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IThe Middle East beautiful woman image

It was a contribution from the reader with "Such a child wants it".

General Russian gal's group photo

Japanese gal

Yohei Kono why

Caucasian's group photo

Mongoloid and Caucasian's two-shot photographs

The figure of the stewardess image at the great antiquity and the Caucasian
woman who doesn't change for a long time is paid to attention.

The bud system cat ear girl has the same one in Europe and America by
what the Japanese began to think actually a long time ago though
there are a lot of fellows who think.

A girl Russian who "I am true fat person passing [baiyo]" or
[guchiguchi]s and says and suits [te] and the short cut that is
together though it is usually no overweight a figure even if about 20-
year-old Japanese woman who is sitting on the next becomes thin at
train multiplication [tteru] : to a Japanese woman. 「It is not
healthily and well. The level is just good and it is lovely. 」It
heard it ..saying... A Japanese woman is pessimistic and the
foreigner is ..large-hearted [tteno].. [yokuwakaruna].

My [busaiku] [sawo] [rona] that wants to do it is because and is
desperate overweight. The depths and psychologically.


However, it is [busaiku] because it grows fat.

If so, it is possible to become beautiful if becomeing thin.

I true am beautiful.

[Tteiu], Delusion..soaked.[Busaiku] [sawo] at general Japanese's gene
level understands feelings to want to run into it there when thinking.

Pinktoes..sense of justice..guilt..catch..so..beautiful..work of art..
make dirty.No crime any longer. It is the same as making w important
cultural asset to think understanding dirty though Caucasian and the
black were prohibited from marrying by the law in apartheid. And, I
disappeared from the Caucasian female front. The body was pulled by
thinking about her happiness.

Though it understands if the Caucasian woman is seen from true sideThere
are a curve of cannot a Japanese woman it of the spine. It did from the
belly and it curves by the small of the back behind [gui]. The hip looks
rich by the favor. However, the Caucasian man doesn't have the curve so
much. Dependence is man's body in woman's body as for either of Japanese
woman's bodies.

Japanese woman [tteno] is only for. in front ofThe face and the body.
[Ookinakubire] is made seedy, the upper-body, long-bodied, and the
pelvis with the width if it says by the front limitation. The size of
can constricted of this is larger than that of Caucasian. However,
[kishimen] to which hips hung down when seeing from side. There must
not be interest though it doesn't know though not known why to it
ended only for in front of. What is the feature of a Japanese sight?
The weakness to the solid.

Does not the Japanese be low the position of the waist, fat the calf, short the knee
under, and exist as the bowleg and the width of the face are wide?

A Japanese woman seems not to resist putting out though a Japanese
knee is big and dirty.

All are important for eyes. Even if one is put, it becomes
considerably big damage. White and [namidafukuro] in size and white
of the eye part in balance and iris of the eye part of relation and
eyelash [mayugeto] of carving and width of face in surroundings of
beauty and eyes of size of opening

being said .."..instinctive attention when man sees person's face.."..
It is a fundamental [busaiku] element that eyes are small. There is
not dividing in the [busaiku] element the small size even if small or
becoming Massey by shapeliness. If it is larger, the same type keeps
more attractive.

Let's be noticeable and talk a little.

First of all, it is double.
The cosmetic surgery typical is and there is not a meaning this if
eyes are frankly speaking small either. The reason for [kimoi]'s is
that it is single so of [kimo] [kunarudakejantteiuka] more in might
understanding even if [gotoi] doesn't crack as for double though eyes
are small.

It is possible to become beautiful if keeping double.

I true am beautiful.
It borrows this place though it might be psychology and, frankly speaking,
it puts it. That overworks, and it is [barebare] the opening often after
[busaiku] it is ..the [kimo].. and is yucky though might be double if eyes
are small with the photograph though there is a woman who is opening her
eyes wide to make [rutokitokani] large [kiku] [mi].

