Japanese girls are ugly Part 65

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Beautiful nude

Nude not beautiful

Lovely in order in the golden ratio, loveliness is had both and
I think that I say, "It is lovely" such a face.
Japan..collapse..ugly..lovely..use..for a moment..meaning..expand..

It camps about rain that exists seeing so only in praying for rain when it is a
Japanese woman.

Is it time when it has approached by time when a Japanese girl has
approached and the Caucasian girl and is there a difference when
animal's brain wave is examined?

May the Japanese participate?

Caucasian becomes Ka as for the group photo though ugliness has mixed here and
there, too.

It understands the foot has man's foot straight only by Caucasian and
black's general person and this photographs though it is painful. It
doesn't go so if it is Japanese woman's group photo.

By the way, the group photo of the Far Eastern mongoloid.

Maybe, this extent is sure to feel astonishment for a thing [mitara] solid

This is true [erokawaii].

It was a contribution from the reader with "If his face was kicked by this
child, ejaculate".

Child?Nevertheless, this [ketsu] already. It [manko]s and it gets busted about this
child when touching.

Are this people halves because the manager is an old photograph without seeing or is
seeming an old Japanese woman it Japanese women of genuine or it doesn't exist from
the amount ・・・ Please explain a person well informed.
However, the bowleg was not adopted for an old model.

Do though it seems to be a Japanese woman at the great antiquity though seen the half very
much?Will it be a Japanese really woman?

Japanese woman in 1942 reference

Japanese woman in 1961 reference (However, it is uncertain whether the woman in the
right is Caucasian she or a Japanese woman).

Immigrants other than Caucasian must not come.
【 falling birthrate 】Immigration issue synthesis [sure]【 making to
multiracial 】http://money4.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/seiji/1124382086/

[Korya] because it turns to a life of crime domestically if man in
China and South Korea is too put ..useless...

Only the fuck-shit of the public assistance and the crime purpose is
current states. come to the country that planned it might open the
door to the result and the immigrant and come by top-class personnel

The daylight policy of not becoming it is necessary for a white Australian

I must feel the wall of the gene. And, get it over.

20 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/09/08 (Friday) At 14:45:47 Http://
For such only it is on a roll and it Caucasian will seemWhen it is an
access from Japan when reserving it on the net, it seems to become it
so that there is a vacant seat when it is an access from the
Caucasian country by the overcapacity treatment.

22: None (temporary) slim: 2006/09/08 (Friday) 14:52:22
When it is an access from Japan with HP of the upscale brand name, it
is [gachi] not to be able to see discount information. The Japanese
seems to buy it unjustified and high.
(From the manager: It true? This is awful. )

The culture of Japan is ..terrible.. [iyona].
An ugly figure has been neatly concealed with the kimono. Woman's
picture has been replaced with the sign thus without drawing in

It might be ..Japanese.. fashionable to seem not to do anything
though a neatly ugly part can be concealed because it becomes doing
funny if it does when it is a Japanese figure.

Being able to conceal an ugly part is ..whole body [kaku].. having..
[ze] when saying. I think that there is considerably [tte] case, too.
[Yona] whose it is Japanese figure as reality. Japanese clothes can
make the whole body almost hidden oneself.

The furnace that calms down. a Japanese woman turn over and can ....
something [tteno].. [zen].. understand by the bodyBecause exposure
[surebasore] becomes [**] * exposure, a usual Japanese woman : my

I want only the low degree at woman's level like angry waves of Japan somehow
or other in [maji].

Matter face has collapsed and without profile. This is quite
difficult problem [dayona]. It is painted out by a traditional
technique doing without ..painting out the face with the face powder
and the understanding of the prototype.. applying the shadow as shown
to the current way three-dimensional because it is succeeded now
(Except the tanned face of the [negapoji] reversal). Is not [houga]
suitable? do as ..plane.. plane after all because of ..this way..
passing only of the front about old times ..painting out..

