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Caucasian's hometown and Western nations have expanded breeding like
the ugly Asian Africa native fool though keep the population ..
balance.. good. It is exactly shameless.

74 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/09/20 (Wednesday) It is going mad a
Japanese woman at 21:22:34.

444: did not laugh at wwwwwwwww by any further may? 2006/09/20 At 21:1
9:26 born to [kimoi] Japanese man wwwwwww woman did not take notice
from the wwwwwwwwwwww world,

The world Barbary value?Is the woman in Japan a meat toilet?- 1

Belly [ite] w
When it is a loser you as for Japanese women, ..desire.. WWWWWWWWWW is self-
projected yet this Japanese woman who did celebrity [**] wwwww.

World..woman..hardly..make up..outside..walk..say..guy..hardly.There
are a lot of taking the shape things of the another person if the
make-up is taken. Such guys see a man, it says this and that, and
[njaneeyo]. You are . because you ..face [shite].. always walk about
the artificial product ..doing... It is joint party by way of
experiment, [kanisuppin], and [kitemitara] w.

Young people who degenerate. Collapse http://bookweb.kinokuniya.co.jp/
htm/4569647251.html of Japanese that teeth prophesy

It is low-spirited though it is young, movement is slow, and it is easy to become tired. Neither
the school nor work continue mentally weakly. It was in a slump that attacked young people of
the mind and body and what caused falling academic standards?The author who is dentist pays
attention to their mandibles and accidents of the row of teeth.

A lot and character badness ....sleep.. placenta w.. [ino] it w
though ..[busa].. [onna] in the duck-butt is done really very.

It is a curved leg mosaic or a collapsing face that cannot be seen if
it doesn't disregard it. under a short [butoifukurohagi] , knee

As for female office worker's uniform, that becomes poor. The bowleg
is emphasized with the [hizajou] skirt, and cutting the jacket also
emphasizes Japanese pampas grass of ..[musabochichi].. chest [inowo].
It is ‥.

Of course, it is not ..dress.. guilty. It seems that it is w [ndaga]
that externals of man who wears it are bad, and the badness is a
designer who doesn't make it to the design that covers the fault when
a general Japanese woman with a bad style puts it on.

The start [tabukkake] thing became general from AV of Japan as
bukkake in foreign countries. Because woman's quality of AV of Japan
is the lowest in the world, the project power is terrible.

The gills of the lower jaw are thin, and the face has been distorted right and left in the
portrait. The match of the row of teeth is bad being able to constrict, and biting for the
bottle gourd type. Isn't this biological exactly degeneration??
It introduces the case where the truancy and the neurosis are improved by bite [chiryou] from
a longtime clinical experience. In addition, a local investigation to Mongolia is done, and
the difference between a nomad, modern Japanese mandible and row of teeth is verified. If his
[rano] face form and occlusal force are seen, it can nod why the Mongolia sumo wrestling is
strong. The hypothesis ..the author it.. is sometimes exchanged while proving a Japanese
degeneration tendency. For instance, aren't it the symbols of degeneration that squatted down
on ground recently and the number of a crowded young person and woman with small face
And, cultural ruin in postwar days that brings degeneration is recited and anxiety "
Conservatism of the life" is recited.

A plain person and the person with a low height are looked down on.
It is [soudaro] ? also in Japan. Ugliness and the duck-butt are
looked down on only by it.

There is no China and South Korea boycott movement in New Zealand though it was

It might be a front around to look down on the Asian. Because the
history of association is shallow, it is ..becoming it.. ..

The expression of the face is not understood and the [kimoi] system. =
Plainly, winker for under eyes, fat eyelids, and face fats without single
and width and a cheekbone that is higher soon than hair thin winker and =
[usumayu] and plane eye origin and noses

Faction (The walking difficulty in the future etc. are included) that
seems to be disadvantageous for the living it Sloping shoulders,
[usumune], a bucktooth, short legs, a short arm, the bowleg, and the
inside of the thigh without = jaws.

It is a disadvantage system though it lacks sex appeal and the
descendant is left. =Mouth [gobo], [musabochichi], black nipple,
[musaboshiri], and flat hips, green pepper hips, and stumpy and
bowleg hips ..the drip..

It is faction = [**kao] that destroys the esthetic sense, long-bodied,
and a low height ..under short legs, a short arm, and a short knee..
though there is no obstacle in the living.

Even [moteru] in the world : that though it ..Barbary.. saw of yesterday ..
not inviting misunderstanding.. ..w Japanese woman who has laughed... By
chance..foreigner..rich..marry..very few..unusual..case..Japan..woman..
foreigner..popular..take up..fact..fabricate..broadcast.Hardly..

