Japanese girls are ugly Part 31

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Women in Japan

[Iyona] ..it is... be never mentioned "A woman young of recent became beautiful"
incidently in Europe and America
Why are you said only in Japan?

Japan is divided oppositely in a small group because it is populous
and comparatively a lot of. It is easy for fat person to be said as
it is stout that the style is preeminently good as making is for
instance in order though it is not a beautiful woman of the wind now
because only man for myself peripheral makes his criterion.
I think the current state to which such a sense of beauty is
distorted to be [**] [ubekikotoda] though former making is not

No world where the spectacle society goes mad.

Darwin might live now and it be interested in cod Japan terribly.
Because it is a region to which no Galapagos Islands was isolated, it
is ..becoming it.. ..

The guy who doesn't want to go out is a lot of.. [iyona] in the
absolute presence of others in [suppin]. the woman in Japan
It is [moderarenaitteyuu] guy in the outside if it doesn't make it up.

It is [ganaindayona] in my figure.
When I am plain, I am conscious by myself.

All catalogs of Nissen might change into the foreigner woman though
it is said by the wife and it noticed it if it comes in the place of
the undergarment why.
Is the reason for clothes that the boro of the system goes out
directly when it becomes an undergarment and the skin is exposed if
coming though the deception is effective?
Still, will it be evidence that the Japanese doesn't think to match
the Caucasian woman in the bathing suit appearance and the
undergarment appearance?

It becomes impossible for the woman to trust after my convenience store works the night shift and starts.
It comes because there is an apartment up with the work ending makeup done, and the same person doesn't understand if it doesn't truly note it though the same person comes [suppindemata] in the middle of the night.
It is a swindle when going [maji] there.
[Chan] is a god. accompany lovely [suppindemo] DoAsInfinity and

In woman's recent make-up method, the tweezer of the eyebrow all, and
after it pulls it out, it is [kuttsu] [noarujan;are], and taking the
shape thing [seizouhou] ..drawing.. [dayona] as for a thin eyebrow.
Do not fail to understand at all in case of surprised because of come
out from the bathroom the taking the shape thing of [oba] Q www ..the
ghost photography all the more it.. when such [furo] and ..drinking..
shower are taken when it is a Japanese face of the usual www Noh mask
of running away [ruzo] type.

A valuable beautiful [suppindemo] woman protects when it is a girl and it is embarrassed that
it puts in a school today that should raise it there making it and the spirit is made ugly by a
mass communication and an ugly woman also by the Japanese pink training school.

The American is actually calling the woman in Japan "Yellow monkey".
Most of the American who associates with [nichi] person in question's woman seems
will be play from the beginning for a long time. the meaning "Person who doesn't
have contents only in the place where externals are beautifully decorated" this

The most painful no matter in case of how think point
I think that it is a place that a man who cannot react is most even if said that
the woman in Japan is ugly.
When a Japanese woman is ugly because it doesn't see, a beautiful face [shita]
person (Caucasian woman etc.) doesn't notice it usually.
Only the face is seen because of feeling it to unconsciousness in the style as for
[ittekoto] ..not attractive...

It is true and existence harmony [maseru] in Caucasian's girl [tteno]
as for surroundings.
They laugh and existence makes them revolt surroundings a Japanese
woman who gives pleasure where it lives without the exception in the
whole human family the enjoyed spectacle.
The spectacle that enjoys that they laugh gives emptiness to live in
the whole human family without the exception.

The style is good, and Chinese woman's hands and feet are long, fair, and
beautiful also in [suppin].
It is stupid, and however, there is no ambition in the expression and a foolish
side [shisawa] a Japanese woman.
The style is also bad, and a bowleg, long-bodied short legs, and eyes of the
foot are thin, and as for the face, it is strapping, and the character is ugly.

A Japanese man is really poor, and it is enclosed by such an ugly woman.
There is not a noticed thing in saying that the Japanese is ugly, and either an
ugly hungry demon understands [**rito] it, and the suicide well ridiculously ..
including the following.. ..the birth.. as for many millions of in a plain
woman money.
The crime and the reason to commit suicide are really understood well without
the Japanese's filling the sexual desire only with plainness.
China are a lot of beautiful women, is also cheap play, gentle the beautiful
woman, and really carries it out. The beautiful woman is high and familiar
China is the highest.

