Japanese girls are ugly Part 30

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I heard that it was good that the woman in China was a style and was ..two night stay [shitekitaga].. still true in China in dubious. The bowleg doesn't recall seeing and the height is also different. [Bibi].
It is certain though South Korea doesn't know following a Chinese woman the woman in Japan.
Caucasian can laugh at the face by nosing it pig [] with nose low in single by totally flat [busaiku]'s using [aipuchi] a lot and then desperately a Japanese woman because she tries to approach though the nose is high and there are a lot of simple deep features [hori] double ..Caucasian.. ..eye.. [pacchiri] it.

It manages to be arrested [**kosogu] Kumada and typical, stumpy pig [aaiu] Red Bean Bread Man :.
It is not possible to go out to CM of a healthy drinking water by 100%.
Japanese woman's characteristic
・It doesn't know foreigner woman's beauty.
・Our ugliness is not understood.
・It doesn't notice even if going out to foreign countries (It is not had a mind to know).
・It knows it even to be no Asia and no lowest vicinity.
・It is cheated soon by the advertisement of the industry (camellia and Lax).

Though it thinks all Japanese women to be ugly exaggerate
You should think that it is only in Japan that the face of an ugly mug and an ugly style spreads like this compared with most countries of the world.
It is not possible to object , saying that 'A Japanese woman is ..degree.. ..information.. [zu] of an ugly death sleep
body' therefore even if said.
Because deceiving by the make-up and clothes though the woman in Japan understands when she is ugly is usually.

I think that capital * temple is a fool.
About a beautiful person, it is not comparison Tanzania and no South Korea of any ugly large country in the inside that will be.
However, when the woman in Japan is compared with Caucasian's woman, the mean value is too different.
The face is small and well-balanced, too. Done noble features [mazu] ..good-looking.. [runoga] make-up without fail and prosperity pinktoes. It is too different too much.
If it is man who has choices, the latter will not be chosen.
Roughly, [i] ..double.. ....[ichi].. ..heavy.. putting out.. is amusing at the time of being.
Double : because it is natural as the woman.
When a man here protects a Japanese man, here of we is always terrible. ..Japanese woman.. Caucasians et al. are ugly though it ..[tte].. says why. Deterioration is early. The skin is dirty. Is it ..other party of [tte].. the [**] and can only [ru] thing be said?
The place where it defeats the foreigner woman is ? in unconscious [itte] ..it is.. ..the admission...

The outside and the inside the woman in Japan hold the prejudice in the foreigner woman ..excrement passing
[rutte] thing [hadaga].. why, and I want to think about Japan and foreign countries separately though a man in Japan is sure also to understand absolutely.
A man in Japan has a narrow view of things.

It might be not very effective at all in this thread though it doesn't know whether foreigner woman's beauty and Japanese woman's ugliness are told if it does very in the place in which it wrote it.
However, it is necessary to continue.

Isn't there pop of Japan having terribly ripened in old times?Therefore, I think it is something good as for there must be a point because I sell in the so much.

It is [monaindayona] w in what though buys putting about 10 pieces or 20 hits of that time together in an occasional CD shop and existed ..listening...

Everything is thrown away without listening to the last minute by no complete interest though listens by effort about once a year and sees.

Lyrics are [monaishisa] . in what. Well, and it does so however and it studies though feel that it works hard and it studies hard.

Only the technology is applied, the novelist in , Japan is also the ..reeling.. same, and wanting critic [mosoudakedosa] , to say overworks because it is not ..doing...

Only the technology of the arrangement is acquired and I make it though I do not want to say anything. Moreover, ..[mozu] [tto].. that much for years how many.

The scared one has the person who buys the music that does so and is mass-produced, and, then, it obtains the pleasures of what loans though man who buys it is bad.

It might make saying as after all good as , lotus Minoru heavy [**] is said because it becomes an accumulation only original.

Because the really good one is made and music of first class is able not to be made if picture of five-star is seen at child's time, and music of five-star is not listened

It is useless because there are many uneducated people who are listening to what the fellow who did not see and listened to these kind of things at all made.

