Japanese girls are ugly Part 38

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Children in foreign country

It comes back from the overseas assignment.

It is me of the disgusted feeling in Mr. female office worker in Japan.
Then, I : though am a lot the fault.
I think "It is this xx and dinner" of "Treat it in daytime because it did specially" and [kanandakore].
When it was a situation that looks like in an overseas office, the foreigner female office worker :. 「It is not my originally charge though my doing also doesn't care personally, and have time. If you understand it」It said neatly, and it did, and was comfortable at a certain personal ..association.. time reading ahead from trouble [mi] me often considerably.
Do I keep treating female office workers as it is to lunch?
In spite of their ranges of work

I am treated in the woman, and a Japanese woman is nature and [omotterudaro].
A Japanese woman has already been disappearing from my view.
It is had and 160-centimeter and 55-kilo and Caucasian's stomachs are puffy, and 160 centimeters and lovely 55 kilos and [te] Japanese women are the chest and are drums.

Weight the same because a muscular amount is a little is seen as [boyo] []. A Japanese woman.
The same volume is ..heavy.. [ikarana] . from fat. muscular [tteno]
When a man always touches it in the serving mode because they are women, and he is woman of the circle that I am entering, it misunderstands it. Then, after it had seen of this [sure], the woman in Japan became trivial as for me though the party who saw [asoitsura] as a target of sex might do so.
Worthy..behave..do..sense of beauty..awake..worthy.

The [chiyahoya] of a circle or a hierarchical relationship meaningless though I want to work on the sports or the hobby purely when doing or the woman at the university stinks of the trouble.
It is karaoke of the [motterutte] assumption or is a party and [kauzai] in a Japanese woman as for the interest.

In the gym of the university in the United States
It is tightened pinktoes muscle tray > and is constricted of the waist, and a figure Asian beautiful woman > hurried is maintained and the beautiful woman doesn't exist in the gym beautiful woman Japanese woman >.

Reason why Japanese (natural man) is unmanly
When the woman where the man in statistics of tending the feeling of my happiness by the standard whether the man obtained the woman at which level has both a social position and his pretty face is obtained, the man is one-sidedly holding happiness though the married couple relations are bad.
Oppositely, when woman's level is low even if there is very a position or it is [bikatachi], the Japanese who tends to become unmanly puts the reason on the reason, comes round, justifies [rashi] and a Japanese woman, and is keeping pride barely.
After it goes to foreign countries, the Japanese says a prayer to the Buddha to me many times , saying that "Japan is the best" that it persuades.
However, the unmanly one doesn't have taking the place.

The face hangs down when limiting to the guy who is [mochimochi]ing it when it is young and 20 passing.
The Ann bread man face is chancy when growing old.

..earliness.. woman in collapse France by 30 ..the [inodepuyopuyomo] Ghali figure (slimness calling oneself).. seems to be a flower from 30. deteriorate the Japanese

It becomes excellent feelings not avoided if walking with a Japanese woman in foreign countries.
Separate action in the shopping mall. held in the travel in the place where I was the United States once with her when saying at that time
The drink was bought in the vending machine, it was talked to by a woman ..cod [ko] how many.. local, and it spoke for about ten minutes.
Then, will not the other side go to play somewhere in the future?It was cut off to leave her indeed and to go somewhere thinking it was unpalatable though [tte] had been invited.
At that time, I did not think that she Japanese only had to be in [maji] there of the mind.
Though it separated from the her soon after it returns home.
Maybe, the post-honeymoon divorce is such feeling or, [na].

It doesn't see by tears.

A Japanese woman is hostile seeing [suruna] as for the Caucasian woman. Such hands and feet head [ino] [kimochiwarui] ・・・ Why is not the dress happily worn though is better hands and feet head [i]?It only has to teach variously. The Caucasian woman after all is ..beauty.. [ittekotowo]. Admit.Will because we do not bring it close to the Caucasian figure even if I make an effort, it be [higami]?

The tension of a Japanese woman of traveling abroad is ..[uza].. . ..it not is...
Brand exposed madness is strange in [maji].
It fought against her old in front of the brand-name retailer and it exists.

Even the exaggeration of dying and kneading all Japanese women probably
Though changing the sense of beauty can consequentially become happy a little with the man and woman ・・・ You may not do an extreme food restriction like now.

It is a furnace that it is at any rate crazy about the commodity of the foreign company if crazy about the brand that the Japanese made up of the brand madness that inclines by and large.

The bag of the current brand
It is diminutive and amusing of a seedy figure. gay the handle
However, it doesn't notice. Let's recommend the whole body mirror.

Where does money to buy brand articles come?
Naturally, it is a boyfriend.

