Japanese girls are ugly Part 48

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'Do you blacken it dark-skinned [ina] and by yourself?

[Neechan] of byte?Left woman excellent taste orz

It is all over the world and it is a Japanese woman of [motemote].

It was a contribution from the reader with "The schlong becomes a rigor state when entering in this" who was.

Even a general Caucasian woman has feeling of luxury.

Head and bodies of quiz how many

Japanese woman with good posture

Japanese woman with bad posture

A Japanese woman and the foot that looks fashionable are paid to attention in the brainwashed state.

Japanese female image

It is competing of a wonderful body.

The case is different from the bikini models who pose for cheesecake photo collections of Japan.

Bikini models who pose for cheesecake photo collections orz of Japan

By the way, Japanese female general person's bathing suit appearance.

Comparison between Japanese woman's bathing suit appearance and foreigner woman's bikini appearance

Eight head and bodies assumed to be an ideal balance become ratios of [konogurai]. They, in first halfs of roughly eight head and bodies,(In the heel pulling out . The impression of [pa] [tto] externals : by eight head and bodies in the latter half because it puts on high-heeled shoes in this photograph. )Seven head and bodies are desirous points as long as here cannot even hope for a preeminent style to east Asian. High-heeled shoes should hold out even if it is unwholesome.

Caucasian who has stereoscopic effect

Good [ketsu]

General Russian

Natives in a certain country that understands immediately only from pose and atmosphere

It is difficult to be too ugly a Japanese woman and to describe in the word.
Everything is a vague expression. "It is lovely", "Bud", and "It is popular. " ・・・.

The Japanese awakes from the sense of beauty by the foreigner woman's inflow.
It can do nothing but be waited that it comes at this time.
Japanese woman = [guromanko]

The goodness of the style of a young foreigner woman is not odd.
It might be shame [zuruko] in me who had erected up to now by a Japanese woman.
It might be a reality that Japanese large majority doesn't know.
The goodness of the style of "Yellow satin" is also preeminent.
It makes a mistake in captivation and none. Especially, because only a Japanese woman of an ugly style always sees it, impression might be one person time in a Japanese man.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?Isn't a Japanese woman at the beginning of v=9FPVPCvb5GI&mode=related&search = Showa era more beautiful than a Japanese woman today?
Now former felt me beautiful.
Japanese clothes putting on [terukarakana]?
The character is a present age of initial >>>>>>>>>> ∞>>>>> at the Showa era.
A Japanese woman today is ending really ..becoming it.. www when defeated at the face therefore.

Where is the country beautiful ..that ..>....?
In what country woman is a woman beautiful in whom that ..>.. is elegant?It seeming is a country named the Dainichi this empire.

Yellow person's baby seems not to be able to cause it though Caucasian and black's babies can set up its face by the power of the line of the backbone when the baby is made to lie upon
The line of the backbone is in a word inherently weak. It might be causal. of the first that this has poor posture

The face is considerably controlled though goods or grace also has the one that comes out from the character of course.
Mouth [gobo], the precipice, and [datomazu] goods without profiles (There is no shapely nose and the jaw none) from which the mouth flies out are lost if it says concretely by the face.

It does in Japanese woman's today desire and if the overflowing face is seen, it has the face like the mean-spirited politician to understanding money.
Because the woman in Japan [kasakasa]s and moves in brown, w like the cockroach.

Nordic is the most beautiful.
I want you not to do the mixed blood as an inferior race in Southern Europe and Eastern Europe.
The Japanese is out of the question the much more. All members shall not be the capital punishment one though it increases at the Swedish recentness when it marries excluding Nordic.

When it encounters and it marries [nichi] person in question then, it is . because the punk kid like a green caterpillar is born becoming a falling birthrate ..natural...
If the child like Caucasian is born, it thinks of child [hoshiitte] at the expense of what.

Japanese woman's value drops sharply if a Japanese man that a Japanese woman = woman is made to be convinced pays attention to foreign countries for a moment.

Bachelorhood's [obasan] will increase fast in the future if the income of the woman is seen yearning very as a whole though it is usually few an image where the master is sure to exist as for [obasan].
Does not woman's living standard not keep falling when it is the state as it is or does not insisting actually wring the neck of the woman as for gender-equal or the female independence?

How should I change into [dakonomamade] the society where the number of unhappy women increases very much as for the woman from whom parents from whom an example gradually not so either will increase were not able to marry poorly though no do be known whether a neat woman is also peaceful now because the baby boom generation is comparatively affluent?

The woman remains only a sum total though it is required, there no money because the number of a man and woman is almost the same numbers, married, few [nai] [otokokane], marries, and there is [nai] [otokokane].
It might be what how though thinks the problem of will become aggravated in the future.

The divorce rate is also equal to the mixed-race marriage in several years or it is power that seems to become any more.

