Japanese girls are ugly Part 22

Top in Japanese

It seems to be a trend of Harajuku.

The Japanese looks plain stupid the face thanks to the Mongolia fold
like the infant.


>Does a Japanese woman why ..[hakujin;otoko].. run?

>The answer is easy. Japanese man wwwww from whom eyes go and do not
>want to admit [kotosoko] of [kudake] in one that is more excellent
>than man

However, without taking notice from straight Caucasian
The groin opens in loser Caucasian, and it is held in derision and it
is killed ‥.

Ww ..the excellent point it.. where.
It is meat toilet and sleep food ww of wwww from loved [hakujin;otoko]
though held in derision though fall in love and yearned loving so

Japanese woman ww who doesn't want to admit there

The woman who is not certainly popular
I must not feel reverse-cutting [shiteruno] because the meat toilet
debuts in the foreign country, and the meat toilet act of [yoridokoro]
of the mind is beaten.

Japanese woman www can constricted, any intelligence, shame, pride,
height work, social position of the waist, size of the a row of teeth
and the chest, and the habit spending power and complexes of Caucasian
alone that can be won are sourpusses who are farther higher than the
mountain from whom sex tramps to the woman in any country.

Thoughtless words [ha] [kunoyamero] and wwwwww wwww of the up emptiness of
shame, intelligence, and the waist especially of the body like the barrel
below a man www obviously as constricting. wwww around here a lot the size
of the chest and the height make [dekai] [touno]

A Japanese woman is killed well in the United States.
It is shot most that it was an impact from heads with guns by former
lover's black in NY and is an event that is the instant death. [Da]
[shii] . reversion ..the woman and a man.. ..[kkae]..
Even if a Japanese woman who is going to study abroad at the time of
said recalls it of bum's young person also in Australia in the
deserted house the event and strangled now, it is ..hair of the body..
[yodatsuwa] ..
Because poi [te] Japanese is obedient when it is treated like the
housemaid and it becomes unnecessary, it is [omota] ..be not good...

When I am a high school student, story though it apologizes to cut off
the flow.
It came to the visit only on the first because the student of American
School in Japan wanted to visit the high school in Japan one day.
It is two men and one woman that came.
If it is not especially handsome man and beautiful woman, the face is not
honor students either.
The schoolboy's reaction was indifferently near in the condition "Oh,
[fuun] so".
However, with the reaction of the schoolgirl when it comes.
It made a fuss about way [kya-kya-] whether the idol of [jani-zu] had
Because the party is "Fair hair and blue eyes".
It is needless to say that the boy was dumbfounded to the commotion

The engraving flies out seeing [naindayone] w ..no squid.. eyes only in the Basedow's
disease really and is ..[te].. yucky even if it is said it is a Japanese woman and it
is ox-eyed.
Do you see [bisa] Ito?Eyes fly out though there is no engraving. This is not really
excluding the deformity at all either.

In ox-eyed in the Japanese, most is deformity.
Because eyes are covered with Mongolia [hida] and the engravings are
no squids.

The marriage rate of the woman and the United States man in Japan will not change in 1945.
It confronts and the number of international marriages of Japanese men increases by a factor of 30, and Japan is said and an opening immigration policy marriage to the woman of the country outside the cod ..tripling [].. is said.

It is a painful place that Japanese woman w man do not take notice
even by a compatriot and a lower-rank Asian doesn't have the lowly
occupation in the meat toilet.

By the [unko] color hair
Foreigner make-up and high-level brand-name goods [mo] to be the
plain expressions to which it is angry and the castanets walking to
the face.
Shrill voice [gya-gya-pi-pi-].
Where in the world is such a woman?

Only a Japanese man seems to remain [inamou] [nichi] ..foreigner,
deformity inside of [puri] wwww of a Japanese woman who admits, and
outside.. ..helpless.. persons in question in the deformity.

Woman [omo] of Japan of how ..passing.. ?It was Because it is .."The
inside was wonderful and the most beautiful ..Japanese woman.. person
in the world. " .. busy with "with only one in ten mails of asked
answer. "

A Japanese woman anyway is ..face.. [yabai] .. It is too plain. It is painful for the
person who got used to seeing the face of the [koreha] pinktoes. Seeing the face.
Race's fertility is also plainly terrible. Total of two billion such as China, Korea,
Japan, and another Southeast Asia is exceeded.
One person in indeed three earthlings is plainly a face.

