Japanese girls are ugly Part 15

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However ..mouth [gobo].. ..profile.. still ..seeming be said looking to youth..

The woman of the head and body balance of this is surviving apart from contents of the face at the present age. High-heeled shoes at least is ..grub.. [ki].

Race's problem is deep-rooted. However, the existence filled with malice in a Japanese woman might be specific Asia.
The mentality looks like. A man in Japan is helpless and is the place, and is also abnormal it is gloominess and constancy of the woman in Japan.
You should think what my happiness is. Man in Japan.
The pure blood and the mixed blood

It is desperate. Is it a grudge in China?..Japan [te].. [naiyona] ..it is.. though admitted. actress worldwide [te] of China however and South Korea

They, [ajianbyuutei;] [te] word it is and a Japanese woman is ..unrelated.. [iyona], thanks to.

Japan is ..desire.. [ukedona] [-] if there is not massaging the chest ..clear weather.. if it is value = beauty of the woman.
Does Shibuya [itterukedo] really have a good woman on business with it by the style every day?
I 176 in the length of [oremi] almost am ..size [chi] of the head and the face.. [ze] also in the seen part.
Fat person is treating her in the said thin [terutte] class in the woman.
It is up to ..becoming it.. [-] when comparing it worldwide with other women when the level low though cannot say indiscriminately because there is certainly a color [nna] person though thinks.
It is only dirty even if the hair is dyed to the fair hair though the quality of the hair is different.
Partial [aruyona] that every man is delicate. However, a Japanese woman is usual unabashedly [pugeraccho] [damonna].
It is [hozaku] . of ..discrimination as it is not gentle.. [douda] for others and.

The..delicate..part..so..say..bad..take a defiant attitude.
Lack of what delicacy.
Nevertheless, when I am said「It is cruel. It is such a thing toward the girl. 」It solved and it massaged it ..coming...
It knows my body how it doesn't know the word to know [tsunette] person's pain!
Perhaps, even in the place in which it knew though the meaning will not be understood.
「It is [tsuneranakya] why as for I. Unknown. 」
It seems to say.

Loosing Japanese woman's groin has become famous internationally.
It is shameful though the virtue idea might be a certain abhorring correct answer because it is obstructive for a woman probably not suitable.
The following data comes out for the venereal disease.
The venereal disease morbidity rate of the sex industry worker in Tokyo takes side, and one person in 13%(Juntendo University Urayasu hospital survey) high school student and 10 people takes side and the girl has taken side with [omake] of about three times 23.5% and boys not saved while venereal disease (Asahikawa Medical University investigation) boy was 8.6%.

It is possible to make up, to take the shape, and to roll up [koite] desperately by the [busa] woman in Japan though seem to make up from make-up [mendo] by the foreigner only at the time of the party. ┐(´∀`)┌
When all [busa] women all over Japan are [suppin] because the woman in [tteka] Japan is taking the shape by 90 percent or more, this country shall not be ruin.

However, it ends when a Japanese woman grows fat after all.
Only the face grows fat in the fatty, and the chest and hips ..increasing.. comparatively do not change so much and become square more wild boar figures becoming of unnecessary fat.
However, it becomes diligent and it is mistaking the means for the end [moiitoko] . that bending of the foot stands out rather, and becomes bony the figure is reduced.
Unreasonableness [nozo] is [ri] in the figure like the model as it wants to become it ..wanting see.. though the face is big in a low height.

After all, a Japanese woman is light and being seen, and being laughed : in foreign countries.
It is because contents are empty though it is so that possession is plain. It is common all [hakujin;otoko] to associate with a Japanese woman and a said thing.

A man never thinks the marriage if the woman is not still respectable.

It is weak-willed, weak, it stupid, and no existence respected from the man.
When it is Japan, saying is [ikarana] ..so in Europe and America though it is an element among which it is popular.. .."It is lovely".. . from a man.

