Japanese girls are ugly Part 29

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Abnormal sense of beauty that ugly woman is said to be sexy in Japan

Does not everyone why queue up teeth again [teiukasa]?[Guroi] really :.

[Guroi] ‥

It is lyrics of JPOP and WOW. YEAH. ..mongoloid.. ..resemblance millet.. you see, and it suits Www "[Wasshoi]" in "[Yokkorasho]" and changing suits the figure though it says.

The Japanese only has to start the ostracism lap in rivalry with the gangster lap of the United States.
Ostracism is scared than the gangster.

In the Nagao Kalbi, outskirts of of the literary youth can shall not be feeling.
The fellow with a sharp artistic sensibility surely hits Caucasian's wall somewhere of the life.
The painting doesn't see like the famous picture if the model is neither scenery nor Caucasian in the West, and :.
Characters cannot draw a beautiful image even with the literary work in the brain Japanese with short arm short legs.
The Nagao Kalbi pursues a true art without doing it though all such a thing cannot help probably making the Japanese temporize to a commercial principle and appear in the work when it ripens to some degree even if it understands.

As for music, this is the same. With the lock and pop even if it does
In Japanese, it is possible never to never do. Only Japanese lyrics are recorded and any wonderful melody becomes musical of the person of Don Chin. The tune becomes a noise momentarily at the time of entered the ear for the person from whom lyrics of KPOP have an international sense in the enumeration of the strange sound for the Japanese as hearing Japanese lyrics.
However, it can do nothing but fight with the frame named JPOP when the Japanese will draw one's income by music.
It cannot help singing in Japanese, and, after all, I also will do the same thing of course in the frame named JPOP before as the person of Don Chin who was holding it in derision.

Most ..China and South Korea.. if accept the immigrant by Japan it. might not
Fellows in the next country only board it even if the number of Japanese decreases in the falling birthrate.
Japan cannot run away from a plain gene through life.

Is does it sleep and it gotten that the whistle bait is not only in not coming probably only by Japan or South Korea?All over the world.
It is the smallest in the world, and therefore, a man in Japan the best is Lolita complex, and sexual perversion hobby in the world.

Every ..rebuttal.. [naittekoto] ..made.. is not to despair to the figure of the woman in Japan and behavior by a man in Japan how because it is said the lowest vicinity with the yellow satin however.

The woman in Japan is [dana] w of a free, malignant natives who are settling really in Japan.

Southeast Asian people is the person of the [ko-kasoido] system, and becomes only [bikatachi] from India in the west even if the figure is going a cruel and [nasono] farthest is Japan [nawake] w Japanese woman from [natteiku] and going to the east even if it is actually said an Asian woman is not small figure of the lowest level in the world to our regret either.

A Japanese woman must be really deformity it even if the woman is seen in the town after the loess only with the deformity is seen and is becoming it w in this board.

It is surprised ..a lot.. the above local of me ugliness ww.
After it works and the reader model starts though I was local and [meccha] [motemote], there are neatly no 160 centimeters or more and 45K or less in weight is ww none at all.
Even thickish in the model : though it is said from all ..thin.. [ite] because it is 160 centimeter 44 kilos. 。。

A Japanese woman is the outside, is an inside, is an ability, and is sure to lack the sense of beauty really in there is no point good by one as for what.

I understand the thing with a generally poor Japanese figure.
Honesty and my figure is not so beautiful in the Japanese.
Therefore, think not wanting the loss, and do more than the person to the effort only about the intellect.
If externals are bad, and contents are also worse, it is painful and it is shameful.
It seems to have gone to learn the walking being surprised for the walking of me who went out whether my favorite actress was Paris and reflected in the show window.
Though it is not a present actress. With the occupation for externals to worry, it might be more abundant to do a more unbecoming walking [konogurai] in the amateur because it says.
Do you feel the television trivial, and why do not it exist should all more requests of the intellect?
It had been felt admiration that no intellectual one because the interview of [kishikeiko] is read with the magazine the other day.
And, it was impressed by her beauty. [Gensetsuko] is also really beautiful.
An old sense of beauty only has to return. To a man and the woman.
Is it a monkey level of the level now even if the woman in Japan borrows the power of the female hormone, borrows the power of the make-up, borrows the power of the beauty parlor, borrows the power of the orthopedics department, and borrows the power of clothes and shoes that deceive the system?
You may not see the mirror any longer.
It is useless of time and the effort.