There are such a lot of women for Japan the style worst, too. the
worst the face, too
It is possible to become the entertainer and a model by seeing
worldwide therefore in Japan ..excrement.. [yatsu].

It is [kitsui] to keep probably working until being not able to see a satisfactory
figure of every day woman and dying. It is too painful.

Way and caring none with the way w in Japan. collapse hips be seen
from the neck after all only on and bend [tenaikarana] w example food
foot the beautiful woman or the said party

It sees objectively therefore and ugliness is fact ..Japanese woman.. [jan]. It only
talks about the reality as it is.
Cannot such a thing be understood?
Even the world considerably : it that the style is bad to a Japanese woman at the
worst level though it is talked many times.

A Japanese woman is not probably a woman.

Because the eyeball is sure to rot as for the fellow who thinks that
[teka] Japanese woman is lovely and a Japanese woman thinks it is the
loveliest in Asia, the character is bad.

A Japanese woman doesn't exercise.
The endeavor to improve doesn't do it to the habit with a seedy
original system either.
Only the effort to deceive by the brand thing, the make-up, and the
plastic operation is made.

When the fact sleeps ..seem opposite.. and w Japanese man is gone, w because the Asian doesn't
take notice either where it can do nothing but live as Caucasian's meat toilet though seem to
have said by a Japanese man as no one marries when a Japanese woman the mackerel pike or Hitoshi
Matsumoto is gone if it says to becoming easiness if it prints in the place where a Japanese
woman is a meat toilet as for I and it admits so.

A Japanese man and the Caucasian woman can live in affluence as such whether a home of
Japanese man and Caucasian woman's why combinations that seems to be affluent is unhappy
and a pattern that a lot, and is opposite is unhappy because each other associates because
of Thailand, and because the Caucasian man is a base in the society in the other side, w
for a Caucasian man and a Japanese woman.

Moreover, it is met might be unbearable for the woman to whom a meat
toilet Japanese woman has not received the education as a Japanese pink
from about Japanese pink [butte] carrying out [chaukarana] [shou] dice in
front of Caucasian painful.

AV actress's quality probably : from Maria [shou] Sawa, Tina Yunoki,
and the Shiraishi lamplight that goes up to the guy of foreigner
[manse-] compared with the idol bikini models who pose for cheesecake
photo collections though such talk [temosha] … Why cannot you
terribly take an active part by the beautiful woman in the table
stage though the style is also good … A Japanese woman is certainly
However, though it is thought that woman's sense of beauty improves,
too, if such a person takes an active part in the spectacle society
because there is an exception also in that in no small way

[Rana] important , of you is only one.
It is only selfishness of can the excitement or cannot costing.
Furnace that divides and calms down to which it can get excited by
seeing Japanese woman

Participants of the judo are popular and [basuke] etc. are propaganda
actually popular in the second place.
Though it doesn't know to whether probably come in the second place
according to the statistical strategy though it thinks the spread of
the trial of the balance to the world often to be terrible

Caucasian's girl is terrible and the charm is good.
The first meeting is embraced to the kiss at the return.
The figure is good, and the face is small. The leg is also long and
the style is good.
There is a geniality that is also intellectual the conversation, and
oozes out from the inside.
Very ..the search in Japan... such a womanIt is very ridiculous or
extremity of the waste of energy. If it is a woman of the European
sphere coming from, it is easy.
Most all members women in the fact and Europe that I have met are
beautiful women.
Straight ugliness had only the handful.

It has gotten excited completely only in Caucasian and the foreigner woman now
though I pulled out by a Japanese woman until becoming the resident of this [sure].

