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The not more imaginable Caucasian female [tteno] is the Japanese, the more beautiful. Therefore, the beauty is not recognized.
It cannot be recognized because it is similarly to seeing even if man who exists in two dimension space sees the one of three dimensions as the one of two dimensions not imaginable beautiful.

A Japanese man and the foreigner woman in old times (In the first half of ?80 of's in the 70's) though it is unrelated to this [sure].
Wasn't the couple a peak?It is [ta] ..OK [tteno].. ..saying.. .
that it is a Japanese man and this generation is a pinktoes. CM also was more abundant the pinktoes, and had the nude magazine only for the pinktoes in the bookstore fully recently. Japanese man's defeat comp exploded with economic development. Afterwards, interested guy in the pinktoes went out of use fast. Mr. Orihara favor = transformation and Mr. Sagawa + made the pinktoes definite. I (one's twenties) do not see at all though my father (one's fifties) is still looking at [hiroshimono] AV.
The pinktoes be a brainwash of the mass communication or be not interesting at all though travels from the father generation, and sees the outside pub considerably in the bar.

Might not shock the woman in Japan if be called [busaiku] from the Northern Europe woman.
To begin with, leggy of a Northern Europe woman and a Japanese woman is too different.

It not only is seen by unpleasant eyes but also the person's growth and the character ..sense of beauty best are beaten when going though it is not thought that there is such a thing if it is a resident of this [sure] ..the United States...
([maji] of ← this)Because Caucasian sees the colors of the a row of teeth and teeth well (Teeth are shown well by the self-expression), teeth are the most important as the first impression. Next, it shall not be a macho.

I think also that the woman in Japan badness of the style always diets in it doesn't do sports but posture bad and the satiation.

The essence of the discussion is not pierced at all.
It is not separately said that all of a Japanese woman who also has 50 million or more are ugly.
The [soreni] pinktoes also has a lot of ugliness and fat person.
However, woman of the style not on earth compared unfavorably with a general Caucasian woman in that though there are 50 million or more what percentage is there a Japanese woman?
I want you to recall the school days. One's teens is time that shines most in women.
However, it is time when the face or the old woman figure and the infant figure are accelerated to ten Japanese women.
The style's hips and the chest's curvaceously becoming, improving, and further becoming a face like the adult development of the style it on the way are a Caucasian woman it, a black woman, and Asian women except east Asia. Of course, there is an individual variation.
However, a Japanese woman : in the one with a really unsightly style.
Persons in question do not notice either. It is fool [ppuri] as not noticed even if it journeys abroad.
Reality that no one can object even if pointed out that style is the ugliest in world.
Will it be knowing of the woman in Southeast Asia?There are a lot of women with a really wonderful style though there is a woman with an of course ugly face and style, too. The style will be too bad even if the high school girl in Japan puts on the ao dai of Vietnam and it not suit. Hips have collapsed, too and a plain face that the foot is short, and the face is strapping.
With the yellow satin though it knows because I have spoken many times with the American
The man who answers as India, the Philippines, and Thailand is most even if it is heard that any country is a number 1.
There are few people who answer that a Japanese woman is attractive though it hears as a Chinese woman occasionally likes it. It is a man in China and South Korea, she is a native of a valuable application, and a Japanese woman will not probably yet have the person of a reason (The person who thinks that Japanese woman's figure is in a word beautiful thinks that it is hardly) straight as the woman in the guy brainwashed to the story 30 years ago of the so and so carried out to a man in modesty or Japan is easily done though there is a person who says to it so, too. A Japanese woman is really unpopular, and merely used also in foreign countries even when it takes notice.

