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Caucasian woman whom luxury suits

Japanese female celebrity who stinks of poverty

34 :None (temporary) slim: 2006/09/27 (Wednesday) A Japanese woman
at 00:48:40 is pink color with beautiful skin and the face is ..doll..
...filling.. [i]. Giving birth to lucky [dayone] [nichi] person in
question who buds instinctively delicately : a man to the figure.

Let's introduce a good ophthalmologist.

Introduce the psychiatrist.

About 50 percent of the high school girl in Japan is a green caterpillar figure.

It is obedient like [bikatachi] or a lovely child, etc. and even if
she leaves it, even a Japanese woman competitive rate high [ishi].
Because ugliness is [inoha] the character bad misfortune ..doing or
good-natured unpleasant surroundings..

Japan is the highest country excluding the woman.

For instance, shoes receive and roll up the influence by the difference of the life culture. To begin with, the same eating meat is also different the thickness of leather that is the by-product though shoes come to have made from the skin that is a by-product of the eating meat culture in Britain to have eaten adult cattle willingly and Italy where it had willingly eaten the calf of soft meat. The leather that can be done with adult cattle is thick and hard. The leather that can be done with the calf is thin and soft. When the design of shoes and the difference of the manufacturing method are investigated thoroughly in detail, the climate besides such a gastronomic culture and the difference of the racial composition etc. are reflected. In the rice farm Culture Day book, yearning for straw sandals and clogs to footwear is a natural flow. It is a feature that Japanese woman's body is strange that intertwines a cultural various elements and is formed.

In an adaptive cold district, it might be a said natural law because
it is the one like the deep-sea fish that starting seeing is bad if
it says.

Please object about "A Japanese woman is not ugly" and "A Japanese
woman is beautiful" in the direction when the woman wants to object by
you. Of course, some persuasive power is applied.
, saying that "A man is also ugly" and "The pinktoes is also ugly"
because it is rather a counterproductivity that says that a Japanese
woman will be seen with [**] well another

[Busaiku] is weeded out from the woman. A man chooses the woman by
externals. If man's sense of beauty is not normalized to improve a
Japanese figure, it is useless. It is useless from the [itte] hypnosis
though it and the other party might be ugly if it doesn't solve it.
it is necessary to marry anyway and to have the child..woman..
meanwhile, it only has to stop ..fool like now.. [keshou], it to be my
figure and neatly opposite, and to learn to dress like being not
unsightly. Though the improvement of a single leap like the mixed
blood is impossible. It is sure to improve though it drives at time.

Only the mixed blood might have the hand also by saying ..might be
impossible double.. dominant inheritance as long as there is a cursed
single gene though the frame of ..will difference actually.. [maa;]
is a large problem.

Ugliness at [ikarana] w gene level cannot be changed so often, and
ugliness in the behavioral side ..the foundation solution only to it..
...the mixed blood (Self-destruction ..bite.. mongoloid ‥ It doesn't
seem to be).. can do nothing but.. is ..becoming it.. . as soon as
the person in question is conscious. There is room for improving
since now enough. The same figure is fairly different the monkey
walking, [shaki], and to walk the impression given to the person.

The best nucleus it
They are men who noticed that it cannot help noticing foreigner woman'
s beauty, and obediently admits it or admitting.

How much good-natured man suffers for the feminism not blocked?

Commercial media do not include media that can treat honest, Japanese
woman's ugliness from the front. In the skirt, because 90 percent is
a bowleg in a Japanese woman, can it stopped, and where how be
written?A Japanese figure that covers my defect figure is probably
written by the cover.

[Tasurya] ..special secret service police.. erasure of person who
understands of woman's figure to [tai-ho] w if it says though thought
that the Pacific War is unexpected by he or she The Untouchables or
taboo or [toonnajiyouna] [joukyou] [dayone] w when being fighting at
prewar daysAnd, it is a traitor treatment even in case of not being.

In general, the fellow who understands vaguely is lustful. However,
because it is scared that the traitor is treated, it seals one's lips.

Furnace that can criticize winner's politician face to face by everyone
and calms down?Furnace that can criticize powerful yakuza face to face and
calms down?It is as impossible as this to declare that a Japanese woman is
ugly in this country today. Therefore, it can do nothing but say here.

It from is neither Japan lives nor a foreigner that did this courageous
remark of word "If the pygmy and the Hottentot are excluded, the Japanese
is the plainest in the world" that ambassador former Argentina of the book
and Kawarazaki of "Japan of the real face" said. It was from Japanese.
Therefore, it has been crushed after all though the impact by a Japanese

Because various fellows are writing it, the opinion is not a monolith.