Though the friend who went to study to the United States said
Other side..functionality..value..fashion..a lot of..become..clothes..take
care with..person..so much..a lot..provide..Japan..fashion..stick to..
Only the purpose to take laughter is w though doesn't accomplish. the , ..
self-styled cuteness.. ..saying.. fashion

From whom will it have courage in the Japanese whole country of a
deformed face the woman in a certain [iyo] ..threatening.. Japan of
the meaning for which it feels admiration the exposed courage?

It hurried up confusedly once by the lecture of the university and there was a
late woman in the state of [detanokasuppin].
It turns out that it is a guy who knows after tens of seconds thinking of
[dakoitsutoka] of whom and the line of the backbone has frozen.
It was impossible different. The skins were dirtier than Hideki Matsui.

It is remarkably understood that being possible to walk in Tokyo is
the world touch street crueller than looking [terarene] w China in
the program of walking and woman's figure of the country is ugly and
Japan is ending everything.

On the day of which Tokyo went out for walking on the world touch
Because ..end.. style is the figure and far ..Japan that understands..
worse at the silhouette already when it is Massey, China and
Southeast Asia : from what kind of country all over the world that
has taken a picture up to now to cruel state [nanogayuu] only in it

There are a lot of opposite patterns when it is a university in the United
The woman of jersey + no makeup bought in the supermarket usually :.
It is seen [bikatachi] by doing [gacchiri] and the make-up only at
presentation and the understanding who it whether is neither clothes [ki]
like the dress nor momentarily.
It is thinking that it was talked to by the fellow who doesn't know the
moment even if talked to different.

The foot makes up, [soitsu] makes up though there was a high school girl like
[bonresuhamu] why, and the order is usually [gatta] opposite the other day. After
first mending the ugly figure, a Japanese woman finished her and others by [maji]
[daroto] that had to be made up Japanese woman too ..the desire of seeing
[tenaindanatte] only as for the face...

The variety of Japan trivial matter and ridiculous mass-produces and
makes the person unhappy.

It is early in the baldness of the [pokkori] belly and aging and when either is
good, desire [terundaro] and Japanese [saruonna] are w in a fine skin in the
beautiful woman marrying middle age's Caucasian low income [ru-za-] and poorly.
marry pushing, the Philippines ..no combustion.., and Chinese also by beautiful
black hair and the character externals

[Ruyo] Caucasian's imagination is already more than expecting it the sigh of the room of the
Middle Ages, the bed, small articles, and the interior ..doing on business the collection of
the material of a European inside world point.. ..putting out...
Such exact design and a color appeared in the head since the great antiquity or the end of a
century painting is too terrible … Is there having seen?
It cannot be thought that the floatage of that composition in the head, drawing actually, and
raising are man.
The Japanese is about the picture the quadruple time constitution that cracks by all means by
two about music or the habit of falling symmetrically and is a lot and has a hard time.
[Zurui] ..[kikanai].. [njigarame] Caucasian ..free.. easily … The game of the Japanese cannot
deny West comp [te] remark to have cracked.

It certainly admires for the one of exact construction of the West or an
overwhelming conquest feeling or grand [aaitta]. However, the sense of beauty that
is the natural style doesn't have ..throwing away.. massage either.
This has the one such as circles and drugs not stopped once in a Japanese, peculiar
The westerner who learns the beauty of Japan therefore ..parting with.. often
praises it.
Delicate [saga] [**] [rannoyo]. Yakumo Koizumi is a model. Gogh also loved beauty
of Japan.
The foreigner who loves Japan becomes ..core.. fan.
It is indescribably transient though is not beauty it that turns to the outside,
and introverts. Transient Japan ..beauty it...
I always think that the Japanese keeps is a discoverer of beauty. It might be a
Japanese hobbyhorse that says that beauty will be found to the comparison with
nature and man's lives.
The character might be quite different. Therefore..terrible..draw..become

In a vocal book, [koeshitsu] of a certain Japanese woman who cannot
do is [hirabettakute] ..height.. [iyona] in easiness in the foreigner
Japanese the utterance that can be done.
The Japanese who the opinion, and the voice up to is Katashi
foreigner dumping Hirai it, [gurasan] or seems to disregard and to be
finally plane face in the person with the foreigner face like Katashi
Hirai though it shuts oneself up because the foreigner has depth.

