Japanese girls are ugly Part 41

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It is a good body.

It is ideal hips.

Monkey's Japanese hair is a tedious black in color [shiteruno] of the
hair like Caucasian why.

It is pure-white and is the highest in the beautiful woman in
[patsukin] in ..pink.. nipple (Beautiful woman's of the fair hair
[morodashi] image cannot be pasted and it is regrettable).

When it puts on clothes of Japan in foreign countries because ready-made clothes of
Japan are designed so that the [kishimen] chest may encounter a short arm, a Japanese
figure is emphasized.
Sleeving to trying on clothes is short ..the misunderstanding of the Japanese.., and it
is not large but the jacket actually is short and is short the arm though the remaining
wear in = thinks of ..largeness.. [sugirutte].

When a thick jacket is cut, a short arm is emphasized.
The stadium jumper and the rider suit look terrible short arms.
It is a thin texture, it doesn't exist so much as pita [], and it
only has to cut the one of a long sleeve.
Y shirt system and the blouse system are safe. To a short arm.

Breadth of one's shoulders..narrowness..person..man..shoulder..putt..
Breadth of one's shoulders narrowness [i] + sloping shoulders are one
multi [ishi].

It is the strongest that the shoulder puts and the arm is long. The model is
long the collarbone and long arm.
I think that sloping shoulders are the worst. Though it sees if the length of
the arm is however the same ..longer sloping shoulders..

The back figure of Naomi who saw in the house seeing of MTV was most
do [geirakaito] and was surprised as me.
However, if it is not a body like it, cannot it put on clothes that
design and are high?

I think that I can put on clothes that design of the level usually
sold and are high by room if it is a ratio at the Caucasian general
person level even if it is not a super-model.

Why has the number of ugly women increased?
Ugliness starts from the character.
When only a vulgar woman is naturally delicate and beautiful, [narou]
and [surunoda] [onna] sell the flattery in a strong man rudely a
dirty woman though it deceives by the make-up as [onna] ..the fantasy
the desire.. is beautiful for a strong man though it undergoes
plastic operation to the beautiful woman first of all ..it is not
possible to become it...
It is that that becoming beautiful woman's who falls in love because
it understands thing that a man waves in beautiful face from instinct
However, if it feels, and he comes to feel that it is weak, it doesn'
t make an effort and the woman loses amorousness for a man without by
a surrounding man the holding reliance of distrust.
Woman..same sex..figure..smart..good..man..take..woman..action..all..

They are not made to be puzzled by scoundrels whom a dark age like
[femi] invented and to it though the number also of cheated foolish
women has increased … Regulations and the ugly rate height can also

In an age today though the weakening in intentional countermeasures
to the falling birthrate and the country is promoted by the operation
of a certain dark organization
It starts losing man's authority as the part.
The age at the time of which it is today it is possible to nod is a
really unpleasant age. begin to insist on it by ugliness ..a natural
story it.. very very though ugliness spreads inevitably in the
calculation it ..the collapse of the family by using [femi] and human

If the person who exists in the book today wants to acquire the thing like an
international sense of beauty or the fashion sense, etc. , general person's image is
recommended to be seen with Webshots single-mindedly.
It understands in a reflecting general person of whom, and when eyes become
accustomed to some degree, it understands in Caucasian as it doesn't say to the gym
of [ittete] whom of whom and it comes to understand who whether it is [bikatachi] and
And, I think that I come to be able to understand the content said with this [sure]
with actually feeling when it came to be able to do it.

Though it is possible not to become Caucasian when a straight sense of beauty
adheres to the body
When it enters a Caucasian space genuine like Webshots, it comes to be able to
understand directionality [tteno] that minimizes the sense of incompatibility.
Senses of incompatibility will increase more than not doing at all if it dresses
up ..the Japan style maybe it...

Media are "Man who cannot marry. ""Woman who doesn't marry"
It becomes impossible to drink and to cheat little by little though
it is desperate in the image making.

Might not the opposition force be a Japanese woman for be a Japanese
sense of beauty.
Because I won't accept the [narutteiu] sense of beauty lowest in the

A Japanese woman is a seed voluntarily scattered and aged [dokuonna] of ..
profitable industry.. > is increased.

The Korea system in Japan has been almost partitioning a present mass
communication with the pain in TEL at the top.
Therefore, loan, pachinko, and Korean boom have been poured away.
A Japanese woman demonstrates the strong point enough in [sonohen].