The foreign capital goes to seek a job by thinking it is gender-equal.
There seems to be a foolish woman who notices there is no preferential treatment of the woman there.
The woman's preferential treatment might be gender-equal for the woman in Japan.

Inefficient labor that takes the child-care leave and the menstruation leave cannot be helped even if not adopted at a maternity leave.
It is not discrimination but an economic activity.

They do not try to employ the woman positively though it is true that there is an excellent woman and an excellent manager exists, too.
This talks about everything.

An excellent woman doesn't originally request preferential treatment.
Because it seems that it gives preferential treatment and it attained an exalted status.
It is only disgrace and exists.

Top-rated college, science and technology, Department of Economics, and Department of Law's women are few overwhelmingly.
The woman is natural when seeing on the average and the low wage is natural from the man.

The office only of the woman is a backbiting, an annoying spread, and it is true that the woman is raising the sound.
There is a frightening woman like [femi] in the top, and a new figure and a young woman are bullied and it defeats it.
It doesn't need at all.

FA [daro] ..too foolish... the woman in Japan correct
Equality of the sexes is misunderstood with the system of the actress treatment.
The woman who is exercising sleeps in Barbary though is this in foreign-affiliated. Because the foreign capital doesn't permit overreliance because of the woman.
Frankly speaking, a man in Japan cannot compete against the chair Secretary of State though it personally hates.
Or, it works at the laboratory of the military independence robot airplane that has gone out by the second "Tremble ([ritsu]) robot of a military diversion NHK Special "" and [ruwatanabesan] (Japanese woman who forgets the Chinese character) doesn't seem also to have such overreliance at all. Though that , type is reeled and might be excluded from my treatment and children's lives by you because the research is a Mad scientist named important if it sees. There are at any rate a lot of women who request the woman's preferential treatment under the name of gender-equal.

The woman is for one minute only in the part though work is the majority of the life for a man.
That is, the woman's finding employment stops in very a lot of eyes of a man, and passes only in the place in which it looks for the marriage partner of a good condition.
Originally, it is not suitable for labor. Even it cannot be satisfactorily done though [yousuruni], housework, and the child care are natural endowments given by the woman.
Because it is sure to understand in the play at child's time and the magazine.
The boy is the future useful, and has a lot of basic things related to mechanism, electronics, and other technology and has a lot of play that adheres to the body and hobbies.
And, it confronts and it is a reality that there is only play that feels the interest for the make-up, [fashon], and sex for the girl.
Therefore, it is not sure to be able to work, and it is not ignorant with a man equally voluntarily.
In the profession , for instance, the child care, nursing, and nursing, the medical treatment, and beauty, etc. positively excellent is the realities. a man
However, because vested rights want to want to be violated for the woman by me, making to the woman is the best. It runs, it drips, and it has thrown with the mass communication etc.
Is when youth moreover passes at the age of at any rate 30, it the much more 14 physical ..".. years old in" obvious actual China such as precise manufacturing to whom it is not an agility and the continuation power rapidly fails?It is useless today though about 17-year-old woman is dexterous and the majority such as manufacturing minion of an old woman was dexterous also in Japan.

It tries to hear my examination to others.
It will not come to the company the next day when the sequence of work cannot be efficiently assembled and it is said that it is trying to approach only a man who spoils himself haphazard severe for a moment.
It is [shi] of ..Massey.. work yet in poor against broken event that not is as for the part-time job of the high school boy who becomes it. employ it honesty ..it is not possible to take it.. and the company that pays the woman the salary act flexible the manual

Though there was a chance to speak with the person of the hairpiece manufacturer
The commodity for men seems to use the hair of the woman in China and Southeast Asia for the person hair hairpiece.
As for Japanese woman's hair, the quality seems to be inferior and to be no use.

Japanese woman's hair is the dirtiest in the world.

Because it is a bowleg, the woman in Japan is [daro].
[Ketsu] hangs down and it has already walked the pithecanthrope [te].

[Zu] w exactly ..[dana] w brand madness, the cosmetics madness, and the body.. ..the degree.. ..information.. as shown in this [sure]. 50 of parents of my relative [babaa]

The woman is usually worthy anywhere in the world. ..predominance of man over woman.. [koku] superficially.
An Arab pinktoes > [hakujin;otoko] and Indian woman > Indian a man and Arab woman > man : in feeling.
However, in my Japan, the said inequality is strangely approved to a Japanese Japanese man > woman.

Oh dear it is not because of being a country a man who makes much of and flatters ugliness not endless ・・・ I seriously think that Japan is a heaven of ugliness. The country where it gives preferential treatment to ugliness like this (It is not treated coldly) doesn't know.
A Japanese woman must not have by a largest-ever idiot group that thinks that the face is plainly beautiful and not approach.