I am Japanese [nawakedaga].
Sleep in your low intelligence [ppuri] ..amazed.. . ..doing really..
Japanese woman's figure is ugly, and the foreigner woman is beautiful in what.
Only because such a natural thing is pointed out, will it become [muki] so?
The style knows in the figure like a Japanese woman, and even the woman in Southeast Asia are a lot of vinegar pusses, and knows it to be a lot of to the vinegar puss in the black woman also the Caucasian woman in it ..me.. there are a lot of fat person and ugliness.
Judging from a real experience that is wandering, the style from an average Japanese woman finishes in the current foreign countries and however, a lot of countries that are do not exist on the earth, and do not finish the finish of an ugly
woman ..no desire so...
The South Korea woman also is ugly large majority and is undergoing plastic operation, and a Chinese woman is ugly and ugly many.
However, an average, (The average : when comparing it walking in Tokyo, Beijing, and Seoul) Japanese woman is also has collapsed to the face in the strapping as for the person that the back is low, and the foot is curved short a lot of hips, there no neck, short the arm, there being possible not to constrict of the body, is short the [butoi] and knee under of the calf, amusing the walking, and has poor posture
・・・ etc. are thought by a lot of faults and float. This is from an experience to the fact it and no fabrication where I have traveled to Asia many times.
The style is ugly, and the people called an actress do not reach far even from a general Caucasian woman either, and it is not popular at all, and Japanese woman's woman whose style is furthermore uglier than a South Korea woman and a Chinese woman compared unfavorably is more than the woman in Thailand and the Philippines also in Asia in foreign countries.
Moreover, Japan lives or the agent provocateur or off-base : me though will say variously.
A Southeast Asian woman is attractive. It is an Indian woman, and it is a Sri Lankan concretely woman.
The woman in Thailand and the woman in Myanmar like it. The style is good and money is not promiscuously said in modesty unlike a Japanese woman. Of course, it depends on the person.

The Japanese is obviously praising the person who has a Caucasian feature though I attach and am not interested ignorantly in the entertainer in Japan or the actress.
To might average, Japanese woman's characteristic that the nose is low, eyes are small, the face is strapping, and the style is ugly this.
Does not the Japanese with the face like a Korean face to have studied this feature thoroughly with what go out popularity?
Sleep w to have. it is because without Caucasian feature

Caucasian is beautiful the style and the face of many of a beautiful Caucasian woman, and : with what.
It is not, and popularity goes out to the woman with a good style, and the country of can getting of the native figure and the idiot with the face the guarantee of foolish side bleaching high priced [te] plainly on the television like Japan doesn't exist in any country of the world in the country assumed that Caucasian is ugly all over the world attractive.
Where on the earth on earth is the country where the woman of a Japanese figure is liked?
A lot of countries of the beautiful woman that are think that I am India of w in the most in the world only might a Japanese man immunity to this ugliness who has been completed though are said Venezuela, Brazil, and Russia.

A painful Japanese point is in the place in which it cannot correctly look straight at the current state.
Man's figure (Of course, a man also :) is ugly, the city's setting is ugly ..this.., the deformity is extolled in the television , saying that "
..loveliness.. [-]", and it brainwashes it with the current
Japanese situation in CM , saying that "The woman in Japan is beautiful". Net..Caucasian.
.woman..beautiful..person..few..fat person..a lot of..Caucasian..woman..sweaty..dirty..Caucasian..woman..at once..grow old..Japanese..woman..foreign countries..popular..Japanese..woman..Asia..extremely..lovely..foreigner..
woman..valuable..apply..Japan..man..marry..finally..drink..point out..one..Korea..people..tailor..raise..escapism..run.

Many of the Caucasian woman who Japanese knows, and are beautiful enough even if the face and the style are beautiful and in one's thirties. There is an individual variation though there is certainly a person who grows old early, too.
The same word is called repeatedly like the Japanese at prewar days brainwashed with conventional Maru as the Japanese is "This fellow is Caucasian comp", "Can the death is Chong", and "It gives this off-base agent provocateur somehow or other" when saying so again.

The Japanese should admit.
When the ugliness of Japanese woman's style is the best in the world. This is a story that can be immediately understood if going to China if going to Southeast Asia.
From average, Japanese woman to onto several steps in woman in Southeast Asia style
It is long, and the chest is also strapping, and hips go up upward, and have not been above all sexily the self-intoxicated to the foot of [suratto] like a Japanese woman with [kyu] either.
Even the woman (By the way, being enumerated in the first on the list in beautiful woman's country in Asia in Europe and America is India, the Philippines or next mark and Thailand) in Southeast Asia that is farther more beautiful than a Japanese woman doesn't try to understand at all, notices own ugliness in word "It is lovely" by her like a Japanese woman, and notices that it is made to dance.

It will not recover in the woman coming bur stretch that has it so that the bowleg may do still.
It doesn't recover if the row of teeth is not corrected. It is not a guy who can stick with the ceramic, and the wire bracket.

It seems that it shines when the Caucasian woman is seen in the town.
Moreover, the walking with good posture is beautiful.

Posture [daro] from face.
Of course ..the leakage of room.. ..confidence and the leakage.., the Caucasian woman doesn't think the defeat to be a Japanese woman.