I want to believe that the fool who indeed sees that and misunderstand
s it is few. [Tteiuka] and that program are sinful. It passes with
the bruise for the audience rating.
「The woman of Nippon is beautiful. 」Because the fool misunderstood
even if the [tte] telop is put and the material is declared comes out
by all means.

The lie is said 100 times, and [narutteiukedo] and the woman in Japan
really become popular ..today.. and are scared bluster as it is
beautiful or is popular. To what.. [maji] does the woman misunderstand
and do not it exist for the first time?

It is one of the mainsprings to which only Japanese woman's unsightly
appearance gives birth to the complex.

A Japanese woman today doesn't seem to have Oriental beauty though
Western beauty is not all.

Even if Japanese goodness for the Japanese says as being, it is
[ikarana] ..for the figure...

The hoe under the knee is different and the bowleg of the bowleg type
is different from the bowleg of ..departure.. typing. There are a lot
of legs character [gatani] opens or a Japanese woman has a lot of
bowlegs of U type about U in selfish feeling that opens in the
character type of V though it doesn't know.

The inside of the thigh has been complicated and the XO type is a lot of..
[ikarana]. the bowleg of a Japanese woman

A Japanese woman : in foreign countries though terrible, good-looking shoes
saw that it is. Because shoes were good-looking, it saw it like eyes'
saying to the leg, and advertising the bowleg. That person might go and,
maybe, eyes not go to [haitetara] [ashi] in uncouth shoes. Therefore, I do
not think that the item at a position near the fault should be so good-

Maybe, isn't leaving the one of the lenten fare in a Japanese woman like beauty smart?
Frankly speaking, the devotion dish is more unpalatable than the convenience store box
lunch if it sees from me. However, it becomes a nature that understands goodness as such
when the fellow who understands tastes it or understands. And, the lenten fare is after
all suitable for the combination of 480 yen when the said title is taken and it is not
suitable for the box lunch though confusion and the message are arranged. Isn't a
Japanese woman similar feeling?

Even if the face is miserable, the woman in South Korea and China :.
Because it is not definitely inferior compared with Caucasian and black
for bodyBecause position of hip is not as low as that of dumbfounded
when seeing from the back like Japanese woman

Why will a Japanese woman not think that correct the bowleg by her
before doing the make-up and the brand madness without the meaning
though I think the doubt with [maji]?He seem to be and, to begin with,
have a large amount of fellows who do not notice either by the bowleg.

A Japanese woman who saw from the man is as such as chaste and modest
of the style that leaving is old? set it up willI at least think that
the figure is the one holding so ・・・ because of the character good
excluding a figure side. Of course, though it cannot be expected of a
Japanese woman today. )
(though there seems to be person who still has fantasy in foreign
countries, too

Is the reason for a Japanese woman that the party whose it is ugly
and figure and character are extremely worst in [ittemoarukedo] and a
Japanese woman wants to go out to foreign countries in becoming
feelings that seem to vomit the throw-up if a Japanese woman is seen
in foreign countries?

Even if the garbage of the dump site is not very anxiousI think that
I feel that it is dirtier of the same garbage when there is garbage
in a clean place.

I think that the beautiful woman in South Korea and China has only
Asian's goodness.
90 percent or more : in ugliness. However, it traces even to the
starting point because most all members Japanese women are bowlegs
and it doesn't apply it.

It is [gachi] in a Japanese woman of an international sect character bad
[iyatsu] many apart from the figure.

When a Japanese woman is combinations of [kachi] [ttoshita] jacket +
skirt, the upper-body looks as the cloth extends the body cutting it by
the small of the back once because it is too rolling up, and it is
strangely in the bottom the hip and the leg was applied under that.

Its deflecting. Is does it make a mistake in the size of the leg that
the leg that goes out of the skirt puts up and [tadaro]?It is fat and
short in the [tteiu] feeling. When the waist position that is
uncommonly is a high type, even a Japanese woman is not sense of incom
patibility. Such a person is not mostly a precipice either.

Thereat, even the same Japanese is ..leg.. long a man ..there... Does
the woman why be a short leg and strangely have the hip there in the
bottom?The woman wants you to prohibit making a passage. Shame of

The leg : so that length may absolutely look shorter because it is
fat a lot the amount of fat of the leg with short squids because the
absolute value of the height of the woman is low. Moreover, a common,
same height of the human race is long the bones more little than the
woman men. The muscle of the hip is a little the woman is
straightening that Sole stands out because she is small that doesn't
stand out comparatively relate long-bodied the womb having of seeing
below strange the hip though the hip position is low. a lot of
hanging down, and men fat

I think that the falling birthrate is advanced to the habit of [**] *
because it is not possible to work hard at the reproductive activity
because a man is fed up because of an impudent Japanese woman. It is
because the woman came to go out to work. Because not only externals
it misunderstand the inside to a Japanese woman ・・・ Where does
confidence in which that is not well-grounded come?