Because the reason accepted Japanese woman's neither face nor figure in the
Anything doesn't get excited, and it laughs in a face plain ..that.. and the
infant figure.
It says very much or I think that it normally changes the [narutte] life by the
sense of beauty.
Because it is already only work in me that it is related with the woman in Japan
each other
It goes to foreign countries by the favor in private and the foreigner woman will
be observed.
However, it is ..idea.. [kanakattakarana] . to read these kind of things [kono]
The 1st nor the woman were in [tou] such drinking thinking everything the face.
[te], and the style it
However, because ..value [tteno] of style.. [fun] was driven after the Caucasian
woman starts image [mi].
Oh dear..Japan..man..Japan..woman..value..provide..notice..die..worship..such..
drink..unrelated..sleep..without permission..Japan.When it is not possible to
think, [mouyabaize]. seeing the woman in Japan and "It is ..ugliness.." ..
looking [terareruyona] w.. outtell well
...life.. ..benefiting.. [rutte]. read often the site of the summary blog or the

A Japanese woman is beauty and the fashion magazine reading is hunted, the pinktoes
is mimicked, and it doesn't suit desperate ..any [itte] ..it is.. Japanese woman..
w yearning ..relations.. ..[rutte].. terribly and emptily.
You Japanese women's materials are too bad. It has already gotten back and it doesn'
t adhere.
The reason for you is with only a mongoloid gene in the gene when saying why.

It is : that it is a different country in random Europe in Europe and
America and the United States at all and the monkey of the island
nation of this ..w.. : it is possible to learn.

Oh dear, ..floatage [ppuri] of recent fashion magazine.. ..becoming it.. . because it is
The plain ..Japanese.. majority ..cover [mi].. furnace first of allWill you come like the
complaint if the pinktoes is used for the cover after all?The complex and the envy feeling ..
possession [teruttekoto].. are terrifically understood.
If she doesn't admit herself in the world to some degree, a Japanese woman might be
Some transformation fathers, and when infant figure [fechi] is plainly excluded, none of
Japanese women also have the interest and it is not interested though it apologizes.
Is the machine that sees a young pinktoes does give the mass communication only by a Japanese
woman in the television, unending in Japan, and is such an unbalanced state really unending
though no squids and Japanese women can cheat, cheat a Japanese man, and be doing?
Does Japan : because it cannot watch the United States television free of charge like South
Korea with what?
Has not the Caucasian woman been put out to the television by what?
When Japanese man's sense of beauty becomes straight, does [yone] [nichi] Japan Women's
University due to terrible and the embarrassment :?

Does the loess like "A Japanese man is also similar" return when Japanese woman's
ugliness is pointed out with what?
Therefore, because it is a different living thing in a man and the woman.
It is also different at all that a man and the woman think.
Especially, it is remarkable [nawakedaro] for Japan.
Japanese economy fails surely if a man in Japan comes to do the idea circuit and the idea
like the woman in Japan.
A man in saying [tokukedo] , Japan is also ugly compared with [hakujin;otoko] and there
is no figure charm because of being probably said.
However, a man ends the talk by it. A man in Japan that goes into the workforce, works,
and has reduced my ability is fully [rukarana] ..it is.. . though
it might be what though
is ugly.
A man in Japan did not work, and it is likely not to have changed with North Korea in
Japan if it was only a lazy person.

How many are there a figure and [bonomondaro] are the woman?
...woman.. ability from a man is inferior, and because the beautiful woman
turns around, man's sexual desire is ..becoming it.. ..
Therefore, 100 million or more should not have normally had the [nantsuu]
population in the Japanese Islands.
Because "Selection" that is a large principle of biology doesn't work yet at
the Japanese Islands.
This is remarkable also in Africa and Asian nations.
Normally, to leave offspring, a more excellent figure person is sure to become
When an ugly figure person keeps being weeded out being inherited, and the
excellent figure one leaving offspring.
However, man's sexual desire that increased too much did not calm down as for
the human race.

