Japanese girls are ugly Part 21

Top in Japanese

Think the pinktoes for a lot of [busaiku] and fat person to exist when some
beautiful actresses etc. are excluded. It might be understood that this is a
complete false rumor in case of you already.

Even a general person of the pinktoes has a lot of beautiful women that the style is
good and the face is small. Basically, you should think that there is a difference
between man and the physically handicapped person in about 20?30 (20?30 style of an
average pinktoes and an average Japanese woman). When some fat person etc. are
excluded, the pinktoes is done with the body that basically dresses the man in [**].

It is understood that it is only a back figure and a Japanese woman.


No do matter of an outward problem of the woman in Japan.
.. ..it is possible to say.. ..... strong a man because he is same Japanese, too
However, it is irrelevant to put out "Japanese man ugly like this" to "Japanese woman
ugly like this".
It is "Japanese woman beautiful like this" and [kadaro] if it puts it out as [**kata].
I think that it is malignant that I beat and do man ([Dato] is convinced) below
[karetakaratte] me in [**].
I think, it is such included "Japanese woman ugly like this".
And, here starts to say "A man is also ugly" though here is [sure] concerning a
Japanese woman.
I think to go to [sure] of "Japanese man ugly like this" in the face of a man in Japan
when you want to do the story that is [**].

Though you only irrelevant quarrels are done
Is there having thought this [sure] whether exists on the beauty board neither
the regional country board, nor the man and woman board either what?
It is [iyo] [keshou] goods ..no joke of the hairstyle or the skin it.. though it
is a deformity by cannot the correction of an ugly Japanese woman like you to
beauty even by [koreppocchimonaitteko] taking care with and the frame.
The plastic bag of the supermarket receives and is a furnace.

A Japanese woman is dirty. ..uncleanliness.. [ittsuuka] is seedy.
Plainly and the look nevertheless ..[ne] the Asian [nokuseshite] skin ..
making dirty.. and the face like the board it.. the hair pain
[nderushi] body are bad and are suspicious-looking, and when the
mouth is opened, it is a row of teeth the creak and ..amorousness..
[shi] you see.
Only it is the care none and ..w bean jam.. money though not suited ..
putting on [terumon].. person in question to begin with at all.

Because the woman in Japan makes up and ..dauby.. is bedaubing it, it
is deteriorated.
The foreigner may say the skins are dirtier than Japanese women as
Japanese woman's false rumor.
It is ..difference.. [kattayo] when actually seeing.
The deteriorating woman who is doing ..living.. is ..uncleanliness..
[idakedesa] . in the base.
They are some ..difference.. [undayona] in Japan because it ..action..
differs by a social class and thought.
[Sa] except good and bad.

When we are popular, a Japanese woman it misunderstands it, and [nichi] Japan Women's University and which is worldwide in short legs ..no plainness (Only plainness : [suppin] though there are a lot of fellows who cheat by the make-up).. it is popular thinks as such a thing is calm ..not trowing.., and is often [naisubadei;] the style and is far inferior also to the black with a fairylike pinktoes if it says by an obvious style. the foreigner

The ophthalmology department should go once a desire [suru] man in
[busaiku] passing Japanese woman ..everyone, this fellow in [maji],
passing, the [busaiku] style, and it is and ..worst, acceptable love..
...cuteness.. ..saying.. actress to whom [i] cracks...

The majority of the woman in Japan do not have as many as seven head and bodies.

The woman in Japan only smiled a wry smile when asking what to think
and was a no comment in a British lecturer at the university.
[Terawarosu] w

First of all, I must be surprised.
The Japanese is not to understand our ugliness more than the imagination.
Why is the talked thread of a Japanese figure with only here? retrieve it with 2Ch
The reason for the Japanese is that it is not in this year when the Japanese
compares the figure each other or the head.
And, it is only satisfactorily soaked for a moment in ox-eyed (Though it is a
Because so to speak, fight over the world lowest level is compared in race of the
world lowest level each other
...simplicity.. w Oh dear end
Do when comparing it with the woman in Vietnam or China?Because it is defeated in
the style though the face might be a fair match

Man's figure is very good separately.
When a man in Japan certainly compares [hakujin;otoko] etc. , it compares
unfavorably, and the ugly one is true.
It is a lowest level also in Asia. Let's catch this.
However, talking about a man in Japan only by the figure is meaningless this.
A man in Japan has [hakujin;otoko] and the ability only of the equal confrontation.

Of course, there are considerably a lot of top-class personnel in elite's fight
(It is considerably few in the woman) a Japanese man though there are a lot of
foolish Japanese men.
Therefore, Japan has technology like equaling to the United States, and there is
a financial strength, too.

