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Japanese Miss candidate

Japanese Miss candidate W

The fellow who can erect by this is the happiest in the world.

A Japanese woman is entrance into a kindergarten [sasenaitona] in the zoo.
Neither figure of a Japanese woman for me from whom living and seeing [te] Caucasian woman's figure and gesture France become daily to come in the tour and to hunt the brand nor the ugliness of the gesture bears to see.

The east Asian is human race's failure work.
We are very ugly races because the westerner, Arab, and the Latin person are usual frame standards are understood.

The sleep of the high school student who ..round.. is waiting ..a lot.. [na] like ..back.. elderly person ..the reason for that is that the muscle is weak...
[Ketsu] is miserable woman multi certainly [i].
Muscle shortage obviously.
A Japanese woman likes faces better than pinktoeses.
There are a lot of [ketsu] clumsiness though the foot may be a little short.
I want to tell it that the hip must improve more.

It goes up a little though it is because of the frame if the [ketsu] muscle is strengthened.

It is necessary to shed weight from getting the short of the arm to danger of the person with a short arm when growing fat be emphasized.
As for a short arm, even if it becomes in the kokeshi doll style and the face deca is emphasized, it is still better.

No ..[tenaitteno].. [barebare] [dayona] true mercy. do anything by the woman in Japan
You should forge moderately.
The body made from the protein is still Massey than the body made from the cake and the cake.

Today's conclusion
Asia..extremely..think..Japan..woman.The low rank in Asia though it is needless to say not to match the Caucasian woman. It can know the degree of the body, and it is a misunderstanding Japan woman.

In what so ..[ashifuto] [iyatsu] and the pizza.. such a lot of women are there on short legs?
There seem to be a lot of fellows who are doing the church to the [hakujin;otoko] aim by a Japanese woman.
Of course, though it is 0 like the faith etc.
It is doubtful though sees considerably ..putting on it to foreigner [sugo] ..saying.. ..suiting.. [gurasan] in [uyone] [nichi] person in question like bicycle player's pointed hole opening helmet.. ..what it is.. … Short [kute] under the knee.
Then, it is natural that a Japanese woman is plain and a man who is born and the woman are plain.
The blog is "Japanese female criticism has convinced that it is beautiful though it is obviously ugly why" site and [yo;].
I was surprised at bride's poor style though it went out to friend's wedding the other day.
The dress is not suited. It is not likely to have narrow shoulders though might be be short hands and feet.

Because breadth of shoulders is a little wide, the Caucasian woman understands the ruggedness of the line of the body well.
Because a Japanese woman has narrow shoulders however and the trunk is not very thin, either it is ..line.. ..understanding.. [ranaindayona] at all.
Plane already. A Japanese woman also must not be only a face and have the ruggedness also by the body.
Whether why the wedding is seen and abnormal relations of the Japanese to dieting have been understood.
Is it because it is not easy to look had relative because it has narrow shoulders?
After all, the Japanese should put on the kimono. An old Japanese has understood its fault well.
A Japanese woman today misunderstands it too much.

Though it has the memory of seeing with [sure] of the overseas entertainer board
When the band Europe or somewhere came to Japan, there seems to have been a member who saw gathered a Japanese woman fans and muttered the thing like "Even if ugliness dressed up, we do not have the meaning". It what band and [takke].

An unexpected short legs [chibidebusu] woman is miniskirt black boots and the hee-haw laughter is a pithecanthrope type that beats cymbals. The [musabochichi] tank top is a boy very thing.
The [kimogarihyorobusudeka] [touonna] person in question is a mere actually crab though he or she might be a model.
It is an overseas super-model that it is picturesque in Ghali Ghali.

Even if it is beautiful, it is [kyoku] ..on the verge.. and the very infant system and the duck should be not able .."Only face".. to call the leg a beautiful woman from the neck stocky ..the under...
I think that saying as the assumption to long hands and feet as a small face is the absolute requirements as variety of the type of the face if it is personally said the beautiful woman though it might be a little rough.
However, I almost think the [hakkiri] to be absurd because I say at that time of annihilation w when this condition is pointed at a Japanese woman. It is good, and also in running away to "[Kawaii] system" of the infant figure oppositely, it is only common sense of 1/60 and exists. It doesn't pass in the world.

It made additional prints we of Japanese classes for a long time in old times and "Friend" made additional prints of the friend photograph that had been taken with foreigner [nisa] , men who called.
Though the photograph sticking with which the [demosa] , foreigner's locker is decorated and it kicks and the photograph was pasted to the place like the board

、We Japanese reflect and it tears it up into the [terutokodake] splendor.

Seeing was shock. pasted it

It dindles to the shoulder in everyone though it is a photograph where the hand is moved ..us.. ..Asian [notokodake]...

Other photographs moreover are a sexy pinktoeses, and are a cool surfer foreigner man it or such full photograph ..sorrow.. [kattana].
There are a lot of eyes of the [kamaboko] type of a Japanese girl. East [a;mimitaina] of time.
The head of the eye is cut and [te], and ..coming into view.. corner of the eye meat regard the square system dripping the foreigner.

Acquaintance's foreigner a man and [ikemen] Japanese : at dye hair [shiteta] though did not say to what.
A man with whom it filled one's mouth how much it may be of the comedian face is honest and [oi] w foreigner is honest at dye hair [shitekita]. will have said "Oh my god. Horrible"。。It is not [tsuu;ka], and not valuing of the face.

