Japanese girls are ugly Part 16

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Caucasian nymph

[Iketeru] Japanese woman

The Japanese keeps running away from ugliness because it doesn't have the ability only of the acceptance of ugliness.
The Japanese cannot do this year that harmonizes with surroundings because it cannot have my idea and insistence because there is no individuality.
Therefore, the Japanese cannot analyze it about me.
Of course, it is not because this law is applied by all Japanese.

If it is a usual man, it is one to be overcome by the sexual desire every day, and to look for the side dish.
However, there is only a Japanese woman of the lowest level in Japan also in the world.
A normal sense of beauty won't stay in such an environment to be sad.
Hips have collapsed ・・・.

The foreigner is looking at a Japanese woman by eyes that see the handicapped person.

There is only a culture for ..culture for the adult.. ..immature [naindayo].. child ..this country...
The adult is not interested except money and the brand.

You do not have value that should defend though it is bad.

The cheapest woman and Japanese woman in world
A man who is satisfying it with such a woman must be given greatly by the woman. 。。

Please let me write for a moment before it goes to work because it [muka]s, it attaches, and it doesn't collect.
I think it to be cruel though it thinks because all of a Japanese woman are not ugly. rot even the mind
It starts and the superior of another post that meets has ..comment applying [yagaru] strange though "**'s face is a childish face" is smiling.. fellow though Ghali wild boar 8 admonition that is has woman A of super-Dobbs who did in the company.
The other party's perplexing doesn't notice either.
Here also : in the place where the figure and the face were variously said.
It was not daunted at all yesterday though said, "The spirit is also just like [obasan] of the neighborhood gossip that exists in the [hen]".
How do you think becomes it when saying, "It is feeling that makes A [sante] wild boar 8 admonition slim" or "It is [otokokao]"?
I want ..[maji].. to say.

The person who is misunderstanding it ..[hakkiri].. says that it might be lustful when he ..a Japanese woman.. in what is the most beautiful in Asia and it does though it might be reluctant not to be able to be conscious of ....defeat.. dependence.. [mawari] because there is only a Japanese in the complete defeat and Southeast Asia in west Asia.
Japan's value of [bikatachi] is too high.
It is useless if not becoming natural for [bikatachi] to merge in scenery in daily life more.
Japan [tearu] meaning real world [dayona]?
It was an the environment actually to have the dream ..Japan.. Japanese style and dirty country.

Certainly probably. Western culture doesn't grow up patriotism especially in Japan in a translation so because it arose in Japan in the dream land wrapped in the romantic aura either.

It wakes out of a dream up when coming back from Europe and the country in the vicinity of the United States and queuing up in the row of the passport control in Narita ..one seen Japanese group nature.. … It is too cruel.
As for the town, man, and the society, this country is too dirty though it does probably for one even month and it gets used to seeing. all

・The pant voice is yucky as it is a baby.
・Top-heavy and kokeshi doll voice. It is considerably ill-balanced, and applies to this even by "It is assumed that the style is good" woman.
・[Musabochichi] is a convict who reduces the meat of the chest and was dropped. The height of [musabochichiritsu] is not odd.
・There is neither breadth of one's shoulders, are no hips, and [kishimenbodei;] of [perapera] only.

No do matter of the duck style rather either.
Www of [keha] whose pant voice is baby that it wants you to stop it really
Why does the woman who is going out to AV express the pant opinion like the baby?
There are a supervisor and an editor only foolishly though he or she is good.
It have been Italy what me though was only a beautiful woman of [juu] around there it though went?
There were a lot of good-looking men, too. It is [ike] respect [nanomo] in more usual than Tom Cruise.
It is still small and the face w compared with the Japanese though of course, there was plainness, too though it was better at all.
Japanese..by when..leave..face..see..sleep..Caucasian..woman..Japanese..woman..style..at all..differ..Japan..first of all..meet..style..woman..Caucasian..pickled radish.
The Japanese is a deformity though there are a lot of beautiful people. ..shape of the head.. Caucasian

Caucasian is [yatsushi] that means only ugliness.
How do you feel it if it became, it is possible to come to [**] in [maji] by coming back to Japan only of the beautiful woman of [ikemen] in [maji], and Caucasian comes to Japan though ..Italy.. have gone?

