Japanese girls are ugly Part 23

Top in Japanese

It is great Argentina, and indeed a country of the beautiful woman in South America 1.

Drinking [ppuri] is ..beautiful woman of the fair hair in Sweden.. indeed different.

Japanese man to whom sense of beauty is awaking because of "Japanese woman ugly like this"

Be not the woman in Brazil must ..Hello.. not pass and bad for the child's schooling.

Genuine Caucasian woman

Pretender's Caucasian woman

The balance of breadth of one's shoulders and the width of the head is good like this.

A typical, Japanese woman is this extent.

The arm is short. Moreover, feeling of quality assumes [bote] [].

It had a hard time though it corrected and it put it most
in the current ‥ When it was a place that became the sponsor of such ugliness,
it is easy to become the sponsor of "Japanese woman ugly like this" ‥.

・・・ Also in photographs, it was interesting highest.

A Japanese woman at prewar days is not or is probably w your may being to admit that it is a standard this and advances greatly when comparing it with it is possible to come [tandakarana] w.

Caucasian, the Japanese, and there is a difference between the angel and the monkey.

After all, it is economy, it is a race, and it exists at the top and bottom.
Composition that male of group that it sees worldwide and it belongs to standpoint on marries surgical knife of group that belongs to standpoint below.
The example of the male of the group that belongs to the standpoint below acquiring the surgical knife of the group that belongs to the over standpoint decreases by all means.
[**ru] establishment height ..Japanese man.. : the woman in Asian nations.
Establishment that a Japanese woman marries the Caucasian man is high because the composition named America and European countries >> Japan exists because a majestic, social position of Japanese >> Asian nations has been established.
A Japanese man is [**ri] as for the woman of the class below, and [**] in a man of the upstairs class. a Japanese woman
It is a story only of it.
This is a complete misunderstanding, and it is a very passive standpoint in a Japanese woman only that a man of the upstairs class was not acquired but it is acquired to the end by a man of the upstairs class.
The marriage to Caucasian : though is a lot of.
And, it never becomes proof that a Japanese woman is in the standpoint above a Japanese man.
A Japanese woman improves to the Caucasian man and it has been improved in the standpoint above by the thing that is [**].
A man improves the woman.
The woman is improved by a man.
A Japanese man and a Japanese woman are only faithfully defending this composition.
Marriage rate with pinktoes in North America.
6%1 and 0 and 2% Philipino South Korean man = Chinese man = man Philipino man = Japanese man =12%17% are fighting comparatively bravely.

I think that I differ as the woman is popular when a man is popular.
When it is really attractive and wonderful for opposite sex when a man is popular.
When the woman is popular, it is object of the sexual desire processing for a man named sex though it is one.
A Japanese woman who opens her groin at once ..woman who is [ya] [rase] at once
basic a man.. is only liked ..the loose point because of its love it...
However, it doesn't have the thing really loved only by being liked in a sexual purpose.
It is not good at things purely compared because receiving by the body purpose like the latter has mixed with a multi amount, too though there is a loess of which a Japanese woman boasts that the foreigner receiving is better than a Japanese man.

The woman in Japan cannot do even it so that it makes an effort and you may not do to shave the man hair.

Frequency in which going into is permitted to sexual intercourse frequency = man of permitted frequency woman ,in a word, [yarichin] > meat toilet in sexual intercourse the number of = woman of a man it
If [fabyo] [rushikanai] Japanese man disgraces himself by one degree even if ..dissatisfied intelligence.. intelligence is noted on ..no squid.. fool the side it, [teka] Japanese woman's point not good is assumed to be to be seem an immediately straight.

If you open the groin even if it is ugly for the woman though saying finishes being easy
Is not the speaking ability praised from a man to the extent that it has a hard time only a variety of doing?
The woman sets it up in the standpoint chosen by all means only if it does.

