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The sportswoman is beautiful.

All Japanese women must not be exposing my ankle at the current time.
[Maji] [te] of this is abnormal.
To hide the bowleg in the [itokeba] soupcon, only the Japanese is exposing the bootcut jeans by dependence like the foreign country.
Might not on purpose emphasize ugliness any longer about this.

It is in Japan. 「..encounter.. !There will be a person who is not a short arm. 」The people are roughly Asians when thinking of [tte] other than the Japanese.
As for them, Caucasian sees the style when seeing because it is good from a long distance.

When shopping and ..temperature 35-degree.. going to the inside, is a Japanese woman stickily painting the make-up?
Isn't that like an oven?
The woman's person [majiresu] asking.
A Japanese woman doesn't have the fragment of a sexual charm either.
There is a tall monkey when still arranging it with the beautiful woman of fair hair [midorime].

..fouling.. spectacle in which [ruwa] [zen] really should not put it out from Japan with [maji] ..destruction.. momentarily when they mix with scenery in Eastern Europe if an appearing Japanese woman is not first exterminated like the Europe cockroach what it they, whether is [maji] and, the idea point.

A Japanese woman who reflects in the television might be going out for the killed resolution or it puts on and ..[naa] Japanese woman.. furnace of the mask [tte] space suit from your Down's disease face and cathode-ray tube because she is full. ..drift.. [uunko] smell
You it is death [nushikanaidaro] to hide your deformed face and truth.

There must be a meaning.
Unpleasantness?Because the esthetic sense is amusing, ..helpless.. [iyona]. putting up [unko] and ..change.. [ranainasore] the body related to the figure the woman in Japan
Bending, the chest, and hips hang down, too and [nimouwa] [-] foot that emphasizes the physical beauty is ugly a row of teeth, and [kitsui] foul breath ・・・・・・ of [-] with the body that not is. planted ..a huge face and dark [manko].. an unsightly face, plain long-bodied short legs, and [kubure]
Is it sick ..you..?In what will it be related to the figure though it doesn't make sense no matter what it does?

It is neither Japanese woman [maji] wwww 90 percent or more chancy is nor a bowleg it is wwwwww though I now am in Japan.
The mosaic is multiplied, and moving to TV a Japanese woman is violation of the restriction of the desire immature ear harmful broadcasting and ..paving.. [yo;]. That

The woman in Japan is valley [misenaiyonaa] ? I am in the foreign country. When thinking ..[te].. returns home, the cause has been understood.
There is a Japanese woman showing the valley, and is no valley.
Moreover, because it is lack of physical activity, it is a breast of [ossan].

The chest in the upper part of the chest becomes upward if it corrects a stoop and the bust is emphasized.
However, with posture [yokusuru] in Japan as [yonaa] www domineers that it is considerably unnatural

83 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/08/06 (Sunday) When retreating it is not possible to drink taking at 10:09:24 to female [te] bath in the foreign country
Perfume imposing [makurundaro]?Because I am entering in each bath on the day, it is clean.

84 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/08/06 (Sunday) The foreigner will smell at 10:10:09 and [tteno] be a false rumor.
..sink.. at the beginning, who is ..such [mechakucha].. phlegm as for [setsu]?

Even if the yoga is done, the physical posture is [daro] of the a row of teeth because it is bad that cannot be corrected.
The row of teeth is corrected and [naitona].

Japanese woman. If the ugliness of the face, the figure, and the frame is useless because of the gene
Please acquire at least elegant behavior, elegant atmosphere, and the elegant wording, the education, and good-natured, etc.
Those all are thrown away, and, ..cod.. anyhow, it will not become it when it is haughty, rude in ribaldry, and uglier. There is no defense though it does.
In a man in Japan, it raged, the life was staked, and brothers' women went to help to accomplish the going revenge if something was done by him before.
However, I do not think that a Japanese woman (What are all though doesn't say?) today has value so much in all respects.
The face is also of course important, and it wants you to mend if possible. However, there is a person that it is helpless, too.
Such a person wants you to acquire behavior and conduct, etc. at least. Because it is the favor to receive respect from various foreign countries before.
Is Caucasian a point?
Developing China and India as it is leads only to the decline of the Europe and America economy.
The businessman abandons one's home country and it gains.
No lick of Chinese too much. It is ..knowing.. [razunisa] . about what fellows think.
Fellows who try to gain in China and India in the Europe and America people might be good the traitor already.
The Europe and America enterprise should withdraw right now from Indian China and Japan, drop yen and the origin sharply greatly, and drive it in to economic failure.
It must be near in the age when the Far Eastern apes should be punished.
It only has to import all wealths and talents in Asia in Europe and America, and to make Asia ape's bed.
It is necessary to stop silver spoons in mouths to the ape in Asia seriously and to stop delaying it right now.
As for the racial barrier, multiplication is not exceeded only by economy.

