Japanese girls are ugly Part 32

Top in Japanese

Girls in Japan that works hard at practice of song

Having certainly made it to Western clothes also has the history from an
experience that will be great at the disaster.
It is ....practical side.. becoming it.. [bi] ・・・・ Japanese clothes.

Perhaps ..no so much consciousness.., the short under [kishimen] or the
knee :.
[Kishimen] is feeling that includes the [musabochichi] and knee under
in the sigh and is brought together.
It only sits, and the bowleg repaired is also the cushion anything and
is [na] in w not mysterious if it thinks from the boldness of goods
that become taller or the comp commodity as sold even if there are an
extended goods under the knee that is [kishimen]ed and mended.

Though a soft side
"Confidence (gutsy) is insufficient" and "The thing is seen only in
not the whole (atmosphere) but the point" must though it is a
subjective opinion to the end.

Are the style and the type of "Caucasian" all correct in an opposite
As for it, a Japanese (Asia) person also thinks of [ike] [teruto] enough
in it when thinking us, that people, and another thing oppositely though
it is certain to have made up the fundamental form that will connect them
In short, have current affirmative = confidence.

It is Japanese feature that view is narrow and is woman's ..it is because.. [na]
also that is the feature.
All things of dice might be difficult for a Japanese woman who it is Japanese and
is the woman as a whole.

A Japanese woman is strange [sagaarundayona] as made hugely by the infant.

Only Japan : the change of the adult to the infant.
The woman is changing to the man in Europe and America.

A Japanese woman must have the beautiful woman of peerless.
There is only [bikatachi] of extent in which it is not made to be in
order at most of the face type and to keep unpleasant.

When it is a punk kid, it only has to give the meal of high protein
high fat like the United States.
It is not a Japanese protein intake extreme compared with the foreign
country ..becoming empty...

A Japanese woman is and there is no bad one of ramen [**] [tteru] scene degree

The Chinese cuisine only throws all the oil [bukkakete] synthetic
seasoning agents.
It is a heavy make-up of a Japanese woman.

The certain French was comparing a Japanese woman with people that hips
are most in the worlds near ground in the staying in Japan essay. Oh
dear if pygmies are excluded, is it certainly so?The source is not
understood though it is regrettable.

The woman disappeared from my view during half a year after coming to
have seen this [sure].
Thank you. Thank you really.
The brainwash was able to be solved.

Below the South Korea woman a Japanese woman ..the japanese aralia in Caucasian that is
not interesting when thinking well.., I easily think that I can recognize it.
Especially, it is including the style.

'A Japanese woman was ..[moteru].. popular and good in foreign
countries' and 'A Japanese woman is lovely faction multi [iyone]' we
heard it many times also the party and on the net of this.
'Yes, it is lovely and [moteru]' has been answered back as usual all in
Japanese woman's delusion.
Is a terrible, foolish woman made the delusion each other, and are not
there man of the death who suffers?

Though there is considerably [sure] of the [manse-] Caucasian system when
it is 2ch
For a Japanese woman, it might be only here to assert below a Chinese
woman, a South Korea woman, and a Southeast Asian woman.
This [sure] takes the 22nd century in advance.

This island nation is w. do not let the Down's disease really mass-produced

The skin of the woman in Japan is feeling of quality like the [dobu] river.

After it came to have come here, it came to be interested in the South Korea woman strangely
though I was not in eyes excluding Caucasian.
Does this begin to be brainwashed?
By chance, the fellow who feels the charm in a Japanese woman :.
Is a similar sense to my feeling of the charm in the South Korea woman held?
Caucasians are ultimate [bikatachi] [nahazuda] parts ‥.

A Japanese woman is the [yogohada] in Asia.
I think that this is absolutely incontrovertible.

Are not you defeated at Caucasian and the black woman though it is
fixation to a Japanese woman that the skin is the lowest in Asia?
When she is 22, a Japanese woman has already been making it to
[obasan] though the pinktoes maintains the skin just like 18 years
old even at the age of 22.

The skin without the make-up of the Japanese woman who is who has the town is
terrible and dirty.

A Japanese woman is [arundayona] ..malnutrition poor feelings... It goes out to
the skin.