After [suru] of production the merit, it is [daro] to conceal the
weak point the majority. make up by the Japanese roughI will think
that the single woman's double plastic operation is only its
extension. In that sense, a Japanese woman thinks that she works hard
the make-up of the face. Though it is glad when it works hard that a
part as ugly as the face is concealed about the style.

The original is small.
Single of double
Extent [daro] that becomes tying [busaiku] from face outside personIt
is similar to none of desires even if the fat person woman who doesn'
t think is seen, "It is fore buttocks" [namon] that everyone is
beautiful eyes even if it is double though eyes are small.

The face might think, "I am fat" with being possible to do Ann bread man [i] a Japanese woman to my desire. Does it invent a tragedy (comedy?) dieting?

In a word, many of Japanese women are whether up to it is not a body but it is face [nomide] [biminiku] and it is obesity might be judged.

w that can be laughed for plane mongoloid face to make it up desperately

Are very a lot of owners the esthetic sense that judges all [biminiku] only from the face to
lack the balance frighteningly in Japan?

Most Africa people at all has the intellect, morality or neither shame nor the reputation though it understands when the travel of the backpacker or the bicycle is tried in Africa. It is "[Gibumi-maimane-]. " as soon as the foreigner is seen. In a word, fellows think that it is the one freeloading in the foreigner. It is a humble party. Because NGO is doing extra help, the population of Africa having increased :. The party is ..mastering.. ..becoming it.. . as for the infrastructure though doesn't have the cultural maturity level. The mentality doesn't catch up with a modern civilization at all even if the skyscraper is put up being able to do how much city and making the pavement road. If they often say quite as uncivilized, the Africa people thinks because you should even do life from of old.

It understands if going to Africa. The party who was doing ..uncivilized.. [seikatsu] was very intellectual and more human.
Be [yousuruni] and Africa do not to have to peculiar regions, and the advanced country including Europe and America to aid it financially to Africa extra.

Seeing [rottekotodayo] as a whole.
It is overweight [terumoneedaro] though sees only the face and becomes
Nevertheless, the woman in Japan judges it from the face and is
There is no change the entire body not becoming it if everyone kicks,
and important the polish of the balance and the beautiful figure etc.
of the body, too though the face is certainly important.
Leaving even if the face is plain only is cheated and exists.

It is ..selfishness to show "Massey" very.. . in the given condition ..
An old Japanese woman worked so that might make behavior etc. elegant
by her for that.

The improvement of the figure of the woman in Japan manages to become
it probably in case of the improvement of the inside to which it
takes 100 years (outside). It laughs and it is not possible ..(.. to
live long by [sokoma].

The flow is ..unrelated.. [indakedosa].
When it is appearance of an inferior complex to Caucasian, it is
thought meaning [omoshirokatta] w in plainness. ..fair hair blue eyes..
...[narundayone] w.. so when the hero improves power by the said
animated cartoon .."Dragonball" done in old times..

It is [yona] that the fair hair doesn't suit the oriental that the
reason for is that after all, there is impossibility.
The ape sees the fair hair far from not suiting at all when there is
a coloring matter on the skin.

141 Name: None (temporary)2006/09/11 (Monday) slim 14:23:34
It does more happily, and it is the nearest and w this belonging dislike also :
in the furnace moderating (wry smile) feeling it because it is the racial
Korea China nearest in sleep w, especially Korea genetics.

The give they, [ko-kasoido] (India) near a mongoloid and a mongoloid near Jomon
is hundreds of time [jai] Massey bundling neither the single [busaiku] race
(introduction system at Yayoi) nor Japanese race (Ainu at Jomon) to this
belonging if it calls,

The height of westerner's sense of beauty must not appear in the street that has been succeeded for a long time.
It is restoration [shitatoiukarana] . where the town in Poland is ruined because of the air raid by Germany later as for quite the same street before it bombs.
Should Japan not learn the height of their consideration either?

The Heian era seems to have been actually a considerably international age from the Nara era.
However, it is Han or Korean people, and occasionally Southeast Asian people that comes to Japan
even if it is said it is international.
If the Indian and the Burman come, might not have been able it to do and to see the bur and the
face as same differed too much man.
It is ..difficulty.. [ikarana] . to overturn the stereotype. All the more if it were old days in
there is no information.

