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Is it [ado] street [kku] heaven [mi] that has been done since nine o'clock?Do it come to [sugoi] Dobbs of [monnnn] who is crueller than that of Asahara with [kusajoshi] that came to having tea of disguising as a man that disguises oneself as a man by the woman and works and why do it come to having tea of disguising as a man this time though it is a maiden loading about Ikebukuro feature?..solving.. when the staff hears it"It is safe because there is no worry that the pick-up is done unlike other male clerks' shops when the woman is a clerk. "

I was going to have said [tte]. The spot people were neither the large choruses nor an ugly [sutaanna] things in [issei] that had been seen up to now , saying that "[Haa;]?". It is Massey ..beauty Coliseum.. [onna].
I was going to have said, buried small eyes without the bucktooth, the [dango] nose, fat person, the white of the eye that had extended like the fan, and the head of the eye either, neck and [ki] coming [no] skins, and dirty aura "There is no worry that the pick-up is done when the woman was a clerk". Even the beautiful woman : the serif not said.
I want to hang in [hakujin;otoko] and to say to a joyful Japanese woman.
Though it is thought that it understands
It is really popular, and, because, says the payment of a man of the respect and the invitation.
A Japanese woman temporizes to a Japanese man in [hakujin;otoko] by an absolutely impossible genuflection.
A Japanese man is not able not to demand anything, and to quibble on insignificant detail, to demand for [hakujin;otoko].
It is transfigured to paddle insulator [ku] "Woman who carries it out" for which [hakujin;otoko] hopes to a Japanese woman.
Japanese woman who desperately flatters [hakujin;otoko] to obtain "Status of honourary white".
When Japanese woman "Obedience" and "Looseness" are taken, anything doesn't remain.
Infant figure woman of free [chinchikurin].
To begin with, Hana such as men who cannot persuade it in a local language doesn't take notice of women in the Europe and America advanced country.
It ..affability of Hera Hera good [ku].. temporizes to persuaded [hakujin;otoko] in the foreign language, and opening the groin : to [roku] the word in the woman in Japan when the spear and doing to the other party who doesn't run.
It is truly miserable.
It is also yucky that the body is [biro-n] and expands though a short arm or the bowleg is yucky. Especially, a thin type is the worst.
Though also teeth meant the new one as wanting the trial one after another by the news that women of ..creak.. [kao] received like the new commodity hair care service of Lux ..ugly [mecchamecha] it.. … Will acquaintance's beautiful woman half not apply anything to the hair and it go out?

Though they might be the people if the voice is said that it is popular hanging how many
It might be woman > man. Compare..feeble-minded..good..provide..provide.
The problem is contents to which the voice hangs. It is a miserable class in "It seems to be easy" like a Japanese woman that the voice hangs by the reason.

A man that a Japanese woman comes certainly from [ii] to Japan is probably none at all. Are you excluding the mania?
Though it ..voice.. drives because it is a meat toilet of the woman who doesn't have can rot and famous after it returns soon if you make a business trip from the woman to the foreign country.

Should I not obligate a Japanese woman to stand once a day in front of the mirror in nakedness?
It is a public trouble that exposes though the figure is ugly.

Because the Japanese has lived looking at only an abnormal woman body in the shut environment, the ability that whether beauty is understood of what is scarce, and it has become [mederu] [hentai] as a to cap it all object of [ni] desire the little girl and filth.

Maybe, it is an ability in old times to understand what is beautiful though it is scarce.
It peels off and I think that there was [noko]. Therefore, the woman hardly comes out in the sculpture and the painting of Japan.
Clay doll or buddhist saint face level made sign at most.
The Japanese who is influenced easily annoys its body in [ottsukanaino] and because it was influenced too much by the West civilization, it will have been annoyed by the contradiction of the reality with an ugly West civilization and woman with a beautiful woman.
It shall not be probably a victim as for the man and woman and the victim.

The woman is a broad bod with an ugly one for the stencil (West civilization) when it is beautiful to actually catch its eye (reality of Japan) in the head.
The person is a little. be admitted ..ugly [].. straight a Japanese woman when it faces such a situation after allIsn't there everyone wanting to think that the woman in my country is beautiful either?
Therefore, it comes to be able to do nothing but manage to make it to a mis-graze vaguely.
The kettle and the reason ..difference.. ..[ukaratoka] ,.. are put up [ajianbyu-tei;-] or sense of values.

And, the self kills the ability because it contradicts ↑ when the ability to understand what is beautiful remains. No tragedy.