When [tamao] Sato came to the guest of [aichiteru], the hoot was
poured by foreign women.
"Attitude of your [fuzakennayoso]"


It is only in Japan like the morning daughter.
Is that popularly really?Isn't popularity a concoction?

Five head and body bowleg Japanese woman is and there is no one as unsightly as
the cigarette [sutteru] spectacle.

It can ..goodness of the style.. come and is a difference of serious
that it is few of South Korea daughter's neat feeling to a Japanese
daughter and the brown hair and stands out in ..thinness.. ..[yogo]
[kunai].. above all like Japan even in case of being when daughters in
Japan-South Korea are compared by the one called street fashon list
though the same Far Eastern mongoloid. A Japanese daughter is always ..
population ratio (.. ..United States immigrant.. ..content.. ..golf
from all over the U.S... ..daughter who are taking an active part.. low
in the difference of ..about 170 and volleyball and representative
[basuke].. heights though it is) and she is an inferior South Korea
daughter almost by 5cm or more also excluding [ui;-]. It is a situation
quite different from the boy here.
By the way, it is a day of the nonexistence of the small [ukankoku]
University and hatred.

A Japanese man ..flattery.. doesn't want the pinktoes if possible though
only the desire is contradicted ..[uruyounako] and [hashite].. though I
want to get the pinktoes.

Will a Japanese man be a living thing that is losing the first?If it
is necessary to live in the same country as a Japanese woman. Might
not the difference here by a man and the woman by Japan in what.

Even if it is straight, it is whole body [miru] and only the face is bowleg
[nanoga] Japanese woman quality wwwww.

A Japanese woman is the ugliest in the world and has a long life in
the world.
It is a living thing like annoying.

It is not ..[hadayogo].. even if the woman in Japan makes up and it illuminates
and it applies it ….

Do not reflect cleverly in the photograph ..under the knee.. in the
site in Miss Japan incidently.

The style is bad and a general person deca woman of saying who is
finishing believing is the worst there is after all a height halfway.

The [noriyagatte] character is also the worst in the condition in the
habit of an ugly figure expansion version.
Looking [tendaro] of here?Being possible to learn is wwww as for the
degree of the body.

The entertainer is not ending.
Japan..man..entertainer..a lot..provide..Japan..man..general..person..
inside..provide..Japan..woman..entertainer..beautiful woman..provide..

Well for the Maw daughter, collection often [tamondayona] even there
as for the [busa] monkey.
It is and does meaning respect in case of [busaiku] all members all

It passes the hairstyle and how to sing sing [kimo] to the Maw
daughter though are the particular head outlines of all members of
looking [terarenai] why.
Still, are neither [takahashiai], [natsumi] Abe nor Hitomi Yoshizawa

Are > neither [takahashiai], [natsumi] Abe nor Hitomi Yoshizawa
Duck-butt fat person ugliness

The morning daughter is ! ..beside the question...
Japan where such a vulgar group can exist

Whose responsibility be it is, and can take an active part by the
[busaiku] monkey army corps like the morning daughter do you think?Eyes
that see the woman pass a Japanese man though the face is in order
compared with a Japanese woman and it passes it is.

It is that a Japanese woman with an ugly body started that [dana] and
[biminiku] are evaluated only by the face to begin with.
A Japanese man is judging [biminiku] synthesizing it including the
body. Perhaps,

A cold region in Japan is only fat.
I think that the Shizuka Arakawa system is an exception.

There is even no beautiful woman of [onnahan], player [inaidaro] w [onnahan]
like Miyamoto, and [kawaguchinara] in women's soccer of Japan. There are a lot
of levels that the spectacle society is also so, and a man is not compared
unfavorably with the world.

Then, such a yucky figure bikini models who pose for cheesecake photo
collections can be taken an active part why, the face and the figure
who seems to be Japanese in the Japanese who is not a typical [sun]
white this pig of river [jun] and summer [**ko] Kumada are exposed,
and looking [terarenaiyo].

