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The discrimination mind boils up very naturally in man's feelings.
It is very socially reasonable feelings.

The racial discrimination is a defensive instinct for the race's continuing.
See the Indian.
They have been destroyed disappointing though tried not to hold the sense of crisis in Caucasian who came from the other side of the sea, and to show friendship oppositely.

The man and woman is discriminated and the borrowing. There is no such fact accurately in Japan. undertook a slave treatment by the woman depending on a man
However, it cannot be said that it is too desirable that an unsuitable woman for the society and politics, etc. variously puts out her mouth.
It makes to being of taking care of housework to them at home and there is a social obligation from getting though it sends salaam to going out [ku] woman resolutely in the society.
The society collapses when it is neglected.
Though this is not discrimination but a true, and essential subject
This is called the woman is discrimination. However, I insist none that discriminates and stops if this is discrimination as said by them.

Might how about the class discrimination. It is a very this natural, too very reasonable one.
..class discrimination.. [arukarakoso] , society consists, and, as a result, the culture arises.
It did not try to deny discriminating Kenji [kano] Nakaue is a village coming from.
He was admitting his emperor. Rapidly because of being only according to it enough ..no structure.. very the natural world a discriminatory composition of the reverse-triangular type because. the stable society
It says again. Discrimination is natural. It is seemingly an ideal to start losing this.
However, it contradicts the reason for nature.

Foreigner kind couple is unusual case and [yo;].
In Europe and America, man who associates with the foreigner kind becomes the symmetry of the bullying.
Other party's foreigner should thoroughly understand the risk is owed as such even if associating with the Japanese.

Drive out Chinese from Russia.
Even Russia is [nacchimau] in the den of a yucky oriental.
Because of Chinese
The child of [busa] of lovely woman × Japan in Japan annihilates and, here and there, ..looking like.. TT double gene is annihilated because of the scattering Chinese father.
It was heard [onnajiko] from the Russian in full scale.
The Ural east the way things are going is [nacchimautoka] in ugly land covered with ..the fishing...
From mongoloid whether ape in China and South Korea in the world where foot is pulled is SARS ..should crush by you..
Do you need with China by one South Korea [te] watch?
It is good only in the United States or Europe and America.
Only because you killed one another in China
A plain oriental according to dependence though the fertility is the strongest and [tami] ..saying.. family of [zurukashiko] is good when they are ..survival [tandarounasore].. [bikatachi] races.

When Chinese is [ko-kasoido], it is good and [tanonina].
The best population large country in the world is ending by dependence with the mongoloid or [maji].

Mongol from whom the face without eyes, [dekai] faces, and moats that were thin and fished seems to have been called a mongolism in the Down's disease in old times because it is a lot of is our things.
The fertility of the mongoloid is too high.
The number of [moudamepo] such as Japan and abnormality that it doesn't correspond to country South Korea, China, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and the Philippines where either
The details fellow who cannot read the expression because the Europe and America people has the custom of speaking while watching other party's eyes might be hated.

The purpose of all parts of the world' closing the country is to body in Japan.

The gene of person [iruyonea] of single is frightened also in Thailand.

Only the fertility is the best Asian in the world from whom the details gene seems to advance to Israel recently though it is ugly.

The country of a race feeling nauseated in Nippon Travel ugly says and is ..becoming it.. .. as many as two old Russian Crown Prince Nikolai generations

Asian = goblin

Do ..Mongolia fold.. [sure].
Cannot the problem of the Mongolia fold be solved too without the operation?
Will it be plain oriental's ..evading.. [ma] for a long time in > oriental's future?
Is > or a semi-white average?The technology of the gene manipulation will advance at the Kon futurity, the face even of a yellow person like Caucasian has, and everyone has genes of hands and feet long ..eyelids with a fold and the prominent nose.. originally ..obtaining...

Japanese traveler's from whom the entire Asian begins to be disliked rapidly because of Chinese Russian Eastern Europe's being jobbed to [neonachimodoki] is frequent.

It is in usual Japan that is disliked in the world.
This is also excellent [terukara] [**] seeing spirit, and comes from all oriental's ugliness eczema.

Mongolia is single or too [shouryuumitaina] in the morning.
It is a short legs of ..going out [teruzo] [kao].. umbrella [saha] Asian the greatest Mongol is suitable for the name and mongoloid feature extreme.

..ugliness.. [itte] crime [dayona]

The Japanese is looked down on and the United States that rolls it up and Britain : Northern Europe.
[Busa] is [surukaradaro] w ..going abroad to study...

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welcome to "Japanese-Girls-are-Ugly website" . this is the place for ppl with passion for the UGLY TRUTH about Japanese Girls.

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even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

however, It has a rough going to translate my site into English, French, and Spanish becouse of my low language ability.

Could you introduce my site to English or French media?

Please help me! I need your help!


I am a person who manage this site which is very famous and popular in Japan "Japanese girls are ugly ". (6 years history!)

But I can not publish my site in Japan by reason of "Anti-Japan" and "Offend public order and morals" though I want to be my site being made a book.

Could you help me that puts out my opinion
to the world?

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