Japanese girls are ugly Part 43

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'National nymph contest' grand prix decision.

The major public entertainments office and the Oscar promotion were done in the place where developing 'The 11th whole population of Japan nymph contest' was August 2, and Tokyo and the second grade of high-school of the Osaka Prefecture coming from and [hayashi****] (..growing.. phlegm) shone to the grand prix.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?It is and is ..interview child.. [kimoi] w aspect guidance w though can come v=GR2_lMt5Za8 and interviewed the child part in Hollywood by the child in interesting wwwwwww Japan.

It is an one scene of the movie. All members are heroes of the movie in
Europe and America.
The United States prom is quite different from the graduation ceremony that
it is made to call and to do like North Korea in Japan.

It is Caucasian's party.

Japanese woman who seems to be happy

Japanese woman who makes miso soup

Japanese woman's group

Caucasian man and [hashagu] Japanese woman

Japanese woman who goes out pose in sarcasm

The majority of a Japanese woman who says that it is popular in
foreign countries go out with the woman friend as going out alone by
traveling abroad. It is thick and not amusing in the cafe though it
is natural even if it seems that it cods and a masculine voice
imposing waiting because it makes it up in the night in a woman alone.

Because it is a difference of the culture, stopping is ..saying..
[wanaikedosa] ..

However, it is mysterious.
The woman must not deny Japan at all though it sees with a rough ..a
couple of woman.. man in room like "Indeed, quite duck" even if a
woman attractive the another person kind walks when a man of another
country for instance is walking the woman of the home country and the
couple, and [me] ..startling.. is deprived. ..what.. to wanting ..
bean jam.. see.

You see [jan] of division ..the ally of a Japanese man of a Japanese
It only associates reluctantly because there is an appearance though
the truth is disliked.
Therefore, it beats and it rolls it up on the net that may not worry
about respectability.

It is [naa] because it is a good person and the usual United States level
of the transcendence style finally in the Japanese.
Poverty and chancy of the body are problems that the Japanese should
If it is straight, only the face is amusing in the style disregard the
lovely treatment as now.
Do not finish going mad of 100% sense of beauty.

How about a Japanese woman in the minority ..this.. though the pinktoes also is in
order of the majority, in order of the figure, and has fat person of course in part it
is possible to call a beautiful woman and ugliness?It is possible to describe by the
adjective that it is not to saying and the woman of 99% or more is ugly.
Europe and America alone is not indicated even if it is said the pinktoes to begin with.

Because there is a pinktoes besides Africa the southern part, the east, Southeast Asia,
and this region.
There is an Indian beautiful woman in Malaysia also in Southeast Asia.

After all, Germanic peoples' distinguished services are large.
The Anglo-Saxon who is only Germanic peoples is actually only sects of the north Germanic the
origin in [ko-kasoido] with the feature of the fair hair blue eyes to the last.
The fair hair blue eyes spread all over the world in the so much because Germanic peoples' bloods
were excellent.
Germanic peoples' bloods extended to European whole land, and repeated various bloods and mixed
bloods including Mongolia and Arab, etc.
Nordic became difficult to say without so doing the mixed blood because the blood of Southern
Europe and Eastern Europe had not entered Northern Europe on the other hand gracefully the figure
in Caucasian.

As for the majority of the Caucasian woman, because the face and the style also
have amorousness often sexily, is a quite opposite strange opinion (Only a part
of the pinktoes is dirty and it is beautiful, ugly now, and the skin is dirty ・・・
etc) believed in in Japan though it is a beautiful woman by what?
By assumption (Though it is actually so) that sunburn is good for health in the
Caucasian society, and Caucasian who doesn't want to burn its skin unusual.
Sunglasses are worn not to be burnt of surroundings of eyes alone.
The sick person sees fair and the Caucasian society is not welcoming the skin
The skin's somewhat getting rough doesn't have impossibility because it sunburns
actually either.
Still, though the majority of Caucasian women's skins are beautiful.

The housemaid costume play is suiting to a Japanese woman.
Anyway of laughing, because [ajianbyu-tei;-] is said strangely
affecting the intellectual and goods [yokushiteru] and the skin of
taking the shape at once peel off, it is W ..receiving of the
housemaid from Caucasian Ota...

Recently..all over the world..yellow..increase..which..country..conservative..emigrate.
It is an immigration clampdown and [natterujan] in the commotion also in the United States.
The Canadian is abundant the person whom the Asian is holding in derision though it is said without
permission as Canada is a pro-Japanese among Japanese.