It is [tokaiukedosa] . from financial strength [gaaru] that it takes notice of a man in Japan.
Ability [daro] of = Japanese man who has financial strength in island nation that there is not resource in such [roku] either.
Is it good ..man who has ability.. to receive it the woman and what.. problem is there?
The child who is born because the beautiful woman and the beautiful woman bring children into the world even if it says where is goodness of efficiency such as [biotoko] and beautiful women for the pinktoes, too.
[Hakujin;otoko] is good-looking without the complaint. Figure of ideal requested by man exactly

Japanese woman
Cancer, wickedness of race, and 159 average of intelligence low , height [rori] figure.
Deformed face. The lowest, worst race named popularity high [i]. Now, because the [janiota] deformity gives birth to the deformity, 90 percent is ugly.

A Japanese man
Intelligence amount. Because a man worked hard worldwide at the evolution of Japan here

It is defeated at Caucasian and black's women when the line of the body is ugly.
Isn't it shameful to woman's habit in an ugly figure?

Even if the history of the tit lottery of the world leaves after it starts by when, the woman in a country not good is ..shamefulness.. [iyona].
..saying.. [wanaikedosa] . where.
The ugly one is neither only a face, a figure nor a head.

A Japanese woman is her feeling w that the merit condensed ugliness
that any [itte] ..it is.. ..terrible.. [iyona] w is peculiar to the advanced country though the merit lives in the advanced country that not is at all though she manages it excluding the figure a Japanese man to become.
A Japanese woman is the worst.
There is no value.
Moreover, the crowd point always why.
A Japanese woman will worst have value also by the character, the intellect, and the face.
Most in the world long life [natokotoka].
I'm sorry it is a minus more.

If she loses a Japanese man, a Japanese woman is certainly equal to the loss of everything.
Only it confronts and even if he loses a Japanese woman, a Japanese man is one point of having lost a Japanese woman.

Japanese woman of brand thing madness ‥
Is even only the one applied to seeing because the merit doesn't exist either gorgeous?

The brand thing is hunted without knowing the standpoint in Europe.
"Per man points how many" is applied to the bought upper bound, and is Japanese women from the shop side who win in abjection while [herahera]ing it though it is held in derision and are being looked down on by Caucasian's clerk because of the bottom of one's hearts so much for putting away.
It is very ugly.
When the figure and the mind are ugly, it is any ..merit.. [ijan] ..it is...
A seedy figure lass moreover gets married and settled down an unbalance with the brand thing not applied only by an affluent old woman in the locale, and is an impression to [shiro] person's
Japanese woman in the thing laughter ..the funny appearance.. further
..done double whammy w "The monkey walks putting on the brand" [tteno].. ..it is ..[ippan].. ..low.....
Your [dayoo] and food of ..reeling.. - carried about with an air of ostentatious pride in one's teens or 20 hurried-year-old position ..purse and bag of brand thing...
Japanese woman's ..ugliness.. [sahabucchigiri]
The race held in derision like this in the world is not a seen thing.
Japanese woman's ugliness
・Brand consciousness
・Care in the under
・I want all to do the same action.
・It makes love to a local man to the point where money is paid in Asia.
・It is a lewd fool by can do [sagesushou] such as Yellow Cabs and loose bitches.
・It is basically stupid.
・[Omanko] is black.
It be only me that feel for the number also of domestic beautiful women to have increased recently?
However, ・・・ In that case, the under really : from the neck in "Only face".
『Welcome to a deformed museum. Body of [**kedamono] not known』It is a charm that from beginning to end in the state.
Originally, there are indeed a lot of Japanese who do not know this though it is the one that says the beautiful woman evaluated including the style.
1000 people in Japan ..extremely rare.. as for the woman of ..long hands and feet.. combining of the head of the length of a small face who affixed it become ratios of about one person in 10000
people not saying preeminently. Let's call the lucky woman blest by this god "Super-beautiful woman". There is not .."This".. lying about except the marvel because it is when becoming the beautiful woman nations such as Northern Europe and Eastern Europe.
I think that it is an out if the chest is [musabochichi] even if the chest is also important, and the face is good in case of a small tall face.
[Musabochichi] will become a considerable negative factor as a woman so that it is described, 'Convict who reduces the meat of the chest and was dropped' and 'Survivor bombarded to the chest'.