Japanese woman's calf is abnormally fat.
Not suitable are more remarkable than China and South Korea even without comparing it with Thailand.
When it is [musaboshiri], short legs are emphasized.
It actually looks more long-legged that the hip looks partially of the leg when there is a rich hip when seeing from the back.
However, the short legs degree is emphasized seeing the leg between groins only the under because hips become [nichi] person in question woman of [musaboshiri] not is like a vertical fall.
It sees it like the robot that makes it from the corrugated cardboard. The bowleg is actually added to it.

Plainness ..seeing.. comes for "Caucasian also has plainness" to see the Japanese who becomes it looking for plainness the Japanese when Caucasian is seen , saying that "The Japanese has only plainness".
There is a program that a Japanese woman of the bikini dances in the disco though it doesn't know something whether it is promotion of the Latin music.
Brazilian..become..half-sitting..become..waist..fall..the..constrict..provide..do..figure..sideways..wide..pitch..provide..knee..whomp..how much it may be..flat..face..do..massage..real thing..remain..gap..first of all..get angry..boil..finally..cry.
I want you not to stultify oneself because it asks.
The foreigner who passes or blurring is miserable.
Especially, because rates are plainly higher than men, a Japanese woman :.
The Japanese may not know the sense of beauty. It depends, and it is not likely to be able to understand.
The experience including the real experience such as sexy of the woman in the goodness of [gadondake] Caucasian woman's of me style and Southeast Asia doesn't become Japan alone lives and be painful from the birth of w to the death ..might the race I who is alive.. in the place in which it spoke. so I anyway do not thinkTherefore, an ugly so much hungry demon arises Pompon every year, and it ends without yet holding a Japanese woman in derision.
[Rebamadaii] ..can the concealment of [te]... can be ..ugliness.. conscious of [itte] of it even if there are no hipsIn Japanese dress.
There is no consciousness at all and the low rise or ..grub.. [iteru] is foolish. it is not possible to owe it to the settlement

I wonder whether a Japanese woman niggles soon (Caucasian is dirty the skin or indulges beautifully soon ・・・ Though it differs from the fact) because I feel the subconsciousness the figure is not rich.
As for ugliness, I like the beautiful woman's niggle also in the country.
Though Caucasian's man thinks running even if the parentheses saying becomes from the Japanese and it says in a man
" "Whether it is a man ..going yep ..well.... or "It is w ..seeming aging soon.. though is lovely the child" when it is a Japanese woman It seems to say usually.

A Japanese woman : to the width of hips though there are no hips.
Being possible to constrict often goes out beautifully when seeing from the [sonobun] front because the upper-body is poor.
All persons in question it is not possible to see seem not to be able also to consider a Japanese woman with being in two dimensions of the front limitation excluding in front of though the face is also so.
The reason that became an animated cartoon large country is ? ..deep.. .... in case of this.

Posture is so unrelated.
It can be done first of all the frame and flatly, and is a posture that a Japanese woman doesn't have hips by three steps of the muscle in the buttock shortage, and not the fat attaching to hips.
A considerable part is actually fat though the muscle seems to put hips of black woman's [purippuri]. It is not amount of.. [hanpa] of fat. However, because meat shuts, it sees it like the muscle.
It is a face and duck odd [janeekarana].
In the face, as man's woman, the ending contents are already no squids, and helpless w, too.
Even if she says to such foolishness ..what.., a Japanese woman is ..repetition.. [sudakeda] w of disgraceful behavior bleaching [te] in foreign countries which it will not be able to slip out from the delusion who will be the party who doesn't notice it fatal a plain face as for return.

As for the face, if inborn is useless because it is equal to there seems to be room for the effort and do not exist actually, I have already thought that the good policy the stop because of tidy and the polish of contents of the face.
Is Bulgaria however an influence of [nattana] w sumo wrestling on [suruyou] of ..[babaadomo] of Japan.. appearance?
The day when man of Japan, China and South Korea becomes familiar with the background of Europe is w that always floats. do not come through all eternity

..food.. you see, and it is appearing [maji] at a high probability the woman in Japan even if going in Europe ..where.. and [tteguraini].
Bad style w without exception
There is a Japanese anywhere though I also very often traveled abroad at the university.

Are not there a lot of women in China or Southeast Asia recently either?
Europe is dirty.
Making to [koryaa] , neo Nazism doesn't have impossibility either.
It understands with the Japanese with posture and the leg, etc. also in foreign countries ・・・ I want you to make efforts to the distortion correction in the nation.

The woman in Japan is at the time of [itte] from the Chong woman of the style ..bad.., and because it is an end as the woman, ..becoming it.. w.
All people who are going out to TV seem to be Caucasians though a general person has a black skin by the mixed blood with aboriginal people in Mexico.
Is Japan also so in the near future?
The entertainer is only still a person who has a Caucasian feature.