When the river, Kumada, the Sato collar, foundation, and Koike can
take an active part in summer, men in Japan are seen eyes 0. It is
considerable [ikemen] [daro] even if it sees as Yutaka Takenouchi is

[Tou] is ..becoming it.. bad, the face is bad, and ..style.. ..badness.. [ittedousurunda] though a Japanese man often also writes and ..ugliness.. sees [itte] though it is a woman that beauty is important.

Because the more unbelievable the Japanese woman's average is, the lower
Does not the female entertainer become a suitable level for it either?
Because you do not cause the inferiority complex.
There is a story that only the Japanese of low-level especially appoints it so that Dentsu may promote the entertainer of South Korea, too. ([kijoita])

The woman when a man is putting out genuine [ikemen] like [mokomichi]
Hayami to the television is putting out [teruyona] in an ugly
television like [masamitoka] Nagasawa general person who says.

Passing fool wwwwwwwww
It is dragon cherry blossoms and beauty is [masami] Nagasawa w that has
suffered a disastrous defeat to [tehhira] Koike in high-level good-looking
of Yutaka Abe and [satoruhisashi] Yamashita.

Takashi [sare] and 'Honorable' Japanese 'Woman' is a bargain woman and the contempt comparatively [sareterujan] in Japanese 'Man' the most in the world for a fact in case of '[**]' [shii] [onna] to hunt only the brand thing.
.. ..natural 'Man', 'Honorable', 'Woman', and even without whose saying '[**]'..

Well might not have massaged light snow by permission still by saying
be a Japanese pink now.
To ugly [shikainaiyo] [nichi] person in question. Though it is ..not
doing.. ..dusting the [ikemen]...

Is it a god festival and is both a Caucasian woman (beautiful face)
and ugly Japanese women ([Mukumi] is [yabai]) yukata putting on [te]
friends who walked happily today?

It wants it even if ..becoming it.. making an effort as even [maa;toriaezu]
a man and the woman are beautiful.
I am ending the decision as it is ugly, putting, and not doing any effort
with [maji] because of the beginning.
Even the present entertainer is [nohayokuarushina] in old times even if he
or she is a punk kid like the potato.

Even if the Japanese puts it on, Japanese clothes only has to be
stopped and to be popularized only monkey showman's monkey's clothes
the dress like the shirt not seen.
It only has to acquire the deportment that returns to the kimono
because it is possible to see considerably and corresponds to it like
an old movie actress.

It is ..aesthetic sense.. [] ..on the verge.. ..[kyoku]... a man in Japan
As for Japan, features like a man were originally made a man and a woman
with the beautiful woman a man ahead.
And, the eyebrow was fat, and only the woman with features like a man was
called a Japanese beautiful woman.
Does a modern man have the element what made puzzled to pig [kaoonna]?Other
countries must not be mimicked, it must not fiddle, the face must not be
turned, and it is not necessary to take notice of the pig that becomes ugly
I cannot love Japanese woman any longer. Therefore, a Japanese woman must
choose the woman of light snow at least when there is a favorite fellow now.
Only that road is in the rehabilitation of a Japanese woman.

A Japanese woman started the tendency to decide face [nomide]
A Japanese woman started the tendency to say the infant face plainly
as loveliness and to praise.
A Japanese woman started the well-defined face [ru] tendency ..
[otokokao] and new half face [nadodo] the [**]...
All were our Japanese woman's to conceal inferiority strategies.

Though it might be so
It returns from the foreign country because it is not a global
standard and is very odd with Japanese [onnamiru].
Only the face is made up and it crowds.
In the body, the fashion, unbalance [jan], and [te] feeling.
To clothes like T-shirt + leaves
Japanese syllabary of make-up point like kimono why.

A Japanese woman has a lot of abnormal goblin figures.
It is poor and the feeling of quality of the arm [bote] [ttoshiteru]
though it is fat person.

Fat person disregards me somehow (It might be thought the exception).

I have already thought ..mandible.. ..putting out.. [tete] to be
might malnutrition in the bowleg because I ..spine.. bend by
becomeing thin however.

The subcutaneous fat is thick though a Japanese woman is thin. Because it is
lack of physical activity.