It is a phenomenon the mongoloid's taking, dividing, and being not able to explain 100 million or more has bred in this small island nation very biologically. This is thought for all roots to exist in the sense of beauty.
"Beautiful woman absence" is the natural world in so-called Japan. A man in Japan doesn't know the beautiful woman.
The world when has been driven in to the situation of leaving the descendant in that that only the woman in Japan knows.
It was the cared none though collapsed very much child's face and was born. It is because of the belief that it is natural.
This can be said ..terribly and severely... The Japanese often doesn't finish when having kept leaving offspring ..no admiration...
However, most is lost of a man in Japan to the point where present comes and only the woman in Japan is lost in eyes.
The sexual desire because [**] can see only the woman in Japan in the coming school days of can see only nakedness of the woman in Japan even if going to the bookstore of the cathode-ray tube previously there is little chance to see the foreigner woman and the taking division Caucasian woman since it is born in Japan of a simple reason this of coming out only of the woman in Japan.
Therefore, it is necessary to educate "Sense of beauty" by the school training. A Japanese sense of beauty that is not the incident to be laughed away normalizes because of leading to the prevention of sexual crime prevention and a Japanese woman of making to the delinquency in this.
Japan tries to be a small [ko] making solution, to increase the cosmetics sales to an impossible spear by using a vague expression with "The woman in Japan is lovely, and beautiful" etc. and no grounds enumerating the country, and to attempt the improvement of the buying intention.
Frankly speaking, it is a brainwash.

443 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/06/20 (Tuesday) The unpleasantness and it might be
different at 09:32:50. Does the inheritance support Japan?It is not.
It is an education in childhood, and a discipline that supports Japan. This is all.
This was historically high-quality. Invasion [sarenaka], [iuko], and [niaru] that there are
few foreign aggressors in Japan as the originating.
A peaceful age when it lived in the race each other continued plainly for a long time.
Though the race for power and killing one another in Japan continued of course.
Japan kept sending the life of the world to "Japanese who did not know the world" soon for
thinking everything.
A culture such as samurais and topknots and novel valuable phenomena were natural in Japan
as a result in Japan.
It can be said that it had really concluded the Japanese Islands in the Japanese Islands
because this continued until it becomes Taishou era of the Meiji era and the Europe and
America culture flows in.
"Beautiful woman absence" might have brought great to a certain meaning Japanese Islands.

I will not think that there is goodness in old times it.
If the Japanese sees the discipline in an overseas standard, it
maltreats it.
Though it is agreement if the mongoloid is not done there in case of ..
cannot management.. [itte] insistence.

...politician [mi].. furnace of woman in Japan
The sense of beauty is going mad still [kitterujan] in complete
though even a Japanese woman is an elite class in the pig and him the
small sake cup.
The woman in Japan is w in the sleep getting of what to the talk.

As for a Japanese woman, the expression dies.
Unpleasant expression [shiteru] just behind mock exam all day long.
You may die if living so much is painful.

Kuniko Inoguchi

It is w living in the this fellow United States for years how many and
without understanding the cause of the falling birthrate of [te] and Japan
necessary for measures of genuine [dana] w falling birthrate though it might
not be money, and it be a beautiful woman.

Frankly speaking, the woman too attractive and not engrossed in study and work in foreign
countries other than Japan are natural.
Rule of [touzen]. work and woman > study [tteno]
It becomes [touzen] work and study > woman [tteno] because anyway, there is no beautiful
woman ..Japan however...
However, the ejaculation ejaculates tentatively as a living thing by the sense that borrows
the porcelain by AV and the wank mag because it needs it.

The street. In Japan, the woman is too cruel and, anyway, [rukarana] ..
A Japanese pink is already in the state of extermination. Because the figure is
that, even only the inside at least :.
Even contents are already [boroboro] in the woman in real Japan though thought
so by many of men.
The Caucasian woman is arrogant, and moreover, a Japanese woman drips as
modesty anything and throws.
A lot of men are brainwashed to it.

There will considerably be a Japanese pink when it is ugly.
It is done that it attaches to a man because the low degree of my value is
When the beautiful woman is inconvenient, a man is arrogant because it is
possible to transfer easily.
Japanese woman's problem is a point in me has convinced that it is worthy
though it enters the subordinate position one percent when I see in an
international standard.

The entire Japanese woman is shown, and I think that I get at the heart of the
matter of this expression ugly all women in Japan, and mistake saying as rot.
Does another have the country where the brand madness, the cosmetics madness, and
the misunderstanding woman spread like this in the world?
Half of sell of Prada or Chanel, Hermes, and such high-level brand-name goods a
company the vicinity is occupied by a Japanese woman.
Moreover, Japanese woman's cosmetics buying intention is the second place in the
world after the United States.
However, there is diverting when thinking compared with the population and either
Japan has the best cosmetics market in the world.
A Japanese woman is sure to understand the question of persistence in figures more
stubbornly than women in which country of the world as an objective fact.
Please reprove these some ..overturning... It is w though it is a story of a
certain Japanese oak.