If the ability to understand what is beautiful roughly stops the function, it becomes okay though what is exposed what putting on this time.
An impossible dress, jeans that expose [musaboshiri], a bowleg, and a short arm are [da] in seedy [kishimenbodei;] ..any coming...
Showa era..period..from old times..morality..old-fashioned..new..one..request..age..flow..clothing industry..development..media..develop..fashion..make..sell..extend..combine.
.today..monkey..dress up..walk..wonderful..spectacle..complete.
Woman's clothes are often ..age.. ..projecting.. [sutteiushine].

When a Japanese woman discriminates to the foreigner wife or it exists especially ..with the prejudice.. with a Japanese man

. woman's recent clothes [yavai]
In the joke pulling out whose woman of 80 percent is jeans until June when it is a university.
Recently though the skirt is seen here and there.

In jeans, the Japanese is 10 percent [moinaidaro] that doesn't look amusing even in case of being.
The foot bends and [te] eyes rot the hope of you stopping woman's slim jeans especially.

Besides, if it is not the one puts on, I want you to pay attention to the walking a little by it if so as for jeans though it is reluctant. If it is a woman, it is . ..doing especially...
There are considerably a lot of people who are walking without the foot's expanding when walking, slouching, and falling down though it doesn't understand what percentage.
Being possible to walk usually is unusual, and the situation by stand out rather.

Tears won't be forbidden to the woman who puts on jeans though it digs into to [ketsu].

The woman in my country is curved, and ugliness and the head are bad and [ittesugoku] ..painful.. [ikotodayone] [nichi] ..ugliness.. Japan Women's University's character is also curved.
In my country, woman [shikainaitteno] of lowest [naittegurai] is really painful any further.

A Japanese woman is a mass of calculation. Even here becomes the mass of calculation as for [soitsura] [sou] when obtaining it.
It comes also for here to have to take the action of the calculation base to take [soitsura] and communications because here is evaluated only by the criterion said that it receives a Japanese woman as for calculation.
Anyway, it is easy because it is considerably good like the source when it is an other party of the foreigner.

Pride in general is ..pinktoes.. ..height.. [idaro] for a long time.
It is impossible move from me to the meat toilet treatment or pay.

A Japanese woman has a lot of fellows who live only by calculation or the profit-and-loss arithmetic.
There are a lot of fools that do not use the profit-and-loss arithmetic as a process to achieve it but some targets and react to the profit-and-loss arithmetic like the condition reflection.
It is not a profit-and-loss arithmetic to request to be happy or to be moreover relieved, and ..low level.. loss and gain only of tracing the title and the numerical value is calculated.
Then, only because as such, there is a target and the sense of smell for that is sharp, they do not live based on the bottomless swamp loss and gain calculation like a Japanese woman though are also [amochiron] Europe and America and the woman with a sharp equivalent loss and gain calculation.

There are seeming a lot of happiness in love love even if it is poor because the woman in the pinktoes or the foreign country gives priority to coming to the favor.
The birthrate of Philipino Japanese man × woman height can also nod.

It unconditionally sticks to the foreigner only by the foreigner though a Japanese woman enumerates a man in Japan contingent on a high academic background, the fat income, and [ikemen], etc.
Actually, local people' men like the day living and there are in every respect a lot of Japanese women who stick with a man of local people who cannot say with [kakkoii].
I think that it is a cause that there is a person of marrying a local man in a Japanese female and wanting the permanent resident status, too and are a lot of women of posture in which local people' men are accepted.
They are the doubts in the meaning attractive as man ..whether [moteru].. somewhat.

There are a Japanese woman's fat's a lot of placing to the face too much and the outline's becoming soppy.
Though the body is super-Ghali Ghali.
There are a lot of families in the fat person of 100 abnormal kg in the blue-collar worker family parents when they are Caucasian's families the [yasetete] angel itself. a dirty, suitable [shitetemo] child
For Caucasian's child, 90 percent or more shall not be an angel.
[Kisho] considerable [saha] of a Japanese punk kid was massaged.
It usually sees it like the orthogenic class also in the class.
Oh dear though it is a mongoloid and is terribly special when the figure is seen in the universal standard.

I was discriminated in the foreigner bar (There are a lot of Caucasians) in Osaka, exist, and ..sleep.. in feeling like "Yellow is refused"
Japan is Caucasian and more mixed blood [subeki] !.
Caucasian's blood is necessary for Japan.

A short finger or the entire hand of a Japanese woman is short.
Therefore, the bracelet is not decided.

Foreigner [sapo] is awfully strengthens the body and a good guy multi passing of [ruyona] [gatai] of soccer even if it sees.
Is Japan ・・・・・・ [shobo] Ine, and same man compared with it?