When having gone to study to the United States last year, [hakujin;otoko] of the class seemed to like and had approached the animated cartoon of Japan or the game at random.
When having become [de] and a small talk, my elder sister was a French teacher, and "You may show the photograph of the French woman and a Swedish woman" had been said when speaking where it was common to the elder sister and me, acquainted, and the French woman and a Swedish woman existed through it was done.
Nothing ..through [shitete].. had been heard though Japanese woman's friend's photograph was in the album, too. 。。
Will ugliness been understood?Please look in the hilt and the photograph.

When it seems to be Korean people, it is [datosamoudamepo] Japanese descent orz that the sizes of eyes are the smallest in anthropology.
A child who was the loveliest was a child of the half with Caucasian, and it was only [maji] and [kusajoshi] at the high school excluding [tanasore].
..can do the wall that cannot be exceeded here only by putting the gene of only the first generation Caucasian..
If special [a] and the diplomatic relation come to a rupture ahead of that, and it doesn't stop the mixed blood with special [a].
Become single, become [kkakunaruwa] and on a roll [peri] by the face, become [chinko] nine CM, and with ..scamp furnace.. ..digging.. [n].

30 becomes elder sisters of youthful atmosphere even if it exceeds it and has become aunts of parentheses [sasetara] [**] where it settles down indefinitely clothes putting on [terunayo] like the punk kid and the Toshi corresponding.
There was not worth of the age either, and youthful of the elder sister noticed and became sad with parentheses [shiteruseida] like the punk kid.
..piling up.. [-] or guy multi passing of parentheses that cannot read air

743 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/05/30 (Tuesday) 19:57:52
【5/16 broadcasting 】Is the partner a foreigner?Woman's marriage economics. careerCareer woman that hope for the mixed-race marriage increase rapidly.
A woman of a high academic background and the fat income in one's thirties pours in to the computer matching service on marriage company that introduces the foreigner.
It is an economical situation that it is in the background over a present career woman. Annual Report on the National Life is provisionally calculated to lose lifelong wages of 200 million yen or more when the woman retires by the marriage and birth in Japan.
The woman who requests the mixed-race marriage hopes for the foreigner man with high possibility of equally admitting the career to the partner.
Moreover, Japanese man's marriage seeing also influences the career woman's marriage.
In the program, it thinks about Japanese economy in the future and the ideal way of the society while analyzing an economical situation etc. over the career woman.
・It thinks about → diseased Ghali to the pinktoes a lot fat person. Fat person's standard is amusing. Rice, Britain, and Australia chiefly
・Rice, Britain, and Australia still image it though the pinktoes is ....body odor tightness.. →.. true to some degree.
・If you ..foreign countries.. take it if a Japanese woman is unpleasant so much.  → Effort abandonment
・After all, even saying is ? ..association with a Japanese woman...  → Confusion
・Chong and → mere hoot such as Japan live
・It wishes furnace selfish → that calms down to be assumed so taking notice of the pinktoes anyway, that is, want it.
・Do though it is thought that the pinktoes is beautiful? → I want only to object.
・As for the pinktoes, the skin is dirty and ignorant → is exposed.
The body ..the object of the dislike it.. weak are hate figures like a Japanese in foreign countries. fellows with yucky body

The United States evaluated including the body aesthetic standard is correct.

The reed doesn't go up when walking. It drags it.

Because it is not possible to meet in Japan of ..reeling.. [-] though beautiful women of a preeminent style massage if it goes out to the town if it goes to Caucasian's country ..walking considerably... (^^') ..only walking trudging... the taking the shape thing of ..yucky.. [iunko] color hair
If economy doesn't develop, Japan is a green caterpillar treatment with Japanese female [hamaji] and [tadarona].
The woman in Japan is incapacity in incapacity.
It is value only that Japan where a man in Japan exists was born.

A Japanese woman spoils even the culture of Japan.
Only it is an artist like [jani-zu] that a Japanese woman assists in or a fuck-shit, etc. yucky and a Japanese woman really useless living thing. shall not
939: none (temporary) slim: 2006/05/31 (Wednesday) The artist like the [jani-zu] and a fuck-shit at 16:03:37, etc. is Japanese man.
You must be relieved because of it or less.

940: none (temporary) slim: 2006/05/31 (Wednesday) Well if a Japanese woman at 16:04:37 doesn't assist, [nda] ..[rudaro] of needs or disappearing what.. ..saying...

Of course, the foreign language is skilled, and do not work to reply and do not cause [gotoi] that can ..foreigner man.. come a sarcastic ..cold-hearted [hameccha] it.. remark and be taken with bullying to the guest of mail without dripping and existing when you exchange the colleague and mail a woman it Japanese of the acquaintance, and there is a person who grew up in the foreign country for a long time, and. When they were things other than work, "It is miserable" seems to have been said.
It seems to have come to me as some ..fair hair blue eyes.. mails to the girl of a so-called beautiful woman of the model style makes a mistake by the colleague, and be not the expression terrible, the thing like sarcasm or how to talk in software not used at all, and along differing too much too much of the treatment with me though it is a thing for work ..shocking.. one day.

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welcome to "Japanese-Girls-are-Ugly website" . this is the place for ppl with passion for the UGLY TRUTH about Japanese Girls.

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even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

however, It has a rough going to translate my site into English, French, and Spanish becouse of my low language ability.

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I am a person who manage this site which is very famous and popular in Japan "Japanese girls are ugly ". (6 years history!)

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