Though a Japanese woman includes the omission woman while it becomes the nature in the number of stars in the [tteiu] myth among which it is popular in Europe and America

They are not , actually wisdoms of use [sareterudakette] in the gambler of the Japanese woman aim.
might. or only want not to try to learnOnly pride : ahead one person.
However, the coward woman who can do only passive is out of the question such as objects to associate without contents like a Japanese woman because the man with actually straight other side chooses the woman by contents.
It only uses it so that [ru-za-] do not take notice may satisfy one's lust from the Caucasian woman.
It is a well-known fact in [muka] long ages. drink ..so..All my friend's Caucasians also know.
And, despise terribly in the mind, and the woman in Japan.
It is shameful as the compatriot. ..[ni].. ..hit.. ..[]..。。

Isn't there [yabai] [tami] family more than the east Asian woman [suppin]?
Stripes box super-short [ishi] eyes that are not the eyebrows open.
It is solid feeling 0.
It seems that the dimension of "[Suppin] is [yabai] even in Caucasian" [yabasa] is different ・・・ The flatfish face and [musabochichi] in single, and is it stumpy, and what [i] is ..seedy Japanese woman who sees only the deformity.. [n] if it compares it with Caucasian?
..foreigner.. [sareteruttenoha] ..holding in derision... there are a lot of saying [terudakejan] and a meat toilet of the fact
Being possible to use it also : even though a Japanese woman treats the meat toilet.
Can favorite Caucasian's meat toilet able to obtain as a free prostitute than a Philipino woman who takes money and, therefore, use it by you?

A recent Japanese woman is done and the nature does the imitation brand of the seeing [ruto] pinktoes.
Foundation is painted, it rolls up, and it makes it to white, and the hair dyes, puts up the putting eyelash, and shows the foot to be long with the super-bottom raising boots showing it as the shapely nose passes in the make-up.
After all, it is imitation brand w so much even if it does. For w Japanese woman who cannot win a genuine pinktoes, the figure and sports are complete [naijan] of can the win in the Europe and America woman.
Is there up to the Europe and America woman a man by a Japanese man when Japanese woman's miserable appearance is shown so and it is put though beautiful and liked by an attractive woman and does running also have impossibility?
Additionally, clearly, there is not a chest on the face because it doesn't match the Europe and America woman, and either the style is very bad.
A face and an original physique : far inferior to the Europe and America woman, not suitable in sports at all either.
A Japanese woman who exposes a miserable appearance doesn't have even room for sympathy.
It is ladies first or nevertheless ..annoyingness.. [ishide], and it exterminates in old times of Japanese pink [nanzotou]. A lot of Japanese men who do not have hearing as the woman in Japan was chosen by the tit lottery put up a man the style goodness, beauty, and dignified and I think that it is a natural development that want to live together with the Europe and America woman.
Ah Jessica?、[Anjeri-na]?、Kyra?、Nathalie?
Is the mimicry of an overseas actress who doesn't suit delusion [shiteireba] in the woman in Japan at most by which it does and I become a celebrity, too?
The face is ..change.. [ranainonina] .. w

Though it always thinks when you go to Europe
The woman (Because it is change South Korea) in Japan and South Korea and the woman in the sphere of Asia seems to be [kirikiri]ing it [temo] perhaps somehow usually.
..[te].. thank you for kind for a moment the [honwaka] of the woman in Europe. [Honwaka]ing doesn't collect when said.
It doesn't give as [niko] and it is not thought that it looks at while thinking it is lovely in the town in Japan.

Woman [ttesa] of Japan today
The student is [chiyahoya]ed.
There is not a thing that womanly is pressed, either only the woman catches the bludge as of old if looking for the byte, and, naturally, physical labor is exempted.
In the adoption the actress ahead if it is an affirmative adoption and it is a civil servant when it goes into the workforce
If it takes, [ta] returns at the regular time because the transfer is ..taking.. ..[ta].. woman because the overtime work is a woman because a famous enterprise enters, is made easily in case of the bread employment, and there is will being not to work through life, and it is scolded by the joint party shopping superior, it only has to cry and a man who doesn't like it appeals by sexual harassment.
Enough can succeed by taking and ..[i].. ..saying.. doing [yaku] because it is a man society even if work doesn't go well, does the marriage retirement in the point where the paulownia is good, grips husband's purse in the allotment firmly the [nakerya] discrimination against women and the menstruation leave ..bluster.. child-care leave at [gebaiishishindoi] as the housework child care is equal, and the lunch food in the restaurant ..I.. :.
Compensation money is divorced if the husband doesn't like it and when I have endured, omitted.
The woman in Japan is most in the world ..blessing.. [mareteruyona] w comparatively ..the figure ugliest in the world...
It transfers it by 100 steps, and it is any [iwanai] and [shitedana] in the face and the style.
All Japanese with bad posture must do and sleep. Coming [moindayomajide].
The whole body brand one ..habit that has poor posture.. is seen and it is ..[te].. painful.
[Nee;] and [wakaranee;no] why?
All causes of ugliness are . in posture ..it will be...
[Nandayo] [hage] >_< [Nandayo] ugly posture it and [naruhazunaidaro] small fish >_< in a correct figure it [hage] >_< in the beautiful woman even there also in Arakawa of that face thanks to posture and all small fishes who pay attention only to its face must go >_< : to a correct figure because of the good posture.
Corresponding changes into the Chinese international student because of the make-up. It saw on the television. The Japanese manages to be doing by the make-up.
It cannot be helped because it is [suppin] make-up Japanese < Chinese.