Thereat, a high child doesn't think that a whole balance worsens too
much if it thinks there as for a Japanese woman because the child
with a low height tightens his body as such, and (*S) makes the
length of the hair not become heavy either either.
Because a good body is made in such daily life, the child with a
young foreigner only has to imitate it money though he or she walks
to go to where.
It is . from the walking first of all it is necessary to improve it ..
doing... The walking that drags the foot is useless.
The waist doesn't develop, and posture worsens.

It passes to the gym even, except for no ..foreigner.. money and the
body is made.
Fees are also more greatly cheaper than Japan because of about 30
dollars a month.
When it is a university student, the gym of the university can be
used by the price nothing but.

Its American [daro]?
Though it is thought so much either when it is Europe.
I think that it is a child with a considerably high consideration
though there is frequenting the pool of municipal management.
Career woman commute considerably the gym also in Europe.

621 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/07/17 (Monday) 03:16:01
It is unrelated to the style, and fat doesn't attach if it takes care
about meal even if it is not muscled.
It is a problem of the frame. However, saying as possible to be solved
by the movement is an old trick of an irresponsible mass communication
because there are neither the truth nor a lid when it is said.

622 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/07/17 (Monday) 03:19:31
>>621 deflecting is different. After all, in attached the muscle and not
The shutting condition of the body is different. For instance, the
hip is : very. Meat's not neatly attaching assumes that there is no
other way, puts up the muscle, and externals are improved somewhat.
Even if the frame is not bad, the waist surroundings are useless.
It is a mass communication to tell it to be able to solve the
solution by the movement with meal, especially only substitute
foodstuffs or it is a trader.
Even the person into whom externals have changed putting up the
muscle : in the maximum point to say nothing of the frame because it
is fairly.


Fat only has to attach.
Where it is very beautifully attached for the woman especially is

624: None (temporary) slim: 2006/07/17 (Monday) 03:22:17
I think that I depend your about what figure on being thought to be beautiful.
There should not be the muscle by you as much as possible if the model figure of the
Terminal Adapter jar is an ideal.
Including hip
This of [teka] man and woman either ..might story it...

Therefore, the figure that seems not to be muscled is being supported
by the muscle.
It understands to become a very seedy body if Ghali my environment is
seen in case of not being.

The model is not muscled, and, because, there is no muscle alone that
stands out.
It fails because it tries to make "Aimed body" from the knowledge of
such extent.

If the scout is done, they are made to go to the course of commuting
in the gym and the model walking to begin with by the model though it
savvies. It is the first of the movements.

The adult should be moving and it move teen figure eye finger [sunara]
absolutely. Weight + having oxygen splash.
Of course, it will not be a teen figure of Japan. It is a story of
foreigner's teen figure.

A Japanese woman is foolish.
It thinks of being possible to improve the style [rutte] without
eating the one that eats anyway without doing it though commuting in
the gym is more efficient than any supplement, rolling up, and moving.

The model figure eye finger [shiteru] woman thinks that she only has
to beat of an own door of the model agency her desire.
It is also in the place in the training course in which being.
It is possible to splash at once without the nature if it is a severe
You will be likely be conscious, and because the deportment becomes
beautiful if it receives it, the lesson is not disadvantageous.
It becomes a thing strange because it tries to do by exchanging
information on one's own knowledge and the narrow world.

It says or "Movement" is a problem that the Japanese should think about.
Everyone moves [gaijin] [te] and all guys who are doing are Japanese movement passing though do
not say [ike] [terutomade]. It should not be able to enjoy [ike] [teru] body without moving
(effort) even in the meaning of health though it is not so and becoming it at very important

A fitness magazine of the foreign country is suitably bought on the net
and photograph [mitemirebaiindayo].
All real athlete figure [shiteru].
Style [iittenoto] in the foreign country is a different thing ..said "It
is ..style.. good" [tteno]... the Japanese

Do over again from the low brain [mazu] elementary school the more
childishly more unbelievable the woman in Japan is.

When it is a foreigner woman, even the woman who is small and weak
[erosaito] [nide] like [unko] is abundant the body [shiteru] model
who obviously passes to the gym and is made up.
However, because the body consideration is thin, the Japanese cannot
notice it.

