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0 is the street to value exactly.
And, a Japanese woman : driving in value to 0.

My Japanese woman looks wicked and is impossible by all means.
Other party..confidence..confident..say..retirement allowance..aim..
retirement age..divorce..wait..foreigner..so much..calculating..same..
Japanese..other party..dirty..part..see.

The style improved greatly compared with old times, and the face is
small, and the place in which it goes out bulges to a young woman in
recent Japan, and apparently, the foot seems to be different though
heard [sura] length etc.
It awoke. Thank you.

It thinks to a Japanese woman and it ..GJ.. is thought the foreigner who gave unhappiness.
It does and an old Japanese man becomes feeling that wants to pair with the foreigner and to push down a Japanese woman in the abyss the bur and now when he is angry for a Japanese woman to face the tank with bamboo [yari] if something is done.

How difficult is it for [kokkara] Japanese woman to rally it?
Does Japan win in Japan vs. Brazil of soccer?

A really pure Japanese face is a trap certainly not beautiful.
Handsome man and beautiful woman who say by the people general are
the colors of the facial bone structure to think that Caucasian's
gene absolutely mixes somewhere or [mehanakuchi] or the skin.

142 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/07/07 (Friday) A Japanese woman who
lives in Europe and America at 11:53:32 must not be deserting the
Black hair without no makeup and maintenance to finish expanding and
seedy clothes almost
Local [gakidomoni] though it is understood not to extend it to one's
feet of the pinktoes even if making an effort what and there is an
occasionally gay parentheses [shita] Japanese woman of unpleasant www
M9(^Д^) [pugya-] [sareteta] w floating rolling up w [damonkimee]

I am angry with Japan of an overseas living to which either deserts the
woman woman.
There is the Asian by the material and is a box way that [ya] ugliness
and [ikarakoso] clothes fashions work hard.
This will be gay and not be [surutte] meaning.

In view of Europe and America, predominance of man over woman [tteno]
indicates the Islam society.
Is there having heard it the talk of not going to school because it
is a woman?
It is evidence that Japan is seen and says the predominance of man
over woman not to know the world.

For the Japanese, it is a moat that it is the most amusing though
parts are those.
It is necessary to correct ox-eyed during the outline, eyes, and

I think that being amused is a Mongolia fold. Caucasian that carving is none at all is
unexpectedly a lot, and doesn't have the sense of incompatibility so much.

I who erects : when talking as Caucasian's [kyawaii] girl.
Will it be going to erect every day if a Japanese woman disappears
and it is buried under the pinktoes by Japan completely?

Will take notice of the woman in Japan only by abnormality really sooner
or later.
It is ..foot.. bends, worth, doesn't hang by the face, and there is a
chest, and at any rate only if the face is ugly, do Maru in the figure
like something malnutrition child and a sexual charm is [iyona] ..it is...

It is certain to be the most low-level in the world. The mean levels are
lower than women in Korea and China.
It is mostly a woman in China even if there is a woman in Japan ..style..

Lovely, acceptable love is said, and only the Down's disease race of the island
nation in such the word Far East is [waneeyo] ..use...
...sexy.. wording it is ..fitting in.. [ranaikarana] w of the application to the
woman in Japan by Maru.
As for the Japanese, do not we understand how the foreigner is looking at the
Japanese [shabe] [tteru] spectacle?
If you see Korean [shabe] [tteru] Korean people, the Japanese is does ..Japanese
[shabe].. [re] ..[ru] spectacle [miru] and the nausea entertainments.. and becomes
yucky even if it is expected that it will be thought it is strange from the other

It is out of the question as ..woman in Japan.. woman ..out of the
question it...
Not being possible to merge from the ugliness to surroundings even if
going where is a woman in Japan all over the world.
Sleep roughly in the woman when there is no chest and get it. It is
sleep food in the woman at the bowleg.

There is a difference between man and the physically handicapped person
when the woman in South America and the woman in Japan are compared.
As soon as good anywhere if they are women even in case of not being
separately in South America other than east Asia.
In the rough [bo] ..woman in Japan.. ..digging.. deformity of the
entire body, food ..the sleep of any value...
No self-destruction when the body is exposed. The woman in Japan is
only cheating clothes putting on [te].
The figure like the handicapped person is ..can finish concealment..
[neekedona] w on clothes of but.

It is good and it is very simple and the style is more straight. the
woman in North Korea
It can be thought that it is only a defective gang whether everyone
and this fellow are prostitutes. the worst in [maji] the woman in

This ..the internationalization of Japan.. is w ..the lie...
Japan doesn't become a country that the foreigner understands as long
as the woman in Japan doesn't understand the degree of our bodies. The i
nternationalization of Japan is impossible without the normalization of
the sense of beauty.
The woman in Japan doesn't know they even become merchant's favorite
targets. It is in the business strategy and there are a corresponding
clothes on ..[**].. face [rare] and by yourself and the body it is not
possible to be done.