There is a Japanese woman who wants to become an American who united the Japanese to American's fault in our company.
"Oh my god" or the said ..becoming it.. chaenomeles speciosa though there is mutually only Japanese. This fellow: the geniality: 0 cold-hearted degrees: 15000 capacities: 0 abilities: 0 arrogance degrees: 999 self-intoxication level: 600 [zuru]: 458lux: It is ugly and an obesity feeling.
A general character: worst Japanese: About 500 junior high school student level low kicks are food [rawashitakunaru].
Are not you in such woman and your surroundings?

What is it?
Though it it is time when is being defeated Japan and a Japanese supporter
A man is prim. animal's doll
Is it feelings [wari] of the cheek to which it thrills though ugliness to which it was angry to swell it reflected by the improvement?
Though it is a point that a lot of Japanese are distorting
A Chinese woman was convinced of this than a Japanese woman though I that a rate and small [kaoritsu] that the style is good are far high had been only in Shanghai twice.
[Bikatachiritsu] of a Chinese woman unusual and the immediate truth of [isurattoshita] and the leg it whose face that is considerably is also smaller than a Japanese woman is absolutely high in Japan.
On the other hand, there was considerably a woman like garbage such as shown [butakao] and small Futoshi [rino] short legs also in Japan.
Oh dear, China is good and beautiful woman multi [i] of the style (Without the population relation) than Japan for women though abused by the Japanese very.
This is because blood is slightly different in Chinese and the Japanese.
It is Chinese of the China Tibet family of languages, and it is Japanese of the agricultural tribe and the crossbreed.
South Korea is referred.
Surely, South Korea woman's foot whose the style is good and bowleg is still fewer than Japan is longer.
As for the South Korea woman, it is still better that there is no fellow alone who is dyeing it to the [unko] color though there are a lot of women who not are with the plastic operation on the face or a Japanese woman and the distinction still.


When it meets the thing, it is surprised by loveliness or more though foreigner's girl is lovely even if she sees in the photograph.
Because the thing is planing ..photograph.. solid, it is ..becoming it.. ..
It is needless to say that the thing is dirtier though a Japanese woman is dirty even if she sees in the photograph.
It is regulations [terukarana] in [unko] of the thing dirtier than the photograph of [unko].

It shall not be a matter of time that having become anti-South Korea all over the world an anti-inside and an anti-day.
It is [rukarana] in the mongoloid ..hegemony in the world.. plainly when it is the state as it is ..the grasp...

However, a serious story and a Japanese man think that the mixed blood advances to a Japanese woman if all the interests are lost.
It is easy to marry South America and the black.

When the method of annihilating the Asian is hit on, it is absolutely Nobel Peace Prize [moraeruhazu].

Do not seem to be said the last means for [ru-za-] by be a Japanese woman in Europe and America.
The Japanese woman getting is easy also even for Caucasian in case of being even if it is homeless.
How much ..Japanese man.. work it not necklaced ..desperate..?
I will work till a late hour from early morning for every day of every day and 40 years or more.
It sleeps besides such a country (Japan).
Housework and, and, child-nurturing [moyaretteka] ?. work in the so much"Only work" roughly becomes it [dondake] [raku] (laugh) it ..the remark as ungrateful...
For whom is the work put?Do you sleep for the wife and the child?
I want an arrogant Japanese woman to understand there well.
Japanese woman's body might be such unattractive in what.
。It seems to think neither idea of a Japanese woman only of becomeing thin like the remembrance of foolishness by one nor [te] becoming an attractive body if it does very at all.

Though Shinkansen is reserved, Tom Cruise gets on with 150 Japanese women, and it touched
Disregard it splendidly touching the face of Tom moreover ..a harlot, narrow eyes, and a creaky ..cheekbone.. bucktooth.. before it meets loved Tom ..the more maintenance...
The master is not saying [tetazo] [niku] toilet the favor but is still [obachan] of Osaka, and, after all, proof the Tom fan.
Japanese's style is basically funny.
Perhaps, even if this is seen from the viewpoint of geographical features named Far Eastern Asia, the mistake is found It is not a duck-butt, and in poverty and no bad race the style in Asia.
No location of usual face in Japan that receives impression that cunning plan and Massey have divided into two extremes if face is saidAs for the next turf in which [nanowo] Massey is thought that it is not necessary to say in the abuse so much when seeing, is commenting saying only in the unpleasantness other than garbage of can the meeting though it cannot be thought anything if only the cunning plan is seen?
However, it is an incontrovertible fact that a Japanese style is bad and is a really regrettable point.