"I firmly earn for myself and am [masuu;]. "
Order to exploit a man from salary where it returns reluctantly pressing work flattering man employee by force at regular time in short

It acts from the esthetic sense how a Japanese woman exploits a man.

Because the guy to whom the brand thing leaks seriously becomes celebrity feelings, it is painful.
Isn't it shameful though is a crock alone who has Vuitton too much?
Isn't it ..same brand [mottete] as [soitsura].. shameful though Vuitton ..unexpected Debs.. leaks when ..town.. walking?

It is tall, and a Japanese woman with a comparatively good style must walk by a stoop on purpose, and with the Japanese syllabary.
Or, in the air is resolved in an excessive, sexy route of a magazine round repeat.
Is this deformed woman's deep-seated grudge?Japan is scared.

[Ro] that is [te] starting line for the first time. ..brand.. bringing
[De] and the externals already : internationally though it is a handicap.

Vuitton [tteno] for the Japanese is Vuitton for the Japanese, and luis vuitton of France is a different thing.
No do matter of the meaning of the brand in a French own country.
Therefore, the woman who lives in the apartment between one six mats is OK [nawake] . as the Vuitton [mottetemo] Japanese culture.
The ranking commenting of the brand of a French own country is unrelated.

It was taught in old times, "Become popular only among some foolish girls" when it was asked the friend in Russia, "Does the brand thing become popular in that?".
It was concisely answered when hearing, "Why do they love it?", "It is good because it was foolish".

Roughly, when the one said that the person is good is used with pleasure, it is not fashionable.
Therefore, a Japanese woman is not fashionable though the purchasing power might be high. Please consider the degree of the body.

Clothes sold anyway in Japan are [yona] that the balance ..what.. is strange.
Also in Japan, I want you to sell civilian clothes sold in the foreign country as it is.
T-shirt and pants nonchalant because it matches it to the fashion that becomes popular in Japanese figure + Japan look strange when seeing in foreign countries.
Clothes of Japan are made "Fault [kaku] is done" way.
Therefore, even T-shirt is long for a moment.
About worth, it comes to be [choi] [kaku] and [de] and the "Conceal it" are middle-aged [pokunaru] exactly points in the low rise. the stomach
Good..say..stomach..put out..do..young..person..usual..environment..conceal..age..stink of.
Though it is good when such a sense is used properly well

When it puts on the one of the low rise or the foreign country as it is, it exposes and [sugidaro]. In Japan.
It seems to see it, and when it is a foreign country, there is fully a woman who becomes it, too and the pubic hair sees even the crack of hips.
It becomes feeling strange because it tries to popularize the low rise though it is disliked.
Feeling to take decoration in the 50 by force's like American car to light car

It is "It is not brave. " in a word.
If there is no [de] no such bravery
If it is visited and exists in the age of casual glory, too it might be a Japanese fashion sense though the standard dumping suit the dress is good.

The concept of heavily clothed is also quite different.
Fat person fashionably only of the sleep of [borokire] [omo] and it exists.
It conceals, and it conceals it.
Do not go out any longer.
There must not be woman in Southeast Asia ..the low rise.. ..there is no sense of incompatibility...
The heel is [petanko] shoes because the leg is long momentarily when often seeing even if it seem to be.

The charm of the low rise is a smooth abdomen seen on a reverse cleavage and the previous belt.
Only short legs are emphasized and it exists in the low rise to show it and so as not to put it.

The low rise is had broad hips, is caught, and the people classified into becomeing thin by the woman of the beauty board cannot dress the thigh loosening it because it is clumsy in case of not being (Needless to say, the length of the foot :).
The low rise woman of flat short legs who drips, shows the crack by hips, and is walking is frequently looked at, too and it multiplies.

Isn't the change of recent Europe and America in the fashion few?
Wear + low rise in [pichi] [ttoshita] has been already established for five years or more and [terudaro].
This will not change for several years in the future.
Woman..hair style..somewhat..forelock..make..increase..fashion..at all..change..provide..nature..already..today.
It has no money Europe in a young child.
And, because current cutting emphasizes youth, it might be OK.
It is likely to go straight.
I do not think the change in a big fashion for putting to exist though [de] and the madam level also work diligently to small articles.
[Kedonaa] that [itte] ..interest.. is said ..might the point it... fluid Japan such a place

Have you hardened because of the roar that the fashion also makes the physical beauty a limit when becoming a physical beauty intention after all?
Physical beauty [tteno] is invariable regardless of the age.

It is the same as little change for ten years the design of the notebook computer.
Isn't if the guest side doesn't jump even if the design is tinkered, saying ..difference.. [n] without doing anything?
No do be known the fashion's whether it becoming it so, too.