"Beauty of Japan" that the foreigner who has come to Japan is
requesting is Kyoto architectural like the Hida high mountain. It
occasionally goes to the tearoom and ..settling down.. [kuteno] is
[Ro] whose it is problem that the one of Japan is different from
beauty that it is frightened that it is not bad, and Japanese woman
today doing and such a balance is excellent.
Wearing [tteko], [janakute], and big sunglasses like amusement when
doing from the height for instance lends, it says. Even if a lot of ..
becoming it.. sunglasses that are become popular all over the world,
the person who is applying it is limited people. If it is not the one
that suits me, I think an unnecessary [tteiu] stance to be a sense of
beauty not amusing because I am even in case of what kind of face and
the figure the origin.

The foreigner model of CM can notice only the difference of the face even if it sees because
the Japanese's body consideration is poor.
However, the foreigner notices the difference of the leg or the arm with one Japanese image

For instance, in what to notice the fire-plug when walking in the town as [].
It is even during one hour ..continuous...
However, it is noticed that there are unexpectedly a lot of fire-plugs when
walking in the town while thinking about the fire-plug.
It thinks of sense of beauty [ttenomo] [onaji] as if it.
What cannot even be noticed even if what one is seen when no sense of beauty of
the head of be required it is extent basic.
The body consideration of the Japanese is such exactly feeling.

I hear that the aristocrat is tall, and the farmer was low.
Therefore, there is still a trend of the age of a variety of
obtaining it when it is tall in Europe.
For instance, if it is the same ability and an academic background,
height high [i] is employed.

There is certainly a considerably untouched part for a Japanese (especially, woman) style. I do not want must to think it is good when even the face is beautiful. When putting it on, are not jeans made a positional nature of hips?Does confidence [tappuri] walk in foreign countries by this like the fashion, the make-up, and the hairstyle that I disregarded the figure, etc.

Japanese = concentrative
It drives recklessly in the suppression frame for ..[mechakucha].. [kata]
when the hoop of suppression comes off though the highest ability is
It single-mindedly absorbs if it is not, it rolls up, and the last one's best
that not is dashes though it is good setting the threshold limit values of
time, the budget, and the area, etc. and making the highest one in the
Japanese woman's today desire is such feeling.

Do not think the further joining. Because Caucasian was most in Europe, comprehensible next to skin
is heightThe height considerably has the race difference even by Caucasian. [De] and the low height
kind are [naindayone] ^ the Germanic system.

There are a lot of one that it is not possible to enjoy it if beauty [tteno] of Japan
sets limits to the means and the technique, and doesn't know the limitation.
For instance, because the action permitted to [gachigachi] that much is decided as for
little quarrel outside the room of the sumo wrestling more interesting than fighting
outside the room of hitting the professional wrestling each other disorderly.

It is not ..interest.. indescribably even if manning it for instance in the world of
Dragonball launches the ray.
However, it is super-interesting [i] when skipjack Herr launches the ray to Mr.
Nakashima by Sazae-san and it murders it.
No interest of the reason though this has been suppressed.
Isn't Japanese woman's current state so either?
When the material is ox-eyed for a moment because of the badness「It is terrible and
beautiful. It is terrible and pleasure. 」[Narukedo] and the material in [ttekoto]
become and fraught of what becomes feeling the same as the ray in Dragonball and
interest though it is ox-eyed by an excellent Caucasian woman.
Maybe, Japanese men of large majority are doing the theory development like the above-
mentioned to unconsciousness.

It is race that the Japanese doesn't have the character selection before about the
second generation and, to begin with, [takarana] ..
[Natte] and the technique of the character selection has not been established to
[de] and [ttekoto] that suddenly weeds out the character yet.
Europe and America : though it is weeded out physical beauty + sexy in the
direction and decides it to [gasude] of [youtte].

756 The name: none (temporary)2006/07/16 (Sunday) slim A Japanese
woman : at 02:31:52.
Do if it doesn't make the under * color because the jacket is * color?

Is it useless if there is no forelock?

- - It not popular with no mother-of-pearl?

I want to see robot group Madonna's PV.