The woman in Japan
Anyway, sauciness and we dye though it is ugly, misunderstood "It is lovely"
dyes the hair to the [unko] color , saying that "It is lovely" so as not to
do me the mongoloid or w well matched plainly whether it is an infant
figure face, and all [tonakaku] that thinks the pinktoes is only fat person
is ignorant. It keeps being danced by the mass communication because it is

Moreover ..the deformity even [manko].., ..woman in Japan.. face
smells habited deformed.

The madam person and 95% that comes to classroom visitations of the
elementary school are abundant and there are a lot of children of
child [moacha] that a Mongolian figure has it in [busaiku].
Recently, the number of children of the fishing ..detailed and how
much it may be.. has increased.
The inheritance of Mongolia [hida] and [butahana] is terrific.

A Japanese woman, and it is thin [sugiteru] occasionally and
surprising [tsuiruyona] ..
When it is seen in foreign countries, it sees it with [maji] like the
stick doll.

It seemed that I ..W cup.. saw overseas living with [maji] like two
dimension character Japanese [onnami] that had moved to the spectator.

I think that it is the highest existence for [wota].

When you Japanese women however do like the Europe and America people woman ..
behavior.., it is [naidaro] of can permission ..feeling to sauciness...
It behaves now or there is a hoop on that externals.

I hear that man remembered a sexual charm compared with the other party to whom the
face and the figure are like with I statistically.
This might already be an instinct.
Therefore, the Japanese will hybridize though the Japanese is very ugly by not
hybridization with a beautiful other party but the ugly one.
The encounter, and then, the Japanese will be plainly felt the inferiority complex for
that engraving and deep face of Caucasian, and doesn't change as for , if it sees it is
not easy to associate.
Even Caucasian doesn't think that it associates with [higashi] [hiroshinin] etc.
[busaiku] of the frontier of [dokozo] even if it sees.

Oh dear, ..envying [hakujin;otoko] really... There isn't embarrassing it with Okaz and
very does w Japan?Are everyone and this fellow [musaboshiri] short [ashikao] and plain
looking [terarenai]. It doesn't become Okaz very much.
Therefore, the AV industry develops into Japan in the most in the world. Because it ..
Okaz.. ..insufficient.. passes if it is not so

The Japanese that the mixed blood with [ko-kasoido] is unlimited and is
near 0 though are 100 million or more wants one kind of deformity that
survives at the present age.
You should vanish from the earth the black, Han, the ethnic Korean, the
Japanese, the Vietnamese, and around here without leaving the gene after
all because the face destruction level is terrific.
If you do not make Caucasian's blood dirty even if it makes a mistake.

Will Caucasian be only making sure of externals where an Asian and a black as it is
become rich fast?
Though I am looking will start without fail some time in the future Africa and an Asian
old metal of the Caucasian nation.
Will fueling [nan] it also actually have the back the sudden fall of the dollar the
United States?
.. ..doing.. in preparation for China, Japan, and an Indian old metal in the future.

Anyway, if the Asian and the black vanish from the earth, the earth can be reborn at a dash.

An Asian person and the black ..should extinction.. bravely :. Caucasian doesn't have the
strike way of the hand because it breeds like the cockroach either.

Be feeling one billion or more breeding be ugly China or India even in Caucasian if see
what it might not.

The Asian is [yabai] according to ..earth.. Asian when it is the
state as it is though it is separately good because the black who
will be destroyed ..earth.. ..trouble.. doesn't put it so much.

Anyway, the Asian is malicious.
Because it is ruled by [negatei;bitei;]
The Asian becomes a thing negative ..alive [teruko] and [jitai]...

It is a figure subject person, yellow is a canvas from Caucasian, and
the shining [rutte] person thinks it is almost none at all.
Because they, artists, will pursue true beauty ultimately.
Then, it might reach no [katayo] fact that a Caucasian element that
the golden proportion is inevitably in order that shines on the
canvas is aesthetic excellent at last.

Japanese woman [tteno] is racist [daro] in the world. Genuine
Anything is understood of ..Japanese woman.. Western culture however
and Caucasian is worshiped by a technique ..no squid.. Asian.
It is feeling to pray for the good harvest of Bon Festival Dance
[shite] Caucasian with farmer's suitable [shite] Caucasian initiative.

This [sure] talks about the fact.
Anyway, the character shall not be cruel of a figure [modaga]
Japanese woman of the face.
Point where malicious is good.