Is it foolish as Africa is developed?
Some businessmen in Europe and America only gain.
Will Africa be developed and the earth really destroyed?
The black must not put it out from Africa the southern part.
The ape in Asia is also similar, and ..Arab.. [teokubekida] ..seeming the watch...
The wastepaper in the origin is made just like and east Asia is ruined quickly of course with yen.
It is necessary to ruin Southeast Asia right now.
It is necessary to stop regions other than potato Europe and America being developed thus right now.

It grows serious failing to get of a Japanese woman and rolled and [teruttesa] . though new velocity + seen.
It is mysterious [yonee;] though can married a Japanese man we by overseas women.
A Japanese woman is not too a charm.

Stop opening man and woman [mon] [wazu] pow and the mouth for the time being.
Siblings and I ended without becoming it in the silly face because our mother had annoyingly said in childhood, "Cease talking".
There is a good point for sitting straight because sitting straight is a cause of the bowleg though it tends to be hostile to this [sure].
It must straighten one's spine. Sitting straight do not stoop easily more than the Steller's sea lion sitting. A fact and old elderly person picks up the slack by the line of the backbone and is [tetakarana] .. Only the farmer : bending of the spine.

The thick face that comes from the inheritance of Japanese Jomon people and Ainu
Does it include in [dantotsu] in the oriental and is not it included in the good-looking man?
Only [busaiku] of a thin face always : the oriental whom the Europe and America people holds in derision.
Even a man below Caucasian man's general level ([busaiku] far apart from Brad Pitt, the Orlando bloom, and Depp Johnny) is basically a quality that finishes being satisfactory.

I : though I did not go to Italy alone.
It is ..easy [-].. candid and the smile is good. the woman in Italy
Because a man is always nice to an impossible sleep Italian woman, even sleep : that easiness to a Japanese woman today though this is because there is mutually a pretty face.

Japanese woman's bowleg is a custom as funny as the foot-binding of ancient China.
A Japanese woman is still continuing a primitive similar custom though the foot-binding was stopped also in that colloidal sediment national China.
And, the most miserable thing is a point that a Japanese woman doesn't notice our legs transformed into foot-binding [kyuu].

The yellow race threat theory is already old.
The researcher in Europe and America developed aiming at the Asian extermination, and SARS was infected Chinese actually.
SARS is effective only in the oriental by the article that attacks only a specific gene.
It was infected in Canada only among Chinese, and not infected of as much as one person of Caucasian either.
Top management (Of course, Bush also :) in Europe and America is really acting aiming at person of color kind reduction though it might be unbelievable for the Japanese.
That ..9/11.. is the done one aiming at the suppression of ....Uncle Sam.. performing.. [deari] and the Middle East.
Iraq was destroyed as a reality, and oil was robbed in large quantities, was scattered the depleted uranium the rose, and Iraqi died of sickness around the child. American soldier is sacrificed 2000 people or more and after it returns home, is annoyed the majority of the soldier by the sequelae of the war.
The depleted uranium has already been actually scattered the rose on Iraq by hundreds of tons, and diffuses on the earth.
It is said that the more than half of whole human family (6,500,000,000) will already have inhaled deterioration Iran.
Various abnormal bodies happened when the depleted uranium was inhaled, people, that is, tens of 10000 people had already hung to the problem in the lung in Iraq, and it died.
Researchers who had realized that Arab and Caucasian's genetic makeups were too near impossible started the depleted uranium rose scattering though the biological weapon that actually specialized in only an Arab gene in the laboratory in Europe and America for Arab extermination and acted was researched.
Researchers of the first class are going forward on the biological weapons development and the research for person of color kind extermination by the present progressive in the laboratory in Europe and America.
The voice "It was a failure" has flowed from the inside of the U.S. Army in SARS.