Though ox-eyed is so unrelated because it is shape and E line of the
head that decides the profile. But..ox-eyed..type..Japanese..Jomon..
blood..thick..in that sense..profile..straight..person..a lot of.

From ox-eyed to not carving first of all because of there is pattern that
becomes goggle-eyed money when only eyes are big though face is monotonous,
tooIt is loveliness of small animals or the clown, and I think only that
you should understand of the vector opposite to beauty though there might
be a fellow who starts to say as goggle-eyed money is lovely, too.

The Asian thinks that it bred often so much though it is ugly.

A true nymph already : even by about ten years old. Do not you think that it
has an adult charm?And, it is and loveliness who seems to be the child

It is ..walking.. [kunoga] [**] in this season and the weekend as for the town.
Japanese woman with low figure level. Guys expose limbs covered with the faults
hard and stalk. It jumps into view as if this the appearance. The party doesn't
notice it is a trouble act that it is extremely unpleasant at all. In addition, it
is Japanese woman's intense self-consciousness to diseased that offend the nerve.
The one that seeming is valley (?) of poor milk momentarily at the time of pass
each other while exposing [musabochichi] with a man also by everyone and this
fellow is hidden under a cover with the hand. When a man approaches, seedy [ketsu]
is guarded panicking in the hand and the bag. Who on earth touches its body that
coming are ugly?It is too ridiculous, and in childish behavior, there not amazed
because anger is passed. Scamp self-conceit a Japanese woman. There is not [kakera]
of amorousness like your foolish infant figures etc. either. The Caucasian woman
is imitated indiscriminately halfway, and the spectacle that shows off self-styled
"Sexy body" is yucky and not the seen one. It asks and stop it, please. The
Caucasian woman and Latin women in the head of the house source are exactly sexy
when going there. It encountered the beautiful woman of the fair hair who woke up
eyes when having walked in a Tokyo certain place the other day. The beautiful
woman who comes out ..not voluptuous.. dashingly walks to playboy's gravure
putting on a bold camisole. A sense of existence of existence of Japanese woman
who exposed her surrounding skin etc. putting it out remarkable. Such a thing was
not heeded naturally at all, the valley of ripe busts was shown in a dignified
manner, and she was walking on the road though she collected glances of men who
took it. There is not disagreeable in the appearance in the not a bit, and it by
the feeling of a kind of freshness

It is possible to laugh at www that with [maji] Japanese woman's
having also nothing even if she will show the valley.

It is an off-base treatment when pointing out that a Japanese woman
is ugly. Oh dear, it is w that the traitor is treated when the fact
that admits is called out though is a traditional character of Japan.

Why did the god create the living thing of mongoloid?

You should ruin by a mongoloid feature and the feature of beauty and
ruin everything by the mongoloid as for the opposite by inclining
furnace [maji].

│..ugliness.. [ikao] . of E│
│E is stumpy. │
│E ..dark.. [masoko]│
│Bag of E Hermes│

However, real ugliness is not only a face it and is also ugly the mind. [Babaa]
of speech and behavior without ribaldry reaching like excitement ugliness
[haii] [sai] [koite] yankee apprentice who saw today. The mind such at least
keeps beautiful and is fellow [ttetadadesae;] w the furnace because it is ugly
of which it thinks with [maji].

Japanese woman [te] [majiyabai] fellow is extraordinary and [sage] in
foolishness [irukara] Mental Hospital to be surprised to the omission
there ..should your examination...

Mental Hospital blows out.

It is starvation [suruko] and [naikarana] ? in Japan.
A certain meaning woman is easy [daro].
The pinktoes in Japan was probably said that Japan was comfortable.

In the train, is Agra or this that is high school girl [mi] that is
and sits down natural?

Problem and [shindoindaro] of sitting down morality in train. it is often in
recent JapanEyes only have not to be matched and to leave it.

