Teeth are not brushed. It is thought that dirt falls if it eats
something even if teeth are dirty. It is not possible to greet it
without putting the room in order. It enumerates and the bacterium
settles in outskirts of the phrase when [orimono] is examined.

His eyes that most Japanese men see are end [terukarana]. Honored..Japan..
beautiful woman..light snow..Japan..shame..make dirty..gal..foolish..summer..man..

A lot of men in Japan are desperate in clothes of the West, the make-up, and the fashion of the
beautician etc.Clothes of [ko-kasoido] of the foreign country far away of Japan of the island
nation by what, the make-up, and the beautician might be mimicked.

The fashion that was born from the mongoloid with seedy face is weeded out. It wants
to mimic the fashion of beautiful [ko-kasoido] and to approach [ko-kasoido] even a
little. Recently, to take the shape of [ko-kasoido] mocking, the colored contact
lens and the fair hair become popular. Wax what.

Even if a beautiful idol in Japan is looked about, only the person where the
man and woman has both features of [ko-kasoido] :. The popular idol doesn't
have a pure mongoloid. Wax what.

The living thing that [ko-kasoido] is beautiful, and the mongoloid is ugly notices that
it doesn't put it out to the mouth.

Caucasian is roughly held, and it is made and when characters are
Japanese, the seen value is no chars w in the movie of Ghibli.

However, no fair hair brown hair all members because of there is
dying [muka] and attach lovely in the Caucasian girl attaches and
[muka]ing attaches. [Kyasa] ..no fair hair nymph it.. . after
allThough it is the highest when nymphs in the Middle East and nymphs
in South America are fair hairs

It is necessary to erase woman = [unko] of Japan that should protect
it Caucasian's global nymph = angel it globally.

When it has the child, it is necessary to execute it at once. Only
fair hair brown hair Caucasian : the permission of starting a family.
It is necessary to exterminate hateful nonwhite races on the earth,
and to make this world only fair hair Caucasian as soon as possible.
Most of the problem happening in the earth is solved if it does so.

Caucasian nymph's loveliness, loveliness, and beauty are really the
treasures of the earth. It is a Caucasian nymph that there is one one
that is more beautiful than the jewel in this world. They are angels
who dance from the heaven and got off. The angel is a person only by
seeing that saves harmony [mase] and the human race as for the human
race. Human race's named Caucasian nymph jewel. It is more beautiful
than the jewel. No child supply and give birth excluding Caucasian.
It is a capital punishment when giving birth.

Loveliness of not being like it is Caucasian's girl in the word
though expressed. It is [maji] and most is a nymph excluding part.
You see, and it is and acceptable loves food. It is [maji] and it is
an angel.

Caucasian girl Lv99
Occupation: Angel
Offensive power: 100
Phylactic power: 100
Wisdom: 1000
Charm: 100 billion
Appearance rate: 70/100
Money exchange: 100,000,000 decillion $

Japanese sow (hungry demon)
Offensive power: 1000
Phylactic power: 1000
Wisdom: 10
Fertility: Hundred million
Charm: 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 appearance
rate: 100/100 money exchange: Unnecessary

The walking is an applying furnace anxiously only of neither the make-
up nor the hairstyle that the woman of agriculture * walking was
anxious more because rain was very terrible recently as for the

[Teka] and the racial discrimination are not thought, and it is easy
to understand in Japanese people living in Japan the Japanese is misund
erstanding it to "Caucasian is Japan and likes it", "Foreign countries
are Japanese booms", and the outskirts , saying that "The Japanese is
greatly sought after" why. ← There is no virtue feeling alone.

If the Japanese of "[Sankyu] and [sankyu]" firing in rapid succession
is seen though Caucasian flight attendant [nini] is treated terribly
and unkindly, it becomes miserable.

"As for the Japanese, Caucasian and it is equal" and the misunderstood
foolishness are abundant why when the experience of an overseas
living (especially, United States) is shallow. It finishes by "As for
the American, it is rough" because of no plain racial discrimination
it even if discriminated. In such the realities and translation none.
understand even if it travels abroad and racial discrimination is
experiencedThe West worship, the Asia belittling oneself, and the
West assimilation wish are plain.

The Japanese is a lot of.. ..package tour.. [idaro]. Therefore, it is the same
sense as time when tying food eye [ta] [tsunoni], [jijii], and [babaa] exist
in Japan, too and a photograph removing turning over talk turning over. If
[atsuma] ..[busaiku].. group doesn't learn manners and it moves, the fool ..
passing.. high school student of the uniform wear in natural [daroato] and the
school excursion dyes his death sleep hair to tea [patsu] good face [sarenaino],
and a super-mini and a man are sloppy the pair of trousers, lower, and are
sleep [ndayo] even if filled with eyebrow [sori] rolling up. ..woman..
skirtHow do you know whether to be said fellows ..[teme].. local?The nature is
put on the thing rolled up, and the part is seen and even judgment [surundayo]
[**] is [karasa] in the foreigner who is fellows who have the prejudice to the
Japanese in no small way holding anyway in derision the bitch, the monkey, and
[a-suho-], and as for the Japanese though fellows who say so are parts.