A man of the German who liked Japanimations said and a Japanese woman said [busaiku] [date] usually.
A Japanese woman is a brown hair, a fashion sense, a brand, the hairstyle world standard at ameliorable [rukimoito], and a shifting esthetic sense.
Because it is the one that how to put the waist or the walking has already suited the game, even a sleep man who has it sees moderate shape the judo or the fellow who is doing in the bowleg as for the bowleg as for all products to which media of strange Japan gave birth. That might be that though it might be strange if it sees from the foreigner.
However, are the majority of the woman of jeans thighs under hips when seeing from the back though it sees in foreign countries?The space of round feeling can be done by putting it on the ankle.
Actually, by attaching of post-full-length mirror [reba] Japanese or the Chinese's distinction.

It applies to both of most of a Japanese woman the bowleg and the inside of the thigh.
It is [na] in beauty straight. Foot..see..Oh...unusual.. [ittehodo] [horo] multi [niinai]. Maybe, is 99% [minikusoku]?The meaning of 99% expresses ..becoming it.. impression by 100% unlimitedly though no 100%.

Without fail might be able to take measures because be a case be overseas in which should refer to such a lot of bowlegs only because of Japan.

Basic..inside of the thigh..foot..inside..muscular power..few..cause..do..at least..knee..neatly..apply..bear in mind..childhood..manage..become..think.
It is thought that the person who bends the bone and is born is a little, and would be better to be able to correct it still if it is childhood that has not hardened yet.

It jumps into eyes even if there is will being not to see in the crosswalk etc.
Because it doesn't conceal the cause.
I feel the shock of the these kind of things foil though a miniskirt and thin pants are the fellows, and bowlegs that are.
Recently though it doesn't understand well
Anyway, shoes, the walking, posture, and these three points have been said in old times that any suitable family was strict.
When the back seems to attach to the backrest when eating sitting on a chair as attention if flexing one's knees and walking, it is noted.

Caucasian..Asian..queue up..photograph..see..die..good..Miyazawa..prime minister..summit..true..unpleasant..Hollywood picture..main..character..Asian..do..last..Samurai..cool.
Japanese translation)
In "Madame Chrysantheme" that had been published in 1885, often, Pierre Loti expressed a Japanese face like the monkey.
Generally, Loti physically thought the Japanese to be ugliest all over the world people.
And, it was easy to get excited, was a favorite fight, and it was self-conceited, and expressed others' happiness as people who envied it.

From ..style.. good and walking are good to feeling heavy in one's legs or the bend of the back and the ..posture foreigner who seems to be sluggish.. usual pin always because of only flat shoes transient only the face and dieting ghost it time the [kaketete] make-up though the China system is ..ugliness.. more than the Japanese ..[sukasuka].. bend the foot in becomeing thin too much and sweep the heel ..[te].. always ..ugliness.. a Japanese not ugly.

