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The documentary program concerning the marriage of a foreigner man and a
Japanese woman was seen with NHK or something it was years how many ago. It is
possible to laugh at the content though the speculation of the marriage of
both parties was drawn. I hear that it has gone out to the program, and the
more helpless, the ..[busaiku].. more unpleasant "Self-styled career" Japanese
woman is the bind of the requested obedience, the geniality, and housework and
the child care, etc. of a Japanese man. When the number of women who request
the marriage to the foreigner man who doesn't request this has increased. On
the other hand, when you request the one that the American woman doesn't have
as a domestic place where the [iwairu] communication from mind to mind works
neither the image nor the self-insistence are done when the female image
requested from a Japanese woman is asked to a certain American man though the
number also of cases where the foreigner man marries a Japanese woman has
increased. The insinuation feeling to Japanese woman's delusion was [ariari]
though ..the foreigner.. exactly became public w of the request of the female
image and not commented when the female image that www Japanese man requested
unpleasantly sidled up to the foreigner man. worked unpleasant and sarcastic

To [****] newspaper serial 'Happy palette' and (7) "Antenna" foreign
countries … 2003.4.10 The visit to America also : because of *
meeting with a view to marriage.

When growing dark last year, woman (31) who worked in the relative
enterprise in Tokyo and Koto Ward registered to the matrimonial
agency that received meeting the foreigner man etc.

「The alumnus who works in the foreign company『The man in Europe and America
has the capacity and adjusts the home. to the firstThe Japanese is not valued
even if marrying by the live only for one's work. 』It is from spoken what. "

The elementary school graduated from a private university of lifting.
Afterwards, "Carefree lives" that leaves on an overseas trip while working
part-time has been sent.
Father who had managed the company died suddenly several years ago.
「It quieted down suddenly in the house. It came to want to marry early when imagining that
it was spent that I turned 50 and 60 years old only by one person. 」

It speaks by a hair to curl goods good [ku], the polite wording, and
bland manner.
It is ..".. important how much to be done to me ..the man...
A Japanese man who had attached up to now each other was not satisfactory.
In the office of the relative enterprise, it joined because there was not
meeting the Europe and America man. "

Woman (36) of the Music musician who has the United States stay experience for
several years is one of the members. It visited America and it met several men
with a view to marriage the other day.
「The woman mentions current topics, and there are a lot of people of a Japanese
man who pull it by one step. The idea is fixed, and it is not suitable for my
sense of values. 」It says.

"Meet the executive of Europe and America" is sung. The number of
those who join the marriage consultation company that mediates the
mixed-race marriage has increased.
A Japanese woman who married the man of rice and a British census
register in 2000 occupies about 1/4 of the Japanese women who marry in
ternationally by about 1700 people (Ministry of Health, Labour and
Welfare melody). 600?800 person during year joins the consultation
companies in Tokyo and Minami-Aoyama. It is said that it will make a
passage because about 80 percent of the woman who has the majority
meets a foreigner and a Japanese man of an overseas living with a
view to marriage.

Representative [nao**] Naruse ..".. : to the foreigner man who hopes for a
graceful Japanese woman and the man of an overseas living.
It is spoken, It is a purpose to introduce an independent Japanese woman".

The weekly magazine somewhere must not report on the realities of the
singles service of this hand a long time ago. The side of [hakujin;otoko]
only requests easy [sefure] while the woman in Japan is [giragira]ing it in
a frenzy. A Japanese woman is of course [ya] [ri], [**], and [nisarete] end.
The application for a Japanese woman who still dreams the marriage to elite
[hakujin;otoko] is w ..not ending...

Is a man in Japan does limit Hey to the woman who says and [obahan]
of 30 passing?Is it an end did not take notice still by a man in
Japan?W ..pitiful..

The bowleg is Japanese woman's defense instinct.
Is it lovely that the bowleg that the neck becomes long fast so that
the giraffe may also eat [kusa] on the tree shows it to Japanese
woman's defense instinct inside of the thigh?It is curved while

[Umu] ・・・ Do it relate to sitting straight duck seat [rito] and do not it seem it?..
becoming it.. . because it variously sits on the mat. JapanMoreover, it will
inadvertently have continued until losing a war until recently.