As for the feature of Japan reported in Europe and America, do you know the Japanese is
humbly terribly reported?Even the Otaku of girl high school student's juvenile prostitution
or Japanese man's prostitute-buying tour or Lolita complex heaven or the Japanese is
reporting the thing that only some men are doing especially exaggeratedly. Why to how many
times is the real-life happening swollen and do it sensationally report it?It came in the
method of the biased report and it came to the head considerably. Additionally, prostitute
Caucasian who is coming to Japan answers and a length and a Japanese man are answering in
the interview as such cruel.

If it wants to pass on the culture and the reality of Japan, it : to another more
and it : to the question that means why to report the material to being only in a
part of dirty respect in such Japan even very much. 「It is trivial after a usual
news sink. Because such a dirtiness of Japan is [ukeru] [n]. The place is not a
good interest of Japan. 」The remark is phlegm. Japan is [rona] in the advanced
country also in the economic power only that wants to mean such [mondatteiu] a
thing after all.

Being possible to go is a thing on the assumption of the thing that the talk is
discriminated to [sure] when going on a trip to the Caucasian nation though has shifted.
It is lofty relieved without becoming unmanly no matter it is done what it is. It will be
held in derision more by me in case of timidly timidly.

Japan is not an exaggeration to say the face difference society. Is
it the unpleasantness 100 years of 200 years? what is doneBecause
aesthetic sense of values was the opposite truth even ahead.
There is impossibility even if original beauty is built even in 1800,
and it is said that change it 180 times suddenly ・・・ The origin in it
is thick blood, will be strengthened face [nadakeni] made [bikatachi]
and the details gene in 1800, and not become inferior easily. The
Caucasian face that has been oppressed up to now is sarcastic and it
is sarcastic to be spoken very highly now. The Japanese ..it is.. ..
considerable irregularity.. :. The uniformity of beauty went mad ..
not taking... The face difference society and man are Chong faces
that cannot be thought ・・・ It is Japan.

It has been understood only that the woman in Japan is spending the
luxurious life in the most in the world. The style is the worst in the
world and the woman in ugly Japan : it by the collapsing face.
Contents are ..the best body in the world.. ..degree.. ..information..
[zuppuri] though the face can be married by ..saying.. 30 in
[wareteiru] [chuunichihon] a deformed [guromankoguro] face Japanese
woman when ending as a woman if it cannot marry 24 in foreign
countries and is the lowest and ..woman in [rutokahozaiteyagaru] Japan..
worst, too.

I return home to Japan soon after an interval of two years. Ah it is [maji], the
throw-up bag is necessity or it is ・・・ ..might awareness.. w in the truth thanks
to this [sure]. a Japanese woman who cannot notice up to now

Japanese woman's sensibility is a free pond marsh that it is the West and is
not the Orient.

841 Name: None (temporary)2006/07/22 (Saturday) slim 14:33:41Does not a
Japanese woman these days change to the Europe and America people?"If anything
is not said in the word, do not understand" It omits it. Is the communication
from mind to mind culture destroyed by a Japanese woman?

Content are [na] ..no squid.. worst. even in case of speakingJapanese
woman's sensibility is a free pond marsh that it is the West and is
not the Orient.

Did a Japanese woman abandon even reading among?[Ganamou] [nichi]
Japan Women's University that is an extremely advanced communication
method of no defeat at the West must throw this away to foreign

By the appearance of the Japanese woman ugly like thisIt is
established also in two [chan] though is Japanese woman = ugly with
the color [nna] board.

Even if a man is ugly, it is ..distinguished services.. [dekaikarana].
Be settled with about [tandazomushiro] it is not possible to speak "It
is ugly" for respect with Caucasian when there is no Japanese man and
think the situation and the miracle.

First of all, the man who has not been to [te] foreign countries reading
here : to the beginning. It is furnace w of ..desire.. resignation when
there is no [nichi] Japan Women's University alone when it was
regrettable. go to [gua;mu] or Hawaii, and look at Japanese woman and
foreigner woman's bodies on the beach

The brain cell of the name of stereotype was noticed to arrive at Narita, and to
have already been crushed though I went to the Caucasian country where English was
not suddenly understood, and passed no one while staying with the Japanese.

Dependence must not be dumbfounded to Narita about me in the
departure lobby of the Japan mail of the foreign country either.
Black hair of [bosabosa] and Japanese group of brown hair. The skin
is also dirty. Same airplane ride [takunaitteomocchau] as such guys

[Naiyona] ..doing... a true, Japanese [te] dollar
Such a figure is [nacchimatta] in a defective nation because there is no

I want to make urination be drunk and no scene that would cause
anyone to smile when a Japanese woman is drinking the beer if you are
a foreigner woman though it becomes.

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Japanese girls are ugly Top
About us
welcome to "Japanese-Girls-are-Ugly website" . this is the place for ppl with passion for the UGLY TRUTH about Japanese Girls.

Top in Japanese
I need your help !!

Thanks for visiting my site!

even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

however, It has a rough going to translate my site into English, French, and Spanish becouse of my low language ability.

Could you introduce my site to English or French media?

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I am a person who manage this site which is very famous and popular in Japan "Japanese girls are ugly ". (6 years history!)

But I can not publish my site in Japan by reason of "Anti-Japan" and "Offend public order and morals" though I want to be my site being made a book.

Could you help me that puts out my opinion
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