Japanese woman w who cannot marry exactly almighty

Furnace that can understand convenience store box lunch even if it
explains unpalatable of that to fellow who is eating delicious dish [i]
delicious dish [ito] and calms down?
It is . because it cannot image the taste of delicious dish [i] thing
from the convenience store box lunch ..doing...
Japanese man's sense of beauty is . ..the same... Because only an
inferior woman sees
A woman who is far more straight than it notices existence [surutteko]
and [nisura] on the earth and it doesn't exist.

It increases in man's of in the prime of life mental illness death and big city.

Angina and cardiac infarction (infarction)
It was clarified that the mortality rate due to ischemic heart disease had changed
to the rise by 30 ? man in Tokyo and Osaka in one's fifties by National
Cardiovascular Center's (Osaka Prefecture Suita City) analysis.

The mortality rate due to ischemic heart disease kept falling in the man
and woman and the 1970's.
It is thought that the influence of the European and American style
eating habits that take a lot of fatty ingredients comes here and it
began to appear from the metropolitan area.

The Okayama discernment and preventive medical examination directors at the center are countries of year of 1968?2003.
It drank and it divided into Tokyo, the Osaka district, and other districts by population dynamic statistics for 30?69 years old, and bias of the age distribution were corrected and analyzed about the mortality rate due to this sickness. As a result, it changed to the rise in the latter half of the 90's though the mortality rate for 100,000 of the population due to these sicknesses had fallen up to 21.6 people about 30?59 years old man in Tokyo and the Osaka district in 1993?94. It went up to the same level as 1969?70 year with 26.4 people in 2002?03 year's statistics.

Japan ..plastic operation woman.. increases like the corner collar,
too and having married a lovely, ..[kosan].. already beautiful woman
The child who is born is a photograph, a student yearbook, and a
check of plainness to avoid the tragedy. necessary of the child

Man who is doing the social anthropology is sure to be likely to have a
research target interesting like Japan.
There is selfishness into which economy can develop superficially with a
primitive idea circuit maintained, too and beauty is isolated to Galapagos
Islands with the outside.

I do not think the plan how it doing when thinking that I become
beautiful well actually because I multiuse the word that it is vague
and coverage is a lot of to be made like "It is lovely".

Aimed entertainer and model are poverties and misunderstandings of the
vocabulary like [ijan] ..no pat shoulder at all it... say "Fat person"
and "[Pocha]. " and "Become thin" to disregard all muscular amounts and
degrees of fleshiness, etc. that a good example wants to become a pat sh
oulderBecause it is not possible to analyze it by observing it in
detail, it is also rough to understand me. All..similar..suitable..
situation..make..inferiority complex..feel..narrow..world..superiority
complex..feel..worth..internal..problem..make..turn over....

Frankly speaking, I think that it willingly pushes them in in a local
The world culture anthropologists will come to the field study sooner
or later.

Lack [tteno] of the sense of beauty might be the same as the poverty of
the vocabulary in the language.
The vocabulary is few for the one with not important any language of
the world.
It is [itteko] and [nandayo] in the same as it and Japan in a word ..
not important the sense of beauty...

Clearly, no matter what a Japanese woman says, it is not persuasive
A Japanese woman of the Olympics is obviously uglier than that of a
Japanese man.
This is Paralympic Games and it always thinks of [takkette] momentarily
at the time of reflected a Japanese woman.

The foreigner tourist thinks that he or she changes to Galapagos
because he or she has already turned round a young people Japanese
girl walking in Shibuya and Harajuku by "Go to see" accumulation.
I think that it is the same level as the tour where it goes to seeing
of the tour where it goes to the penguin seeing or the seal.

It characterizes it too much. A Japanese sense of beauty.
The strange one is a place where the characterization every year is
Does a Japanese ..・・・・ each other.. , by chance almost see only a
Japanese site though it is thought that seeing the foreigner in the
development of the net increased?
When it is so, it will be left from the world by [maji] by me.

Is it [mekusa] [ttenjaneenoka] not to be able to notice Japanese woman's ugliness?