The Japanese (Korean people) is ..appearance.. ..ugliness.. [idaro]
at the gene level.
Therefore, because it is not "Beautiful appearance" like "Beautiful
face", it seems that "Good face" or "Good appearance" has been
assumed to be good. Beauty is original no squids.
For instance, I think that blue dragon's face is a face good though
it might be the one like hardening of [busaiku] in the morning if it
Because it is ugly more because the woman in ugly Japan wants "It is
beautiful" because it is not "Good face". It resolutely gives up
because it is impossible at the gene level and it only has to aim
like Mr. Ogata.

Anyway, it is correct that the esthetic sense of the woman in present age Japan goes mad.
Beautiful scenery of Japan is reproduced to correct this, and a Japanese standard and morality
are regained immediately.

However, ..limit [ttemon].. [aruna].
Make the person who goes out to the roar and media by which the
current make-up all shows deep carving shallower than the West when
thinking from chiseled from general, too and it is received in in
general and the Japanese by there is carving to some degree.
[Tteiuka] and Japanese standard engraving is too shallow and ugly in
the Japanese.

It is ..through [sureba].. all right if it can be trowed that
correspond from the bottom of one's heart. I only separately define,
include from [terarenai], and say a Japanese woman
It is not said that "If it is a Japanese woman, all members" is ugly.

Make to the bowleg, and 10% of the remainder is curved [tenakattarisur
ushina] . so much though 90% is a bowleg. However, Japanese woman's
bowleg is writing [youganaishina] . only in such a flagrant wind.

Only a Japanese woman : the extending people.

720 names: none (temporary)2006/09/12 (Tuesday) slim It is passing you of
dreams at 06:50:09.
It be possible come to seem to make love, to be shouted by the superior
every day, and to reel it to ..[busaiku].. woman in Japan and the sexual
desire by coming back from traveling abroad even if disillusioning it is
every day to be wonderful without the replacing when becoming [ossan] like
If it is not a pinktoes, it is obstinate and caught [chau] and [shindoino]
myself to a strange sticking to in not good though thought that saying is
choices of the life.

721 names: nameless 2006/09/12 (Tuesday) 06:52:04 and the fool
underdog :.

However, individuality of the woman in Japan is equal to 0 though the pride is high.
alone should not. the rest roomWhen the friend marries, I am enticed and it marries. And, it
The way was received the education that sinistrorse of junior babyboomers rots, grew up, and I
survived with special misunderstanding it.
However, if the ranking of the spirit is done in the world, the body is certain the low rank.
When random and our small sizes are noticed, it boasts, and a feudal education is received under
a high man, it is good.
Anyway, it is junior babyboomers that the economy of Japan and the woman deteriorated everything.

This exists of should the expulsion from Japan.

It is a high school girl these days or it is already ..w.. ..style..
[yabasugidaro] though it is a face like the symbol of ugliness and a
style when the woman whom the Japanese thinks of as loveliness also sees
in view in the world. The figure is ..short.. Asian exposed. the
[dekeewa] ..foot short [ewa] head.. armThat style [tteno] has only a
Japanese or Korean person even by the mongoloid in one's teens.

The story of CM of the television watched the other day though it is a Europe living.
It emphasized the effect of stopping [fuke] in CM of the shampoo.
First of all, it the black hair female appears as an example covered with [fuke]. She is in
every respect Asian.
Female appearance of beautiful hair in flow [de] and "This shampoo is used". This woman is
European. 。。
Does using the black hair woman to emphasize [fuke] adopt the Asia system with what as this?
There is a Latin system if it is black hair.
The image of Europe = beauty and Asia = uncleanliness has been completed.
"A Japanese woman is popular among Europe and America people (Caucasian) man" Do when staying
in women and Europe in Japan that believes the said foolish [geta] urban legend?
It is made learning the cruelty of the reality in the unpleasantness.

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