It ..[oresa] year school excursion.. ..United States.. went in [majiresu], and there was super-[odoro].
It is ..Caucasian woman's beauty.. ..(.. ..laughter... )
Whether it is really same man, it is ..heavy.. .. For the first time though it saw with [hakujin;u] in the vicinity. 。
The [sunge] back is high. The style is good. There were a lot of beautiful elder sisters who seemed to come out in the western-style painting.
Laughter, and) drinks and remembers) and [mokakusunge] laughing and getting excited in [higashi] Asia ..[busaiku] a general person what.. ..(.. ..so.. ..[daro] (...
[De] and Caucasian's children were thinking the doll small the face and thinking the angel lovely.
Black's man is a macho, and do the strapping, and reliance is feeling with burs. The prejudice is wrong. the stereotype of Japan
We Japanese are figures of the lowest level absolutely and [suyon] . also in the world.
The flash was cooked by all men of the class so as not to have come to light to the Caucasian woman any longer and it rolled it up. ..(.. [wara]

Only the Asian : the model and the cover to Japanese man's fashion magazine.
And, only the Caucasian woman : the cover and the model to Japanese woman's fashion magazine though the physique and the length of the foot can become the Caucasian black by a Japanese man and become machos depending on training because it is tentatively a man though are negative. 「Let's become the Gemma face of the model. Gemma angel make-up」There was a make-up imitation of a super-Caucasian super-model and the frame of the model first of all is ..difference.. [uyanke].
A Japanese woman doesn't bring it close to the pinktoes by Japanese man's bringing to a Caucasian black man close.
The woman is not brought close only by dieting and the tray such as those who attach about the sexy sheath fat of the chest and the face though a man is a body.

Even Caucasian's general person beautifully has a lot of good elder sisters by the style.
It talks about the previous state worth of ..drinking.. [ata] ..so...
It is "There is a lot of fat person" and "Deterioration is early. " in Japan. "The beautiful one is a part. "
The fool or I who thinks that the conception of the Japanese is already the same as Chong frankly speaking of w already :.

Asian..woman..peculiar..do..good at..laughter..Caucasian..at all..differ..Caucasian..woman..a little..shut oneself up..husky..opinion..sexy..Caucasian..a little..thick voice..person..good..meaning..husky..good.

Paris where a lot of anger shoulders exist is a terrible anger shoulder to which Caucasian and the black from whom the short and sloping shoulders of Japanese [onnashu] that puts on pearl necklace CM or the camisole stand out do not drop easily the shoulder string as which the width of the face and the thickness of the neck are the same.
Fashionably of looking like the same face and the [kamiiro] hairstyle is the same in Japanese woman or South Korean woman's foreign country of the group when thinking that there is a group of the woman who is making noise by [kya-kya-] shrill [i] [wakatsuku] Rina opinion in the foreign country.

The Japanese who assisted in Scotland yesterday : surely ..me.. ..[daketteko] and [hanaiyona]...
Like the cockroach in the stand「Nippon. Nippon. 」In [**] or super-feelings bad ..mongoloid who is.. [kattan].

Never do only the dye to the brown hair and going out to foreign countries.
It sees as the same Japanese and [te] overclouds to a mongoloid face without knowing how much it is being held in derision by the Europe and America people Asian's brown hair a hair ..unbalance.. brown.

Japanese ugliness passing.
The Japanese looks only like an ugly animal when coming back from Europe and America.
・・・ Is Japanese love a seed of laughter if it sees from the world?

「The Japanese soldier whom you see is indeed ugly. The cheekbone thrusts out eyes thin and small, and an ugly bucktooth and the nose have collapsed to the mouth low. The foot is [gani] groin, the back bends, and the belly projects. Therefore, they know contempt to be this ugliness. Their characters are also cunning, and, therefore, it knows the dislike. 」
 How Caucasian was looking at the Japanese though it is sentences 50 previous in year or more can be understood well.

It is lustful, and the woman in ..fool.. Japan : though it lived in Paris on business four years ago.
The short-term language study going abroad to study comes by the guy, and there are a lot of women who try to marry the French like [gokumi] between those.
Guy who proposes for period of going abroad to study by the upstream French, marries happily, and has sweet dream like fairy tale princess very much.
On earth ..you.., for what was done did you come?I want to emphasize and to say solving.
Look straight at a severe reality of a local society in case of the visit france by going abroad to study.
For the French, pride is a high and the woman is low, racial treatment of Japan.
Because it is a hierarchical society, the Asian is treatment equal with the black.
program..see..such..extremely..rare..example..mass..garbage..take up.
Is not such an easy thing understood?
Old Japanese female [tteno] was a treatment equal with the domestic animal.
It might gone mad because the Europe and America female level was suddenly entitled.

Anyway, the style of the woman in Japan is bad before the face.
It is [te] short legs and a bowleg hips' low the position of the waist, and hanging down.
..calf.. [buttoi] .
When even the same Asian ..Singapore.. takes it, the style is different at all.