The short under Japanese woman's knee is a definite weak point.

A Japanese woman is the Heian era figure in [heiankao] even if passing
by when. It is such tall and the foot is also long ..the Filipino woman
who is coming to work away from home.., and the style is also good, and
though the face is in order, too and [te] is beautiful. Japan comes to
want to grieve the birth in Japan because of a Japanese woman though it
is favorite. It was born in foreign countries and it [yoridori] ..[reba]
and a beautiful woman.. Midori.

404: none (temporary) slim: 2006/09/22 (Friday) It shall not be Allais ..
dance.. greatly at 15:24:28. Poor. 。。
The girl of the circumference is not hated though I ..[patsukin] elder sister..
am certainly loved ..so... When what disgrace is received, is it so?

405: None (temporary) slim: 2006/09/22 (Friday) 15:28:53
It is hated [nanjan] wwwww for a moment.

Do it do so why and do it compromise?Is it desire [teruwakedaro] it
is here when a Japanese woman is ugly?I think that marrying while
thinking it is ugly is greatly more impolite. It is a Japanese woman
to shake tidy ..the body.. ..degree.. ..information.. [zusato] ugly
even if it is confessed by a Japanese woman after it admonishes. A
Japanese woman can not disgrace herself afterwards if it does so
either. It is . because there is no shame ..doing.. if obediently

Another..hate..interest..lose..feel..Kin..Kin..opinion..put out..

A Japanese woman is the lowest in Asia though it is a maximum level in
Asia in the lowest rank in all races a Japanese woman in the stage of
international exchange. a ranked Japanese manIn a word, it is the
lowest in the world.

...nation.. falling birthrate might have the possibility of entering
as [wakedaga] and ..difference.. living thing to be avoided in the
demographic regulation even if ..this narrow island nation..
increasing too much. It might be a mystery of such a life that the
woman's in Japan it becoming uglier than old times.

Incidently, be do not seem to see in anthropology and to strange the
marriage form of Japan. It marries by love or disregard as an
appearance measures. This seems not to be sure to be Europe and

A man is never chosen by the face and money knowing …… my goodness and
ugly limitations. If it is a type domestically carried out to a man, it is
still good. Usualness and ugliness … It is not possible to get rid of the
complex though there is consciousness. However, the female artist etc. who
take it in the inverted hand and make it to provisions of the art are the
exceptions. There is even no …… consciousness of badness and ugliness,
and pride and hope are high. Because contents are not good and not good
even if undergoing plastic operation, it is meaningless.

Choices are ugly [dakekayo] w.

It is my man and until an objective opinion was made. The person like you thinks that you may supplement objectivity a little more. An objective just argument is said and blockaded idea with short-circuited and extremely few choices to which all members assume that it is your Japanese woman at the arch-enemy all members because it is a bull's-eye is not good for you either.

When she thinks that it is the gratitude, and either fuels a man in
ugliness in such a place, a Japanese woman is unbearable a man is
toil and moiling hard for Japan. It is not only a face and Japanese
woman's inside is also ugly. The character is the worst.

When the face is ugly, the inside becomes ugly, too. The ugliness in
this case probably :. Relative stuff compared with surroundingsTherefor
e, you can be not too conscious of ugliness because only the Japanese
knew in all old times. "Became ugly. " ..it was and a Japanese woman ..
the international exchange at the present age and increasing and the
net.... ..relative... I think that the flow will continue for a while
in the future. Character of Japanese woman that worsens still

Mother is discriminated and any beautiful woman is discriminated thoroughly to
Southeast Asia in Russia.

It is good.
Because [kusajoshi] of Russia is beautiful unlike you. It is face
best though in place where it should not be [kusajoshi], there is
inside, tooIf it is as beautiful as a Russian woman, the inside can
be permitted also with [kusajoshi]. The inside and the face cannot
permit ..[kusajoshi].. [onna].

Incidently, it was considerably lovely though the [wota] woman in
Russia had come to Japan. Even if she works hard desperately, the
woman in Japan is unfair eyes collapse.

A Japanese woman who envies beauty bullies it. The Japanese woman inside is really ugly. Because the woman's in Southeast Asia marrying a Japanese man, and being discriminated in Japan are also more beautiful than a Japanese woman, it is envied.

Is it [firipi] also in Japan now?It is an unjust world that it is
bullied by a Japanese woman though it is more beautiful than a
Japanese woman though the woman of the work away from home such as
[na] is seen.