Now a race who is uglier than the Japanese : when seeing only by the face.
Though it is thought that there are neither a part of black the aborigine mongoloid native people of Korean people and Inuit, etc. nor Amazon excluding this some Southeast Asian people. China ..population multi squid.. excludes it.
When putting it in the style
..woman.. then, it is wall > ..Japan.. correct of the lower layer of the world. black woman >>>>>>>>>> Southeast Asian woman >>>>>>> Korean woman >>

Because the leg is curved, even the party called a model in Japan has already been ending like the bowleg.


There are actually a lot of people of the Middle East people good-looking than Caucasian.
On case feature of fair hair blue eyes there of there are a lot of Anglo-Saxon, Germanic face Middle Eastern though [kaka] is obviously Spain Portuguese features slightness.
Even the Middle East people is person [moirugana] . of blue eyes.

Because I probably most Japanese am sure not to think the style ..[ike] respect it.. to be good from Caucasian.
However, I think that it differs something recently.
Jean from whom foolish misunderstanding increases abnormally. Especially, woman.
Aging [rudatoka] soon, it fabricates, it makes known as the pinktoes is only fat person, and the misunderstanding rolling up of us that is ..loveliness.. [ida] [nan].
[Te] furnace where becoming silent inclines. see ..so..

Who all over the world : the Japanese in every respect (Even if the next country sees)?
It is only [busaiku] (There is no person that a so-called carving is deep, and the nose is high), and the leg is short.
If English Language Education advances, it is sure to understand even if the country in Japan is a fantasy though Japan is surviving because there is a barrier of Japanese.

[Rebawakarujan] ..seeing... Oh dear the World Cup
The country only of [busaiku] must we to Japanese extraordinarily. w

Talk face three-dimensional [daro] that chiseled nose is high at such ..drinking.. [ata] worth the previous state.
Do you think that Caucasian is natural such and [busaiku] [dananda] is disputed?
The Japanese is flat the face, and [busaiku] that there is not carving, and the nose is low as Caucasian is surprised, too.
It is not Japanese any longer, and it is plainly a person and [iijan].

Meat toilet Japanese woman's unfavorable criticism doesn't seem man who is common sense in the world.

Ugliness is that all Japanese supporters.
It sleeps and, in a word, is the most unbecoming in the necktie to recall the Japanese with the bucktooth with the thickness edge glasses though is sure to wear the wax uniform what in the suit in the world.
I do not think that "Blue" basically suits the Japanese.

There is [-] such misunderstanding ape a nation, United States, and Europe's neither reeling nor being sure being sure to leave it.
Japan, South Korea, and China will economically eat the all-out attack soon.
The capital and the technology will be taken to America and European countries.

Therefore, Japan is United States ABC or is FOX such as South Korea or Southeast Asia.
See free of charge. Deformed apes will keep misunderstanding it if it doesn't do even if it is so.

It gives it without misunderstanding [ttemo] Caucasian.
Caucasian is ..beauty.. [ida] separately [nan], and such a thing is not said.
However, when Caucasian is compared with the Japanese, Caucasian sees and looks ugly beautiful the Japanese.
How if there is only a mongoloid like a Japanese in the world? will
The Japanese is ugly. What how do it write, and saying [terundakoitsu]?It might be [tte] feeling.
However, there are Caucasians et al. in the real world and the world. I think that a natural sense the desire of the Japanese of ..ugliness.. [itte].

Oh dear, the degree is ..Japanese body.. ..information.. ..worldwide [zuha].. famous.
It runs for Caucasian's indiscriminate imitation to the habit of yellow (The fashion is everything), and the town wanders like the rat in the group when coming to America and European countries.
Japanese discrimination exists by may always say to the popular destination for tourist worldwide by you.
It rises in recent years, especially the immigrant Caucasian nations such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada by power with a terrible oriental discrimination.
Especially, discrimination to the Japanese has risen abnormally compared with old times in recent years.
It has already counted, the Japanese like not cutting receives the act of racial discrimination, and the return of the migration in resignation Japan though not reported in Japan.
I hear that the point whether to give the nationality to give birth to the child in the locale and to breed was discussed with the Japanese and the South Korean in the Diet and related organizations moreover.
Only an entertainer in Japan or a model or a really ugly fellow.
It lives only in the deformity in this country and [itteko] and [gayoku] are understood.
It is a showing furnace in such ..drinking.. Caucasian. Because the furnace is meant by japs eating dog meat, the Japanese is [moirutteko] Caucasian and ,in a word, w like the South Korean to eat and to think of [utte] as for dog's meat.
Japanese discrimination of the orgy is disaster [tarashii] ..
The Japanese has unabashedly said it is necessary to come to Australia.
[Yabaidaro] Australia certainly :. Asian increases too much.