It became amusing from the high school girl boom.
I think that man's best-before date shortens.
. the life end feels 18 when exceeding it. Though it of this is so also now.

There is a town and it has come always to be thought that it is like "It is a bowleg" or "It is a short arm", etc. because of this [sure]. Why do you give it?

I want to come to be able to erect by a Japanese woman, too. It is that [rundaro] in it is possible to become and the train in easiness then ..come to being able the desire of woman [kawaiitoka]...
However, it is not possible to do very.
After all, the Hello image of a Japanese thing occasionally throws away masturbation [sezuni] though sees.
However, I do not seem to be making a mistake.

One bundling [nisareteruyo] [nichi] person in question is the oriental actually same as not attaching of black's distinction from Caucasian.
The woman in seen Japan is input in the same all members not discernible face, and as the prostitute, it is ..style.. bad and input ..face.. ..ugliness.. [itteno] to inborn by [guroman] in Caucasian's brain when doing from Caucasian the input of the oriental more than the black.
The woman in Japan even free is strapping that the face.
As for in what the rolling hair of the brown hair, is the guy who is doing lustful in ..face [dekaga] emphasis [sareru].. hairstyle purposely?
Know the degree of the body, and the rolling hair suits only Caucasian with a small face.
Even if a Japanese woman with yellow skin does, only a vulgar prostitute is seen.

It is [daro] w of ..seeing [naindayosore].. aim only in a vulgar > prostitute.
Because there is a fellow from whom the cake leaked to the excursion in my junior high school, and only these kind of things of www that they are made to be going to sit straight by about three hours the next day are done, it becomes malnutrition.
Is there being gotten angry when the cake leaks to the excursion also in China?
It only has to eat the one with nourishment variously even if fat attaches somewhat and to undo adolescence [tteno].
However, a Japanese woman today is dieting and [kashiterudaro] from the grade-schooler.
Therefore, it becomes a bowleg old woman system without the muscle developing by malnutrition.
From parents' generations seem about intake small calorie young person today
Eat the Japanese more.

It becomes Chinese and a South Korean level though it is not told to become a body at the level of ..encounter.. Caucasian then.
Eat more a lot of Japanese because fat person is not as a lot of as it deflects ..them... Especially, meat.
It destroys oneself with the meal limitation meal limitation making noise because fat person is a fool though moves mostly and cannot burn from sleep fat.

After it completes, . ..not good... the body exceeded about 20 years old diet
It becomes a body that externals do not have no matter the frame becomes poor if nourishment is limited at time when the frame grows up and what it does.
It only has to develop the muscle and the frame and to shed weight up to 20 years old.
If it is not so, it will become a Japanese figure with extremely narrow breadth of its shoulders.
It is not a face and a body that the Japanese is chancy.
Notice it.
If it is a body apart from the face, race's difference is not permitted to the excuse.
The woman in South Korea and China is strange so much body [shitenaishi].
Because the fish and the bean chiefly come not to take meat, Japan and South Korea are short.
China has a lot of intakes of meat also in same Asia.
The obesity rate jumps up, too, if meat is taken of course.
Caucasian nations are exaggerated though the obesity index of Japan-South Korea has stayed in about 3%. 20%
BMI30 or more is 30% as for the United States.
In a word, to the thing that there is about ten [**] fat person in the class. Here and there, the fellow who seems to be able to become a sumo wrestling taking exactly in the country (United States) in the world is indeed seen.
It is necessary to take meat though the obesity rate seems to increase by a factor of 5-6.

It is said, "Meat principle" in tall and the [emiha] Suzuki magazine.

In the interview of seven teen.
What?Is it a meat principle in such a slim?Is it sarcastic?
It is consented that it thought now.

It doesn't become fat person too much in meat. should not. the carbohydrate

20-30 on average of European Japan 8.6 nations 43kg in the United States

Germany 53
50 Serb Austria 73 United States 39
35 another Europe average Japanese 18 China 30

China and South Korea day 10-20 United States 30-Europe 30
It doesn't eat meat. Even necessary, indispensable vitamin D is the United States half to the height improvement on to the deformity as a result of saying and refusing meat.

Is the Japanese a carbohydrate and [totterundaro] by 80 percent or more of a total calorie?
Is the result a bowleg and [buyobuyogarigaribodei;]?

Www this loved is combination ww in bodybuildings most should not... combinations of oil and the carbohydrate Japanese

The Japanese is taste [saeshitereba] delicious dish [ito] feeling [rukarana] . of the resin with the synthetic seasoning agent.
It becomes a figure abnormal because it eats only an inferior deep-frying thing and cleaned rice.

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