When the face that cannot be really laughed is ugly, American Caucasian doesn't say ugly to nonwhite races in a public way. Because it doesn't become a joke.
The person in question doesn't notice or it cannot be said to the person who doesn't accompany externals and contents that can be laughed ugly though the nuance is difficult though it is in every respect ugly.
Because ugly to such a person is NG word, famous ..for instance ugly face [shi].. person it and great it can mean whether it is saying [u] no one. Because Matsui is [busaiku] in such a meaning that can be laughed, isn't it good yet?
Do it pull, and do it ..[].. say not becoming of ugly to the black laughter compared with the Asian either?
'The woman in good-natured our country has flowed out to the foreign country in the most in the world by the beautiful woman' is grief [tetayona].

There is no European person whom the representation from Japan puts on by two [yu] forms though there is a Japanese from whom England and Azzurri are putting on the uniform.
There are neither Kyoko Fukada nor movie [miru] Caucasian of drinker [irodo] though there are a lot of two call Kidman and movie [miru] Japanese of Cameron [deiasu].
There are few university students in Europe and America where Saikaku Ibara and Soseki Natsume are read though most students read Shakespeare, Agatha [kurisutei], and [deikenzu].
There are few NHK foreigners who see though CNN, BBC, and FOXNEWS can be seen all over the world.
Neither Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun nor Bungeishunju are relied on though the authority is all over the world in Washington Post, [fuinansharutaimusu], and Reuter.
..piling up.. [-] or the greater part of people all over the world do not attach the distinction of Japan and China.

Someone cannot return to the sense of beauty that [moua] goes mad to me by [kuremaji] in happy brains that seems to be beautiful the Japanese.
Do not you be eye [tsuiterushi] [metsubu] sushi or exist even in the cheat of me like a foolish Japanese woman unlike them who have the limit either?

Is 'The beautiful woman gets tired on the third' [ro] that is the word made so that a Japanese man may protect a Japanese woman from foreign countries as for the word?
Because because Japanese woman had contents in a word, getting tired [naitte] was answered back
Nevertheless, it is "A Japanese woman ended. " there were not contents either now exactly.
A Japanese woman has only ugliness.
There is no trial that entered the beautiful woman ranking in the world.
It is said well that a man in Japan is good-looking.
Ignorance shall not be shameful.

Though it understands if it speaks with the third ager to some degree
A Japanese woman before several decades had only ugliness as recognition at ..[tteno].. [ata] worth the previous state.
A young person today also asks parents and all. Naturally, I will have had the said recognition in a Japanese woman by ugliness even as for a person today about 50-year-old.

The false rumor of having become it extended beautifully in Japan, and a young of recent before one is aware person however finally drank and came to destroy by him/herself foreign countries of ..[hata].. [ni].
Even if the face and the style improve of course compared with before several decades, it is not division at all.
This is not who other than the decrease in the sense of beauty.

It wants you to put out the beautiful woman in Asia more by the television, and it wants you to use it.
Everyone : without putting the distinction between the beautiful one and the ugly one when only the woman in Japan is seen because it is ugly without the exception.
The woman in Japan is usually desire [terukarana] . as it is usual to expose the foot without knowing that it is a deformity that will put on the pair of trousers if it is understood that the shank's mare is a deformity.
It is abnormally really amusing from what to what.
It is excluding Japan and doesn't get it.

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welcome to "Japanese-Girls-are-Ugly website" . this is the place for ppl with passion for the UGLY TRUTH about Japanese Girls.

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even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

however, It has a rough going to translate my site into English, French, and Spanish becouse of my low language ability.

Could you introduce my site to English or French media?

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I am a person who manage this site which is very famous and popular in Japan "Japanese girls are ugly ". (6 years history!)

But I can not publish my site in Japan by reason of "Anti-Japan" and "Offend public order and morals" though I want to be my site being made a book.

Could you help me that puts out my opinion
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