I feel nausea the point of new song of SMAP or You 're Beautiful or the sink in [maji] in
CM from which a Japanese woman is derived.
Www ..Beautiful it.. where in both such deformed children.

A certain country's woman seems to be awful.
It is aborticide experience of venereal disease infection of
prostitution experience of anything the fickleness experience rate 80%
rate 58% experience 30% rate 17%.
Rumor probably.
[Na] ..whether it is country.. where.
Though it seems to be the Far Eastern island nation. Does not anyone
know the name of the country?

[Nan] it, and even not meaning such 2Ch term writing [datte] : ..[zai] day it ..the
agent provocateur it.....
Because it is a reality not changed, Japanese woman's face and the ugliness of the
style : though it says very of whom.
Even such [mon] , person's father says (In the standpoint that the female even tens
of subordinate also guides every day).

Certainly, furnace where it was "It is lovely" when saying the word
put for Japanese woman's figure?It by there is Japanese alone in
which this is not well-grounded either.
Also in the compliment, only this is really. Do to express it in
English?Sexy is a compliment from which it drinks almost and [gai],
pretty, and cute are used only for teen girl.
Really how should I express it?
"The nose doesn't collapse. " "An epicanthus is comparatively few. "
"The face is small. " It is w in "The leg doesn't bend" [nantsuuka]
pitiful true [dayona].

Because it is a model of Japan, it is an entertainer, and it is far
inferior to a general pinktoes.
Because this doesn't change though it might be a beautiful woman of
the top of Japan though it might be what.
The party called the model of Japan is made to walk in Europe and the
furnace by way of experiment.
Because it is far inferior and would be better to be able ..
[ruttekoto].. to understand

I went to walk with [hakujintsuma] the next day when a Japanese woman was
The tree has been made fresh and green in spite of winter.
Hope and vigor were filled, and a Japanese man and the foreigner woman were walking
happily in the town in people's expressions.
"The age where an ugly person stalked must not end. "
We married couples were told that Mr./Ms. Saito married to a Japanese woman had
relieved it until last year.
"Yes, it will be an age when the excellent person was able to live happily
beautifully internally and outside hereafter" Wife who rarely joined the talk Sala
usually put its hand on Mr./Ms. Saito's shoulder and it said gently.
「See the town. All Japanese female figures of the bowleg stoop are not, and might
seem to be happy. 」
The man who seemed that half with Caucasian on the way it said so and with a smile.
Idol Otaku pawned photograph collections of Japanese women who had used it for years,
and bought an overseas young person magazine.
「A Japanese woman is already unnecessary. Hereafter, let's go after the Caucasian
woman. 」
A man said in the expression of Otaku who finished the character processing.
The swallow crossed in the blue sky.

344 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/06/16 (Friday) A man is excellent,
it is after all popular, is soaked of [temo] in the superiority
complex at [neejan] w life by the technical side at 00:11:57, and
furnace w.

>>Posture etc. in which competent as ugly as 344, man is not respected
It is a Japanese female exactly very thing.

Ugly not competent, Japanese woman etc.
Only consumption is the world top class though there is not morale
It will be already able to be called industrial waste without the
existence value for the earth.

A Japanese man is [inokamona] ..can do nothing but the compensation
for the death...
The crime to make a Japanese woman degenerate here no matter how
distinguished services are strapping is large.

If it is Caucasian, it is a Japanese woman who doesn't take care of
everyone and expands her groin.
Japanese woman who bedaubs make-up to mongoloid face and is soaked in
Only feelings are the person in question of ..celebrity.. [nichi]
women though it is never rich.
Japanese woman who causes Yon boom to the point of becoming middle
age for pure love.
The person in question of ..feminism.. [nichi] woman. do not
understand the meaning
It is [nokkaru] Japanese woman in the boom for the time being.
Everyone is the same clothes Japanese woman if it sees about town.
The hairstyle is a Japanese woman of the scolding.

When she starts seeing the Caucasian woman, a Japanese woman should
dig up the hole on ground, be do a thrust of the head, and be

Touch the most effective one when an overseas Japanese wants to put the distance mutually by you by an extreme honorific.
Then, only minimum work can be combined by avoiding communications as man.
Serving of the shop in Japan is . ..the same...
That actually : though it is felt to the kindness seemingly terribly politely. 「Do not talk to. You only have to drop only money and to solve it. 」[Tteiu] signature.
Only Japan : in such the [noha] world.
It is natural to do a foolish conversation with the cash register when it is Europe, and it is the same also in China.