The woman in Japan says "Here is Japan" or "The model of Japan is
different" though it is thought that everyone thinks so. It is
assumption that the standard is different.

It is bird [gara] of age [toruto] [**] though free Ghali might also
go up also the hip that aims at Ghali ....child.. ..multi.. capturing
alive.. ..[waka] [iuchi].. and the chest yearning for [emini]
miserable [dayone] Suzuki of age [toruto].

Is a Japanese woman state [daro] that the maturity of the body stops
anyway as a junior high school student?
This is abnormal.

Be long and straight when you say only the arm and the foot for the
I think might be after all straight even if becoming only a bone.
It is curved though it understands when the woman only with the bone
is seen for the Japanese why. It doesn't know why.
It is necessary to apply a thin muscle neatly to the correction of

The foot and the hand are short.
There is no thickness on the chest.
The S-curve of the spine is few and flat.
It is totally flat when seeing from side.

The chest descends vertically when the woman in Japan sees from side.

Anyway, it is thin.

The flatness of Japanese woman's hips is yucky in [maji].
There are a lot of fellows with flat hips though he is fat person.
...hips.. ..filling.. [i] of [ossan]

It ..one.. has poor posture. Coco is the most important also in the corner in the
rabbit without mentioning unlike the body as hands and feet are short.

2 and movement passing. Moreover, it doesn't try to understand the moving

When it is all of 3 and becomeing thin = good, it misunderstands it. (Actually, this tendency has come out in a young woman in the United States. )

Even if the muscle is put up, it doesn't become externals like the
foreigner because the lengths of hands and feet are first of all
It is seen short legs more and more though the gym ..what.. ..
instructor [mireba].. is understood.

669: none (temporary) slim: 2006/07/17 (Monday) Descent [hara] [pokkori] with no
curved muscle that continues for years how many ..bending the foot at 03:58:16.. ..
→.. ..→.. ..stooping.. by not setting up (It disregards, and it becomes an
inside of the thigh and disregard it ..one of feet.. ..weight.. ..the outer side
of the leg.. ..weight..) in usual → that takes the posture of easy → not
muscled … Misery.

691: None (temporary) slim: 2006/07/17 (Monday) 04:10:52
Elementary school girl's foot's not bending
The..probably because of.If this curved is true, → that continues
for years thought to be a gene how many should teach school.

>>The shape of 691 bones changes in the quality of longtime posture.

It is terrible and [mierutte] point in short legs that a Japanese
woman is miserable when seeing from the back.
In this, there is a short of the leg, too and saying that inclining
forward of the pelvis is small is a cause.
Because the curve of the spine collapses the cause.
...having poor posture.. [ittekoto] to be brief.

In a private high school to which I had gone, there was a dance class
in parallel with the physical education. Posture and the walking were
It put on the leotard.
It is thought it is welcome.

Even though Picasso was impressed by wonderful of the Africa art
He might be making harmony in the picture that looks confused.
Because Africa art has moderate rhythm and harmony though differs
from beauty of the West art
It is not in Japanese woman's fashion.

A truly beautiful woman is the same integrated art as the opera.
Not only neither the make-up, nor the dress, and the hairstyle but the one and one [ki]
everything that eats [no] seen ..overcast.. are synthesized and the one made up.
I am frightened because it becomes a film not seen even if only the face is straightened
with the putting scorch blade there is usual life and it surrounds the body.
On the contrary, will it differ from other children somewhere and it seem that it is
enclosed by tasteful furniture and tableware in a beautiful room even if everyone wears
the same uniform as a student if elegant clothes are acquired, a good book is read, and
it listens to good music of classics etc.The nature does the Miss of goodness.
Especially, beauty drifts even if it doesn't dress up.
Man is as such.

A Japanese walking is indeed untidy.
That walking and man's dignity cannot coexist.

Even if the hand is short and the finger also acquires beautiful
posture, a walking, shall not be this short actually fatal [shigusa],
and this though it is also so that deca passing of the head for the
height and breadth of one's shoulders and feet are ..Japanese woman's
maximum problem.. curved, it doesn't become and it doesn't look
beautiful in deca head and a short hand.