Only the intelligence proportional to it must adhere to an ugly figure for
the woman.
Might not the cause the figure of the world lowest level. be foolish,
foolish Rina too the woman in Japan

Japan conceals the element of the most basic beauty of style by when and is family
If Oh dear the fool is increased and cosmetics fast or the dress is not bought,
business is ..worsening.. [rukarana] ..

When South America excludes Bolivia or a part, only the beautiful woman :.

When a great an ugly woman is excluded when coming to Japan, only the
woman of the style that can act as a model :.

In Japanese woman's figure, only the function to make them really revolt others
is provision [tenaikarana].

However, it was surprised to be discriminated plainly.
It ..chewing gum.. was dropped to shoes in London Underground, and
there was a Japanese woman who ..a half.. had cried.

When a Japanese woman and a foreign woman are queuing up, it is selfishness it
is ugly ..Japanese woman.. ..understanding.. [ruyona] very much.

I can meet this [sure] that sees this [sure] and came for a Japanese
woman to be hated and think it was good.

Hamasaki doesn't in every respect have the face in plastic operation
[daro] Japanese's gene.
Even Katashi Hirai of Jomon exposed doesn't have such yucky eyes.

Isn't when there are a lot of numbers and Japanese man's woman is
fewer, it fronts around that view inevitably turns to the outside?
When the few Japanese women are cruel because it is a phenomenon of a
man's remaining, it is [monaruyone] of wanting grief W.

...the first Japanese woman.. race other than the mongoloid "Foreigner" or what is ..
wanting differentiation of all.. [rukarana] .. No, cannot our identities be kept
otherwise?When [soudayona] and the mirror are seen, ugly yellow is glare putting
[terukarana] , [ahhahha].
Even random how many and [ttattemuda] must notice about you.
Is it aimed at at [ajianbyu-tei;-] by the face and the body?It is women that paid
attention other than east Asia though the mongoloid plainly has interested fellow in
the yellow satin in w pinktoes though the woman of the chiefly Indian in west Asia and
Southeast Asia Marais system is indicated by "Off the subject" about "[Ajianbyu-tei;-]"
[ttenoha] and the eastern Asia mentioned in the first Europe and America.
It says, and the fellow who thinks that the woman in Japan is beautiful everyone really
is [inaikarana] ..
[Hakujin;otoko] that marries the woman in Japan is not a figure and will be chosen by
contents by me.

The deformity is a deformity even if it doesn't make it up. Plainly
The Down's disease face is a Down's disease face. The bowleg is a
bowleg. Short legs are short legs.
Is it face [dekaha] [kao]?A mongoloid figure is a mongoloid figure.
The woman in Japan is only scattering the immense sum of money on the
beauty industry in the rose.

I make to the same man and the host or such a party is despising.
It goes they, by one person, also in Europe, and it ..town.. walks
and is deep in the hairstyle and clothes of the boast.

W ..ending... be shot dead in the gun if the party like a host in
Japan is thrown in to the battle zone in Iraq in the Middle East in
first and be buried in the soil

The Japanese has fallen into a great mental disease.
It is and doesn't try to understand even the reality such as only
mongoloids we and hate figure's international corners even as for own
ugliness it is not possible to understand without admitting foreigner'
s beauty even if leaving by when.
Then, the Japanese completely : under an environment completely
isolated with the world.
There might be respect where there is no other way because it is done
to live through necessity, too.
A Japanese woman that the degree is ..body.. ....information..
[zudakede].. serious ..Japanese whom I target.. doesn't target it.

All Asians see like the same face, and scold the opposite when seeing from Caucasian.
[Mitsu] entering a country of the state as it is the crueller one is a black, and the
government official in Japan doesn't attach the distinction of the individual by the
photograph of face of the passport to the Africa people by others' documents.
Because the person is identifying the individual by the accuracy of the [konpyuta-] losing
reading the difference of a minute face when it is the same race, too different "Visage"
all looks the same not attached the distinction of the insect and identification is

The beautiful woman and ugliness in Japan all look the same Caucasian and the black by the
Asian if it says oppositely (Do not understand).
Because therefore, foreigner marries super-ugliness
It becomes making to one bundling by the foreigner even if it is thought that it is not a
beauty type, and not anxious if it sees from the Japanese if talent Caucasian in [de] Japan
sees from Europe and America though it is plain.

It teaches how to see through then all the people ugly ..commonness and understanding...

As the hand that expresses a mysterious face in the picture etc. , ox-eyed be might
right and left, large, and there be a different ghost.
The face is natural, and it is right and left and differing is natural in [bimyo-] in
this and [jitsuha] general person.

And, there is a result of the survey that the person feels it in [bikatachi] by
becoming complete accuracy in the left and right part high.
Especially, opposite sex of unconsciousness says whether the body is symmetric that
it will severely examine it.
[Bikatachi] is symmetric. Do not examine whether the gene is deteriorated.