Tall one is basically high woman's grade. If the style is included and figures are compared, not reaching far also from general America and European countries that actually said not the story of Italian [dokoro] but Russia, Britain, and Germany is a reality in a Japanese woman.
Being able to say South Korea by seeing the under is an at least one saving.
A person who poor deca head of delicate breadth of shoulders, hips none, a short arm, brachycephalic, and the a row of teeth, the gills, deca faces, hairs that will fall soon the hair and are waited for, [butahana], and is most snub noses corresponds to some low the items like [itamune] and the fool, etc. of the reduction of [i] externals bad thighs and meats who fell under the knee ..round kneecap.. shorting by that token.
Not only a Japanese woman but also Far Eastern Asian (Japan, China, South Korea, Mongolia, and North Korea) woman are exactly treasure houses of all the ugliness parts.

105 "Mean value of Japanese and Europe and America people's eyelashes" 135 6.8milli 8.1milli length Europe and America of by Shiseido mascara project people Japanese number Europe and America people Japanese
Upward 15.8-angle Europe and America people degree Japanese and downward 5.9 degrees (The Europe and America people's definition is uncertain).
Of course, the Far Eastern Asian woman of the Japanese who contains it also has a beautiful individual.
The girl whose [sura] of hands and feet is its looks long well is so.
For the woman with this hand, it is sold out and the desperate one a current state.
It exists in a Japanese woman with a bad style beyond price.
The face recommends undergoing plastic operation to the woman that it is plain and only the style is good.
..another one.. face is ..beauty.. very lovely. However, only the face really :.
The under is a deformed treasure house from the neck.

The leg is curved.

From beginning to end in the [nowo] beginning and overall from beginning to end of the figure like the duck.
This pattern is not unusual. It cannot be at all said the beautiful woman even if it can be said it is lovely.
It is including the ratio to say the beautiful woman originally.
It is evaluated and proper .. It can be said that the aesthetic standard in Japan is very low.
Or, it might be responsible for the transformation of the man who likes infant figure.
If ugly man is seen, does it become unpleasant?

It is because ugliness imagines the disorder of order.
A dirty town and people in Asia have them imagine the tohubohu.

The homestay was done to the house of the uncle aunt married couple of the orgy (At about the age of 35).
It was really beautiful. Moreover, no makeup. In addition, fore buttocks.
..atmosphere like the one scene of the movie.. [deteta] though the photograph in the shelf had put the photograph of the two-shot.

It has been objectively proven to be beautiful woman's face that the plastic operation simulation face that it is calculated that it was [nanboka] [**] (It seems to be said Da Vinci's law) from the ratio by the United States cosmetic surgery is made up, and man feels that it is beautiful the golden proportions of parts of the possession of Caucasian's characteristic in a word and the face in the face suitable for it. And, even if Caucasian leaks in the source, it is filled. A black and a yellow person hardly fill it with little filling (shape and ratio in the right and left and the length and breadth of the outline and parts). To our regret, it cannot defeat Caucasian about forming.

As an element of common beauty to the world

・Eyelids with a fold made [kukkiri] (parallel and double)
・Prominent nose
・Small face
・Three-dimensional features