Nonwhite races are exterminated and the earth is made only Caucasian.
I want to live together former naturally of the small population and to spend rich life.
There are of course a lot of Caucasians in the specialist. The majority of Caucasian's intellectual elite are racists and they are Caucasian supremacist (at least, anti-Asia and anti-Africa).
How gentle it to the global environment if half the number of the black and the Asian dies out?

Because ..making artificially.. ..the one... mix the bacterium of the animal of mumps and something that ..SARS..
It is effective only in the Asian. Caucasian is not infected.
The plan to exterminate Chinese, a Japanese, and Southeast Asian people failed.
The biological weapon of the Asian killing might possibly already be completed.
When is the rose scattered? it might be talked about though doesn't know to be infected very efficiently.

Her hair style that a Japanese woman made
It sees it like the garbage after the cleaner absorbs it when seeing from a long distance.
There is no [tsuyaga].

Is the head too strapping?
Because the prominent forehead inclines due to the distortion of the a row of teeth and engaging it, does the head see [dekaku]?
It is specialization [ose] [-] of the correction death sea medicine.

..beautiful woman.. [inaiyone] W that can look Japanese female [te] and be taken

[Dayone] like high school girl [te] filth in Japan women high life is filth [te].
If one school year [kawaii] and the [sareteru] schoolgirl at the high school in Japan reflect queuing up in the high school girl in the United States that reflects in [webushottsu], it will be seen only free face deca short legs bowleg [obake].
It turns into the boro cloth in front of a valley overwhelming "Uniform" that is the only selling point.

Only it is not worthy, and ..said numerical value.. worthy at less than age of the uniform or 18 another a Japanese favorite high school girl. high school girl's figure
Therefore, value becomes 1/100 or less on the day from which it graduated.
They cannot be women in the country other than such a person in question of ..drinking.. [nichi].

There was a lovely half in a good stern today.
Family w to which it bursts out laughing. do not look like at all ..a Japanese woman (tying food plainness).. mother

You it is brainwash points.
[Te] might be surprised because ..[juu].. [hariuddoreberu] around there walks if going even once in Europe or South America. It is a heaven compared with Japan though there is an of course ugly woman, too.
The style is good and sexy in above all though are a lot of women in Southeast Asia and ugliness.
The volume of the chest and hips is terrible and there are a lot of people of ..pheromone explosion.. [kanji] the black woman.
As for ugliness Japanese woman's figure and the ugliness of the style, it might be the worst and the strapping of the face, the short of the foot, and short are not odd in Japan, China and South Korea either.
It is ..beautiful woman at the amount Hollywood level.. [ruttekotoda] to be surprised to come to the United States a lot ..it is.. though there are a lot of certain person endowed with generous girths.
Only the beautiful woman with a good style that seems to be adopted for the model immediately : if coming to Japan.
It is because the unpleasantness and this are usual in Europe and America, and the woman in Japan is not doing a very ugly figure.

[-] this ..encounter.. day is treated by the date, and it acceptable loves and it considers and [koite] sleeps ..[atashi] [te] mirror to which it is angry.. ..the [gara] wind...

It is a Japanese woman.
[Pikopiko]ing is stricken with mail while seeing the comedy program of midnight while painting the nail polish.

It pumps while self-hinting [atashi] [te] [iketeru] [te] and it sleeps.
It is a Japanese woman.
Three pieces arrange and display Bag of Hermes for favorite [kare] for preservation for usually.

[Kare] pumps while self-hinting [iketeru] [te] from former [kare] now and it sleeps.
It is a Japanese woman.
It makes to the hairstyle like brown bleach rolling rolling [unko] and the ash and the mesh wig are applied to the accent.

Is it [atashi] [te] celebrity though only the sex industry worker is seen?It pumps while self-hinting [te] and it sleeps.

It is a Japanese woman.
A Japanese woman is ugly, and Japanese of large majority fall into the idea stop here, and think that it is in the situation in which it cannot slip out the brainwash in Japanese though think that there are a lot of people who understand the fact and the reality of overwhelming ugliness, too.