During one's life, a Japanese woman of Yukio Mishima to our regret.
remark..variously..remain.A terrible back seemed low, typical
Japanese pink and feeling that the face of Mishima had a cramp though
there was a wedding picture with the wife.

[Ro] it relates to stinky of the mouth by Japan there are such a lot
of women who become so that the mouth may be opened half and come and
breathe the mouth, too and it so

It is not a princess peach and it comes for ..Japanese woman..
[detekitara] controller to want to throw out after Super Mario is

Norse female Hannah [subetensen] (28) is a research student of The University of Tokyo
graduate school. It came because it had been interested in Japanese woman's marriage seeing
six years ago.
「It is likely not to marry why. Everyone tells it the story of an economical condition. Is not
the marriage used to gain a painful always together person and child, and to live lively
(2005 'The last choices to escape and population decrease that it challenges falling birthrate'
Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc.)Norse woman's eyes seem to greet strangely at the helminth that
crowds Japanese woman's Kane.

What is a Japanese woman ?w though are ugliness, helminth, character badness,
and triple time [soro]?

The woman from acquaintance's Slovakia is same thing remark [tteta] ..
be said. for 400 dollars a month on the [kano] ground can the living
happiness four familiesOf course, the married couple working in
double harness is a natural society. She is [tteita] ..mysterious.. ,
saying that "Does not the marriage do the purpose is ..the happy
living all.. though the woman in Japan always worries about the
financial strength of the marriage partner?". When it explained the
helminth spirit that hangs in Japanese woman's man as the reason, it
was an amazed face , saying that "It is not possible to understand".

It is causes in Japan that the beautiful woman is too few. I think
that I make it to the Ann bread man green caterpillar every year.

Hungary of NHK when it was in a radio broadcast?The woman in [dattaka] Eastern Europe was
"It is not thought that it is without noticing the living in the spirit and the country
with the wonderful culture that can be boasted for Japanese men by it not favorite in a
wonderful country. " , saying that "And, responsible is felt in the above all diligence
compared with the company and the family". The..opinion..radio..perform..Japanese..woman..
become..Japan..man..think about family..satisfactory..massage..provide..Japan..man..at the
[Hanadai] that says, The vintage year divorce increases because of "". On the other hand,
an Eastern European woman :. 「Isn't only passing your love having established the nation
in the second place in the world with burnt ruins though said by you that there is no
expression of one's love? the family of the salary it not is a Japanese man say ..what..A
Japanese man is not only good at saying I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU. 」
" is said and [mashita] .. A Japanese woman develops the paranoid of the Tajima proton
denunciation that raises dependence and the overreliance of "There is discrimination
against women in the company etc." etc. and the Japanese woman forte to a man to the shelf
with this remark, objects hysterically, and is [mashita] .. An Eastern European woman who
heard it was was about to say that the woman in Japan was childishness and an amazed tone.

Unfaltering and a Hungarian female knowing [teruyona] by intuition ..
this.., wisdom might be able to be said by on a roll ..so.. the
understanding of the past, the future, and present.

If today doesn't go well because it understands only today, the woman
in Japan today becomes [boroboro].

[Femi] to which the fabrication of the history of the Chong losing is
called out on the television is a good example. In the guys'
disturbed guy insistences, is an every time familiar paranoid
yellowtail of "Cracker who likes assailant who suppresses man = woman,
incarnation of evil, and war" the fanaticism cult?

Man [tteno] is originally the one it marries the woman who doesn't
have the charm to carry out the single through life.

A single rate was 10 life % of Europe and America for a long time. Plainness or the
poor person was naturally weeded out in a word. Hereafter, the selection of the name
of the competitive world in the under will start also in Japan. Plainness cannot
leave offspring and is w in you where it is gone, and tall [ikemen] remains like
Europe and America so.

Because the competition comes out, ..[busaiku].. [onna] is often
played and thought by me becoming.