However, it is [age].
This is a rough to the end element.
However, it is not a beautiful woman however though Caucasian basically has these elements. [Temo] is [gomantoiru] all together of these. Then, what is necessary?It is more detailed and beauty of another digit and individual parts. Balance and harmony with the parts. This is the most important translation.
It is plain and wins the pinktoes about there when plainly comparing it Zhang [tsui;-] a puffy fanning out double interior it though it is [te], and a typical by and large an Asian face.
It is ..[yousuruni].. three-dimensional and the engraving is deep, and it is parallel, ..becoming it.. double ..making it to [kukkiri].., and no goodness a thing only in a small face. CaucasianAlso because the element that has been enumerated on is an important element of course, they become complete, and it is [shio] and there is no what of [ba] exceeds it well. However, it is only said it is not significant only by it.
If the woman in Japan is not a high height high academic background [ikemen] fat income, not marrying : though only the woman who does ..unbalance.. [youkyuu] might sell probably cheap with 30 [chikakunaru] even so.
When it enjoys calling the full-time housewife like the club activity and the retirement age comes by it, the home is electrified, and, then, [nacchimatteruyo] [nichi] Japan Women's University in the woman whose only the woman who says the husband house syndrome, divorces, and aims at insurance is most selfish in the world Ine [daro].
The woman in Russia is [gotoi] [tteruna] w as the woman in Japan doesn't at all demand valuable applying anything from a man.

It is seeing [ryawakarudaro] as for [femi] today, and it is thought that an overseas female is more straight ..the character only of doing lazily.., and because either also requests money, the beautiful woman is better only for a man for something. a marrying Japanese woman

It is a cosmetic surgery society in Japan and a fact said the admission that Caucasian's beauty is the highest, too.
The thing that the oriental exceeds the westerner is assumed not to be able to do because there is a three-dimensional frame like Caucasian's sculpture. And, it has been mathematically proven to say that it agrees easily with the golden proportions most.
The street. It is written based on it the sculpture and the painting in Western Europe, and it is common sense of the beauty medicine in the golden proportion that a rugged origin ..doing.. based on Caucasian's frame ..the standard of the cosmetic surgery.. though seem to have discovered in the ratio of parts of the human body (Length and side manage to :) by Leonard Da Vinci.
In a word, it becomes a definition near [bikatachi] = Caucasian. It is another question whether it likes it.

Because it is kokeshi doll body type (tall thin woman in Japan)> infant figure (average woman in Japan), it is ..becoming it.. .. It is ..deca.. and the [noni] body is .."They".. ..saying.. ..[waserya] face.. skin in the bone in "It is assumed that the style is good" the former like the fool.
The convict and ..meat grinding.. hips of ..consulting.. [ochi] are like the boy grade-schoolers with malnutrition. the chest
It is [kishimen] of [perapera] if it compares it.
The going out type is the worst and not story of sexy [dokoro] in the place that should go out as a woman at all either.
It reels, it shuts oneself up, [tei]-coloring matter * is done, and it is the worst in [te] flyer flyer.
The hair is only leaving and a bristle. The breath is also stinky.
It is [naruyona] in such cockroach [niyoku] [kanemitsugi] [gu] a nature.

The beautiful woman of the woman in Poland is long, and a lot of faces that are are small and hands and feet are long.
Even the woman is good a height 170cm or natural balances and the transparent white skin nipple in order is [ni] ..reeling.. goddesses of * of the pink color ..shutting up.. ..excelling.., too. features

Japanese feature
It is thought that Caucasian is only fat person (yes, lie w).
Caucasian..plain..partially..beautiful..think..crawl..Caucasian..fair hair..brown hair..hardly..imitation..think..peel..Japanese..Asia..trow..provide..food..you see..lovely..word..Japanese..pass..understand..Japanese..criticize..one..Chong..
The first class physically handicapped person, and it is desperate and it is money or it is Japanese woman in clothes who doesn't at all suit even if it disregards it and stinks of poverty a retardate face even if it cheats so much with the correction undergarment even if it makes up like this and it rolls it up.
The brown hair, and an ugly woman of the Mongolia [kaochizou] figure is suitable [shiterudake] of the fashion recently obviously and [moterundamonna] in Japan.
It laughed and it massaged it when seeing internationally. (It is laughingly a person in Europe and America actually. )What one is Japanese woman's average body description?, Flatfish..face..ground..black..dice..goggle-eyed..valuable..single..interior.
.double..Mongolia..for..winker..eyebrow..part..eyebrow..type..eyebrow..nose..snub nose..bucktooth..oblique tooth..shapely nose..nose..high..cheekbone..mandible..provide..gills..put..precipice
..bristle..drip..hips..flat..hips..green pepper..hips..long-bodied..arm..leg..bowleg..knock-kneed..knee..stoop..pithecanthrope.