A Japanese woman raises our figures to the shelf, and says the Caucasian woman as
rugged like a man.
This is sour grapes.
It doesn't admit in the mouth though it knows Caucasian woman's figure is an
original feminine beauty in reality.
No underdog spirit.

Neither now nor Japanese woman's old times are good.
The 70's former is probably more straight for the entertainer and
The preference was not isolated from the world rather than good the

This fashion of a Japanese woman of ten years or more is really cruel.
It is a ridiculous show done even if completely far apart from the
current in the world.

If only the women's fashion is said, the fashion of Japan is far apart from the world and has a
strange impression.
After that, a casual thing is high at random. Habit [nida] . made anyway in Southeast Asia

It is [maji] and abnormal [dayona]. Japan is the most special in the
The country from a certain meaning Africa.

The prawn appeals to the world for Japanese woman's loveliness.
[Kotoyatteruno] of such a misunderstanding : still ..might not Dentsu

Oh dear, it is so. A Japanese woman is a naked king.
The misunderstanding only continues because no one points it out.

It is ..getting over [takekka].. South Korea female boom [daro] as for
the Caucasian complex.
It only grieves the Japanese woman lowest in the world because it is not
a Caucasian separately complex.
The black has black's goodness, and the Indian has Indian's goodness.

The South Korea female boom will not be getting over of the Caucasian complex.
A foolish party was only caught to the strategy of Dentsu that said the sales promotion of
South Korea by using the Caucasian complex.

The maximum universal value that the Japanese possesses might be in a beautiful
spirit. The delicate sense of beauty to which a delicate climate gives birth is ..
crowding.. . that gave birth to the world to ..ratio.. culture. After the war, you
may happen the recurrence movement because it makes little of the sensibility
indiscreetly, and the culture was destroyed. Though it is not necessary to happen
of course. Thinking is important.
It need not be bound by the concept of modern people. The Japanese is alive
[rukarana] . even if parting from modern people.
However, the Japanese wants to emphasize and to say the death when leaving the
climate and the tradition of Japan.
"Do you hate Japan so much?"

It will not be hit to say hated Japan.
I think that I say that I will improve Japan.
Japan's sinking as a Japanese has that endurance is not in seeing

Level [nona] . of costume play year of Dobbs who is good appearance also of it
that becomes only costume play even if a Japanese hundreds of steps inferior
to Caucasian mimics Caucasian's clothes in figure with [komike]
It is time when it looks back on the history only now. Cast away a Japanese
woman only in low brain [manko] with.

What should a Japanese woman do with [maji]?
It becomes the face deca poor of the body being emphasized when
becomeing thin though it is not possible to grow fat because fat
places easily to the face when growing fat.
Moreover, it becomes a body that becomes plain when becomeing thin
the dirtiness of the frame and seems to put on the throw-up.
Because the arm is short, the short sleeve is impossible, and the
bowleg of the leg without the exception.
It only becomes a meat dumpling figure even if it strengthens one's
body. Voice with flimsy voice.
Can it be a death?

The face is the lowest in the world, and the body is lowest in the world.
The character is also the lowest in the world.
A Japanese woman is shame of the earth.
The language of Asia is also ugly.
By the face that any good tune is serious even if it has what skill as a singer
「[Chogechongekimuchihamusamunida]?[Chongechongemunida]?」Runny nose [fu] is if sung.

Is there considerably a person from whom a Japanese woman notices ..ugliness..
[sugirutte] after all?
It is made to learn without no respondent if the overseas living experience
and existing.
[Majiresu], I think that it must be the lowest class in all races.
The figure is one fixation of the number of worlds and [oke].
The leg with an ugly leg : Japan though the South America Indio of the
strapping of the face is more strapping.
A woman near the deformity though it is not who cooks it good also sees.

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the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

however, It has a rough going to translate my site into English, French, and Spanish becouse of my low language ability.

Could you introduce my site to English or French media?

Please help me! I need your help!


I am a person who manage this site which is very famous and popular in Japan "Japanese girls are ugly ". (6 years history!)

But I can not publish my site in Japan by reason of "Anti-Japan" and "Offend public order and morals" though I want to be my site being made a book.

Could you help me that puts out my opinion
to the world?

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