However, even a certain level is "Mamoru" that works hard at the imitation and
the master.
After that, ..application.. ..".. ..breaking... "
...originality.. ..".. ..separation.." from there.
It drinks, it steps on the stage firmly, and it can be said that the culture of "
Type" will be followed in a word unconsciously.
It is the highest environment to professional training. It is [wotaku] culture
when badly saying.

However, to the sold side in the highest culture
Persons in question are and there is never not "It suited me?" either.

Therefore, an aesthetic level of the entire Japan lowers.
I am sad in this.

Even if it is poor, clothes are Europe in which it absorbs and sleep
is old.
When not only eyes it are different that it is [ri] of ..contents..
Japanese syllabary true, what in the sense and the control sense are
ingrained at the gene level ..becoming it ..might the difference.... ..
[mi].. :.

It is ..CM.. shameful of the Otsuka cosmetic surgery.
Because it shall not be a self-centeredness whether the world changes
if my nose is only a little high.

A super-Japanese style beautiful woman of Yoshinaga Sayuri or
[gensetsuko] is adhere to ..deca.. ..saying.. [tai] a plain face
still better. an odd midway ..not good in the body.. a Japanese
plain gene

769 names: none (temporary)2006/07/16 (Sunday) slim When the situation immediately
before the Industrial Revolution 02:40:52 is compared mutually, is it Europe and
America and 1000 Asia?The development extent of the civilization should have been
about 2000 different.
It is not only a science and technology but also art and general person's sense of
beauties. Morality is also so.
Japan is still later for Europe in the Middle Ages though it succeeded in the
Industrial Revolution besides tentatively.

774 names: None (temporary)2006/07/16 (Sunday) slim 02:42:34
The advancement historical view is a Marxism or an old nature : for a
It is considerably reviewed in Edo period of recent.
Person of baby boom generation?

781 names: None (temporary)2006/07/16 (Sunday) slim 02:45:34
I am in my twenties. How like Cultural relativism to catch is a main
current in American kind study and sociology now.
However, that : that handicapped person in feeling like calling of
What isn't it only entering to the study world by social morality?
I think that the inquiry into the truth only is obstructive and
includes the socially accepted idea etc.

787 names: None (temporary)2006/07/16 (Sunday) slim 02:50:11
If the sense of values of Europe and America is absolutely sacred, it
is ・・・・ as for > handicapped person though individuality might become
feeling as called.
When you do not challenge the proposition "Why is the sense of values
of Europe and America first of all absolute?".

789 names: None (temporary)2006/07/16 (Sunday) slim 02:52:54
It is [daro] because it is already definite that the sense of values of
Europe and America it becoming absolute.
Finally, the terrestrial civilization is made uniform. The language is
[narudaro] in a single language within several thousand years.
Is not the situation of the earth when becoming it so ruled by Western
sense of values?
Especially, it splashes for the sense of beauty.
Caucasian's face and body [manse-] are still main currents in countries
other than Japan now.

805 names: None (temporary)2006/07/16 (Sunday) slim 03:05:39
I think that the 21st century is an age of localize.
International liquidity causes repulsion. It is an American culture that start carrying
everything before one the earth now.
And, it is a movement based on economy. The culture that takes root in various places
will give a big scream, and it has already happened also in the fact and the United
States. "Neo-conservative" that the people who noticed life away from the economic
system say to the world is a guy. That is a region, and because it is a movement that
recurs to [attari] and [iuno] in the community

However, the half of man who entered is [aruwakedayona] in the 21st
century ..contact with the foreign country... I think that there are
a race and the people who think that it should do [de] and localize,
too. For instance, is the country that was the United States cheers
the United States?What deflecting. European various places are had
however, too.

However, how about Japan?The United States has thought universal
standard = United States, and is not actually an universal standard
therefore if it says by the figure though [bikatachi] also has the
fellow who asserts it as low only as an actor actress by the
foreigner by a general level. Though it might be an universal
standard fashionably.

Therefore, further how does the Japanese who is mimicking man laughed
at as the country thing in the world become it?If it is possible to
say, and localize is done by the esthetic sense nowadays, it might be
more amusing to do localize with Massey. Still, it so?Is there a lot
of men with scarce esthetic sense by the permission of it?

