Japanese girls are ugly Part 19

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Caucasian woman who mimics Japanese woman

Might not think the Japanese to be a deformity by Caucasian in the real

[Ikotottearudaro] ..should no awareness of you...
It is possible to live life with a happy no understanding of anything.

"The woman should aim at the beauty of **" of the beauty board is
[sure]ing seeing furnace of feeling.
The Japanese is vacuum very [joutaikawakaruyo] for the sense of

It only has to express the Caucasian degree numerically like understanding how
much to have brought it close to Caucasian when a Japanese figure is discussed.
The problem of the sense of beauty is solved by this at a dash.
Including style of course. If it did not learn very much and the numerical
value competes like the entrance examination race that competes for the
deviation value, the Japanese is demonstrating [surukarana] as for a terrible

A short arm is . ..the worst...
Both elbows at an abnormally high position are [kimoi] [ndayo].

When graduating the university, a Japanese woman is already aging
The earliness of that deterioration has the terrible one. However,
pinktoeses are not deteriorated up to 30.
I think that the degradation level is 30 years old of Japanese woman'
s 20 years old = Caucasian woman.

Though the hair is held in derision
You see it is ..millet.. ..[shi].. dirty ..fair hair [tteno].. best on the
[mongorian] face of the bun with mince head.
When the brown hair fair hair is suited, [nno] ..the desire.. though the
Japanese is [tsukisugitete] Down's disease ..meat.. face in the face.
A person of China or South Korea ..meat of the face.. refreshing is more
abundant. To the target comparatively.

Woman that today is good who went out both by putting her fist in
The cheekbone went out than the nose.
Orangutang face exactly.
It dressed up by the brown hair with the face and [te] was
considerably ugly.
Moreover, fat person.
I want you to commit suicide and to die.

A similar thing has been done while I also am actually going to study though there was
a Japanese man who considerably [furi]s with previous [sure] while going to study
abroad by the foreigner woman etc. , registers on the date site in the foreign country,
and saw the reaction.
It is possible to say still for the leakage though it was in Canada. Well, as many as
five years are the previous states.
Neither a Japanese cocksucker nor the Caucasian cocksucker applied the photograph to
sentences by quite the same sentences.
「I am 20 years old in whom it lives in Canada. It is called [kawaii] with 170cm50kg.
The friend wants it. The hobby is a thing to go to the beach. The man's up to 30 years
old person hope」Short content.
However, the reaction was cruel. Same [gotosho] [itanoni] and addressed to a Japanese
woman「Is there a forebrain miso?Unhappy woman [dana] w」Rope..buy..disappear..every..
other party..mother-of-pearl..Arab..man..suddenly..first..bullying.

However, to the pinktoes addressing「I must make friends with me if good. You are very anxious.
」「Hello. I also live in Canada. Do not you make friends?I am studying the actor. The
photograph is sent. A happy day. 」Tying [chiga] [tteta] !

Do you differ here though are the same sentences?Moreover, [ikemen] mixes, too.
It was surprised. Therefore, when the truth is proven, [bibi] runs away and is
[tta] in the end , saying that "Is it happy though I am a man?". Well, it ..
[hakujin;otoko].. massaged it after all ..so...
The pinktoes is talked to by the same treatment, and it behaves in modesty. It is
such [nnanosa] in the mind.

The discrimination feeling is putting out [tenakattagana] . in
superficial smiles to Asians who are going to study abroad.
Might not put out the source because be private when E-mail it.