A foreigner man who marries [de] and a Japanese woman becomes a loser because in view of the
woman in the other side, the gene ends by [motenai], and marries Asian. Recessive gene.
It is [busaotoko] in [yousuru]. Even if the nose is high, it is right and left asunder. Even if
it is ox-eyed, it is right and left and the size is different.
In addition, the other side also marries super-ugliness because it doesn't understand [biminiku]
of Asia.

However, might not favor it oppositely by be even here ignorant.
It is not possible to hide one's surprise in there is a party who
thinks such a thing still the emigration it.
It doesn't exist in the world such as countries where the Japanese is
accepted so any longer.
Thin eyes that everyone dislikes, ugly figures, and yellow skins.

From the vicinity of Nepal only to will beautiful woman in west Asia
nation also in same Asia that is like Caucasian woman of [ko-kasoido]
figure all over the world if not related to fair hair indigo eyes
Nothing ..the related necessity etc... is in [nichi] ..any [bussaiku]..
Japan Women's University.

When men in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America where it began to put the financial
strength gradually make Caucasian's beautiful woman a bride, a fierce competition to which the
imagination doesn't adhere either is unfolded in the Japanese.
A Japanese man is already too late. A man in Japan is only made to describe the woman in Japan
that is the mass of ugliness without accepting foreigner woman's beauty in "It is lovely", "Bud"
or incomprehensible Japanese now at the time of being in a dominant standpoint in the financial
power. In addition, are there only Japanese women in abnormal Japanese woman [manse-] and the
office in the television, is only a Japanese woman in the school, and is there a disgraceful
behavior like this?
If there is not awaking, a Japanese man doesn't become, and should give the descendant an
excellent gene and have to revenge it on the woman and the mass communication in Japan.

Young guys in Italy are plainly unpleasant in case of pass by
Japanese and Chinese's groups face [suruyona] . though they have gone
in May.
There were about 20-year-old guys who said the thing loudly like "
Moreover, a Japanese group is [uzeeeeee]".
Even Chinese : it is and the group. It is w though wanted to be
thrust by me. solve

The woman is a broad bod with an ugly one for the stencil (West
civilization) when it is beautiful to actually catch its eye (reality of
Japan) in the head.
The person is a little. be admitted ..ugly [].. straight a Japanese
woman when it faces such a situation after allIsn't there everyone
wanting to think that the woman in my country is beautiful either?
Therefore, it comes to be able to do nothing but manage to make it to a
mis-graze vaguely.
The kettle and the reason ..difference.. ..[ukaratoka] ,.. are put up
[ajianbyu-tei;-] or sense of values.

It is discriminated to ugly Chinese by mistake in foreign countries after all or the wall
of the race who cannot exceed it is . ..making it to waiting.. even if a part of advancing
to Europe by ability there though such a popular account is still talked like common sense
as the evaluation because of Japanese it. [kuna] [nichi] ..surprise.. person in question
Seem a still unpopular spectacle that the Japanese is playing the violin : though it knows
an active Japanese in the Vienna symphony orchestra.

A lot of men in Japan are desperate in clothes of the West, the make-up, and the fashion of the
beautician etc.
Clothes of [ko-kasoido] of the foreign country far away of Japan of the island nation by what,
the make-up, and the beautician might be mimicked.

The fashion that was born from the mongoloid with seedy face is weeded out.
It wants to mimic the fashion of beautiful [ko-kasoido] and to approach [ko-kasoido]
even a little.
Recently, to take the shape of [ko-kasoido] mocking, the colored contact lens and
the fair hair become popular.
Wax what.

Even if a beautiful idol in Japan is looked about, only the person where the
man and woman has both features of [ko-kasoido] :.
The popular idol doesn't have a pure mongoloid.
Wax what.

There are not so many Japanese for whom single and hands and feet are
yearning to pure short mongoloid female talent "Hanako Yamada".
It is wax that cannot love the woman who will have indeed succeeded a
mongoloid gene that is the boast of the Japanese soon what.

The living thing that [ko-kasoido] is beautiful, and the mongoloid is ugly notices that
it doesn't put it out to the mouth.

English school expert [tteruto] of the United States
It is obviously awkward air and the living thing of plain [danenandako] ..
English.. : the glance that sees Caucasian's child's Asian to ..terrific.. ..
[imono].. [aruyotama] in the child in local and communications ..Caucasian's
attitude to the Asian who cannot do.. ..touching... Weird food. It is already a
gesture, a look, and round understanding when aura shooting [sugidayomaao] [nen]
inclined to and ..middle age.. becoming it though propriety about there is
known and doesn't exist easily. do not see as same man

We wish to express our gratitude for this [sure] that has already
been liberated from an extraordinary brainwash.
Southeast Asia..woman..marriage..hope..far..Southeast Asia..woman..

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