Japanese girls are ugly Part 69

Top in Japanese

ICaucasian woman who becomes Ka only by walking on road

The small size of Vietnamese nymph image collection (It is near on the day when a Japanese woman is
expelled) and Vietnamese woman's equal body and faces is paid to attention.

Style of top idol in Japan and strapping of face

Japanese woman who eats beef bowl

Is there a huckster who gets excited Japanese woman's [hadakami]?Www
[majide] is [narundakedo] in [kisou].

Originally, this is considerably real and interesting though became a book what printed in the magazine for the foreigner by the four-frame comic month 1. [Chiyahoya] is extolled from a foreigner (It is Canadian in this cartoon) who that is not bright in the own country and very very usual as soon as having come to Japan, it is popular among the girl, and rolls it up, and the content is English teacher who has not done and light ?. .... http://www.kanshin.com/keyword/241622

In Japan helpless because the woman is this no matter how a man in
Japan makes an effort, the woman is a cause by 80 percent or more
licked through all eternity of the cause.

Nordic and the north mongoloid are sure to have evolved on the same cold
ground. Why does Nordic evolve beautifully, and was the north mongoloid made
deformed yet?Wasn't it possibly a variety at an apelike stage?

At that time, the region where the new mongoloid made deformed lived
is a counterplan. It seems to have been far colder than Northern
Europe. I do not want must Northern Europe-..ten-degree.. [mongo]
region-to see 40 times.

The ape saw the woman of about ..stoop.. 155 centimeter with the
receiving mouth yesterday. I thought that the appearance to stoop one'
s shoulders and to walk unexpectedly unexpectedly was near the ape
rather than man. It is ? to carry the bag of the brand.

Incidently, it is asked that the number of faces of "Right and left asymmetry" has increased a Japanese these days. Lack of physical activity and eating habits originate greatly, and this is [te], and childhood. It seems to happen when the act "Bite" is insufficient until the term of growth. The chance to shut one's teeth by moving decreases, and food is soft and is [nattakarana] .. As for an old Japanese, at least a lot of people seem to have had a symmetric face in the Ann bread man face. Moreover, "Undeveloped of the mandible" is also synchronal. It is considerably influenced whether the mandible develops the figure.
↓ If the photograph under this page is seen, it might be understood well.
In a word, the Japanese tries to make to plainness and to make it to the deformity more and
more due to lack of physical activity and chew shortage.

The [agonashi] woman is true [kimoi].

"[Onna] without mandible"
Deformity that exists only in Japan even if it sees all over the
world. A large amount of [onna] (A man also :) without such a
mandible more and more will appear to the Japanese if lack of
physical activity and chew shortage are accelerated any further.

Single is a shameful gene of the Siberia cradle. ..fear.. [ya] of
falling birthrate, plastic operation boom, and [ana] by this gene

[Onna] without the mandible increases, the number of bowleg women increases, the number of
inside of the thigh women increases, and the number of women to whom hips hung down has
increased. Isn't the Japanese chosen gene [nan] as for evolution for .."[Busaiku]".. [kata]
still?The explanation that [busaiku] that is sure not to leave offspring easily increases
here is also attached if it thinks so. The winker for under the flatfish face and eyes, the
fat eyelids, and the face fats without the ground black, single, and the width plainly, and
a cheekbone, [**kao], a precipice, and sloping shoulders that are higher than the bucktooth,
the oblique tooth, mouth [gobo], the shapely nose none, and the nose without a hair thin
winker, [usumayu], and plane eye origin, [dango] nose, and jaws soon, flat hips, a green
pepper hips, long-bodied [guroman], and short legs, a short arm, the bowleg, and the inside
of the thigh, and the woman of such ..long.. ..a low body.. a feature is selection
[sarenaitte], and [yoppodo] [musabochichi], black nipple, [usumune], and [musaboshiri], and.
under the knee shorting of [hiza] and the gnat fear saddle leg the strapping hips ..the drip..

[Onna] without the mandible, Steady..food..eat..have.Product due to
parental failure. [Nacchimattara] the mandible's there is a possibility of
becoming plain even if nothing is done and without existing ・・・ It is
already an alien ・・・.

The woman who is who half to open : my mouth. Is it too small and is
not shut the mouth ..tooth.. [detetariago]?

It is [yona] to generate those women in large quantities that these about 50 years.
After all, because evolution doesn't happen so much by an early pace, the method
of life is poor. Such a change hardly occurs to the foreigner who does Caucasian w.

...evolution level.. depending : Well ..yes.. change in O leg an
increase. It thinks might be doubtful of the gene level because it
becomes it the nerve unabashedly exposed ..not anxious at all about
it.. though thought that it is deterioration because of the lifestyle
level. The ability to feel disgust to weak or to become ..[busaiku]..

It bends ..only east Asian it.. ..the foot... Bending is especially
cruel. the Japanese especiallyThe distinction must not be made and
it has not been necessary to have said even by the Japanese if you
see the foot.