Sleep that bold, only by woman ugly though it comes back from the country to city at Bon Festival of now suitable ugly [shiteru] cannot make boyfriend, shows body, and is desperate w Doing and throwing away fall and nevertheless w.

Though expression [shita] [onnami] that seems to be saucy and [maji] want to kill and the becoming it sleep reason suppresses it
It understands by the pain.
It sleeps to reach the [zuha] god when thinking the character sleep ..the proportion of neither the face nor the inside.. holder of w as it is information a quite different ..becoming it.. degree of w body w. the woman in Japan

To begin with, marriageable age 35 of the marriage of Japan : though it should be 25 amusing dangerous zone when exceeding it.
The number also of those who have little thing to sit personally on the mat increases now.
However, the bowleg thinks that it has increased far from decreasing.
I think that the mat and the sitting straight cause theory often said are mistakes.
If the bowleg puts to the woman they a lot of, the body's not being firmly still supported due to muscular power shortage might become a habit for a long time.

Chinese sleeps whether the shape of an original articulatio genus becomes a bowleg easily, and bends still in a yellow person than Caucasian and the black as for same yellow though is straight the leg.
Anyway, Japanese woman's bowleg is a level that you should say to the orthopedics department before it undergoes plastic operation on a sick level and the face.
Doing the bowleg correction by the teeth-straightening sense only has to become usual.

Most of the woman in Japan is ..serious bowleg [nakoto].. [aruyo] in one of the foreigner who came to Japan of the surprises. Being asked well, and why[Tte]. An overseas bulletin board gets into the news with [sure] of Nippon Travel as a strange thing of Japan and is worth.

It begins to bend around in the start of the first menstrual period.
I think ..balance.. [toretete] to be normal most as ..Japanese.. ratio before the first menstrual period.
(Because it is a child of course, the charm as "Woman" is a no bur. )
Afterwards, the body keeps expanding, the size of the face keeps growing up, too and it becomes a usual Japanese figure though the foot begins to bend, fat attaches to the face in the fatty, and the growth of the foot stops.

The bone of the foot has curved to support weight. (Even Caucasian :. )。
Because whether it looks straight depends on the rotation with the joint and those (Especially, the Japanese is enlarged to seem that the calf bends) who attach about meat, should the specialist think whether it is a bowleg to which the bone has abnormally curved?
Though it is said as the number of beautiful women increased though it is a hamadryas only of the heavy make-up and bedaubing of face [reba] hair in the [unko] color.
Only the prostitute of [chii] [shige] ..cheap.. [kagai] somewhere ..[ebichandatoka].. is seen comparatively ..the [chiyahoya]...
Is the esthetic sense different in each generation?

Certainly, the Japanese is not picturesque though it painted in oils.
It is strange, exaggerates therefore, and drawing [tetana] [soku] is lengthened.
The Caucasian model is on the body width and is not more picturesque for the nude anyway of there is a stereoscopic effect than it because shape that the moat is put on previous by the rib that there is deeply putting on the muscle and goes out. of it is easy to draw

Another country expands any more though it is said in the mass communication though a Japanese height grows. The Germany going 170cm is children.
Because it is already expansion [domari], the difference is expanded fast, and it will have been pulled out by [**] ..becoming it.. country and it also be pulled out also by China. Then, Japan will be held in derision by me because of Asia.
A delicate intention of not understanding and such the one think that it checks the growth why of the term of growth ..the dieting heat...
The reason thought to do the growth obstruction though it is not a gymnast either and for obtaining to exist is not understood.
To only have to pour away the TV broadcasting English like Southeast Asia, Japan can see only broadcasting from Japan.

It became a soft hat when putting it in Japanese woman's [guroman].
It sees it only in Mongolian spot by and large recently though that shows in Shibuya putting on the tattoo of the waist in the low rise jean by bursting out laughing [monodaro] wwwwww [musaboshiri] figure though tattoo or done Japanese woman [yoku] [miru].

Even [**] ..floatage.. [joukyou] this country thinking about a casual doubt the reason for Japanese woman's mind is that Japanese woman's ugly face the reason for Japanese woman's face is that Japanese woman's ugly mind
It cannot being not able to be any changing, not to change anything, to read even the wank mag only for B in the convenience store, and already already want to become such [yauna] Japanese man who thinks of a Japanese woman too late by me.
It is possible to laugh with guy [maji] like the lap of the Japanese music that is often recently.
Is the gangster lap of the United States mimicked?
When it is the United States, having shoplifted cheap sweets [yade] in the Japanese ..heroic episode.. [gyangusuta-rappu]s it during [ren] fellows who are singing the gangster lap though fellows who served time because of the stimulant or the homicide are doing.

Do not massage it like the gangster lap of Japan like the rock band of the defect style that had become popular in the 70?80's.
A fat pair of trousers is a said outlook on the world in regent.

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even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

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