For instance, when "Use it as a means of the movement" destroys
assumption as for the car, a free design can be done.
New directionality might arise the physical beauty of clothes of
Europe and America when the emphasis [surutte] assumption is

When the car also abandons the function as the tool of the movement, an impossible up to now design
becomes possible.
Because you are neither may tire, not exist, be windowless of steering wheel, and become 500 meters
in the total length
Did not the value structure where feeling of set of the sign and the concept was new arise because
Japanese woman's fashion also abandoned the sense of beauty as man?

It is ..interest.. [sattenoha] of [gosurori] and Japanese material and the westerner in the Middle
Ages how exists at the selfishness brought close.
There is not interest even if a genuine westerner looks arising of impression when it plainly seems
that it yearns to that make-up the Japanese like [yatterukarakoso] [nishi] [hiroshinin] like the
westerner either.
Therefore, there is a box way to think about genuine westerner [tteno] separately in the
interpretation of the interest of [gosurori].

The globalized society is the one like the orchestra. The expert of the violin, the
piano, and the cello is important, and the jumbling musical instruments are not calling.
It will have respect and it not be received.

Japan cannot become familiar so much by an American (It cannot be
helped because English) main current in Europe (Even if the thesis
writes in English, it is German or an indigenous language on the site)
even in science. The volume of information that the correspondent who
lives there or the journalist sends is less than the United States.
It doesn't know why. It goes, and therefore, the staying person
returns and "It is not with the kite" returns by feeling because it
is not the United States general though the United States might be a
standard in Japan. It speaks the [tteiu] stance that the person on
the road covers : about the celebrity fashion in Europe in the United
States though has originally thought the difference at the level to
be might clear.

The country dummy.adj as for the United States and it is considerably uncertain on
earth Heart of America where to the extent that it is wide. It is Seattle, the Coca-
Cola is Atlanta, and the headquarters of the big enterprise also is distributing
Boeing all over the U.S.. Thus, there is not New York in Tokyo either. The United
States smilingbroadly differing from consolidated Europe in London or Paris like the
set in the suburban city.

Therefore, the United States is in the place as the pie of Anna
Miller's is burnt at home for one year children who United States go
to study abroad, and says as it is nerdy or there is a lot of fat
person. It is [de], loss, and the working children related to Music
are different at all remark [u].

The Japanese : to the habit with a poor sense of beauty because it is
sensitive to fat person. It is felt that the physical beauty like a
fitness model cannot be noticed when going to the United States,
consideration reacts only to fat person, and there is a lot of fat
person. There is of course a lot of fat person, and are a lot of sexy
bodies of the athlete figure, too. However, it cannot be noticed.

About 12?14 years old is a figure and best time for the Japanese
woman (Charm [tteno] of a mature woman is assumed that it smells and
here is solved).

The foot has not bent yet, and, of course, the skin is also beautiful
though it understands when about 12-year-old child is seen. Because
woman fat is not still too attached, the foot is not elephantine, and
assumed to be figure [mosura]. There is neither , ..reeling..
deflecting it nor Toku childishness ..not boiling.. up to up to
whether link with a peculiar culture to Japan that says.

Opposite sex if secondary sex characteristics come
It becoming easy to attract collapses as a living thing for a
Japanese woman with stocky, face [deka] [nikukao], and [zousoku]
though thinks it is basic when secondary sex characteristics come.
(Afterwards, though it goes in the direction that improves since 20. )

It has collapsed from the beginning a part near Japanese man's
esthetic sense, especially the instinct and will mean [ruttekoto] ・・・?

The roll model "[Aanaritai]" is few in a woman for instance in her
forties in Japan. When it is time when it is awfully, it becomes a
seedy woman who is tired from bringing up a child and impoverishes in
career [akirameta] [su] Torres. However, is one's forties woman's
most beautiful considerably age in the foreign country?Beautiful..
puzzle..age..atmosphere..provide.It might be what how though thinks
that such atmosphere is overall to want to mature early necessary.

I think that this is hardly in Japan because the face is ugly. It
looks old rapidly when the skin slackens because parts are plain
small. Because even if she is in her forties, it is beautiful in one'
s forties that ..beautiful woman.. woman even of JapaneseHowever,
such a person rarely sees. The rough woman in countries of Asia
thinks that there is neatly such a reason in ..should youth.. [itteiu]

Because many are apparitions, Japanese woman's one's forties is [na].