When is in Japan
I who was the impact : this that receives discrimination as yellow race in the United States without (Because it is Japanese because it is Japanese not discriminated each other though there is discrimination that the face is bad as life is poor) because it is still deep-rooted ..Caucasian principle..
alive ..the Japanese discrimination of the Japanese...
Skin..color..discriminate..side..man..fact..Japan..provide..good..understand..black..South Korea..North Korea..person..discriminate..side..think..world..go out..yellow..skin colour..discriminate..till then..reason..black..discriminate..good..Korea..people..discriminate..good..say..mind..Japanese..
superiority..from..room..have..make remarks..part..honest..provide..think..yet..actually..J
.provide..notice..still..once..Japan..go out..locale..live..understand..discriminate..what.Are you discriminated?Though the actually feeling has been boiling gradually afterwards ..not coming tightly.. ..true in the [tte] feeling..

Because it is a special word, it is unpleasant ..becoming it.. w also in the world Japanese is w that only a Japanese woman understands saying acceptable love to describe the deformity by the plain face of the Down's disease face then though it might be suitable.

Because it is an absolute requirement in the beautiful woman that Caucasian's blood has mixed, "It is not" deflecting actually : in Europe and America the beautiful woman is to think by everyone of → Japanese who is in Japan.
There is not a word like nonwhite races etc. with which Caucasian's blood has not mixed that should be described either.
The woman in Japan might be smart. → The number of Japan of female researcher is remarkably little even if it sees worldwide.
Female staff's proportion of the U.S., Britain, and Canada assumed to be "Advanced country" 47% in Hungary, 30% in Russia, 22% in China, 15% in France, and in in which it fights bravely in the physics department of the university is unexpectedly few according to the report published in science magazine ‘Science' of the United States with 2?4%. The low rank of the investigated average of 31 countries is very a disastrous scene in Japan below the comma. To be low in Japan the participation rate of the woman was not to have limited it to the world of the science. It doesn't far extend to Northern Europe etc. , and the woman's activity is rare also in the economic world also in the world of politics. The root of the lack of the awareness of the issues because of inconsistent of the sequelae of the history and the education etc. is deep and combined. This current state should be likely to be understood firmly first of all.

However, a Japanese woman is brainwashed when she is a lovely beautiful woman and the victim of a foolish man who keeps paying money is not endless.
If the sense of beauty becomes straight even a little, a foolish man is awake [surunonina].

It of course is ..demand as an easy meat toilet.. [aruttekoto] though the woman in Japan thinks of the interest from [atte] [hakujin;otoko] ..attractive to a Japanese woman.. in lean [terutte].
Because it is not attractive there is meat toilet why demand.
It is it is good from me to the lower rank it when becoming empty if it makes it to a man ..
the character convenient processing...
It is possible to treat like garbage.
The woman doesn't understand such a basic thing.

The book on which it is insisted that the Japanese be the plainest race in the world has gotten into the news.
The author is written what from the experience that has seen the world as * certain ambassador and diplomat.
Repulsion went out of the Japanese naturally, and the author ..ambassador.. became [kubi].
Because other orientals are also the same, it might certainly be exaggerations of the Japanese the most in the world.

"There is a person of any racial [nimo] [bikatachi], and is a plain person. "
This is a typical rebuttal of the intelligent people. It is certainly a just argument.

It is not because of being handsome man and beautiful woman from whom all Caucasians come out in the movie.
There are a lot of plain Caucasians and Caucasian to whom the sense of beauty is missed.
Therefore, it becomes a conclusion that the inferiority complex need not be held.
However, it doesn't become an answer of a fundamental following doubts in this.

Then, if how many people be it, is the level same?
Does not the person who objects feel the inferiority complex?
Is the foreigner looking the Japanese to be a similar level?
Why does the Japanese yearn to Europe and America?
Why does not the Japanese pass in the world easily?
Why have nonwhite races been discriminated?