It is Japanese [dayona] the low rank in the world in the figure.

There were a lot of miniskirts about 40 years ago and were a lot of transient women , saying that "The foot was too fat and unbecoming" and "The foot bent and it was ..[te].. shameful" when becoming popular ..the skirt... The situation now since what it : yet. ?

The madam person and 95% that comes to classroom visitations of the
elementary school are abundant and there are a lot of children of
child [moacha] that a Mongolian figure has it in [busaiku]. Recently,
the number of children of the fishing ..detailed and how much it may
be.. has increased. The inheritance of Mongolia [hida] and [butahana]
is terrific. Japanese woman's painful place is point [daro] that only
pride is independent in the peculiarity of ugliness.

Do not start ruining by the Japanese. If you do not recover by any
means ・・・

The ophthalmology department should go once a desire [suru] man in
[busaiku] passing Japanese woman ..everyone, this fellow in [maji],
passing, the [busaiku] style, and it is and ..worst, acceptable love..
...cuteness.. ..saying.. actress to whom [i] cracks...

A Japanese woman is dirty. ..uncleanliness.. [ittsuuka] is seedy.
Plainly and the look nevertheless ..[ne] the Asian [nokuseshite] skin ..
making dirty.. and the face like the board it.. the hair pain
[nderushi] body are bad and are suspicious-looking, and when the
mouth is opened, it is a row of teeth the creak and ..amorousness..
[shi] you see. Only it is the care none and ..w bean jam.. money
though not suited ..putting on [terumon].. person in question to
begin with at all.

Having an ugly face in the gene is also too ugly for a Japanese woman
the behavioral side though is. The brand madness and the meat toilet ・
・・ It is level also in foreign countries made fun of though is all

It is natural that the foreigner also has ugliness. The mean level is too
low for Japan. ..[sotsu] Al.. see, and diverting and the ugliness of
ugliness in [naa;sore] that might be true that not is and the lowest
vicinity are not odd ..whether everyone and this fellow also sleep only
[nopperi] how much it may be ..not seeing.. of Cheung.. ..90% or more of the
Japanese ugly... ..method.. you see it is [na] that one [busaiku] country is
recognized to the United States in the beautiful woman of [tarachoi] level
this compared with [bikatachi] Caucasian and the beautiful woman of the
highest class.

Miserable [dayona] because it is ugly born though it is a woman. In a
point other with which it sympathizes. In east Asian's ugliness, most
useless things are [damono] . in the effort. Therefore, holding out
excluding the figure is good for a man. Financial strength. It can do
nothing but hold out for the woman excluding the figure. Chaste and
modest. A Japanese woman today is ending really. There is nothing,

It can not be face small [kushiro], be not a line of the backbone
extending, and do not open one's eyes, do not do this scrupulously,
and be no starting line finally usually. do not express the Kin Kin
opinion it is possible not to walk by drawing hips [agero] and the
jaw, and do not drag the foot do not open the mouth do not put out
the bowleg

[Onna] without the mandible increases, the number of bowleg women
increases, the number of inside of the thigh women increases, and the
number of women to whom hips hung down has increased. Isn't the
Japanese chosen gene [nan] as for evolution for .."[Busaiku]".. [kata]
still?The explanation that [busaiku] that is sure not to leave
offspring easily increases here is also attached if it thinks so.

Depend..Japanese..worry.An ugly Japanese doesn't originally want clothes or
the fashion. 。There is only Caucasian, and the country in the United States ..
(.. annoys [shitara] unskillfully when an improper Asian enters there if
laughing and coming to [kocchi] though it is savvied. A Japanese married
couple inadvertently sells the house recently and it has returned to NY. If
the Japanese lives in the United States after all, the country is not good.
Is even the Asian conscious ..saying..? any Japanese

I do not think that the one that is as the worst as a Japanese woman
of an international sect in this world exists in case of the
[majiresu]. [Terudaro] ..the transformation... they, faces,Eyebrow
[shite] and black hair straight of strange sunburn and writing. And,
it is unnatural and Japanese an English provincialism. However,
English is the super-unskilled.

Japanese woman [motene]?。
It marries in the destination of going abroad to study. Finding
employment failure of husband in the United States without talent.
With the taking ..American husband.. homecoming because Japan can
become easy the English conversation lecturer. It is a husband, and
[motemote] in the English conversation school. With it floated by unin
tentionally and other Japanese. It is a transfer to her ..husband..

The government should have prohibited woman's travelling overseas though it was
honest [mou] [shu] delay.

When we are popular, a Japanese woman it misunderstands it, and [nichi] Japan Women's University and which is worldwide in short legs ..no plainness (Only plainness : [suppin] though there are a lot of fellows who cheat by the make-up).. it is popular thinks as such a thing is calm ..not trowing.., and is often [naisubadei;] the style and is far inferior also to the black with a fairylike pinktoes if it says by an obvious style. the foreigner

The program of which the foreigner goes out is seen and the cod. When
the woman in Japan said "The foreigner was holding the woman in Japan
in derision", German's man answered "Hold it in derision" in a
dignified manner.