When the inquiry into beauty ties to AV, I think that the sense of beauty is inherently lacked in the mongoloid.
AV of Japan seems to remember beauty and to remember pleasure by me ..making dirty...
Saying that it will be an inquiry of such a party into beauty etc. is paradoxical and funny.
The town in Asia is ugly, person's behavior is not refined by ribaldry, and the young person with a plain brown hair and fair hair not suited stalks calmly, it is worth, and the fashion of short legs that sell the pair of trousers wholesale becomes popular, and therefore, Otaku in Akihabara is an awful all backpack negative backs and is [dasai] suitable [shitetari]. A gal woman of [kebakeba] [shii] [keshou] & fashion mimics celebrity's hairstyle to clamour, worth, for inorganic artificial permanent wave hair to become popular in Japan, worth, and so as not to do well matched as ..information.. [zunako], is worth of the degree, produces an awful unbalance by a fashion slipping out the magazine and an unbalanced figure, and is worth of "Otaku coming [moi]" or the body on the side.
I ..unpleasant music alone for man who hears it to play the discord and Cacophony by nearby.. do not hear it though the person in question might be playing a musical instrument well.

As for the face of beautiful Caucasian, the positions of parts are in order, and refined chiseled.
Especially, the sculptural forming beauty that the Asian doesn't have is felt in the profile by Caucasian by me.
The positions of parts are asunder because there is not carving on the face we of [nopperimongoroido].
As if, it is "Fukuwarai" that enjoys fun face because it moves position of eyes, noses, and mouths
It is good though a Japanese history is seen though it thinks the inquiry into beauty to be both things that develop while causing the culture and the interaction.
The culture was imported from China, and, next, the culture was imported from the Caucasian nation.
I also think directionality to inquire into Japanese beauty by the process of importing the culture to have been influenced from the culture because it is not both cultures that we invented. Because the Japanese had recognized that it developed more highly than our cultures, those cultures were imported.
If it was a low barbarous culture, they are sure not to be imported.
The culture flows on below, and the opposite is not thought.
We mongoloids think that the ability to invent beauty and the culture is scarce for myself of it. J-of Japan ..the painting and J-POP.. independent music and lock, etc. are the one of the West with only one bite. Do it seek independently at the will of us and do it ..[paku] [teoki].. say that the current sense of beauty is due to Caucasian's brainwash?w

< gene difference index (Ethnic group Genetic Distance) of ethnic >
The smaller the difference of the numerical value is, the nearer. For instance, German 15 is nearer Dutch 12(The difference is 3) than Danish people 21(The difference is 6).
Belgian Belgians is assumed to be 0 of the standards this time.

[Yu-gosuravia] Dutch Dutch 12 Swiss Swiss 14 German Germans 15 English people English 15 Austrian Austrian 16 Danish people Danish 21 Norse Norwegian 24 Italian Italians 30 Portuguese Portuguese 31 French French 32 Swedish Swedish 34 Pole Poles 40 Spanish Spanish 42 Czech Czech 43 person Yugoslavian 50 Russian Russians 51 Hungarian Hungarians 52 Scotland people Scots 59 Finn Fins 63 Irish Irish 75 Icelander Iceland 78 Greek Greeks 103 Basque Basques 107 Iranian Iranians 197 Ashkenazy Jew Ashkenazi (jews), a Congolese South America 350-500 ~ north Turkish North Turkic 866 North American Indian N Amerindians 947 South Korean Koreans 982 Filipino Filipinos 1117 south Chinese S Chinese 1152 Japanese Japanese 1244 ←←←←←←←← Indio S Amerinds 1300 Nile Sahara Nilo-Saharans 1767 Sahara south region Bantu 2288 provinces Mbuti 2373 source is BBC (The article on the net version has already been deleted).

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even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

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