Might not the average of be a Japanese woman the level that comes out
in the preliminary contest of the high school student quiz. . because
it does at the [kusoatsu] ..saying.. time of summer ..there is almost
a woman who is making it up, too.. .....

However, there are a lot of fellows that the mean level is low, the
style is bad, and the face is ugly. Moreover, ..character badness
[ishi] (.. ..laughter... )

What, and it is a face and foolish [kakute]. The Indian : ..feeling..
nevertheless of face small smart [kute]. It is vulgar somewhere
compared with Thailand and Vietnam. Existence quite different from

It is not necessary to be caught by a foolish woman who cannot marry. A foolish woman
who has approached by a valuable application in old times where the woman rarely
exists when the face, the body, and the character are good in the woman who sticks to
the annual income, the property, and the position has been made to faint by the Samo
Ann hook. [Suka] and [shitayoii] [onna] see the person from such an additional value.
This cannot be transferred never in the experience.

889: none (temporary) slim: 2006/09/09 (Saturday) Is there a country
where only this beats the woman of the home country with [maji]
excluding Japan at 16:03:04?"Why is the woman in the United States
plain?" was not heard the figure said so though it was said that
someone was the same also in the United States. The [ame] woman such
as countries beaten by figure so and so as daringness or selfishness
like such feeling Japanese syllabary Japan is mostly impossible. Guys
think the South Korea woman to be beautiful because it misunderstands
it in a good meaning whether divide ..saying very.. though South Korea
is also plain. Will w we Japanese be worry because there is wisely and
impartially an objective aspect too much even in case of the plastic
operation?This is ..painful.. [iyona].

A that much absolute value of beauty only is ..low.. [ittekotodaro]. -
daughter was born as the last resort.

Understand even if it is foolish because the figure of the woman of
easy [hananippon] is bad.

It is because of goodness ..figure not so said.. : the figure of
beautiful woman's country anywhere ..that.. .. piece.. lovely.

A suitable [shite] man like a prostitute was provoked though [jonbene]
was an infant. As for [rori] of Japan, the fellow who exceeds it at
the age of 18 is behaving like the infant.

The movie heroine in Yutaka Ishihara Jiro's age is [iyona] ..no "It is lovely" it...
It is an imposing woman named the beautiful woman any more of course though there
is loveliness, too. It sets it to teen. However, there are a lot of fellows of a
heroine these days who only are lovely and not are at all.

It is ..might justification.. [ikarana] . though it might be a bowleg
though it might be a short arm if it is "It is lovely" aim. A Japanese
woman is inventing [tandaro] . because of the self-defense as for
strange sense of values. The mass media is business of an other party
of the woman who is more free than a man.

After about the 90's?Having done [man;en] ....loveliness.. [itteno].. :.
I think that I noticed of convenience. [Rutteno] of can use is very
convenient ugly ..occupying large majority... Hit and as a word not
touched. Though a Western to say concept brought Japan unhappiness
most as for the "The woman is [beki] that is beautiful or lovely".

She thinks of old [obasan] about 30 women these days think that it
willingly does shape like the Maw of not trying the admission
daughter of her deterioration as for [obasan] though it understands
and it dressed plainly. 。

No problem of the sense of beauty still.
An old woman is sense of beauty high [i].

Incidently, it is a side that a man judges in old times and [tayona]
though the woman is judging woman's [biminiku] now.

Incidently, though men of old times have heard even if they value the length of the
foot more than now. It is not because of the face and it is in Yutaka Ishihara Jiro
popular, too the [takaratte] hearing leggy. It is [na] because the body is disregard

There are a lot of legs when the miniskirt in the 60's becomes
popular ..I.. and are a lot of women who did not put it on in ..
[ikaratoka] [kyoku].. [tterukaratte] ..short.. reason. However, is
leg exposure OK feeling [daro] though it might be short legs though
it might be a bowleg now?

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If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

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