Up to it is ..fat.. lucky to internal organs and [narudakedazo] [shiro] person ..hypodermic fat Japanese pampas grass.. [sa] in [pocchapocha] ..capturing alive.. though it poisons with the European food putting up a Japanese woman and parentheses and the guy of three meals in the European food is good though it is a breathing in Asian originally kind in it with the subcutaneous fat.

Only the cunning plan : [deruyatsu] to the television.
The body of a Japanese woman who saw the stagger when a Japanese woman rises from one's seat and the fall is an old woman the other day in complete.
My acquaintance's Japanese woman walking was laughed at by ..amusement.. [ikara] pinktoes.

It was thought that it had an ill name because a man there was no ladies first spirit, and predominance of man over woman as for me first.
The respect and a Japanese woman neat, womanly, popular in pushing it and [yakanano] have gone to study abroad and will have done very impolite speech and behavior in the case when this [sure] was going to be seen at the time of setting up (A little for two years ahead) as natural.
How bad I am an inclusion Japanese man no satisfactory fellow such as fellows who hang around in the thread of concentrated of Japan lives with such a traitor he!I at the beginning was foolish international student [komikare].
Caucasian had the prejudice that fat person [ru] and the skin were dirty, and the character was rough in all Japanese at once.
(The majority came from the mediation trader. )
Because I had been made to hear it from them like that, too it was convinced that it was correct.
Afterwards, it was thought that the gathering also included also by me and was too childish, and studied desperately.
I came to be going to hear most Americans' chats in as much as one year.
Then, I gradually :.
The Japanese : in the neat. 。。The length might have been actually cheated. It came to think.
However, it is American in [komikarereberu].
It was persuaded to me that it was a story of the Japanese and the American with low level of the small portion.
Afterwards, it incorporated into a hurried university, and it spoke with an American and a British friend.
Then, men who knew I did not have her advised, "Say to ESL, and getting by two cry opinions". It was said that the friend of the South Korean who was sitting was similar when it was dubious and it existed.
American..get tired..change..provide..advice..give.
The experience for years or more of two till then had and he had them realize saying that the truth would be told very much though he also felt anger momentarily.
It feels uncomfortable for a childish woman when it is a junior high school student.
Moreover, AV that the friend had shown kind was not able to be held excluding the unpleasantness.
I have continued to persuade him when it is surely amusing.
However, I think that it awakes at last by the favor.
It fired very much.

It is a postscript.
"If you went to ESL ・・・ If they were two cry opinions and they were Japanese women, it is getting. " It was said, "Originally and the Japanese slept".
The man is thoroughly criticized though the voice flatters high, and strangely (The cause is always a man if there is something) Though it felt odd in the thing (The woman is done an appropriate evaluation to it by the victim and the foreigner of an eternal Asian predominance of man over woman and exists), it has been persuaded to me that this is a complex without patriotism surely when Chinese, the associating Chinese, the South Korean, and the associating South Korean (Play is excluded) are seen.
However, the philosophy changed thanks to this [sure] now. Thank you really really.
E. coli bacteria is lovelier than Japanese women.

The blood in the urine that exists in the urine test cup is lovelier than a Japanese woman.

The wick of the apple that exists in the garbage box is [kawaii] than a Japanese woman.
Green algae are lovelier than Japanese women.

The dust that is attached to the television is [kawaii] than a Japanese woman.

The mold bread is lovelier than a Japanese woman.

The [surudakedayo] character doesn't say that it is bad the pinktoes saying the desire.
It is much easier than it associates with a Japanese woman who doesn't understand about what you think.