Chinese, Japanese, and [uzai] yellow = South Korean

When Japanese woman's person who answered that it wanting is the re-
born to women in the woman in the world is lustful.
It is Japanese woman [gadayo] also in the world famous because
marrying internationally is a little.

It is Japanese selfish man still feeling.

Pinktoes..beautiful woman..call..Japan..woman..ugly..describe..finish..
such..drink..Japan Women's University..fuck-shit..brown hair..dye..
unknown..fashion..heavy make-up..Caucasian..mimicry..exposed..person in
question..woman..ugly..think..such..drink..foreign countries..provide..

Though it is an art large life of the Japanese style painting major ・・

To the professor who saw the sketch of me that the nude sketch feels
nausea of [kimobusu] Japanese woman
"Do you draw thinking it was dirty?" was said.

480 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/08/03 (Thursday) Is there a thing
done to hang around in Coco at 20:11:19 in the fellow and foreign
Will even the foreigner have ugliness a lot?As for me, I will up to now be
surprised at foreign countries (especially, Europe and America) of an average
deformity plainness because there are a lot of giants of the place that doesn'
t become a thing compared with true Japan of few things though it goes
It is not nervous it is ..Europe and America.. usual to putting of studying
thoroughly on [puyopuyo] that puts on the camisole putting on [rushi]
[sokufuto] [kutemo] [minisuka] as the pinktoes is a Japanese roughly woman
though the finger of scorn will ..[bibi] [rushi] 'It is shabby'.. stick if it
is a Japanese sense seem not to worry here and there of belly two steps will
being to put on the bikini. the arm of two
It goes on the nudist beach and [ossan] & [obahan] of the pizza all :.
...arrival.. you see the bathing suit is [daro]. usual ..walking [teruzo]
[hadaka].. [obahan] in foolish Japan in nakedness
It is dress or up clothes putting on [teruyona] , even if it puts it on.
When [yanno] Japanese a man sees with putting on of any ugliness, pizza, and
[obahan] in the other side a triangular bikini, it is ..vomiting.. [kuzo]
true [ni] of the throw-up.
Foreign countries will float on a Japanese man in roughly 170 centimeter
bottom bottom when going.
From I to there is woman of [gatai] from me who ..[uyouyo].. has huge woman
though I 175 centimeters am, too
There are as much as 70 kilos and as much as 80 kilos, and the woman of 60
kilos in weight is terrible I and attacked by Satoru of ..duck-butt.. [**]
though is still usual in the other side. It is ..looking down.. [sarechimattay
o] in the [gatai] woman of about 185 centimeters like Sharapova though 175 in
unpleasant foreign countries is ..duck-butt.. [yaku].
(Caucasian is woman's : in the fat constitution to [toku] than yellow race ..
there will be a lot of subcutaneous fats, too... )
When a general person because of the entertainer the foreigner talent and the
model usually seen ..only becomeing thin specially.. sees by Japanese eyes,
fat person and the macho are most. we
Deca overseas woman doesn't balance flea's Japanese man.
The height weight both :. The foreigner is [kitsui] by not becoming of the
body odor the joke either.
You overseas [ikeyona] . all without swelling dream alone by Coco
...only [te] [sobakasu].. ..[hadayogo].. you see. there is a recent pinktoes
by force ..the skin scorch..

When you bring your opinion together in a word
「Caucasian man parentheses [ii] !Only an ugly pinktoes. 」
It is a customary word as begrudged by a Moro Japanese woman probably.

The man word need not overwork and be used.

It is often.
The sense of beauty that you go mad to it only sees it so.
A Japanese woman is not strapping the woman in Europe and America but is bad, and
only it is poor and the style is bad in the duck-butt.
Deca overseas woman in it what. A Japanese man is duck-butt [nadakedaro]. Fuck-shit ..
no balance.. without permission.
Grounds as it is dirty are fuck-shits that not are ..the drip and throwing the
false rumor... the skin of the pinktoes
Though might it hurt somewhat and [temo] be usual because it is liked ..other side..
to sunburn.
Caucasian's fat person can discriminate to it even in the other side, and only some
of fat person's ugliness is exaggerated and general Caucasian's beauty is through
[shitendayo]. Misinterpretation [uzeendayo]. The Japanese must not talk about
Amount of ring you in deformities what of man.

Be wonderful of the Caucasian woman who does reverse-[gire] and like
the traitor when doing when it does and [duki] comes in the much more
each other when you point out Japanese woman's wrong even a little
The brunt of an attack is turned by the Japanese man.