The Japanese of [bikatachi] is [motemote] in Brazil.
A lovely [chotto] daughter of the Japanese became a nationwide
heroine by the amateur participation program of TV. It earns it by
the nude of the PLAYBOY magazine now.
It is high height and [rashii] ..[bikatachi] (... ) though I am clod
The woman of 4?5 person sidles up every time it goes to the show of a
popular band.
The bride changes, aims at the look, it applies, it complains at
times, and it repulses it.
Not turning over [**] now if it is young and single.
It is known well to say that there is a scarcity value, and the
Japanese is rich Asian's [bikatachi].

The cheapest woman in the world is said ..value.. you see in [daro]
foreign countries though a Japanese woman gets.
The Caucasian man who associates with a Japanese woman seems to be
treated [ru-za-], to be held in derision, and, in a word, because [ru-
za-]'s being treated associates with a Japanese woman, to be : by the
greater part of Japanese men.

Though it has already been said
The man various sports that you should know. [zuda] ..the seen "Real thing" body.. ..the
degree.. ..information.. rare also in the world the woman in Japan
Proud jeeringly on an ugly style and the face walking by the ape walking of the town in
foreign countries, a Japanese woman is most.
Japanese women of a terrible number are destroying themselves also in Paris.
In this, tens of years are already stories.
A Japanese active in foreign countries : without forgetting most is a man though it takes up ....
activity.. Japanese woman [nantara].. occasionally on the television in foreign countries.

The inside of the woman in Japan is not good either. already anyway
The ability only of the digestion of the routine is also scarce.
Therefore, [mon] . that the company also has employed by force.

[Gyarusa-] and the [ronha-] ranking are broadcast in Asian whole land.

Is the wrinkle sitting of Dentsu?It frightens for a moment ・・・.

449: none (temporary) slim: 2006/06/16 (Friday) Because Japanese
woman's misunderstanding [ppuri] is a brainwash level at 18:11:17
I that awake [suruyo] [nichi] Japan Women's University is satisfied
become shameful by reading that blog as for man's sense of beauty.

450: None (temporary) slim: 2006/06/16 (Friday) 18:26:01
...the brainwash to such sentences …..

It is w that a first class Japanese man in the small portion associates
with the Caucasian woman of the mainstay for a Japanese woman not
impossible to become a toilet and to be able to do nothing but
associate with the base.

Caucasian's nymph [mi] callus and bean jam really. Presence [desa] .
Is the angel passed tying?The goddess already : in feeling.

A Japanese esthetic sense is probably a cause that they are resisting the feeling of Arab
Caucasians in the Middle East with recognition that Caucasian is almost reigning over the top
of beauty all over the world in any country that will not be the exaggeration to say serious
story abnormal world 1 et al. of the inferiority complex compared with Caucasian in the West.
Besides, Caucasian with brown pupil : the feature such as the fair hair, brown hairs, and blue
eyes even to Caucasian by black hair.
The inferiority complex to Caucasian who has it is intense. Therefore, when the complex becomes
extreme, it makes it to the imitation fair hair.
Anyway, even Caucasian feels the complex in Caucasian mutually.
How about Asia?West Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and the sense of beauty are normal.
Caucasian with the fair hair blue eyes is both judged and figure superiority or inferiority is
judged to the base.
Therefore, they do not run by force in Caucasian's mimicry. Because the degree of our bodies is
It is Africa and east Asia in the end. Africa?Of course, they are various Caucasian.
The color is light, the nose is high, and such a black has a lot of places of activity also in
How about east Asia?Caucasian is still a base in Chinese South Korea and the esthetic sense.
It overflows for Caucasian in eye difference [shi] of envy though they have the superiority
complex for Southeast Asian people and the black (Look down on). It can watch the United States
program in the television.

How about Japan?Is it appropriate that everything is halfway?
Fashionably, the young person in not the base Caucasian but Tokyo is a base.
The half of dirty face [shita] mongoloid or Caucasian arranges the face in the fashion magazine.
It tends to be related only to the face, and state of leaving in complete for the style.
However, the nearer Caucasian the face is, the more it tends to be extolled in Japan, and the
style is disregarded here.
There are neither people called the model and an entertainer in Japan nor beauty.
What is oriental sweetness?It is "Beauty that the emotion different from the West is deep. " ,
for example, the Chinese dress.
Much is "Woman where a neat feeling in which the native dress is worn drifts. " if it is said the
beautiful woman in the Orient that the westerner imagines.
Even if the woman in the Orient wears clothes of the West, they do not feel the charm.