(It is a reality. )Because an ugly [tte] part comes in succession
easily especially, does not a Japanese female figure receive such an
impression?As for the change to Caucasian, I think foundation to be
impossible. Realistically, it might be a point of devising it for
excellence and hiding of becoming of an ugly part because it dresses
the dress who is Caucasian to a Japanese figure.

It might be a Japanese woman of [nanoha] of the Caucasian complex
opening completely general. Without tears when they think holding out
・・・ Pig's eyes as possible are as big and ・・・ The shadow with the
picture in plain eye origin ・・・ The shapely nose is also white in the
picture and ・・・ It is a permanent wave in the eyelash ・・・ I want to
show it even a little long in the mascara of course ・・・ beautification
and whitening ・・・ The face should be small and ・・・ The foot should be
long and ・・・ I want ..Puri [tto].. to raise its hip.


The world common recognition of this ugly of figure though Japanese's
head is good

Because it is a theory to rule the person by the unpleasantness, is a
Japanese society [busaiku] [nanoha] normality evolution and ,in a
word, [arutteiitai]?

Japan is an island nation and 99% is a Chong grounder id face of east
Asia. There are a lot of Japanese figures as for the figure.
Therefore, it can be said the environment that [busaiku] [sani] doesn'
t notice easily.

By when does naked of a Japanese woman large-hearted continue?

A Japanese woman today puts on the same shoes as the Caucasian woman with
the same property as the Caucasian woman it puts on the same clothes as
the Caucasian woman, it makes to the color of a similar hair to the
Caucasian woman, dresses up, and is appealing for the figure as the woman.
Then, does the difference of both :?It is a main body. Only the shape of
the main body of man is different. It is impossible differing only there
not to compare it because it is not. Face, head, ratio, curve, height, and
whatnot. The tragedy of the comparison did not occur fortunately so much
directly in Japan in the island nation because the foreigner was extremely
few. However, gradually as the internationalization advances. And, though
a Japanese woman inferior by all almost items is showing energy to a rash
make-up even if the complex is held in potential, and she approaches
somehow or other. Not so, it is a shortcut if it hardens it with the thing
of Japan so as not to be compared. Moreover, it ends without exposing the
part where a Japanese figure is ugly to the outside because clothes of
Japan have evolved with a Japanese figure. Let's think once.

390: none (temporary) slim: 2006/09/28 (Thursday) It can be
understood that this [sure] is in the genre of folklore at 02:09:17.
However, why it sociological?I do not understand because it did not
study sociology.

What do you think decides "It is beautiful"?It is not at least biological. After all, it is ..
sense of values of the society.. ?. Selfishness is very decided in the society. beautifulEven if
Caucasian is beautiful, is the Caucasian woman said in the 80's that it is beautiful still
beautiful?Though it is thought that the hair that there is strangely a volume in that [dogitsui]
face and it is cruel. The beautiful woman loved in the court at the Heian era seems to be a woman
with plain face in single though it is a famous story.

Beautiful woman's standard changes because of the request of each
society. However, the uncivilized society is the main (The woman of
much avoirdupois is made a beautiful woman in the society where food
is scarce), and I think it for the beautiful woman image to be shared
of the image that looks like a considerable part in the modern state.

"It is beautiful" seems for both sides in respect that the sense of
values of respect and the society biologically decided decides to

399: 394:2006/09/28 (Thursday) 02:22:25Judging from the aspect of sociology, it becomes the one that the trend of the age "Because it is biology, it is correct" and "Biology [manse-]" was made in the society.

It is sophistry. There was an experiment of doing a reaction that was
better than ugliness when "Photograph of the beautiful woman whom the
adult thought of" was shown to the baby to whom eyes came into view,
too. It is said to be thought it is correct from the angle where it
is not correct because it is biology but is different biology and

405: 394:2006/09/28 (Thursday) 02:31:23Though both (..drinking.. ..extreme.. [yatsu])
certain are the feeling of the quarrel. However, I think that there is a part of
sophistry. It is only sophistry, and awfully ..strength.. [ikarana] . in the
discussion (quarrel) if becoming the ..party of sociology.. nature. Will the baby
and the adult be quite the same as the rebuttal?Oppositely, when the woman assumed
to the baby Caucasian is beautiful is shown, is a good reaction done?
What is "Good reaction" concretely?Were neither the content of the experiment nor
the result deliberate?