The Japanese seems to be convinced without permission that it wants to yearn to Japan by a person all over the world in the advanced country in the world, to respect Japan by me, and to learn Japan.
However, the Japanese is only Japanese the desire so, and actually a standpoint that is held in derision all over the world, and discriminated.
The black actually discriminates the Japanese in Africa though the Japanese says that the black discrimination is not good.
Most guests are the Europe and America people when becoming the sightseeing spot and Caribbean Sea in the world.
When an improper oriental there strays off unintentionally, the staff at the hotel ..Europe and America people tourist.. will receive discrimination from a local black.
The Japanese is held in derision though has a big face in Southeast Asia and throws around money.
Even if it is answered the Europe and America people, "[Sa-]", the Japanese is said also in Bangkok the answer, "Mr.". If the businessman has money, it is also a little to experience the racial discrimination all over the world.
However, it it is because with money, and has the racial discrimination.
It might be good that Japanese traveler takes the genuflection that lowers my standpoint from the beginning, takes in the other party, and enters.
Only because collision occurs even if it behaves by equal footing with forcibly obstinate
Presence in the country named Japan is very small all over the world.
Japan introduced by overseas news is a stereotype "Strange small country in the Orient" as usual.

Is does it think that the Japanese is yearned for in [maji] and [nno]?

Though it is an object only of the jeer of a yellow monkey in the
Japan doesn't seem ..the advanced country it... Saying [tokukedo] .
It seems that only almost the same level as a dirty Southeast Asian

The Japanese is disliked more than the imagination.

It is disliked.
Man is not treated.
A person all over the world has the feeling on an anti-day.

It is likely ..barrier feelings.. not to drip by the dislike.

Actually..Japan..China..South Korea..differ..foreigner..think..differ..know..show..
If you see from them ..the difference it.. like high-technology goods and game
software, etc. at most.
South Korea also is putting out the car though there is a Japanese car, too. In
foreign countries.

Today..Japanese..give birth..West..Europe and America..culture..wall..provide..West..clothes..hold out..put on..how old..become..something..expression..high..wall..provide..thing..drawing style..wall..provide..movie..cartoon..foreigner..over-familiar..fellows..equal..talk to..setting..do..work..a lot of..rather..foreigner..Japanese..setting..friendly. The Japanese holds the foreigner in derision and looks down on, and therefore ..it is.., there is not a treated content that paves love with no [na] like in the same foundation as Japanese = Caucasian .... though doesn't know to whether carving either.

About what do you actually think though there is a habit of the [nikkari]
and laughing because it worries about the a row of teeth especially in
case of the American ‥ It is not limited that it assists in person multi
[iyona] [doumei] country [manse-] type and 800 men's [shinippon] that the
German is finishing believing ..pro-Japanese.. [tte] or all Japanese mono-
possession [tetakaratte] is so. Learning [toru] because it lived in
Germany. 。

All people all over the world have an anti-Japanese sentiment.

There is if genuine feelings are seen from us in local that cannot be tasted in the
foreigner's who takes and is coming to [kutoyokuwakaruyone] Japan the foreign country
having the [ru-za-] or Asian woman mania also in Japan though seeming see Asian by
eyes of strangeness when going to the place where only the foreigner exists and
feelings are felt it is in a standpoint that is more advantageous than the foreigner.

Neither envy nor the fight from the circumference discontinue when a
Japanese man can hang undermanned by the Caucasian woman (especially,
beautiful woman) and is walking.
It .."Send it to ..be taking our woman by the yellow monkey saucy..
[kocchi]".. is said.

Even that black's Michael Jackson became the most famous superstar in the
world who grovelled Caucasians et al. and worshiped it.
However, the Asian will sleep ..it is likely not to have being able to
become it.. and not worship the Asian there indeed in average Michael's
star though is good at dance though Music in Asia how can develop.

It is more far than the Japanese in order though it is possible to dance,
and children in Beijing were seen on the television.
Is the reason for the mixed blood with Russia that it was a lot of or the
boy is also ..eye.. lovely ..double [pacchiri] it...
The Japanese has a lot of punk kids on mouth [poka-n] and a sloppy open
fool side.
Moreover, eyelids without a fold. All punk kids with the down face are
times [shi].

A Japanese fool side crumb crusher remembers murderous intent though
Caucasian's child is lovely and doesn't collect.
I at all am lovely or want to make it to minced meat though friend's
child is seen, and it says on [kawai-] or the surface.

Is it such why hateful though should be able ..bitter orange.. ..
[kawaiku].. to see?
The talk shifts from a Japanese woman to the child before one is
aware and [sumaso].