For instance, there is an Asian woman not compared unfavorably so much like Michelle Wie as well as the Caucasian woman either, and it doesn't appear in media because it doesn't sell in the spectacle society though there might be a woman of such feeling also in Japan.
If the sense of beauty is straight, annihilation : the current said current state even to the entertainer apart from a general person though must be ameliorable ・・・.
No, even a young man already :.
As for the woman, the number of fellows who do not think that there is fashionable value if not thin has increased.
The fellow whom I knew : in Munich (There is a beautiful woman of Bavaria, too) It severely spoke ill of "Hips are too strapping" of "Have got big breasts so much why".
It was said, "Do not you not want to become thin?" toward a figure beautiful woman from whom even the Japanese was able to remove the balance considerably
It is not an ending story, and popularity might gone out any longer in man of such a type if the entertainer is changed. [Tara] and the weight-loss industry fail, too and I might want to appeal for none of sense of beauty improvements only if becomeing thin though the medicine and apparatus sell because it is) ..can do by everyone.. ..(.. ..removing.. ..no what beautiful posture or the figure everyone obtains.. ..so.. ..missing.. ..popular.. ..putting out...

Because it is a fitness intention, it is ..becoming it.. . one step willingly rather than. diet in Europe and America
Feeling that makes up body of not weight base but externals base.

Because you may improve the problem first imagining an ideal figure in the head in the sense of beauty of a fitness intention, comparing the state of the frame of its and my body, the muscle, and fat, and heading to targets, it feels it.
Anyway, if the body is not imaged first, this approach is absolutely impossible.
When it is Japan, the body side is in the state of annihilation though a concrete, because of there is fully an owner with ideal body in general person's average in Europe and America beautiful body can be imaged.
Therefore, a visual image of the body of the ideal cannot be done.
As for the body, valuing the face because of placing of fat to the face as for a Japanese woman easily it, even the limit should become Ghali.
Therefore, Japanese woman's body is poor.

It makes a mistake though overweight and breathing in are said to Caucasian.
Fat basically attaches only to the belly though there is certain Caucasian a lot of fat person.
Therefore, the face and hands and feet are thin though it grows fat. It is ..[kubire].. clear and is worth ..belly.. [deteruno] even the woman.
However, the whole body [manbennaku] fat adheres when a Japanese woman grows fat.
Arm or leg or face. Therefore, the face changes to Ann bread man, and a woman curve disappears when growing fat for a moment.
Moreover, Japanese woman's subcutaneous fat of the whole body is thick. In seeing fat person no matter how it becomes thin, this subcutaneous fat is a cause.

Because the mongoloid is a cold-weather model, it is ..becoming it.. ..
Fat is the one like the jacket to defend bodying from the cold.
It is easy the most much to understand only has to compare the Japanese with Caucasian's ear.
Japanese ears are thicker than Caucasians. Because this is coated by fat of course.
Massive doesn't change even if this becomes thin.
It is not easy to see ..muscular stripe.. [denikukute] athlete figure even if becomeing thin because the Japanese is whole body [konna] [kanji].

Japanese woman's confidence has increased terribly though it is likely to think because I am an overseas living.
Though it knows what neither possession of you nor to make it to the source of confidence.
Women with a heavy hair have been shooting the aura of be full of confidence for [harebottai] and the body in the showplace etc. of the airport and the sightseeing spot of eyes why (Stand out extra because no one pays attention).
Atmosphere with the sense of incompatibility has been shot.
Women of the living class from former massaged it ..sober...
There is terribly a difference.
A Japanese woman of the settling down class thinks that there are considerably a lot of ugliness though I am an overseas living.
Compared with a Japanese woman in Japan.
It seems to be certain to be modest.

It is an opinion all over the world that the television program, the comedian, and the entertainer in Japan are excrements.
The actress and the actor who comes out : to the drama in Japan with [karetako] and ..hearing.. [aruyonan] seriously to acquaintance's foreigner.
Are handsome man and beautiful woman few though it is not a content of the comedy touch either?Only the comedian seems to see [tte] drinker [irodo].