Does a man in Japan sleep in having arrived in the age when the [manse-]
[shitekita] result gives birth to a large amount of misunderstanding brown hair
fair hair monkeys and Dobbs like "[Kawaii]" or "Beautiful woman" or the fool, etc.
and get the woman in Japan?
Because even woman with straight face is not in Japan because a man in woman
(Asia 1 and the ugliest style in world) [shikainaikarayo] , Japan in Japan
evaluates woman by face
When the Japanese doesn't notice this anomalous phenomenon
Please sense [gasa] . of ..doing.. [terundayo] in daily lifeA random mass
communication is a telling furnace as for the truth.
When the esthetic sense of this country sees a figure who that is the most
abnormal in the world and Japanese overall
It succeeds to the South Korean, and be the ugliest in the world, and the reality
that it is the lowest vicinity. It cannot defeat general Caucasian even by the
entertainer in Japan and the model, and it mans and the monkey exactly compared
with beautiful Caucasian.

No tragedy of the reason with a Japanese original culture.
Because original [aruteido] is formatted, the pain at a short-term level is too
strong to change it internationally. Therefore, it can do nothing but press in a
forcibly present system.
There is no left what from the main stream of the world because the respect small
and weak country's original back ground is poor.
Anyway, I think that the race who is introverting in the Japanese is unusual.
All in the world are still [omotterukarana] ..Japan.. .. the Japanese

The problem of the language is too large.
When it is Southeast Asia, the punk kid is usually taking the communication in
English with the punk kid in Europe and America.
However, the Japanese stays indoors on the site in Japan of 2ch and is forming the
It is a group of international student from Japan to whom a word doesn't speak
English though it goes to study to the United States either.
And, the popular word that passes only in Japan in that or AA evolves strangely at
a high level.
However, the foreigner doesn't understand this.
Even usual Japanese lol is wisdom [ranaikarana].

Because the foreigner doesn't take notice, I think that it is nature, it is Japanese, and ..hardening.. [rutte] pattern.
It becomes impossible to endure solitarily by all by the possession of a similar behavior pattern and idea to an not embarrassed language ability with the strong personality and the daily conversation and local person dropping out to merge in foreigner's group, and it is Japanese and [ii] selfish [narundaro].

295 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/07/30 (Sunday) 18:35:18
Isn't Japanese [tteno] surely advanced to the blind alley as gradually closing the
group of the cult religion, making to the extreme, and ruined at the end, etc.
Choices will remain only in the group self-determination if advancing as it is.
In the life that you may study, in the future, it more will be work Japanese woman that
it is homeless, and exists also in marrying not promised when it is a herring
[dokunarudake] permanent part-timer even if working hard.
It lives as a Japanese and it doesn't mean [temomou].

I sometimes feel it.
Especially, the fellow who thinks might not be considerably young be
good-looking, beautiful, fashionable, and hears the Japanese as say
by the child like "The beautiful woman in the world mother" what when
hear saying like the economic power in the advanced country Japan it.

Information on all the surrounding worlds is shut out, we are
wonderful, and it doesn't go in the cult religious sorority after all
and the cult nation because it doesn't recall it when ..[tte].. said
though it is good that it has confidence.

I think that the figure is a cause. Difference that it is biological.
It is [nanogairuttekotoha] in the natural world like the peacock.
I think that the living thing hides potential that the mechanism of the character selection also makes beautiful even where.
Caucasian is in every respect advanced in the human race kind and the character selection is advanced.
I think the figure of the walking [sonohen] fellows to be improved in dramatic form when it yearns to the Japanese, and the subordinate position 50 percent disappears.
It is a furnace that calms down in the mystery even if there is a difference in the advancement condition of the character selection because tens of thousands of years have passed since Caucasian and the oriental separated, too.
Additionally, the mongoloid is a type that corresponds to a severe condition of the cold-weather model.
The living thing that adjusts to the extreme environmental situation tends to become grotesque, and the character selection doesn't work so much naturally either.

If the peacock dances the dance, it is ..questions and answers.. useless and beautiful.
However, when you give value so that the green caterpillar may dance the dance
Value through the abstraction can do nothing but be made up of feeling like "Such a meaning
is in this operation, and this is ・・・・ at the earthquake 3000 years ago".
Madness of Japanese woman's fashion or the brand is . ..the same as this...
It is constructed in the place where the essence man's doing is quite different from
externals. Though it is a fashion.
Though it is because this is too good neither the face nor the body

If it is Caucasian who is working straight in the Caucasian nation in the advanced country, the financial strength is a sufficient furnace.
Because Caucasian ..[busaikureberu].. has [otoko] usually embarrassed ..she and marrying [nakute]...
However, because it comes to Japan all the way throwing away the house where the spectacle of the Caucasian nation is large without choosing pinktoes [hasono] [hakujin;otoko] that marries a Japanese man, even Japanese is remembered, and it marries a Japanese man.
Coming, and a Japanese man is and is clear coming [nanoha] there is money.