Because it cannot be verified whether the experiment was deliberate,
it is not possible to say indescribably. However, "Figure" in which
man biologically has goodwill easily doesn't limit that it is to the
experiment and there are various theories. For instance, it is easy
for goodwill with in general as for an ox-eyed figure (Though it
strengthens the concept of beautiful woman). As for it, man reads
other party's feelings by opening the pupil, and, for one thing,
distinguishes the enemy or the ally. Windows of the mind are eyes and
largeness is attractive. Moreover, eyes of an elderly person who is
the nearest "Death" that man is not avoided and this are small, and
the furthest baby is ox-eyed in the future. From such a place to
because not letting reason applyingOf course, the reaction of the baby
and the adult might be different. Only the difference shall not be the
one that the society added. It becomes not important as the
restriction of the society weakens. I think the beautiful woman image
has been resembled in the contemporary society beautifully of the
feeling in biological ..living.. ..[raku].. [nattehonrai] it is
because along come to be able.

Indeed, social sense of values
The problem of the standard of beauty of the changed social structure
according to an environmental society ・・・ It became study.

>The beautiful woman loved in the court at the Heian era seems to be
>a woman with plain face in single though it is a famous story.
I think that the story of the ugliness that comes out in The Tale of
Genji is a story of ugliness to which it passes also being. Now was
opposite to the esthetic sense at the Heian era. Because with might
the exaggeration of future generations it. Esthetic sense to kimono
and building is the same as now, and strange stories only in
womanThere were a lot of ugly homely women of single, and establishment
at that time must not be enough and not get this in the court moreover
the loved woman when the blood of Korea from now thought about a
strong possibility. However, it is up to the one like a royalty today
as for the court of the Heian era. The woman's selection there remains
and the doubt remains whether it was valuing looks a little really,
(At any rate, if it is a concubine related to political tactics and
the relative at all. )

...mixed blood [shitahou].. figure : also for improving possibility
large putting out Japan. It cannot know whether that is good also for
the child for the Japanese. It is a race really very. [pokunaiwane] !
of you of [nichi] person in question "...."With ..becoming disgusted..
[ruyona] [maji]

Japan is a country beautiful excluding the woman and yakuza.
-Governor of Tokyo Ishihara-

The woman in Japan also has nothing.
All of the Europe and America woman who is not truth [mo] who has
lost even it though the internal one without the geniality without
good-looking without the SEX appeal without the pretty face without
pheromone without the style without the figure either either either
either either either either is a last-resort measure how many are
good, and it is beautiful and the inside is also good.

A bad inside Japanese woman is not worthy by truth [no] how many.

It was said to foreign living [nderutoki], "It is sexy woman all [**] Ine placenta w in your country". It is w though agreed of course.
Genuine Lolita is that the girl with young age has it like adult amorousness.
Japanese adult woman's [wakatsukuri] is originally an opposite.

Only youth or already young is [naikarana] ..means to appeal.. . that it doesn't grow up womanly, there is no charm of the woman, and the height is low ..[busaiku] and ..face.. figure.. in a man when becoming it. It is a last-ditch means.
Especially, the fellow who is appealing for young is bad for the settlement. Seeing because of like the groin's opening and inviting it it becomes shameful.

The product or it is unhappy or only the charm of "Youth" barely remains in a Japanese woman like a green caterpillar until about 18 years old.
..[rushikanaitteno].. current [daro]. [sorenisu] therefore

It is not because of being the charm only "Youth" given by everyone.

The woman who is coming to play is sleep with a lot of beautiful women though the bar of the dressing up system has come out by the program of India. Though it does. It is [kyu], a tightened hip, and it is a chiseled beautiful woman on hands and feet who makes it to [sura].
Such a woman comes usually to play and it ..[terutte].. envies it.
This and daughters are beautiful woman though said to the large family in the slum by coverage afterwards. Simple beautiful woman. The cohabiting niece is a beautiful woman, too. The large family in Japan : though all [busaiku] is [defo] when saying.
[Yonaa;] that motivation put on the man life is different.
When it is actually shown that it can do nothing but be a dirty ..skin.. image of ..black.. [te] general the woman of India by the image, the woman who thinks it is beautiful doesn't have the miserable one by the woman for a lot of sleep Iraq that is or each Iran in unexpectedly more beautiful [yone] [nichi] Japan Women's University either.