Hobby in which even colors of [irokami] of height weight eyes are put on my [purofu] or religion

It never writes and because the becoming it eyes and hairs, too are the blacks though a Japanese woman also mimics it
..writing [terute] do the brown hair or coloring..
Is the Europe and America people mimicked and a Japanese woman today isn't exactly very completely to the relation between Japan and special [a] today in no [ikaranasugu] by trying the appeal and the abuse of the other party (It is the worst because there are no contents unlike the insistence of the Caucasian woman) because a Japanese man believes that enduring still is virtue by foolishness good for a Japanese woman in strength of endurance that must be east Asian's very few merits abnormal?

Even if she puts on the kimono, a Japanese woman today doesn't suit.

w without division that suits Japanese woman today might
It differs, and the beauty of the walking and the gesture after it puts it on of the person who was accustomed to put it on really is different at all from the stage of dressing quite.
There is no knowledge of the kimono from mother compared with it at all now.
How of the chair to sit is not taught because it doesn't know, and one the yukata is not dressed.
Settlement to which belt of [monai] handle is brought with [toton] because imputation is put on splendid kimono that marriage partner's mother transferred because it doesn't know thing called kimono is a living thing, and belt is strange.
Woman's quality has fallen fast though the quality of the problem and the kimono before suiting has fallen, too, too.
Caucasian is such lovely why. - ゚([no] Д`) and ..-.. [?・].

A Japanese man and woman is [bussaiku] ('Д`) it is possible the infant to lose the figure and the character is also additionally ugly.

I thought walking considered posture also by me of a man after it had seen of this [sure].
【Only the fool increases fast because he or she matches the standard to a general person and the average foolish general public to begin with and the society collapses 】

If the standard is not matched to not the problem but wise man who understands first, these are the translations of which the reality doesn't consist. do not understand things understanding
For instance, the child is a translation where no one naturally can live when the standard is additionally put away in children who do not understand anything however though an advanced thing is a translation that doesn't understand.
For this case..to the end..ahead..understand..adult..standard..match..child..the..level..come..assist..lead..raise..story.
This natural is similar in an adult society, and collapsing translation in the country and the society leaving and where [ro] in the person of ..foolish average.. [dai] etc.
Therefore, it is a translation like wanting to make to the culture and the society that matched the standard to man who understands the reality at a higher level and the follow to a general foolish average, etc. of which anything doesn't actually consist if the society is assisted or it doesn't educate.

And, the culture and the economy of Japan are things that even here goes out of use, falls into [buzama], and the collapsing root cause reduced the immature, foolish woman culture.
It is after all because of the print of sesame in [yariman] white pheasant foolish woman, the flattery of [yarichinbaka] of the [yariman] aim to the sexual desire purpose of the viewpoint, rolling up, and the match of all standards and rolling up.
Therefore, the root of evil is [yarichin] [yariman] [domona] exactly [yaku].
Therefore, the [uhaji] syphilis hunting begins.
When is only in [busaiku]
A strange, deformed sense of beauty is brewed.
However, the [seku-su] motivation has disappeared by traveling abroad and the spread of the net recently the worst style the Japanese is very [busaiku] it become [barebare] funny, descend now, and each other a man and the woman.
The animated cartoon's abnormally developing in Japan also
The reality is too cruel and looking directly is not endured but it is evidence.

Because it becomes Chong if it is pointed out so that a Japanese woman is bad, the style is the worst in the world, and every average Chong the face may understand ..ugliness.. [ittekoto] in foreign countries ..[naao] fronts.. why if it is a guy who has saying why.
..your attitude.. ..".. Ora" ..the best village in the world the village..
will be a farmer in the said country.

When the japanese aralia assumed that it is [biashi] in Japan also sees in the foreign country, only the desire is a bowleg.
It is shorter than the leg of the mean level of the [biashi] idol in Japan or the foreign country and bends.
When she is foreign countries, the done woman is the [mienaitte] barely levels in [**kao] in a small face in Japan.

Are when a Japanese woman today says be ugly with what, it not is and the vulgarity of the intellect seeing [takotoarudaro] from the inside as for the woman from whom a blot going out [terundayona] Japanese woman today thinks [temo] "[Uwaa;]" to be a face because you who thinks the problem before the arrangement of parts of [busaiku] or the face are in order of the shape of the face, too?
For instance..foreign countries..meat..toilet..expose..woman..the..face.
.blot..go out..pitiless..ugly..mind..rot..sober..feel.

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