The mandible retreats because of the a row of teeth, [deko] inclines, the spine
twists, the pelvis opens, and because the god match is bad, the swerve under the knee
and the voice are put on elegance. Autonomic nerves are pressed because the body has
been distorted overall, the character bends because of the stress in daily life, and
the skin disorder such as atopy.

Japanese..foreigner..pay attention..foreigner..pay attention..think..
therefore..Japanese..foreigner..imitate indiscriminately..posture..

I was surprised at the Japanese woman image of the Olympics.
When the foreigner sees because I Japanese am surprised, it is
reality ..vomiting.. [kukamona].

Taking her (American English teacher) of [gaijin] (Caucasian) in Japan and walking involve risk.
As for this, it stands out by danger, and I feel a surrounding glance by the pain though it is possible to say from my experience.
Especially, eye difference [shi] that should be called grudge that exceeds envy of a man.
When I had been taking the woman in Japan, I had not felt such a glance up to now the other party though it might be [tatoedonna] [bi] person.
And, dependence on her who is [gaijin] also shows the much interest in surroundings by me who is a man in Japan.
Except a commonsense person who wears a mask of indifference.
The glance from a man is hostility of beginning the peel though there are a lot of one of the feature "Wonderful [maa]" friendly from the woman. It is near a certain meaning and fear.
The other party's reaction first of all. A man admits her who is [gaijin], and judges the figure.
And, the following judge the figure and the atmosphere of me who is the other party. Here decides it. When it is [osa-n] not suited, it is ended to throw the glance of contempt by "Ah an Eastern European woman was bought by money".
However, only it is unexpected if suiting.
The glance from men has a grudge. In such a meaning, she of [gaijin] is brand-name goods of the highest class.
.pinktoes..society..common sense..overturn..daylight..pornography..usually..character..sociality..have..act..say.

Caucasian's fat person is appearance of a certain meaning room.
As such, it is beautiful because the material is too good even if
becoming fat person.
A Japanese woman becomes desperate, works on beauty, and is [na]
because that disastrous scene.

Awake you eyes.
Japanese [tteno] is a staying indoors group that shuts oneself up in
the Far Eastern island.
Your life of every day is closing as much as the life of the guy who
is staying indoors in the four and half-mat room.

Only Japan : telecast in the popular music show like the play of the
kindergartner in the world.

If it is a combination of the sounds without the meaning, the
language of Asia is set of forming that the meaning is not in Asian's
face either.
However, the unpleasantness is actually [arukaranaa] far from not

The Japanese doesn't think that should your international exchange.
It is [saserarerukarana] of feeling strongly as for our ugliness.
The Japanese who goes to Germany in the World Cup is self-destruction
[surunayo] w.

It is ..becoming it.. . in ..fellows who crowd international exchange..
Japanese because of ..[busaiku].. [yatsu] especially.

Deformity [sani] doesn't notice about the Japanese when saying with foreign [ittemo]
[nichi] person in question's group in W cup.
Go alone if you ..foreign country.. take it.

697 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/06/09 (Friday) Today's of 18:32:45
nature of the agent provocateur of Japan lives is weak.
It has not gone overseas.
Therefore, it doesn't know the treatment of Japan and South Korea to
be different.
It doesn't know a Japanese woman is popular in China and South Korea
(The reason is not understood).

When such writing is seen, a Japanese woman is really felt be not to foolish

Caucasian is obviously the above at a figure level though the homestay has been done to
Australia for about two weeks. First of all, it is tall though went with the high school in
local and the university.
160 or less ..loser.. doesn't have ..low level.. [araso] very much like the Japanese.
And, the chest is strapping. Fighting by the difference of A or B like the Japanese won't
happen also to this.
And, the foot is long. The face is small. [De] and the nose were ..plain.. small, it extended
sideways like the Japanese, eyes were small, and [busaiku] that the foot is short was
positively few though it existed like [busaiku] Japan compared with a Japanese number of
A Japanese woman is popular among China and the South Korean on. Saying is an exactly low

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I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

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those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

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