When growing old, the people with thick fat of the face become ugly
dripping simply the face. Because the fat of the face is thick, Asian'
s best-before date is short. The type that eyes are buried by fat when
aging is worthy only at young time. There is a charm even if the type
that becomes chiseled when aging oppositely grows old.

The woman who is working for instance by the German woman in Japanese
firm is beautiful in the slim. It is considerably fat though women
who see in the town are warm. After all, industrial classes and the
professional class are different. Neither [de] nor the traveler in
Japan are mostly given at the chance to see the man and woman in the
upper part.

However, a young party is super-[bikatachi] also in industrial classes.
Fellows who are passing to it or the gym. Oh dear even work : the
party who commutes the gym though it is not poor because it is
excellent. The daughter is a super-beautiful woman with slim sexy body
even in the fat person of 100kg in weight class in parents in families.

Incidently, the low rise jean is [yatteruyona] considerably for a long time. Oh
dear, and in low rise [tteno], tightening the waist is terrible no squids and
comfortable [ttenomoaru]. Does the low rise keep becoming popular through all
eternity by chance?No painful tendency for [sounattara] [musaboshiri] short leg
Japanese woman.

Though it is not thought that it might be fashionable to wear the
dress not suited ・・・ Are not you without it is fashionable, that the
definition is difficult and it is probably surreal and is possible to
say ・・・ either?

An international sense of beauty is really [shitteru] as knowledge to the fashion relation of
Japan. working manDo you know ..difference.. [uttekoto] as the sense of beauty is at least
fundamental in Europe and America though will not be able to judge things by being based only
on Europe and America sense of values because money ..Japanese other party.. is gained?

It is a showing place of the arm whether to make clothes that shine in
the Europe and America people very leave the charm and fit a Japanese

Do worn [jikani] clothes certainly go well to a figure different by
the individual though Japan is a culture of "Type" in Japanese dress
as long as it is not a figure and full cover one?The Japanese
syllabary very based on the type though thought that the power that
can be conscious for myself is demanded to some extent even if it

The position of the shoulder line is different.
Making the bust and the hip is different. It doesn't sell when not
three-dimensionally making it. Because it is not possible to put it
on. Moreover, when he or she flatly cuts it by tending to buy eye
[nowo] exactly, the foreigner is not here and there suitable. In
Japan, Japan thinks foreign countries for the patterner to exist in
foreign countries.

The difference of the chest is large.
The chest does the foreigner the cylinder type though it understands
easily if the face is buried under Caucasian woman's chest. A
Japanese woman is [kishimen] type. Therefore, when coming, a Japanese
woman can scoop out her chest as for T-shirt.

It has when all of the volume are breasts because the foreigner woman has the
volume in the chest and there are a lot of patterns even if it is actually a rib
when touching. The chest becomes a false bottom structure. It ..breasts a lot of..
drinks and it is gotten to depend actually in the favor.

Does being able to say that there are a current state and
consciousness : in the face deca, [musabochichi], and the sigh?I do
not think the hips flat hips green pepper hips and knee under of the
drip of abnormality of the bowleg, [kishimen], the breadth of my
shoulders balance, and [musaboshiri] to be too short to be so
conscious. The complex commodity around of that is seen too much.

It and a Japanese woman have a lot of people from whom S curve of the
spine collapses like the old woman. In this, the decrease in muscular
power is cause [dagana].

[Kishimen] might be impossible though it thinks the bowleg to manage
to become it. Do breadth of one's shoulders and hips manage to become
it with a stripe tray?Because short [itoka] under the knee is however
impossible, it is ..becoming it.. .. Though it doesn't think the
foundation solution to be amusing even if it is impossible or is
developed something as a commodity

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welcome to "Japanese-Girls-are-Ugly website" . this is the place for ppl with passion for the UGLY TRUTH about Japanese Girls.

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even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

however, It has a rough going to translate my site into English, French, and Spanish becouse of my low language ability.

Could you introduce my site to English or French media?

Please help me! I need your help!


I am a person who manage this site which is very famous and popular in Japan "Japanese girls are ugly ". (6 years history!)

But I can not publish my site in Japan by reason of "Anti-Japan" and "Offend public order and morals" though I want to be my site being made a book.

Could you help me that puts out my opinion
to the world?

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