Japanese girls are ugly Part 40

Top in Japanese

It sees ..so.. and the [temo] head is strapping.

Twice a proper level.

Mystery where hair style that emphasizes deca [sawo] of head becomes popular top-level in Japan where head is strapping in the world.
One example of self-destruction fashion.
The walking is strange.

Even the Japanese understands only from this. It is terrible and a short-house.

It sees it as crushed up and down.

The way of a left party to stand is strange, and the fellow in the right is not a hairstyle any longer.
It is super-[atama] deca when seeing from the back though no do be known of will being to show small the face.


Seeing furnace. This attitude, face, and voice.
It deviates like this from the standard of the world.
Japanese [tteno] is [sugoi] country [dayonaa] ..
Please give a straight Taiwanese beautiful woman of [shini] of the mouth to me skilled (A straight, long foot is paid attention).

Even the same homeless are different from here.
It terribly embarrasses it when becoming entertainer's story in Japan.
[Sukina] [onna] withers type [hatoka] [ki], and should often say when great prevenient of the entertainer.
The woman in Japan doesn't have the interest at all though it might be an entertainer if it expresses the true feelings though it might be what. It says suitably when great prevenient of an entertainer who seems to be famous because transforming and being treated though I want to say [tte] are unpleasant.
However, it has a hard time though the conversation after that is continued because of the interest in reality.
Frankly speaking, I want to do.
A Caucasian general person : than a Japanese entertainer. Times how many are beautiful women.
Because it is figure ..racial discrimination.. discrimination that it is in the basis, it is ..becoming it.. ..
Then, when it is a guy from whom which it is tall and in order also of the face, even the Japanese thinks that discrimination is a little though the foreign country will be discriminated to [mossai] [ossan] of Nokyo if going.

Roast meat is vulgar dish [dayona].
Will it be roast meat ..woman.. [kutteii]?

It floats and [nichi] person in question woman [miteru] and [mushitsuba] run in the scorch eating meat.

There are in a dignified manner recently with random a lot of women of an exposed desire as want being ..the scorch eating meat as the ramen wants to eat... Sake is drunk though it is loud voice and a commotion.
The woman who is eating roast meat and the ramen is unconditional and a capital punishment in me.
It is ..it is... "Live in the ramen eating" of "[] roast meat is regretted" or vulgar women who say.
The amount eats at home is not separately cared about. . ..doing... prepare the plate
"Yes, please" prepares [tare] in the taking plate and is good if the material is cut, and it eats a lot in case of the distributed feeling.
However, the reality : because it covets and there is an attaching monster in food like the beast.

Going seems to be a hobby in [hanadai]. say about my company ..the woman and the scorch eating meat..
Nevertheless, weight is always grumbled, [te] and a strange supplement are brought even to the company, and it takes it.
Moreover, it explains echoing the explanation of the supplement trader to others every time and the scholar nature taking out.
Why will you live with [maji]?
I want to press roast meat food [tteru] Japanese woman's face against the roast meat plate.

A working Japanese woman reflects by CM of the Showa era and the war series.
It doesn't make it up because it is black and white, and the age is an age of course.
Nevertheless, it is very beautiful. Sparkling of eyes is different.
I do not think that mother of [gen] of [gen] of bare feet or [eikoane] is also ugly.
However, women today really have neither goods nor beauty.
A Japanese woman these days degenerates far from evolution and is making it to the animal.

Even no goodness : the Showa era. Compare it with the woman in the United States of the same age.
The woman's having advanced at the factory of the war in the United States gets into the news at that time, and a lot of images that record it remain.
They do not take the pose in front of the camera, and it is works while suitably chatting, worth, and there a tragic but brave feeling completely, too. Even the date : with the cod boyfriend in the [naatte] feeling that might be done at five o'clock.
The Japanese at the respect this time works for a long time a high spurt while being shouted all day long.
A tragic but brave feeling is exposed.
Though a probably miserable figure Japanese woman thinks the [naitteiu] of can the shine interpretation to be only in such a direction

When the hoop of suppression comes off, the Japanese becomes the beast of an exposed desire.
Japanese woman's roast meat or good example [daro]. Neither morality nor any delicacy exist.
It can do nothing but suppress it by pressure of unhappiness. To manage it