It has forgotten though it doesn't know what I can do the desire.
Even if Japanese woman's nakedness is seen at any rate probably now, it becomes
yucky oppositely.
The face, and everyone and this fellow are dirty legs, and plain [guroi] ***.
It is not ..desire [suruhodo].. shameful to a Japanese woman.

Misunderstood ..self-styled cuteness.. ..saying.. [kei] and self-
styled the beautiful woman take advantage and even of the Japanese
woman each other until buying the date fee and brand-name goods and
pan-counterplans though it is the one such as the charity work and
Japan where foolish Japanese man deflecting that should sweeten up in
such Japanese woman Nipponia nippon of selfish, foolish Japanese
woman W who transfers as follows becomes natural if arrange and
gotten tired

A Japanese woman is ..cheap.. [iyona].
Because the [**kawa] aura and the customs aura drift, everyone and this fellow at all get neither [te] grace nor intellectual felt by me.
Besides, it sees it only in true fool's Sakata when accompanying it about [maa;soredemo] Japanese a man though it is seen [kanji] with pushing thanks to a Japanese man ..no combustion...

Even if the Philipino woman discriminated so much says, looks are on Japanese women in the long way.
For a Japanese woman, only Taka [ru] appearance is prostitute in a Japanese man as for the foreigner woman though prostitute [yoba] is divided.
Only this is exactly [wara] ..the projection of psychology it.. ..(...

Japanese women are very confident of me. [Sugoina] [-].
Japanese woman's short hands and feet, low nose, and narrow eyes are wonderful and the storm of praise from a man ! very all over the world is [wara] ..blowing hard in your head...
When is in Japan
The woman of moustache [boubou] came by the Japanese when the bus that toward the hall of TOEFL was waited.
Understand surely that it is not likely to receive it TOEFL by one as for [koitsu].
Might not be have as desperate as be not able to worry even about the moustache it.

A Japanese woman is terrible.
Big bickie..invest..buy brand articles..hunt..every day..painful.
.diet..every day..every day..how many..repeat..cosmetics..foreign countries..entertainer..average..tens of..money..use
..life..mostly..beauty..spend..the..look back..anything..provide..person..become..yet..do..the..ahead..two-legged locomotion..do..usual..become disgusted..stop..goal
It is about 20% or [ka] ..rate of the immigrant of Europe and America.. somehow.
The Japan low rank in the world in 0.3%.
[Nimo] is not related and 15 a couple in the entire Japan are the current current states married to the foreigner woman. a couple in ..Tokyo.. ten pairs
Will not disappear only the birth of be a Japanese woman in Japan if become be average Europe and America by the immigrant and association with be a Japanese man like seeming be natural.

Economic sanction is necessary for a Japanese woman.
Japanese woman's brand thing madness is too ugly.

The woman of [sungee] [kusobusu] said [busaiku] all KAT-TUN at the school.
The face like the handicapped person meant mountain P.
..[hajikko].. so-so. a man of WindsThe following two people are [busaiku]. [Tteka] [kao] acceptance [naikaraa] ?
[Tte] was said. [Temee;] person's remark [ennoka]. The nose collapses, and on eyes, it opens or it doesn't open or it is it not is thin, and the cut sleep food entrance [shiterushi] hairstyle [okappadashi] that doesn't boil.
Why is ugliness a pushover for a pretty face?The handicapped
person ..face it... a popular entertainer now ugly of [te] nausea [suruhodo] see
[Tokatemee;] is a handicapped person and [tsuuno]. It is [-] or it is former man. pile up

Japanese woman's characteristic

1.Teeth are dirty, the neck is shaken many times when [musabochichi], the infant figure, and posture pass ..the bowleg, knock-kneed, and hips.. ..the position.. ..low.., and are the former patterns and nod always, and the spring enters the neck.