Japanese [damonnaa;] that spectacle is purposely bad though it is unquestionable
even if going to Canada and Australia.
There is a Japanese man and it is not thought excluding coming.

Woman's level is higher. the foreigner in Japan
Still, it is a man in the home country though it is lower middle.
Only a really helpless level : when it is frame [mi] and it limits it
to [bawakaruzo] [otoko].
[Maji] this is frame [mi] in this though the foreigner woman said "
The bean jam of the woman in Japan in what".

Does Russia make the procession still considerably, and is one
shopping removed at time?Though it was so about five years ago.
At that time, did it become popular at that time?She is well when it
asks the beautiful woman with cold face in front of me in English
like "Shop [hana] [-] here" in the place like the crape shop stall.
It asked person's previous person, and the menu was gotten from me,
and "Chocolate, cream, and banana" was taught though it seemed not to
have understood. In that, English that can be spoken is polite as
limited. I thought it was lovely because the face that looked cold
became a soft expression when personally confronting it though it was
a woman.

When embarrassing it, the girl grew dark, "It is" ..tissue.. grew
dark in feeling, and the girl in the foreign country thought easiness
without going out of the fact that the handkerchief was a bag at once
also in South Korea.
My and my friend is [kedosa] . of the level that might be low. I
think it cannot be kind to might be not understood by the foreigner
of the word in such a way.
It is thought that that recalls well, and becomes a woman to whom
even I can turn the nature.

How do you do when everyone is [ya] ..Japan.. [rase] in easiness, and
money besides also has the woman who gives it?..[ya] [cchimau].. ?.
encounter and do , pick-up then
A Japanese woman is piece painful misunderstood like [ya] [rarete] "I
am popular".

It says, and when it is really wonderful, a Japanese woman no squids and valuable. a woman
hereHowever, it doesn't associate with the foreigner though it seems to be [motohare]. Be ..
[tteieruhazu].. sad or might not be unconsciously admitting by be a Japanese woman be here
that be in a word more unconsciously ..it is not possible to do.. inferior to a woman be all
over the world in all respects this year when give be the usual [te] my ..the [**].. ..others..
case of her.

The woman in Japan is [yara] when.
?Endurance is thinner than women in the foreign country.
?There is not a virtue idea from the woman in the foreign country either.
?It is not from the woman in the foreign country ..beautiful...
[Dattanoka] orz
?Do as long as it peels off and [ima] even shuts eyes?Especially,[Gasu
Are not you being not able to marry the woman in such real wisdom
[ttara] Japan?
It were able to has be ..such [sure].. happy. It appeals.

Japanese woman's [manko] is ugly.
It is not for appreciation either.

It is [mankodatta] of the Caucasian woman on the adult site that I saw [manko] for the first time.
To the ugliness of the remainder when I who thought that it is [defo] of Caucasian woman's beautiful [manko] start and Japanese woman's [manko] that gets black is seen「[Koryaa;a;] in what. [Nee;] ..making dirty... 」..desire of [tte].. w

In the Caucasian society, the Japanese South Korean Chinese is being
captured as a race who doesn't have ..[uzakutekimokute].. way either
by the worst class on the earth.
Because the Japanese especially is remarkable in the economic aspect,
it is ..[kimouza].. [rareteiru] more.
Stars who came to Japan to Japan ..[borokasu].. confute it like
finding [karetekokozotohake] ..hearing.. [kuchi] in media such as the
United States afterwards , saying that" when the interview was
undertaken "Very a Japanese tour.
Only actress [riuddo] besides Cardigans scolding tattoo [shikari] is
[ri] ‥ It is decided to say roughly. As for the Japanese, all
Japanese come to the Japanese who doesn't have manners only money by
going after even if the same, suitable Japanese says to any country.

Such [sure] has been found.
Is it the desire spur or kicked nature in the woman further recently
though no [shi]?

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I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

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If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

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