Practice [tteyattadaro] you of athletic meets?That is essence of a Japanese society.
It is demanded to do the same thing single-mindedly while being abused at first grade of junior high-school Japan and China under hot weather as others.
It is necessary ..[] with the motivation.. to pretend to take the attitude without being permitted [yaritakunaitte] moreover.
Otherwise, it becomes ostracism. The fellow who is [yaritakunai] is given to the blood festival though other students are sure not to want also to do the athletic meet.
Only the game is not practiced and the practice of far apart like the march or assistance or the intended purpose, etc. though it must be normally a rally of sports.

A Japanese woman is . ..the same... The interest [naitte] attitude becomes ostracism in a Japanese society if it doesn't pretend to be crazy about a Japanese woman not being permitted though it is obviously valueless.

"Face of [sachiusu] so"
It seems to have been the one in an old novel to attract the man's heart.
This might be suitable for Japanese woman's expression.

Doesn't seem to be the one "[Saruude]" though do not know whether be Japanese, peculiar or exist also by other races.

The both arms (left arm →) as it is with a stretch of the arm (It is posture of it is possible to follow ahead)│→←│(← the right arm)It brings close for ..drinking.. [kata], and arm [madeku] [duki] [saruude] of two in case of being.
The place where the Japanese is looking at the landmark in the Europe and America country terribly doesn't match, be yucky, and : quickly removing it though thinks.
The castle in Japan or the seen spectacle ..Caucasian.. :.
It is [narundayona] in the spectacle that wants to draw in the picture by feeling "Exchange of the different culture" and becomes it.

The Japanese similarly :.
It puts on the race clothes and cod [oe] [] [kimo] in the Alsace area in France. Is it costume play?The woman of ..[ttenarunda].. France in the Alsace area
I unexpectedly think kimono putting on usual [tetara] with beautiful [janttenaru].

Anything suits Caucasian.

Are all young women of me who are the appearances every day so though the office is the vicinity of Harajuku Station?It thinks. Posture and hands and feet like a true monkey are seen.
This is ? ..can the correction... Because the leg is ..Japanese woman.. strange, it is ..becoming it.. ..
All do not become bowlegs in case of the United States though are terrible and are thin though are considerably the Southeast Asia system.
No muscular relaxation very like [yase] [tetemo] Japanese woman.

It is ..[itte].. quite different. ..thin.. thin of [itteno] and [nichi] person in question woman of the foreigner woman
A Japanese woman is not thin but is thin.
The foreigner remains keeping the stereoscopic effect and a Japanese woman is a Japanese pampas grass crushed with the press by force though it is thin.
Man is not seen.

Incidently, Japanese woman's fashion :.
There is the one near the infant clothes of the foreign country. There is a feeling of doing too much.

The emphasis is ..doing.. [tenaikarana] . as for the physical beauty. the children's wear
As for the emphasis also of Japanese woman's body of the physical beauty, is it understood that the fashion is resembled because it is impossible?

When you work hard the fashion of Japan by the destination
It destroys oneself by the slim jeans roll improvement though it is a bowleg.
A French sleeve or the walking becomes a pin heel though it is strange though it is a short arm.
When it is a comparison of a young woman, Chong's tourist still looks straight.
However, when a Japanese woman abandons the fashion, it becomes a free insect collecting.

It is not good no matter what it does too. When seeing in an overseas standard.
Even a very slim person : the foreigner woman.
A back and forth tumour of hips remains and there are [te] and ..fuming.. feeling.
When it puts on a tight jersey, the ..fuming.. feeling is emphasized.
Hips are, and however, a vertical fall also is feeling and has nothing really for a Japanese woman even by a person not slim.
There is nothing from hips of [ossan], too.
It is random and [irudaro] in the town. It ..hips.. passes ..it is.. and women in the part of the hip of jeans where the cloth remains :.

The amusing one is [hayatteruttekoto] only in Japan in the world ..fashionably of emphasizing Japanese woman's fault...
As for the shape of jeans, it is [soudaro] .. There are jeans of Japan a lot of emphasizing the line of the leg.
Do it become it so in Japan where the shape of the leg is the worst in the world?