Radical [zuki] and Chinese are put in the principle of "Rule by
dividing" as manpower when it was a colony in Britain though is
Muslim nation Malaysia and it reaches 30% of the population.
It comes to the Malay Peninsula by single and it marries it the
abounding to the Marais daughter.

Though there are about ten % Indian
Because it becomes an out caste when it marries the Marais daughter
The daughter of the same caste (Because the language that a racial race uses in India differing when the occupation is different of tempering according to [ja-tei] and 3000 kinds of occupations is different accurately) is summoned from the own country and there are a lot of married people.

The mixed blood is very advanced in Malaysia.
Why don't you travel around the coast in the east coast in west
Malaysia or east Malaysia?

If you advance on the road of commerce, overseas Chinese's daughter
might be good, and I think that the daughter with the slamse mense is
good if it is a usual occupation.
It is easy to find the marriage partner if it can speak Malay tongue
and English.
Being possible to do is the necessary condition to last the marriage
life long. Malay tongue and English man's side

Will take notice by none of be Japanese women whenever setting the price by her.

Because it is free and [nanbo], Japan Women's University of ..becoming it..
[nichi] :.

Popular [dayo] [nichi] Japan Women's University : as simple sexual
desire processing in front of the salary in foreign countries. The
salary sleeps because I want to do to the South Korea woman and the
[patsukin] woman when entering and all.

If the loess of a Japanese criticism is seen, does Korean people really think
of writing [datte]?Fool [daro].
It is a cockroach if it catches more obediently, and it doesn't improve the
present situation.

Does the face [dekachibi] short legs bowleg : to surroundings though is almost?
Did a near race know be only for a person ..style.. good to stop easily in eyes, and hips to
ground it in the most in the world actually [nichi] Japan Women's University character ..
overflowed with 100 times or more the deformed system and returned.. ..calling..?

It is said that it enters the summer of this year, and the number of coming to a
hospital of schoolchildren' girls increases rapidly.
The girl of 10?15 years old and 81 people are receiving the cosmetic surgery in
August this year seven ?, and in ten benevolence hospital of the Tokyo Minato
Ward, it is 1.8 times 46 people a simultaneous in last year period, and the year
before last's 2.7 times 30 people.
Mothers seem to have said, "Loveliness is variously advantageous from the child"


A Japanese woman is dirty. ..uncleanliness.. [ittsuuka] is seedy.
Plainly and the look nevertheless ..[ne] the Asian [nokuseshite] skin ..
making dirty.. and the face like the board it.. the hair pain
[nderushi] body are bad and are suspicious-looking, and when the
mouth is opened, it is a row of teeth the creak and ..amorousness..
[shi] you see.
Only it is the care none and ..w bean jam.. money though not suited ..
putting on [terumon].. person in question to begin with at all.

Even a Japanese woman did not feel a sexual charm in me at all at born
Caucasian woman's transparent white skin and reckless chest.
It is in ..black woman's Sharp.. forming, sculpturesque beauty, and a
sexual charm to charm the man exactly and Japanese woman's ugliness has
something that outs of all knowledge compared with them who overflowed.
It is a small bust by the understanding neither drip nor hips rolled up
and where it exists.
Posture such as hands and feet's shorts like a mechanical plain face and
the handicapped person, etc. and crookbacks and Japanese women's faces
overflow in the element that works only at the direction of the minus so
that all may kick the man in [**] coming [duki].

Why did it lack sex appeal so on this earth, and is an ugly race born?

God's caprice?Or, the result of the adjustment to the environment?
Then, why.
Is a Japanese woman in destining weeded out?

Will the pinktoes be delusion [shichaun] without permission if there is ugliness or a lot
of fat person though doesn't have seen what to begin with by the Japanese what either?
Will you have been brainwashed to the excrement mass communication?
There were a lot of children with a really good style as for the vicinity of the
university student in Europe and America, and it unabashedly showed, hips fumed, too and
the valley was massaged inside the campus in there were considerably girls at the
Hollywood level, too.
There are without permission a lot of ugliness and pinktoes = fat person, it grows old
soon in Japan, and the strange opinion is talked about like common sense as few as for
[bikatachi]. I feel only the one near the brainwash to say nothing of the doubt in this.
Though growing old of course might have the individual variation, all pinktoeses be
really early, and how of aging [rundamitaina] [sho] to come be free brainwashes.
The Caucasian woman wants the style though it says again. Black woman's style is better
than the Caucasian woman.
...woman in Southeast Asia.. a lot of good the style ..woman in China and South Korea.. ..
Japan.. styles as the foot is long etc. are a lot of good women, and think a poor style
of the woman in Japan to be might be the worst in the world worst in Asia. If the fellow
it who the stay in foreign countries even a little and is, should not be able to
understand this instantaneously.