The influence of the house system strongly remains it is in the
country. Fat legs do not fail to get the marriage no matter how it is
ugly in such a place though it might be a bowleg either. Being able
to have the child with the Japanese is maximum point and because the
figure is not asked, ..becoming it.. .. A man will throw away all the
satisfactions to beauty for the purpose of continuing the house.

Only [busaiku] gives birth to a lot of children. Mother of the large
family who comes out is [aruka] in the television who was the
beautiful woman ..the trial...

The chance of [busaiku] to leave offspring is few. The strategy of
[busaiku] is [yona] that is east and west "The groin is made loose
and the chance is increased" of now and then. Because the hit is bad
because the child who is born is [busaiku] naturally, too, it is
necessary to increase the probability of hitting in increasing the

The beautiful woman is single [tsuranu] [kuyona] until a man who balances me
shows up. Is even the entertainer beautiful woman [inaika] like the single?It
becomes impossible for the child to make by receiving it at the change of
life. The figure of Japan is not improved at any cost. w that DQN of
fertility of falling birthrate vigorous survives

I think that I increased up to 100 million excess in a cruel figure
because of the shut island nation. Because the selection by the
competition for the figure advances if Japan is a nation at the
position for each Turkey, man's of the appearance of the Chong
grounder id possibilities that were fewer are high.

Though it is an impression that the number of ugliness becomes a lot
of nations that are in the most in the world in China by a bind,
Chinese pure blood principle of house system, and mongoloid fertility

365 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/09/14 (Thursday) 11:16:57 and [ratada] Caucasian complex
[nadakedayo] of you. Satisfy it with the Japanese though it will have become Caucasian
because it is Japanese. The Japanese doesn't have ..throwing away.. massage when seeing
well either. Love Japanese woman even about no goodness ..foreigner's seeing.. because
only the Japanese is seen without judging it from foreigner's standard. It comes to seem
to be ugly up to now by becoming. massaged it also by a Japanese woman who thought ..good..
This is a kind of brainwash. You : though it is being brainwashed by Caucasian.

It is a furnace that thinks that it is thought Caucasian, a black,
and a yellow person evenly, and the beautiful one is beautiful that
calms down in the brainwash. When a Japanese woman who thought comes
to seem to be also good when it is sooner or later ugly if it keeps
telling it to satisfy it and, it is brainwash [daro] to say. look
only at a yellow person

By the way, webshots is considerably interesting. It is a kind of
consideration terrorism. Up to now, the Japanese has tried to manage
to turn his eyes away from the fact that is [busaiku] to the Japanese
(It doesn't limit to the woman and a man also :) , saying that "It is
natural that Caucasian who appears to the television or the movie is
beautiful". Because it was unexpectedly effective for domestic use
though the Japanese who had an overseas experience knew such [noha] a
lie of course. However, everyone came to be able to see a general
person in the foreign country in webshots. The kind of sophistry is
losing the persuasive power at a dash.

To greatly quite different of a Japanese standard and the global
standard neatlyThere is room where a Japanese standard can still be
improved if it takes a measure after it notices. How to choose
posture or the walking or the dress is the barrel one. It is not a
transition stage now. Is it the cruellest after Japanese clothes is
thrown away?

It is a minus that a Japanese figure is bad for the Japanese. It
doesn't see with the lid (current way), and a poor point shall not
see the reality and makes an effort to mend or be person in question'
s idea situation in the smell one as for it.

The sense of beauty doesn't change if it doesn't come to be able
frequently to witness the foreigner and the half in the town usually
probably as a real problem. It is not straw in Tokyo at all if it
sees in the entire Japan because it is only a mongoloid after 30
another years either.

Parts of the face : the Japanese.
Because it is small and digging is shallow
The expression is scarce.

Public nuisance [suru] is exactly abnormal in the high school girl in Japan.

\ (^o^) ..flagrant delict arrest [owata]../in [chikan] this the [**kusa]

It seems to lose the sense of balance still when is in Japan ・・・.

The foot ..[kuso].. is seen, "Long slender [te] foot" though is short,
and I think, "It is ..style.. good" though it is stumpy.