Oh dear Japanese image [ttenoha] that Caucasian actually sees
Because it is "Small country in Asia", is it the same as Africa for the sleep w Asian
[ttenoha] and them?
It is dirty dirty freshness, nature, and it is warm people.
The Japanese thinks, and Japan is terrible, and the people in the world do not think
of curettage even if it thinks as it is an economic power.
The person who is amazed at the dirtiness of the spectacle : Caucasians who come to
go sightseeing et al. to might the majority it even in Tokyo.
Oh dear, Japan : as the person who is not wisdoms is lustful also in the earthquake
large country.

The word is proven, and it is not well-grounded, and either has already been proven as for a free cock-and-bull story though Japanese woman's sense of beauty is sure to be supported in the word (lovely beautiful woman).
It is in the level of badness also in poor and the world of Japanese woman's style.
It is a living thing fundamentally different from the Caucasian woman.
The same do dimension however as the person in question [tachiha] pinktoes or we are caught next mark.
As for the reason, the point that Japanese woman's color of the skin is more a little than the woman in Southeast Asia white, and the nose is comparatively small is enumerated.
Japan's rate with white skin might certainly be higher. How about the nose?It is likely not to change very much. Both engravings are no squids.
However, when this inferior is taken in Europe and America of the style valuing in the style even if it has a white skin and it gets it, a Japanese Southeast Asian woman >>>> Chinese woman >>> South Korea woman > woman is clear.

This is a mistake though the Japanese tries to catch Caucasian by the same sense as us.
It is because the sense of beauty is different by 180 degrees.
The Japanese is not an equal person with Caucasian. However, it is necessary to avoid slave
Caucasian worship.
Then, do I only have to do so?
Change the sense of beauty to Caucasian about it. Only this is.
It might be a story in the person that staying indoors in Japan wants to finish one's life
not related.
However, the person that it wants to receive Caucasian in the future must touch it after
with recognition that I am Asian.

I think that the real intention to a figure Japanese of Caucasian outs
of all knowledge.
However, the people degree takes Caucasian and the education doesn't
take a discriminatory attitude from being (There is a person who of
course, not is either) officially high. However, what do you think in
the mind?

The oriental is eternity ..westerner.. ..excelling.. [tenaiyo] in the future.
resemble..feel..true..indiscriminate imitation..see..Japanese..after all..Japanese
clothes..wear..see..Japanese clothes..opposite..style..good..foreigner..face..suit.

The high school student in the vicinity of Shibuya or [majide] shame …
Indiscriminately though it is not possible to say
It is not ..[**] ..desperate coconut.. [ame] or China.. ..whether it
is an instruction of Japan lives.. even if the answer when it is
interviewed does the feeling education at ease by [poka-n], and
crushes [(?Д?)] really on the television with Japan … Japan that
degenerates well and goes … Movie "Japan Sinks" is used by CM of
NOVA, and, therefore, it is ..English [i] barely.. should.. pleasant,
etc. ..wanting read.. .... ..[fu].. CM.

In a Japanese woman, a Japanese woman is [nannayo] in true [gotosho]
desperate [itearukaratte] of [kimoi] in [moteru] if not taking notice
if confidence and existing in the world only though it is good.
Woman..first of all..site..read aloud..do..do..how..ugly..maggot..the..

Is it a toilet that laughs in the world and becomes the one ‥ There
is even no pride of the woman.

Though it says as it rapes and it was done by the U.S. military in
It is said that it is not even from the woman in the United States
when there are such a lot of toilets and is possible to consent.

It is natural that the foreigner also has ugliness.
The mean level is too low for Japan.
...[sotsu] Al.. see, and diverting and the ugliness of ugliness in [naa;
sore] that might be true that not is and the lowest vicinity are not odd ..
whether everyone and this fellow also sleep only [nopperi] how much it may
be ..not seeing.. of Cheung.. ..90% or more of the Japanese ugly...
...method.. you see it is [na] that one [busaiku] country is recognized to
the United States in the beautiful woman of [tarachoi] level this compared
with [bikatachi] Caucasian and the beautiful woman of the highest class.

Japanese woman www can constricted, any intelligence, shame, pride, height
work, social position of the waist, size of the a row of teeth and the
chest, and the habit spending power and complexes of Caucasian alone that
can be won are sourpusses who are farther higher than the mountain from
whom sex tramps to the woman in any country.
Thoughtless words [ha] [kunoyamero] and wwwwww wwww of the up emptiness of
shame, intelligence, and the waist especially of the body like the barrel
below a man www obviously as constricting. wwww around here a lot the size
of the chest and the height make [dekai] [touno]

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If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

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