It is also incontrovertible that the book on the question was a courageous problem institution.
The problem doesn't disappear even if the book and the author are erased.
The fact is cap, and it doesn't exist.
Intelligent peoples do catch as follows and do not learn.
Each other's difference is the invariable one decided being inherited.
It is understood that the conception of improving [datosureba] doesn't come out.
Is the just argument ..grounds.. comforted because it is useless even if grieving?。

Or, do it recognize that it is being improved and is not possible to know.
The dramatic improvement has not occurred actually if it is not invariability either.
After all, the just argument is just a stop of the idea.
Because the special problem institution that brothers had caused was brothers, were you crushed?。
Being said is better , saying that "Yellow ape" from the foreigner. too extreme
It is the same thing if thought so though it is not said.

The inferiority complex is a secret to the end problem.
It is more important how for foreigner's eyes to actually greet from it.
Confidence is not significant if looking seedy on other party's eyes either. the inferiority complex
There should not be disembodied confidence by you. Feeling it the inferiority complex is healthier.

The world is not only an amiable person. Racial discrimination is also obvious and it exists.
It is not as sweet as it escapes from discrimination even if Japan is an advanced large country.
The figure and externals become basic materials that judge the person wherever it goes.
A Japanese spirit theory etc. do not have it is sure to pass.

The figure was to begin with one of the grounds in the superiority consideration to Caucasian's nonwhite races.
It is sensitive to beauty that much, and here should not be careless.

The experience in journalist of certain paper Britain had gotten into the papers.
Caucasian's child has approached when eating with the family in the restaurant.
Then, journalist's son's face was pointed at and it said. To comfort the son later, "..planted.. [-] and strange face" he says that it worried about him.

There is such a story, too.
When the ape in the cage is seen, a certain Japanese is a story in the zoo in Germany.
A man who seems to be the keeper sees him and it has talked to.
"This ape got excited suddenly and began to rage when the Japanese had looked the other day. "
At that time, the meaning was not understood well though it was said.
Did the ape recognize the rival ,in a word, the ape the Japanese when often thinking later?。
It insulted in [yousuru] and it seems to have been insulted by the keeper.

A worldwide star and three [funetoshirou] of Japan were begged and performed to the movie in Europe and America.
He of the war generation tried to raise the image of the Japanese by a strong rivalry.
However, if other Japanese are seedy, it is useless only in his power.
Though it became an example that the Europe and America people yearns for him ..rare [yuu]...

"It is terribly popular when going to the United States" certain female talent said.
There is certainly a plausible theory with a popular Japanese in Europe and America.
However, it has not been proven if not well-grounded.

Should not I think about the certain female talent's experience so?
It is easily caught if it makes it easily because a Japanese woman is yearning to the Europe and America people.
In misunderstanding it though the region of the guess doesn't go out.
If the person concerned is really attractive of course though it might be a real thing.

Now, it became an age where everyone was able to go to foreign countries.
It is the one that it wants you not to lower the image of the Japanese if going.

Do not you think that the world becomes considerably beautiful if China perishes though think?
And, it is an unpleasantness because there are as many as 1.3 billion deformed mongoloids that such a country's it becoming the world's largest large country.

Cancer and that of the earth are yellow monkeys.

[Gaisaru] that covets and carries out resource of the earth though face [shiteru] below excrement
There are 130 million also in an island nation small as for 1.3 billion or more in the continent where the fertility is not odd but is strapping.

The rotted ugliness of the world that has rotted is too abundant.
・・・ Then, it is necessary to lose it.
Man has the right to pursue the thing that becomes happy and to become happy.
However, it is broken off very easily unexpectedly because of a part of rotted ugliness.
・・・It is not an accident.
degenerate..place..degenerate..ugly..rot..place..rot..investigate thoroughly..person..happy..become..harmful..person..provide..person..live..worth..person..do..person..ugly..bad..give birth..obstinacy..bad..ugly..perpetrate evil..world..flatter..weak..ugly..learn..rot..at
one time..correct..justify..evil..rot..ugly..lose.

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I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

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A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

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