There might be various feelings and opinions. do not occur to the foreigner woman who cannot slip out the disposition filled with a Japanese woman as the same as the denial of mother's figure as it cannot feel like is negative also to the denial of Japanese woman's figure because I am also ugly the desire

These are dilemmas that happen by the process of slipping out the brainwash.
You should draw a conclusion in your own way.
A Japanese woman is sure to be erased in the brain when the conclusion is reached, to be made the sense of beauty healthy, to increase every day the interest in an overseas woman, and to change understand and consider by yourself.
Even I had the age erected by a Japanese woman.
I who that was lowest and the worst shamefulness ..it not was.., and unsightly was there ..wanting recall.. if it thought now.
There is no such a thing. only change into the normalization of the sense of beauty the object of the erectionIt is the one that understanding to the foreigner and all the world circumstances (terrorism, religious conflict, war, and racial discrimination) deepens and the interest boils, too.
At any rate, the day when it becomes a cosmopolitan through all eternity doesn't come while erecting by a Japanese woman.
You should think so.
The level from Italy or Spain passes ..the woman in Argentina however.., and even only might a cause it or an Italian, Hispanic mixed blood passes by the mixed blood after all thinking it is high and passes captivation [sareruyaba] by everyone when seeing a sexy body of that hips ..whether change considerably.., a chest, a figure, and be full of amorousness. The woman in South America are a lot of beautiful women, increases too much the population, and is [chi] w where it dances.

Isn't there milk it and exist in Japan = style saying?
It is bad that the row of teeth only of it is possible to stick in the ceramic and is ..mouth.. [deteru] because it mended the bikini models who pose for cheesecake photo collectionss' being minded with the head, and hurrying up teeth. The video image of the appearance that starts occasionally is strangely low center of gravity.
The cm how many or idols who say are ..head and body.. [naindayona], too. the foot in it

It is Japanese [onnami] that the level is obviously different from other women in the [konomae] train.
The frame is perfect and the leg also : straight. The line of the backbone has expanded in posture in which posture is intentionally obviously made.
The walking is also perfect. Because posture was good, the chest looked three-dimensional.
If that person's sense of beauty remained went mad, it is likely to have become an ugly green caterpillar as well as other Japanese women though it was a professional model or it might be something no matter there was very potential.

As for the Japanese, a man and the woman pay attention to her face too much.
The one that is more important than the face is a silhouette of the whole body when parting.
The fashion and make-up [tteno] to disregard it are out of the questions.

The hair style that puts shagginess in Japanese woman's recent hair end is strange.
The [bosabosa] feeling of the brown hair is emphasized.

A Japanese woman is a type that the greater part of swell with clothess because the face is strapping.
The woman with the Ann bread man face is more than Red Bean Bread Man when seeing well.
Does fat place to the face so much and isn't there [te] like an oven?
Because it is ..poor.. w1 respondent name character, w. Red Bean Bread Man

What phenomenon happens because of Japanese man's Japanese woman parting?
To begin with, being thought is a condition in nature like the decrease in the sharp decrease and the birthrate in the registration of marriage and increases etc. of a Japanese woman of hard living.
The majority of ugly Japanese women do not take notice by a man, and deserted, and money might be lost and the loss finding employment lose the road where it lives without being adopted because of an ugly figure as for the [takaru] means.
No existence it needed by the society excluding some a high academic background Japanese women becomes it.

What do you scare?What phenomenon happens if a Japanese man doesn't take notice of a Japanese woman?
Slowdown in economic growth of deterioration of decline, collapse, and business of all industries and industries and Japanese economy.
At any rate, Japanese economy is sure to face the crisis of the collapse.
In deepening of Japanese man's understanding and interest in the foreigner woman, this is big deals.
It is not an incident to be laughed away. Japan today was brainwashed.
Because money turns to consumption after all as for the current Japanese economy good, there is a favor on which [terukaradaro] Japanese woman spends money foolishly, too and business has recovered.
However, this is only a temporary economic effect obtained by the brainwash.
Ugliness Japanese woman's figure is a bomb. The structure of a Japanese society revolutionizes when this is well known between men and it changes because of being remarkably.
It is conversion of the pattern of consumption. A man who invests in a Japanese female other party will decrease sharply.
A Japanese woman's living excluding the elite might become difficult. It is not an incident to be laughed away.
The failure of Japanese economy that happens because of burst of the economic bubble happens to the collapse of China economy because of the normalization of the sense of beauty.
No one thought that foreigner woman's beauty was well known, and Japanese economy failed surely.

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even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

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