2.It is passive, indecisive, and only [furarete]. ) ..only wimpy.. .
.(.. ..laugh.. though desperately attacked by [bakaridaga] and me essential yearning to Western custom even if only the idea of the Japanese style can be done, and I make foreigner [kare]Or, it is used by a good [teino] housekeeper, and the poi.

3.Contents are childish, and it is climate setting [heta], and it is cowards. Nevertheless, only the demand for the other party is high. The most in the world perhaps, because the origin is ugly, it is ..effect.. [detenai] in my figure though it is money or it might be a race who is disregarding it.

90 percent of a Japanese woman has some overseas high-level fashion brands, and it is described that half the number of a Japanese in one's twenties, woman owns Louis Vitton bag in opening.
The percentage of those is only 11.5% without any.
Japanese woman's brand Kichi lid yellowtail to terrific is transmitted from the figure.
Consciousness survey to Japanese woman's brand
Which amount of money the brand 4.6 a % Japanese woman of special the brand 13.5% C and the yearning with the brand 18.7% B and sticking to on one rank different from A and other brands throws into the brand bag is described and it exists.
..doing.. ..[sugo].. ..saying.. [masu] ..investing the amount of money... unpleasant
60,565 yen on average of A and Japanese woman ・・・・
in her twenties 68,884 yen on average B and Japanese woman ・・・・
in her thirties 50,237 yen C on average and the entire Japanese women ・・・・ http://ime.st/smartwoman.nikkei.co.jp/career/news/article.aspx?Id=20030101b1000b1&page=2 A, Christian Dior 78.6% B, Gucci 66.7% C, Chanel 64.2% D, Burberry 63.7% E, and Louis Vuitton 61.5%

The result that all ..same one.. have leaked in plurals when this result is seen comes into view.
The pattern of the Japanese woman whom I also have because everyone has it is understood well.
A Japanese woman really is [wara] ..the fool.. ..(...
Only the woman with amusing balance : everyone and this fellow though it said to the update of the license yesterday.
Same bag all why ..bringing.. [nda].

The tax is high and the woman is ugly.
Morality collapses, too and the rest or salary down [ishi] land is high and car multi [ishi].
It is person [irushi] even if going to where.
It comes to want to hit it with [yatsumiru] like a Japanese businessman who comes out a true ..it is.. monster almost fellow that can do English conversation though English is sure ..university graduation.. to be studied in '10 or more.

I think that you who said tax high [ishi] are great.
It is so. It is high.
I thought of the income and the tax of the Swedish that the tax was high and famous because I compared it.
It doesn't pay too much them. The Japanese is too payment even if looking back is not thought.
Moreover, the beautiful woman is in surroundings in them.
There is a woman who feels like working.
The rest is also long. It is not [nai] of can purchase [reberu] though land is place situation.
[Iiyona] .

It marries even by 30 real monthly salary men, there is a child, and my home is a dream dream again.
. ..the sleep only of going to India... save 10 million by [inonina] w
..few.. 30 after all in one's twenties ..today.. and more overwhelming
the fellow who is taking more than 30 monthly salary man
Though I am a European west side now
It is possible to go considerably if there are 2.4 million yen in year.
Meat and poultry will be three Euro by 400g for about 60,000 yen (Though it depends on the place) by 50 [hirabei] for the dwelling, the vegetables be 2 Euro by 1kg, and the fruit be 1?2 Euro by 1kg.
It is happy ..only walking in the town... [de] it, and a full beautiful woman it
The open-air concert is free [dashina] ..
Good human life is possible.

What is the advantage in which a Japanese woman today is chosen?
Japan Women's University of ..defeat.. [nichi] : to the Japanese man competition with the foreigner woman of whom number who will increase in the future.
Because the advantage in which it dares to choose a Japanese woman thinks and it doesn't float.
It is same Japanese and attachment [arukara] and the spirit theory of [kasonna] are [dayona].

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the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

however, It has a rough going to translate my site into English, French, and Spanish becouse of my low language ability.

Could you introduce my site to English or French media?

Please help me! I need your help!


I am a person who manage this site which is very famous and popular in Japan "Japanese girls are ugly ". (6 years history!)

But I can not publish my site in Japan by reason of "Anti-Japan" and "Offend public order and morals" though I want to be my site being made a book.

Could you help me that puts out my opinion
to the world?

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