The reason why the Japanese is not comparatively discriminated probably :.
It is because Toyota or Sony is known.
The prostitute and the meat toilet can do nothing but image the woman in Japan, and photograph [to] [tterutte] still seems it from a man in Japan in the camera.

Very because it is Japanese, it is a story of such ..drinking.. [mukashi].
Most of the American thinks that China becomes a large country now, and there are no feelings of the barrier in Japan or South Korea.
Without knowing China of the reality ・・・
Even if CNN is seen, Japan is ..splendor.. through [saretoru] only in the China feature.
If a feature alone related to China that is in the future doesn't work hard ..Japan.. a little, it starts surely reversing the [yabai] state standpoint even to the local broadcast of Asia of CNN.
It is not only CNN. Did you see BBC of yesterday's Britain?That?
Former Diet member's Asian travel is a fellow, and only Japan is through [sareta] in splendor.
Even the next Chong country feeling w going [toite], what.
In a Japanese brain, because it is a complete flower garden, . ..impossibility already...
I want to think that the Japanese is an exception for a long, long time.
Japan is hardly introduced really and all over the world as for any country, and places has already changed into the China country. There is no power like before any longer for 20 years.
(After it had known the reality of [******] more of course than the manager, this loess was taken up. )

A lot of races ugly like the Japanese are still in the Japanese Islands, a Korean peninsula, and a Chinese continent in the place in which it came round the world with the rocket.
..ugliness.. [ittekotoha]. special the world common sense and the Far Eastern east Asian ..this..

Probably Japan all over the world the almost everyone doesn't think, and the trap not made so that the Japanese may come.
It is the same as Japanese's looking down on China and no worry about Chinese.
Though Chong's Europe and America worship is unsightly.
I think fellows [mirutoshoomonaina] that is said the beautiful woman and gay in Japan.
It is conscious though it is said that I am a beautiful woman one respondent with [namon] like [rya] [unko] compared with the foreigner.
I also : so. It was considerably [chiyahoya]ed to the university, and beautiful woman [danette] is said still often.
Comparing it after all with Caucasian's woman, it is ugliness [da].
It decided not to go to foreign countries so as not to strengthen the complex.

Man is strong and the influence of given information is very strong from the body.
Strong information is given and it is expressionlessly more disadvantageous that it is ugly and the expression of feeling is also scarce of a beautiful woman who is more expressive than ugliness in a word from the body.

It is plain and the effect lowers to the Japanese even if it starts appealing for something to surrounding people when it is this with a disadvantageous characteristic with scarce expression of feeling, too.
The body counts to the mouth.
The thigh boot is not suited.

The German is surprised, too.
In the make-up always, a Japanese woman and the prostitute are [dayona].
Oh dear, though either doesn't have the difference very much either.
The Japanese is descendant [nawakedayo] of [**] [waba] farming direct race who cannot do this year that makes noise because it combines if surroundings make noise.
Therefore, because the woman in Japan makes noise the mass communication because she combines if it makes noise because lovely, acceptable love is said.
There is no reason why the Japanese thinks, and, of course, is no logic.
Trivial contents are made it dance, and ..information on [sukkarakan] that not is.. die in the island nation named Japan for a long, long time.
It was brainwashed, and the Japanese is a race with low intellectual level in Europe in splendor to soccer only the party's who doesn't have contents making noise who doesn't have the self-judgment that cannot think about something for myself.

A yellow person shall not be a thoroughly inferior living thing.
The physique, moving ability, the brain, and the face ・・・ Even if the race is discriminated, the sky is not impossible.

A Japanese man is possession [terukaranaa] also in the world as for the technology and the property of a top class.
A Japanese woman doesn't embarrass and be w even in case of not being though considerable [mazui] when there is no Japanese man from the world.

Because externals are ..Japanese woman.. bad, [ijan] ..it is.. though a Japanese man who thought acquired the power of respect from the world by unique technology when you should absolutely acquire the defeat [naitte] thing in other countries. do anything by a Japanese woman beautiful unexpected
Nevertheless, it destroys oneself by using the image to Japan that a Japanese man made up in foreign countries and a Japanese man thinks it is angry in front of [terundayone] [ta] for this in reality though the woman in Japan is beaten because it is not beautiful.

It is man that supports excellent man.
A technology that stabilizes and is high is because a base level is high ..the Japanese.. ..any manufacturer.. and there is possession [teruttekoto] in a certain Japan ..[occhan] of the family-run business.. technology at the world level.

By the way, in what will a yellow Japanese woman, especially woman's level be low also in major company IT-affiliated enterprise in now a lot of United States though the yellow person man to whom Chinese needs a large amount of is the world level?
It burns when a definite difference of Asia is here with Europe and America.

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even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

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