..mixed blood [shitahou].. figure : also for improving possibility large putting out Japan.
It cannot know whether that is good also for the child for the Japanese.
It is a race really very. [pokunaiwane] ! of you of [nichi] person in question "...."With ..becoming disgusted.. [ruyona] [maji]
When a Japanese figure becomes an information society and NET society only of this too not good (Though it is possible to say to Asia the entire mongoloid), it is a [barete] putting away that the Japanese is gradually ugly.
It do not take notice is ..improving.. [na] for the national interest of Japan. the Japanese

The evaluation of a man and the woman in Japan in the world is different though it is attention.
A man in Japan works desperately, accomplishes the joining of the advanced country, and has a terrific talent for the mono-making, and the exception is treated and only a man in Japan is respected in all yellow race's men and women.
Even the westerner also yearns from the gentleman in the West to the gentleman in the Orient, respects the ninja and the samurai, becomes a Japanese sword collector, and has a lot of people of saying, 'There is a gentleman also in the Orient' who want to be soaked in the Japanese boy spirit.
The woman rested oppositely on the social position that a man built, and it solved and the position as [hajionna] in ..changing.. world was made the immovable one the name a harlot, Yellow Cab, a meat toilet, and a local wife. old
It is recognition of the world where it is unmistakable that it is optical of the only hope and woman in Japan = best shame woman [ko] of man = yellow race of Japan in the world.

There was a green caterpillar woman of the height about 150cm in the latter half 20 obviously when I was going to study abroad incidently, and it was disregarded in a dignified manner when talking to from ..circumference.. ..Japanese.. [soitsushikainakatta].
However, it walked hand in hand with Otaku system [hakujin;otoko] about 18-year-old though it was [nahazu] according to the next day during the second day of the [tsuwomitara] going abroad to study.
Five people seem to become empty and to have been done by [soitsu] at night in case of [hakujin;otoko] though understood it afterwards by the woman who makes love to whom.
The meat toilet woman in Japan doesn't cut even to slut said in English.
Slut discounts by the woman who doesn't have the charm and rolls up the meat toilet in sexual as such charm or [**tsuya] [sagaarumono].
It is existence below the prostitute.
It divorced before it was for one year because of marrying this woman and [hakujin;otoko] though there was favorite Caucasian's meat lavatory also near of me and having extended to the United States and other party's man was a homo man in Japan according to the return story homosexuality.
I was surprised so that there was having resembled it thoroughly to certain marathon runner's husband's case near myself.
The fool woman in Japan pays tribute money joyfully for a lot of English conversation teacher [dana] [ku] [ibuchinonai] usually Daudet the occupational category to only have to come the good one and ..[teruwakedasorewomata].. to stop it and it marries by being thrown away to cap it all ..food [washite] and [ttetarishite].., and Japan [niiru] [hakujin;otoko] is admirable [nakoto] and [irasharu] fleecing even parents' money.
..foreign countries.. . ..it is possible to take it doubtful... comfortable the woman who does ..piling up.. worth of [-] or the entertaining trade, going out of AV, and worth
But a selfish nature but what little disgraceful [terunoha] and such a woman must not do as the groin opens.

It is convinced that I am perfect in intense self-consciousness, and strength. Do the buckpassing to others, especially a man, and I never carry the thing of responsibility in every situation. Only I am vindicable, and the overconfidence. The topic is seeing a man, the rumor, and abuse by three kinds of, and a cultural topic is impossible. It is a catfight though colludes by homogeneous. It is inferior, and all are incapable and lazy there is no something assumed to be a special skill. All the concoctions, the delusions, and false are made true at my convenience. Contradiction, the delusion, the quibble, and the excuse are skillful. For the spirit not to exist, to be able to value only the thing and money, and to obtain them, the means is not chosen. The infection rate to the human is 100%, it is parasitic to the man of a high academic background and a high income high height in addition, and gives them more powerful damage. Man's property is almost absorbed.
Another has parents at the parasitism destination, and it is parasitic under the excuse of housework help. There is no sociality, and the obligation that should defend and the rule are disregarded. It gives priority to wanting do by me now, and the others' troubles are not cared about at all. It comes to have to fulfill my obligation or it embarrasses and it cheats by overreliance though it insists on own right. Top-brand articles are welcome at random because my value is not established, it ..fashion.. is brandished, and the same thing as homogeneous is acquired.
It is a mass of vanity and snobbery.
[Busa] a Japanese woman and speech and behavior are ugly, ..money.. drive, and make a man unpleasant.
[Majiresu], there is no country where the sense of beauty has gone mad in Japan all over the world.
The brown hair like the ape that seems to rot only in seeing eyes and becomes it and the monkey of the fair hair
Expression [shite] is an admitted country that opens the mouth and is stupid. People's heads are [ikareteru] [ndayo] in complete.
A Japanese figure is secretly held in derision from the belly though Caucasian in Japan doesn't say the real intention.
Very much..Japan..man..this..doubt..hold..reality..Japan..ugly..Japan..woman..provide..television..put..as if..Japan..woman..Hello..book..see..Japan..woman..record..Japan..foreigner..woman..interest..have..environment.