It characterizes, and the man action is [gaaru] of management [sareterutte] according to [negatei;bitei;] of an Asian cultural area.
Europe and America is a culture that an individual individual pursues pleasure. Asia is not so and a culture that pursues avoiding the unpleasantness.
It is not ..working.. [kunogasukinawake] in another ..Japanese.. [kuttenomo] ..hard.. ..working...
To avoid ostracism, bullying, and [shigoki], [ittedake] ..cannot help working... hard that

And, the point that the [negatei;bitei;] rule is management to the most troublesome point of the Japanese culture by a horizontal relation rather than vertical management of the hierarchical relationship.
As for ostracism and bullying [tteno], the title is done from me it is often done to absorb it most frequently from man of almost the same position as me though it is likely to be done from man in the above.
Case..man..fear..rather than..normally..extremely..amiable..relation..build..case..man..extremely..complexion..look for..composition..become.
To man who is doing happily now if it is necessary to do happily of course on the surface
It comes to have to receive man of the circumference in the mental status like the mass of the distrust that the foot might be scooped when.

In the problem of the Japanese culture, one individual one is always [arutte] point of the behavior of fellows of the circumference in the state of search [terutte] as for the chance of bullying and ostracism.
Bullying for the Japanese is so-called festive occasions and, of course, an entertainment.
Moreover, because [zettai] I am not bullied, it is a self-defense method as long as others are bullied.
Therefore, someone is absolutely bullied. Its whom it becoming : though is a fate situation.

If judging from the public at large, only the esthetic sense especially is said [ro] in succession ..under that.. ..putting out.. though it might be an office in Japan as for relate about the under on clearness. top a creative faction each other
And, the top is the freest though it is thought that any structure is so.
If it gets the job of a creative faction, the one made because a usual esthetic sense is made to use money further by the consumer in Japan understands.
The woman who becomes desperate by the beauty board doesn't understand it.
When it doesn't become a made side, the fashion is not significant.

I am correct ..walking.. and ..Japan.. ..life level.. low. lived in Southeast Asia
Guys in Southeast Asia do not work Japanese 1/3 either. It is OK even if it works and it takes a rest because of the date.

Here is not mere Caucasian worship.
It is gang [chigau] . to evaluate a black and Southeast Asian people high.
If it is free Caucasian complex [noakira], a black and Southeast Asian people are ..being sure to speak ill.. [karana] ..

I was good at the policy by the favor with this [sure].
At least, only the woman who has the rule desire that style badness or wax is dumb will even have it not approach though it might be ugly.
Because the guy who understands from the loess with the woman is too awful, it is [na].

Is how to sing the singer enka and is the furnace nothing but though only JPOP in the 80's or the desire is dance music?
Japanese beauty is the same. Contents are enka though it aims at the Europe and America style.

You should do if ameliorable even a little though it is certain that the Japanese who might not point out that Japanese posture and the walking are amusing is plain everyone excluding the net in what.
The international student (man) was embarrassed. 「Do not you marry the Japanese?What does a Japanese woman think?」When it is persistently asked. The favor is ..limit.. [ranmonna]. the woman in the country of that favor = the culture of the countryA Japanese woman is too coming of such [gotoki] to [**]. It ended very if said that a Japanese woman was clearly unpleasant.

It becomes [kuto] [**] ..United States.. taking.
The desire of sleep [nato] and the Japanese even if filled with the multi [ishi] Caucasian group that puts it out with yawp Japanese [onnamiru] for the affray are [temo] of how many ..style bad squid.. ..suiting.. [**] to the discrimination looking triumphant only to the desire even if going in the restaurant ..[wanaishi] [**] it...
Latin and Caucasian's supporter do [mi] in the World Cup and it has become ..dripping.. [**].
Is a Japanese woman such why dirty?

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I am a person who manage this site which is very famous and popular in Japan "Japanese girls are ugly ". (6 years history!)

But I can not publish my site in Japan by reason of "Anti-Japan" and "Offend public order and morals" though I want to be my site being made a book.

Could you help me that puts out my opinion
to the world?

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