As for Japanese woman's figure, it is signed obviously. say "Please do not inseminate it"
This is equipped with an element unpleasant as selfish full.

Near Japanese that will being to fill with a Japanese woman becomes lyrics to Caucasian is inconvenient.
[Ittekoto] ..should the admission.. is expressed to Caucasian in lyrics if a Japanese woman is after all high and it evaluates it.
A Japanese woman is the lowest in the world in an of course international sense of beauty.
However, a Japanese woman must not cling to one compliment basically.
It is a woman whom I know, and there is a fellow who lives in reliance the one of only one degree like the compliment though not thinking the compliment occasionally said to comfort me like guard when it is a man is usual.

The attitude of this where it lives too much is too unmanly before the figure.

A Japanese woman doesn't have this year for which it yearns to the foreign country or value.
Especially, Europe and America. Do you think that the guy (Europe and America people) etc. yearn for the travel to Japan oppositely so as for brand-name goods?
Three current foreigner's alone do not take notice by opposite sex of some animated cartoon Otaku or home countries coming must not show the current state.
A Japanese woman「Brand-name goods not thought to want to go in Europe and America?Such drinking is not even in brand-name goods for [watashi] Japanese woman either. 」..hope.. ..becoming it.. w that might overwork [igamaa;]. become [kurai]
I think saying "..West.. blur" if it were old days to be.
However, how do now?
Such a friend arrives, and is does it travel, and the chance of going abroad to study [arudaro] even in me father's usually business trip abroad and going, and?

Is it "..foreign countries.. blur. " when thinking that the one thought to be good because it ..foreign countries.. goes at that time is seen, and it is good?
Do not you think that it is different?

The good one is good. The one to be taken to my life takes it.
If the one that becomes popular in Japan is good, it is told in foreign countries.
It tells it in reverse-Japanese oak Japan.
And, isn't it good?Are you necessary ..making such "..foreign countries.. blur" a category..?

It is not usually fair that talking changes the topic on the way though it is not without understanding what a Japanese woman wants to say.

What the problem in that because the woman first becomes a theme is clarified, and beautifully it picks up, and whether it is the one etc. to be covered are clarified if it is birth addition. how it is possible to cover whether it is possible to correct it

If the man is also so, and the topic is converted even if it ends, it understands.

For you to be doing is to obstruct it in the place where the problem is shown while talking about the solution.
There is only a problem, and it doesn't become hysteric.
At that time, even a man is only stopping so and so or a progressive discussion.
Are not there our being losing ..not boiling..?
To begin with, a theme here : to the person who is making remarks that it cannot permit.
Because it is "Ugly Japanese woman"
It is necessary to tell the story "A Japanese woman is not ugly".

When a really beautiful point can be presented when it is a chance knows that it might be an ugly thing that you think, "Here of a Japanese woman is beautiful", everyone consents.

It is not a joke this but no flap, and either the person of a Japanese woman, especially the honor student type is ..little advice.. ..excessive and reaction [surutte].. disposed though it returns to the person's development of the previous state for a moment.
"Problem" is to the person in question "It is not" by the problem though is like the person who asserts it and even when the flow of the entire job speaks, has such what remark [u] a person because he or she is not.

Because this is ..[de].. really disadvantageous.
You should work on the account in feelings that think about the entire improvement at ease because the looking person is looking even though I will be bad.
Though it is unrelated to the face in anxious.
Though it might be care more still.
I : though I thought now.
The woman in Japan is compared her with the woman of another country why or might not trow original.
Going out to the object might always be strange and this be originally strange in "Man in Japan".
Do you compare it with an American man you at American [onnami]?

A Japanese aesthetic sense is amusing.
For instance, the hair is dyed plainly.
The misunderstanding is [na] from [yatteru] to on a roll ..so.. and I fashionable and ..[tokahozaiteru].. seeing from [sorega] all over the world ..no awareness of the thing...
Fellow [tteno] that knows the reality is most blacks. Therefore, it is real called the beautiful woman of straight beauty consideration [monippon] is black hair. The fellow who took 2nd place in the Miss Universe also

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