My ugliness cannot be admitted. It exactly applies to Japanese woman'
s characteristic convicting a man when it is free [fechi] Caucasian.
It tries never to admit my ugliness. It is sure to be understood to
be beautiful all of races' child as the child in Vietnam and the
child in Thailand are neatly lovely or the child in Southeast Asia is
also lovely if [sure] is read and to be praised.

A Japanese woman is poor if it thinks.
A Japanese man seems to be ugly here, and the man of small number of
Japanese female [fechi] is treated [obasan], and doesn't take notice
more than the high school student unlike the girl grade-schooler, the
junior high girl, and the high school girl either. It is really poor.

Man..real intention..bury..vomit.It works hard daily life beginning to
be revealed one's true intentions everyone here after refreshingly.
The majority might receive a Japanese woman in freshness with a smile
without putting it out to the attitude at all in daily life though
there might be a person who says here by real in the inside, too. I
also : so. It is terribly nice. Because it is propriety. Nevertheless,
an impudent Japanese woman who misunderstands it ・・・.

A man who associates reluctantly with an ugly Japanese woman is
lustfulness [jan] because there are a lot of numbers of men ・・・
Because of it compares, it connives even if it is ugly, and doing to a
Japanese woman imagining a beautiful woman in the head. The shining
foreigner woman is believed to show up to the presence some time ‥.

It is not racial discrimination [sure]. Purely, it judges it from
beauty. The Japanese also is strangely low the position of the hip,
low the position of the waist, short the foot, and has neither deca
[kute] nor such a ugly race easily also by the face. There is no
person of the Japanese brazilian beautifully and well. Hips are ..
[kakkoii].. ..paving.. ..

Who of a pure Japanese woman is lovely?All [nin] is mixed blood [jan].
MasseyIf it is a Japanese man, it is a Japanese female talent, and all ..
Massey.. [onna] is mixed bloods in pure blood though there is a person with a
good chiseled [kakkoii] style, too. the face and the style

Arrogance that we can become judges shall not be Japanese woman's
characteristic. It is already uncontrollable ・・・ Japan must not rot
thus. The woman spoils everything so that a Japanese man may worked
hard up to now, pile up the economy of Japan, and set it up.

For a Japanese woman, the Chinese female is Massey. Because it is ..
style.. better than a Japanese woman. Why is Japanese woman's style
such bad?Hips as are low, as flat as the duck, and the foot is also
short, and the a row of teeth is bad and the walking is amusing in
the bowleg. The head is [dekai]. Problem before face

An old woman is lost the only merit though was occasionally at least
praised the inside from foreign countries by chaste and modest.
Therefore, it has been treated only with the woman of play in foreign
countries. The brand bag will be hunted in the group the day after
tomorrow, it strolls in a man in foreign countries while shaking that
ugly hips, and the low degree at Japanese woman's level is advertised
day and night.

If Vivienne is seen, a even Japanese woman will become shameful her
existence, too. Japanese woman who boasts of the lowest level in Asian.
Japanese woman not admitted for myself even if poor style is concretely
said. A Japanese woman of top-level ugliness is good at neither the
inside nor the face this year different in such a place on which it is
insisted that it differ. Japanese woman who is not complete worry about
[sure] difference (* As for the attention manager, Vivienne doesn't like
it so much).

A Japanese woman becomes obedient in front of [hakujin;otoko] as
dissembled. It doesn't self-insist gracefully to a man completely. It
transforms to "Japanese pink" that [hakujin;otoko] requests from a
Japanese woman.
It is never done to do to a Japanese man unabashedly in front of Caucasian. It doesn't
demand from [hakujin;otoko] as assumption to a Japanese man as natural and the demand
bluntly, etc.

It gives the silent treatment if made to [kotodemo] [hakujin;otoko] at which
it rages, "It is [morahara]" and "It is a divorce", etc. if made to a
Japanese man.

A Japanese woman knows.

To meet the satisfaction, a Japanese woman of duck-butt, short legs,
and [bu] * : to [hakujin;otoko] can do nothing but the unmanly
temporization to [hakujin;otoko].

A Japanese woman : unattractive for [hakujin;otoko] when "Obedient attitude" of the [hakujin;
otoko] limitation is abandoned by one of what.

Not taking notice to [hakujin;otoko] at the end when you take a
haughty, impudent, shameless attitude that takes away a Japanese man.

And, the loss of the position of "Honourary white" of the obtained yearning

Japanese girls are ugly
「이만큼 보기 흉한 일본인여성」한국어판
"اليابانية المرأة القبيحة" النسخة العربية
"Las mujeres japonesas son feos", version en Espanol
"les laides du japanese sont filles" version une Francaise

Güzel türk kültürünün tanitilmasi, dans müzik video klip ve güzel kadı Introduction of Turkish Beautiful culture, dance music video clip, and beautiful woman.

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I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

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I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

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to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

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those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

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