A Japanese woman is miserable … It blurs, and they are Caucasians it or are brand consciousness, and complete [i]-selfish first cousin [neeshi] in strangeness seedy, the body, looseness, and plainness it, and. Why doesn't the done settlement Japanese woman watch herself more again in foreign countries before [**] the man man's meat toilet and duck?
Uncouth Japanese woman

A Japanese man also ..Japanese woman.. ..education.. thoroughly receives and the standard of beauty is the same racial different in a man and the woman.
It is different from the thing requested from the woman and the thing expected of a man.
The one woman ..should be originally beautiful... Goodness the figure and the ratio, etc. besides the brain and communications skills, too expects a man.
However, isn't the person who doesn't become both the standards most in a Japanese woman?
Be can dirty teeth, ..style.. bad, and see ..procrastinating personality.. as marriage partners.

A Japanese woman must be a figure that the dress suits. The position of hands and feet short [ishi] hips is low.
Eyes say a Japanese woman who is putting on a dress at the TV relay and the party, etc. only to the low degree at the position of seeing [rutoto] [shiri].
A Japanese woman after all is ..kimono.. .. The kimono is clothes to hide such a poor figure under a cover.
A poor ratio, a small chest, and a long-bodied body, etc. disappear to the other party if it puts on the kimono.
The kimono is ..(.. ..laughter..) that is not the one that developed by such a purpose to begin withOn condition that..more..ratio..good..person..inside..conceal..clothes..develop.
A Japanese woman is still a fuck-shit.
The woman in Europe and America can live by neatly becoming independent in the society. There are a lot of people who leave the parental roof by the age of about 18 years old or them and are active. Therefore, it is attractive as the person, and the mental age and comparing it like a foolish woman in Japan etc. foolish [geteru].
A Japanese woman leans against others by rough and is alive. It only becomes independent alone.
It might be ..strength.. incompetent. The charm as the person is : of 0 and a Japanese woman. Free even if you ..mama's baby girl.. ..35.. pass.

Though Chinese and Korean people often insist to the Japanese that the beautiful woman is few
The reason goes to the other side (Shenyang and Korean autonomous region) and it has understood well. As for the other side, the woman with an ugly style is overwhelmingly making width when returning from the other side to Japan for an opposite fighting also of the style whose beautiful ratio might certainly be higher than the Japanese (Though it depends on person's favor)(Is the chest even? Though it depends on clothes put on) hard.
In China, it might be grounds of their insistences that there are a lot of men who value the style more than Japan.
A painful Japanese place was too low the thing [dayona] entertainer who noticed that the deformity me and not was or the level and massaged laughing.
..acquaintance's foreigner.. entertainer in Japan kneaded and said that he or she was ..level.. low.

Because a structure of the face and features that the physiques and are the figures, etc. are uglier than the color of the skin, it might be discriminated that yellow race is discriminated, and despised.
Oh dear, Caucasian dislikes yellow race and it is possible to understand.
Even if it becomes economical and rich how much and the science and technology advances
Hereafter, yellow race will be despised. As long as the kind is not improved in the gene

It must be not more serious than Western Europe Japan and China and there must not be actually arrogant party who thinks.
It is necessary to often recognize whether to have a peculiar structure east Asian's face is very far apart from other racial averages all over the world.
It is in Japan and doesn't notice that because it gets used to seeing while it is strange [kaomi] in surroundings every day.

Japanese woman's style
A duck-butt, [zun] trunk, short hands and feet, and this large head = are the same as baby and infant's figure characteristics.

I think a Japanese man who does the other party of such a figure woman with there is a lot of Lolita complex because of having been accustomed for a long time to be interested in such a figure.
The Japanese is a physically handicapped person when returning from the lengthened stay of the foreign country to Japan or it sees it like the group of malnutrition.

As for Japan, the pavement of the road is beautiful, and the roadside is clean. A new car is running. It is only it.
Besides, it is and greet eyes all the one are ugly.

Truth [do] of [dayona] w of the [kimoi] race quickly burns to death, and always buries dirty face w east Asia alive by the cursed four great sticking slave race of sleep w Jap Chong [shinachiku] fat person Mongolia as for this fellow under the soil or has fates only in being made to the subject of an experiment of the germ weapon most by the sticking slave race in east Asia in this world.