The fellow who believes it is doing these kind of things to dialog
[ha] by which the Swedish says please only because it says by the
favorite Vietnam saying of the Japanese and weirdy straw [n] sense
though it is.

The people how many were ..beautiful woman.. unrelated and it
massaged it ..attractive... It seems that the problem is a ratio of
ugliness to which eyes are not applied. Japan is density Takasugi.

Chong is [indayona] ..ugliness.. ..stinky... When the Japanese also
says by genetics, I want to absorb it in Chong ..be not near...

A Japanese woman smells, too.

I also do easily very in case of the pinktoes and child [tsukuchatta] of the
emergency ‥. It is [yararechauyona] in an ugly Japanese when leaving it in
the Japanese Islands. Make them go to study to foreign countries or if you
cannot not do ..living loincloth [te].. Japanese to bride's parents' family ^^;

When a Japanese figure is beautiful, it is [naruzu] in the race of ..
saying.. [ukotonaidaro] or more [sai]. It is more excellent than the

The mongoloid was made deformed because of still enduring severe [kuso] like Siberia for a long time and having lived. shall notMight not accomplished "Going mad evolution" by the gene because put the body on be a too severe environment by it. Roughly, will you have lived in Siberia that seemed that it was much colder than the present age in primitive times it?It is not a rumor of consciousness and a mongoloid ancestor such as [tandayo] [ore] : ..doing... It did not go out always too much ..[tteiu] under the freezing point and [koja].. on the outside, it hunted efficiently, and it is likely to have stayed indoors in the cave. The body beauty is [kamona] . of fall [chatta] like the fall of physical strength because of that, and proportion to it, etc.Whenever you pass the generation

You wisdom [tteru] ???wwwwwwTherefore ..small.. ..wwwwwww.., the woman in Japan
that does the ballet is wwww in wwww Russia's ..the leakage of the complex to the
size of the face... all terrible faces the person who is doing the ballet seem
not to be able to go professional when there are 20cm or more head length the
ballerina in Russia

Because woman in Japan really licks thing and star in foreign country
and pride [monaiyona] as Japanese is licked only in no ugliness as
for favor [dayona]

Is a Japanese woman such caught to the false promise of marriage why?
After all, do because it is foolish?

1.The man who pulls it reads ・・・・ my like favor ahead, it is possible to be amused, and it is natural. 2.Man who doesn't hear what man ・・・・・・・ I that container is small say. 3.Compromise toward the conclusion of ・・・・・・・ me who talked, and, however, it decided it by two people. 4.Privacy ・・・ The one that not is only when I see his carrying. 5.It is not what only I bear at the time that is with him when I will be playing very much in housework ・・・・・・・・・・・・・ daytime. 6.Work ・・・・・・・・ man should do absolutely. The woman may make by you for your something to live for, and if she doesn't want to do, need not do. 7.Divorce ・・・・・・・・ woman is affability [tsukashitara], and compensation money [morattesurumono] in the other party. Compensation money [hara] is done in case of affability ..man.. ..other party.. [tsukashita]. 8.Expenses of bringing up children are taken though it lives though the other party dies when expenses of bringing up children ・・・・・・・ woman takes a boy in charge. Not paying is natural when opposite. 9.Oedipus complex ‥ The one that is called that man is dutiful to his parents. As it is dutiful to parents in case of woman.
10.Hobby ・・・・・・・ man's hobby is foolish. My polish can be done by woman's having a
lot of hobbies.
11.It is outrageous that the man buys the house for house ・・・・・・・・・
premarital. The house that the woman bought for premarital is lent to
the person and the rent : to the pocket money.
12.The one that only insurance ・・・・・・・・ man is borne responsibility and
put for family. You should die if it is after the digit whether it is
insurance when.
13.Name..call..immediately..divorce.Man → woman is either "You" or "You". Female → man
is "You" and "You" OK. The basis is expressed, "Man" and "Woman".
14.It is the one that is for housewife ・・・・・・・ woman who doesn't want to work and the person who cannot find employment. The man who fails to get because of that must not use woman's housewife's privilege though the woman may advance to the male-dominated society.

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