How many are there a figure and [bonomondaro] are the woman?
...woman.. ability from a man is inferior, and because the beautiful woman
turns around, man's sexual desire is ..becoming it.. ..
Therefore, 100 million or more should not have normally had the [nantsuu]
population in the Japanese Islands.
Because "Selection" that is a large principle of biology doesn't work yet at
the Japanese Islands.
This is remarkable also in Africa and Asian nations.
Normally, to leave offspring, a more excellent figure person is sure to become
When an ugly figure person keeps being weeded out being inherited, and the
excellent figure one leaving offspring.
However, man's sexual desire that increased too much did not calm down as for
the human race.

It is a phenomenon the mongoloid's taking, dividing, and being not able to explain 100 million or more has bred in this small island nation very biologically. This is thought for all roots to exist in the sense of beauty.
"Beautiful woman absence" is the natural world in so-called Japan. A man in Japan doesn't know the beautiful woman.
The world when has been driven in to the situation of leaving the descendant in that that only the woman in Japan knows.
It was the cared none though collapsed very much child's face and was born. It is because of the belief that it is natural.
This can be said ..terribly and severely... The Japanese often doesn't finish when having kept leaving offspring ..no admiration...
However, most is lost of a man in Japan to the point where present comes and only the woman in Japan is lost in eyes.
The sexual desire because [**] can see only the woman in Japan in the coming school days of can see only nakedness of the woman in Japan even if going to the bookstore of the cathode-ray tube previously there is little chance to see the foreigner woman and the taking division Caucasian woman since it is born in Japan of a simple reason this of coming out only of the woman in Japan.
Therefore, it is necessary to educate "Sense of beauty" by the school training. A Japanese sense of beauty that is not the incident to be laughed away normalizes because of leading to the prevention of sexual crime prevention and a Japanese woman of making to the delinquency in this.
Japan tries to be a small [ko] making solution, to increase the cosmetics sales to an impossible spear by using a vague expression with "The woman in Japan is lovely, and beautiful" etc. and no grounds enumerating the country, and to attempt the improvement of the buying intention.
Frankly speaking, it is a brainwash.

Japanese woman's [korokoro] w that changes the word like being
convenient is too incapable always.

International marriage couple who is often

- A Japanese woman couple poor, young Turk a man and young ugly,
Japanese woman commute Turkey, it rolls up, and it gets it.
The husband doesn't work, and it is the Italian and the lie pick-up
in Roppongi.

- [Ru-za-] Caucasian English conversation lecturer and [busaiku]
Japanese wife Japanese wife support life while the nurse etc.
It is unemployed only like the supermarket or the convenience store
clerk, etc. when returning home.

- American soldier DQN and [gai**] DQN Japanese woman. The husband
lives by no learning about miserable DV.

- Couple ..Indian and [busaiku] aunt... It divorces on the day when
bride [ki] delay aunt and the marriage permanent resident status were
obtained ..the visa hope of the Indian...

The nationality aim, and the black in Ghana in the kabuki town is a
Japanese and marriage [sururashiijan] often.
Do not grow old because the compulsion evacuation was not done because
a Japanese nationality was tentatively gotten unlike Chinese even if
criminality was violated, do not say, and do not say.

It loves ..the foreigner and love.. all three intellects of the marrying woman have divorced though it is. And, it regrets and it rolls it up.
The marriage often becomes a painful end overwhelmingly of course happily though is might also the person who continues.
Especially, the black hears that the violence to the wife is terrific.
Love inside?The violent language and the hell of violence start after a while though it was at first of the marriage gentle, and happy without reproach.
It talks about a quite similar as for person of The Jazz Singer (The name was forgotten) that married the black thing with TV many times, and writer's Eimi Yamada also has encountered [itai] eyes before.
There is a reality that it was 1/3 of the people who marry internationally has divorced within one year though such a thing might not be imagined when flying up to love with the foreigner man.

Usual Caucasian dislikes seeing of other Caucasians the chat with not the
native the word but nonwhite races very much. In a word, an Asian woman of
the crumble of the study of ..DQN.. [kata] going abroad to study and the
hand tie in ugliness and [hakujin;otoko] that can walk in the table is not
who other than the hermit.

980 The name: none (temporary)2006/09/18 (Monday) slim Do not
associate well with the foreigner clearly saying at 23:49:23. The
[tte] smilingbroadly.
Being possible to understand sincerely each other is . ..it is never...

In front of ..auspiciousness.. [ibakadanao].
If it is Japanese, do you think that it is possible to understand
each other?
If it is a family brother, do you think that it is possible to
understand each other?
Do you think that you understand perfectly of oneself?

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I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

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I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

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to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

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those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

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