It was a back and the scene being held in derision by South Korea was seen several times at [yonaa] soccer whose lower in the Asian with small back is Japanese.

The island nation that doesn't know the world if it is ( ´,__`) man who went to study to [pu] w Europe and is ....monkey.. desperate..
Though it is sure to be recognized absolutely that I am Asian.
The idiot who doesn't understand the race is discriminated.

In the Japanese, only plainness is not [gotoi] [eta] really [kao] in the next country only in plainness from the [dane] child to the adult.
They are [tsuri] eyes or [togari] eyes single and eyes are thin or small, and with few heads of the eye.
Are teeth big or do the bucktooth and the cheekbone strongly put, and do it sleep in the face that carving is extremely shallow, and ups and downs are scarce that applies to 70 percent of the Japanese in a Korean face?

Additionally, isn't Japanese's a row of teeth the worst and foolish either?
If the Japanese sees from Caucasian, most is plain.
It seems with the face like the Down's syndrome in might short legs it, the [maji] talk physically handicapped person it, and the mind.

Anyway, the Japanese is ugly.
Nevertheless, the mimicry thing of the West is done and there are a lot of narcissists.
[Kao] ..[yokumomaa;] [yogo].. ..saying.. is done, and it is that extent, and it is dirty in the best shot that a black hair is dirty ..it is likely to go out.. ..[ji].. from the rough w body ..also the self-styled entertainer who appears to w television of fashion magazine [gado] [-] [noko] [-].. ..dirty face [shi].. to finish becoming it.
Caucasian slaughters a large amount of yellow race, and it is a correct answer that has enslaved and the [tandayo] ..yellow.. race has the fertility too much in a plain habit.
..fertility.. [arutte] shall not be a low living thing degree same in man though it says (cockroach).

Japanese woman's fort is three.

1A Japanese woman looks young (It is an = actual head and body balance and infant [nadake] that makes the lengths of hands and feet huge).
2Japanese woman's skin is beautiful (Hanako Yamada with beautiful = skin).
3The esthetic sense is different by the country (= Caucasian make-up is done and it says and dress putting on [tenani] [ndaka]).

A lot of flatfish faces that are, and and, when a Japanese woman shuts herself up in the fort, what has been forgotten on the outside is a winker, [usumayu], [dango] nose, a bucktooth oblique tooth, and none the shapely nose plainly for under the ground black and single. Cheekbone, [**kao] that projects sideways, precipice, sloping shoulders, [musabochichi], and flat hips, green pepper hips, long-bodied, short legs, bowleg, ..strapping.. [hiza], [buttoifukurahagi], and short small size ..under knee.. ..[musaboshiri].. hips ..the drip..
It ..camera.. ..carrying [terutteiuno].. images it from the neck by the bucktooth in the form of the face like the box lunch box the Japanese.
The woman is ugly though a Japanese man is beautiful at the people and the woman in Europe and America is beautiful to a Japanese woman.
Might be a minority, Japanese woman confronts the man say very much.
A man in Japan is ugly. Ladies first cannot be done. Learn the man in Europe and America.
There are a lot of people who say.
If it is a Caucasian man, this thing is understood a lot of the person who easily opens his groin well.
It is at the convinced place that is surprised worth their serious and being loved by the Caucasian man.

It is the most beautiful in the Asian. This Japanese woman's habit of saying

Japan must not show off the ugly one though the chador seems to be obligated from the thing of concealing the beautiful one to the woman in the Middle East.
The Japanese is true though is often said the self-torment target.

Does [subekidana] of making to the obligation [chikan] wearing the burqa decrease to the woman and does not a Japanese woman agree Japan either?

The public nuisance is . in Japan in the burqa wearing because it doesn't decrease.
It is ..piling up.. [-] or is often a public nuisance it and [kiruyona] in Dobbs.
It was a massage mutually resembled.

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I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

however, It has a rough going to translate my site into English, French, and Spanish becouse of my low language ability.

Could you introduce my site to English or French media?

Please help me! I need your help!


I am a person who manage this site which is very famous and popular in Japan "Japanese girls are ugly ". (6 years history!)

But I can not publish my site in Japan by reason of "Anti-Japan" and "Offend public order and morals" though I want to be my site being made a book.

Could you help me that puts out my opinion
to the world?

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