>There were a lot of children with a really good style as for the vicinity of the
>university student in Europe and America, and it unabashedly showed, hips fumed,
>too and the valley was massaged inside the campus in there were considerably girls
>at the Hollywood level, too.

So often. The exposure level is different. The pants look with short
height of the knee, and all are the back opening completely, and [damonna]
of the navel opening completely in case of summer in sleeveless. A
general person in a figure point and, the model, and Hollywood actress
are the great differences, and [imonna] ..cannot the distinction... In
the point where it is different there from Japan, actress and model and
general person's differences of Japan are too intense.

>There are without permission a lot of ugliness and pinktoes = fat person, it
>grows old soon in Japan, and the strange opinion is talked about like common
>sense as few as for [bikatachi]. I feel only the one near the brainwash to
>say nothing of the doubt in this.

Sentences seen somewhere. Oh dear it indulges regardless of the race if
it passes at the age of 18 though it might be [kopipe]. However, I think
that I can say, the level of aging is only "Individual" because there is
a person who is maintaining his skin that is beautiful by even 20 and in
one's teens without asking people except the race, too.
Of course, such [nomo] "individual as it becomes fat person" -

>The Caucasian woman wants the style though it says again. Black woman's style
>is better than the Caucasian woman.
>There are a lot of ..woman in Southeast Asia.. a lot of good the style ..woman
>in China and South Korea.. ..Japan.. styles as the foot is long etc. and are a
>lot of good women.

So often. The difference can be done so much why by the head and body
balance and the length of limbs in the continent (peninsula) and the
island nation even in same east Asia or it is a mystery of anthropology.

>I think a poor style of the woman in Japan to be the worst and might worst in the
>world in Asia. If the fellow it who the stay in foreign countries even a little
>and is, should not be able to understand this instantaneously.

It understands, and it understands. I also declare and it is possible to say.
Japanese woman's poor style is the best in the world.

Even if she is not Caucasian, the female in Southeast Asia is several times as
However, even if a Japanese woman doesn't match Caucasian, the woman in Southeast
Asia also thinks head squid [reteru] with desire [terundayona] [maji] when she

I think that the difference of the goodness of a Japanese woman and a
foreign woman (Note: Do not limit it to the Europe and America people)
is in the jeans look.

Everyone ..minute.. waited from the thigh for which it ..minute..
waited further below the knee, and can see a lot of women with the
foot like an antelope regardless of another of the race a foreign
woman the waist who seems to be a big woman. It is such feeling in
usualness even if walking in the town.
It doesn't get tired of seeing even if it sees many times in this,
and there is something to harden with the sense to fall in love and
to fall in love [chi] * unconditional [powo] it.

The woman of such wearing jeans is none at all even if walking in the
town in [de] and sad Japanese syllabary Japan. The waist is flat, and
in the body, the straight line, and hips, it is not, and the cloth is
the gnat too gnats. The leg has only short, almost the same ratio as
a man.
A sexy sheath sexual charm only of the woman "Leg" is none at all.
It is this country that the people of such a none at all charm occupy
large majority if it thinks.

It is possible to become special existence even by such her in Japan
in [eikura] [nana] certain country though it is a general person
level. I like , [eikura] reeling.

All Japanese believed.
The woman in Japan is beautiful also in Asia.
It is ugly, and the woman in Southeast Asia of the woman in Chinese
South Korea is also similar.
A man is [motenaibusu] man who insults the woman in ..height.. Japan
Japanese woman more beautiful than the black woman, and lovelily, and
it is a deviant it, and a Caucasian adorer though defeated at the
Caucasian woman.


Are styles worse than women in China and South Korea, and does not the distinction
adhere in the face that looks alike completely?
If the unpleasantness and the style are seen, the distinction is ..woman in Japan
after all.. high and the woman is high of w Southeast Asia ..not adhering.. by one
rank. Because the style and the face are beautiful and more than women of Japan,
China and South Korea beautiful women.
Black woman?There are a lot of women who have the physical beauty to surpass the
Caucasian woman. The style is also really good.
Black's woman is also very sexy though the woman in Southeast Asia is sexy.
Of course a lot of beautiful women are had as for an Arab woman, and it is needless
to say to Europe and America, South America, and Russia.
The country where it projects in the world and a lot of ugly women exist is "Japan", "
China", and "South Korea. "

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the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

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