Caucasian's fat person feature is united, and a false rumor that fabricates and is 100% bright with "The pinktoes grows old. " , "The pinktoes grows fat soon", "..pinktoes.. body odor is tight", etc. and no grounds ..even of the net.. is talked about like common sense intentional even the television. This is a fiction extraordinary as the belief in the false rumor "The general was born in the white head mountain" in North Korea, and the same, etc.

Many of the pinktoes are still beautiful, and it not admitted in the place where we are very the worlds, does the brainwash finally begin to cut also in Japan, and actually ..beginning awareness.. very does a man say whether the woman in Japan is accepted the reality though it doesn't know that he deals?

There is no advancement any longer.
Japanese..change..external pressure..change..in a word..foreign country..beautiful woman..Japan..flow in..as long as.
The figure is only evaluated for a long, long time by "It is lovely" and abstract word "[Busaiku]".

The lip : [naisubadei;] to milk about sexy hips ・・・ Is the word that evaluates the woman why only "It is lovely", "[Busaiku]", and the body descriptions to which the woman in Japan evaluates nothing are no squids in it.
The party who is protecting the Japanese here
It is fellows who have seen Caucasian only with the television and the magazine. It is possible to declare.
When the Japanese is seen in foreign countries because it is good once, it is sure to shock in the ugliness.
The anger of the ugliness food rises to becoming if an overseas stay becomes long if eyes do not grow fat though it doesn't understand why to look ugly.
The pinktoes makes a Japanese woman there are intentionally all.
It spoke ill of the ungraceful externals by all means or solving [] was taken because it became becoming the sympathized feeling or either of handicapped persons when seriously seeing.

Japanese girls are ugly
「이만큼 보기 흉한 일본인여성」한국어판
"اليابانية المرأة القبيحة" النسخة العربية
"Las mujeres japonesas son feos", version en Espanol
"les laides du japanese sont filles" version une Francaise

Güzel türk kültürünün tanitilmasi, dans müzik video klip ve güzel kadı Introduction of Turkish Beautiful culture, dance music video clip, and beautiful woman.

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even though japan is an informationized country, doesn't enter information about "Foreign countries", and still remained a deep-rooted prejudice to "foreign culture", japan is isolated from the external world.

the redoubtable brainwash education is performed in the democratized and the technology advanced country, like in japan! still now!

I want to tell "realities of the brainwash japanese education" to the world!

the reasons of our japanese woman is ugly, stupid and no consciousness of japanese girls ugliness, are becouse of japanese brainwash education and their prejudice of Caucasian and Asian people.

It is brainwashed japanese saying that "Caucasian is fat person", "Caucasian's aging is early", "Caucasian's skin is dirty", "Caucasian is smells", and "A Japanese woman is the most beautiful in Asia".

It is woman who assumed that a childish and who dressed childishness are called beautiful (It is cute) in Japan.

I am wishing to tell the truth of "the japanese brainwash education system" to the world!

it seems that japan is a modern democratic nation, and free speech has been secured.

to talk about plain "Japan criticism" and "Japanese figure" are to be taboo in japan.

so person who criticis to japan is abused as the traitor or be labeled as mentally disabled, and then suppressed speech.

A lot of Japanese think that should change japanese society. but, if the truth is told in the public area, might be speaker who will lose job, be threatened, or might be killed.

those are reasons why ignorant japanese looks down on an overseas culture, so, many of them think that japanese live in the highest culture, and foreigner who is uncomprehend japanese culture is foolish.

If the world learns the japanese truth and essence, japan will receive the criticism from all over the world, and be disliked.

it is difficult walk, however, if i do not tell the truth of japan, japan cannot hope for cultural growth, japan will be left from the world, and walk on the road of self-destruction.

Japan is a country that cannot change if there is no "External pressure". I want to change into the japan as cultural mature nation.

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